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Our first time in the kitchen

Our first time in the kitchen

Best friends have fun in the kitchen
Hi my name is Alyssa, and I have a very good friend named Matt. We're in love, maybe even more than most couples honestly. We both have brown hair, and eyes, and are about six feet tall. We hadn't started seeing each other exclusively though, but I knew our love was certainly huge, and Matt would see that we truly belonged together.

I was twenty-four, and he was twenty-six. Despite not being my boyfriend, we had many sex sessions in our apartment. My favorite was our first time in the kitchen, when I was making dinner for us. It was spaghetti, and I was stirring the noddles when he came up behind me, and kissed my cheek. Then he put his arms around my stomach, and held me close to him.

“What's up?” Matt pondered.

“Nothing much, just making dinner,” I replied, as I turned around.

We kissed each other for a minute, and his hands landed on my butt.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Just grabbing your butt, you liked it the last one-hundred times I did it,” Matt reminded me.

“Well, I'm cooking right now, can't you wait until after dinner?” I wondered.

“Well, yes, but you can at least let me love on you a little bit right now, can't you?” Matt inquired.

“You're lucky I love you,” I replied, just before I kissed him.

We loved each other, and I guess it worked for us. I turned around, and continued cooking. He continued touching my butt, and he felt me up a little bit too. It was friendly touching though, at least enough to make me comfortable.

On the other hand, we had done some pretty kinky shit, so how uncomfortable could he really make me? He kissed me on the neck, arms, and everywhere that showed skin above the waist. After a couple minutes, he got onto his knees, and lifted up my shirt a little bit to kiss my back.

“You call kissing me everywhere, loving on me?” I asked.

“Well, I could do more stuff, but like you said, you are cooking right now,” Matt replied.

That was true, I did say that, but then I had a thought. We'd be okay if we ate dinner twenty minutes later than we intended to. I turned off oven, and turned around to kiss him.

“Well, I can take a short break from cooking for some kitchen fun,” I told him.

“My favorite kind of fun," Matt replied.

We wrapped our arms around each other, and made out for a minute. I certainly loved kissing Matt, it was so different from kissing anyone else. He was a guy I could fuck, and just have fun with, without the sexual tension. So it was definitely different in a good way. He eventually he broke the kiss.

“Well, you really wanna have sex in the kitchen?” Matt pondered.

“Yes, we haven't done in here yet, and I wanna do it with you everywhere,” I replied.

“Well, let's cross kitchen off the list then,” Matt mentioned.

We made out again, and he put his hands onto my boobs. They were B-cup boobs, but he still seemed to like them. As he squeezed them, my hands went to his crotch, and I undid his pants. They fell to the floor, and his incredibly hard cock poked right through his boxers. There was definitely something about me, or us that really turned him on. I grabbed onto it, and stroked it. Then he got jealous, and wanted to see some more skin, so he took off my shirt.

“Well, you fill up your bra pretty well,” Matt put on the record.

“Thank you, and your dick is enormous. Matt, you wanna try that last line again?” I asked.

“You have great breasts, Alyssa, I don't care that they are B-cups,” Matt made sure I knew.

“You just earned yourself a blow job,” I told him.

We kissed again, and I got down on my knees. I took his cock into my mouth, and began sucking on it. I loved blowing him, and he loved it even more. He immediately put his hands on my head, and I went back as far as I could. I didn't love to deep throat him, because it was a little difficult for me. Although, he loved it to end, so I did it for him.

I could only guess it would make him love me that much more, so I made the sacrifice. He had also told me before that he couldn't get his past girlfriends to give him head, so I guess my hands were tied. I was a nice friend, and even gave him head when we just watched movies together, or during other various activities

“Pulling out the big guns already? I think you're a little cocky that you'll pleasure me,” Matt told me.

“You say that as if it's a challenge,” I replied.

I took his cock back into my mouth, and he leaned down to undo my bra. So I was half naked blowing him, and everyone in the room was loving it. He let out a couple soft moans, and then he started to walk back a little towards the counter. As he had his hands on my head, he played with my hair a little bit. I really liked that honestly, except when he pulled it.

“Ow, we've been over this, dude, don't pull my hair. Play with it all you want, but don't pull it,” I warned him.

“Sorry, Alyssa, can you forgive me?” Matt asked.

I stood up, and kissed him.

“Always,” I replied, as I undid my pants.

My pants fell to the floor, and he took a look down.

“Regular panties today?” Matt asked.

“Well, I don't wear my thongs everyday,” I replied.

He picked me up, and sat me on the counter. He took off my pants completely, and then leaned down a bit. He took my panties as well, and had me completely naked, just the way he liked me. Our relationship was completely beneficial to one another, especially when it came to the oral department. He leaned into my wet pussy, and just rubbed his entire face right on it.

My pussy was completely drenched, so a lot of my pussy juice rubbed off right onto his face. He got off on my lady juice, and that got me off. I only wondered why we weren't exclusive. We could have wonderful sex nonstop, and eventually get married too, I just knew it. I wasn't gonna push him though. He slowly inserted his tongue into my pussy, and began eating me out.

I definitely made sure he sharpened his pussy eating skills. I never gave him too much false hope, to make him think it was wonderful. I made it into a science for him, but he loved it. He inserted a couple fingers into my slit as well, and made me moan a bit.

"Matt," I muttered.

He didn't stop, because I had just muttered his name many times before. I became tense, and I clenched my fists as well. I was breathing heavily, and holding as still as I could. I grabbed onto the counter top, and took in a very deep breath. I felt like every muscle in my body was being worked at once.

I had this great feeling going through my entire body, and I felt him poking at my g-spot. As if his tongue was a needle, and it was very sharp as well. It was like a ache that was so painful, that it became pure pleasure.

"Fuck," I said, as it sounded like I was crying.

He immediately got up with me, and checked on me, but he saw I was fine.

"You get me every time, Alyssa," Matt mentioned.

I pulled him to me, and put my right hand right onto my pussy. I rubbed it clean, and made sure it was drenched. I brought it to his face, and put my palm right in front of him.

"If you love me, lick it clean, Matt," I demanded.

He grabbed onto it with both hands, and did as he was told. He didn't like me cumming on his face, so we compromised, and I always had him lick some cum off. As he did that, I began fingering myself with my other hand. I noticed he had been looking at me differently, and I was unsure if that was a good thing, or a bad thing. Anyway, as there was no more cum on my hand, he came towards me.

“Did you take your pill today, Alyssa?” Matt asked.

“Yes, I make sure I take my pill everyday, unless you wanna knock me up,” I replied.

He didn't answer that, and I was really wondering what he'd say, but I got nothing. I didn't push the issue, but I knew it would come up sooner or later. Anyway, he came towards me, and stuck his cock into my pussy, as I was still on the counter. I loved doing anything sexual with him, oral was wonderful, but he always made sure making love was better. It was like every single problem I had just disappeared.

When that happens, you know you really got something. I let out a few moans, and began breathing steadily, just trying to keep my cool. He looked down at my body, and I knew his cock was as hard as it could get. The harder his cock was, the harder the sex was. So he began thrusting his cock in, and out of my pussy slowly, but of course he was prepping me for hardcore sex.

“Oh yes, Matt, show me what you got,” I moaned.

He reached forward, put his hands onto my bare boobs, and gave them another nice, and firm squeeze. My pussy was already soaked, but he was more than prepared to get it as wet as he could. He leaned down a little more, and gave me another kiss.

We both wrapped our arms around each other, and held each other as close as we could, while in that position. We continued making out with his cock inside me, and then he leaned back up. He began thrusting his cock, as quickly as he could, and pussy did start to get a little sore by no surprise.

“Yes, Matt, get your whole entire cock inside me, and get my pussy as sore as you can get it. I want it to be sore because of your huge cock,” I moaned.

“I'll get it really sore for you, so take it now!” Matt yelled.

I was laying back as far as I could, and I put my hands on my boobs. I pinched my nipples a bit, and I was getting really sweaty then. It was a little hot in the kitchen, even without the oven on. He was getting sweaty too, so he had to take off his shirt.

“I gotta take this off now,” Matt said.

He took it off, and threw it towards the living room. He got out of his pants, and boxers completely. He picked me up with my stomach to his. He stood right in the middle of the kitchen, and put his cock back into my pussy.

“Now this is fun,” I mentioned.

“I think so, I like to have fun with you every now and then,” Matt replied.

We kissed again, and he started walking around the kitchen. We had a small kitchen though, so we circled it a few times slowly. A couple minutes later, he walked into the living room.

“Hey, we're having sex in the kitchen, not the living room,” I told him.

“Okay, whinny ass, we'll just do it in the kitchen,” Matt replied, as he grabbed a couch pillow

We went back to the counter, and he set me on there. Then he got on the counter with me, and got on top of me, as I put the pillow under my head. He inserted his cock back into my pussy, and planted multiple kisses all over my face.

“I love you so much,” Matt put on the record.

“Well, you are only making love to me, but I'm totally surprised,” I replied.

We both laughed, and he began thrusting cock in and out of me once again. By then my pussy was very sore, and I was loving it honestly. We both wrapped our arms around each other again, and we were both breathing steadily. I guess we both loved it just a little too much.

He leaned his head down towards my boobs, and began licking my nipples slowly, because he knew that titillated me. It always got my pussy even wetter when he licked my nipples. That was his secret weapon you could say.

“Oh, you suck, but I love you too,” I said.

He couldn't help, but chuckle a bit. The chemistry was a little ridiculous honestly. We just got along great, fought very rarely too. Our relationship was something really special. Then we had our heads right next to each other, and we were as close as we could get. My boobs were pressing up against him a bit, but not too much, they weren't that big.

“I love these boobs, as if they were C-cups,” Matt told me.

“I'm glad to hear that,” I replied.

We kissed again, and just held each other tightly. He stopped thrusting his cock for a minute, and we held each other again.

“We should have sex in the kitchen more often,” Matt let me know.

“Well, I do like to cook,” I replied.

“Although, we shouldn't do it too much. I can't disturb a master chef at work. There is a reason I keep you around other than the fact that I love you. When you cook, you are top dog, my lady,” Matt said.

“And you are too sweet, Matt. You love me like no one else, and you do a bunch of shit for me too. I have sex with you, but you don't do it for the sex, you just do it for me,” I explained.

“I know, because I love you,” Matt replied.

We hugged each other again and he began thrusting his cock. On the counter there wasn't a lot of room, so it would be unsafe to get too rough. He was gentle with me, and I put my hands on his head. I brought his face closer to mine, and kissed him once. I shed a few tears then, but not on purpose though.

“What's wrong?” Matt inquired.

“I just love you, and I never wanna lose you,” I replied.

“You won't, Alyssa. I'll always be here for you, always,” Matt put on the record.

“But whats happens when you meet someone else, you could get married, and what's gonna happen after that?” I asked.

“You'll still be a huge part of my life, Alyssa. I'm not just gonna get married, and ditch you, or anything like that. You know I love you, and sense I'm naked, and you are naked, we're already a hell of a lot closer than most really good friends,” Matt replied.

“I know, but I really don't wanna lose you,” I had him know.

I began crying a little bit. Honestly, the thought of someone else taking him away just made me sick to my stomach, and I was a lady that loved food. He gave me a nice hug, and consoled me for a minute.

“Look at me, I will never ever leave you, I swear,” Matt replied.

“Good,” I said, in a crying voice.

We made out for another minute, and then all of the sudden, someone came inside our apartment.

“Shit, someone is here,” I mentioned.

It was our apartment, who would just walk in? None other than his parents. They saw us for split second, before they looked away.

"We're sorry, we thought you'd at least be clothed when you were cooking," his dad, Dean mentioned.

"We'll be in the living room," his mom, Tonya told us.

They gave us a minute to get dressed. After we were done, we went out to living room with them, and sat down. We all just starred at each other for a minute, as his parents were cheesing. Then Dean handed Matt a small box.

“What's that?” I pondered.

“Well, the plan was to give it to him when he thought he found the perfect woman,” Dean replied.

He opened the box, and it was a engagement ring. I couldn't believe it honestly, what was going on?

“Alyssa, I told them about us a couple months ago, and they were very happy about it. They insisted right then and there, that I take the ring, and propose, but I wanted to wait. I'm done waiting now, I love you, and you love me, so will you marry me, Alyssa?” Matt asked.

I was stunned, but I also pieced something together.

“It wasn't a consequence that they came over today, was it?” I asked.

“Well, they weren't supposed to see us having sex, but no, it wasn't,” Matt let me know.

“Yes, I'll marry you, Matt,” I said.

Just like that, we were engaged, and I finished dinner. They ate with us, and of course we had to tell them a bunch of stuff that they were dying to know, like how it started. About a month later, we were married. We're very happy now, but I'll always remember our first time we had sex in the kitchen. Although, when I get him to say yes to kids, we won't be telling them that story.
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