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Our hot affair: the beginning

Lush introduced us. Bonding was immediate and electric, filled with laughter and unusual coincidences including overlapping social circles, which is strange for people who live so far apart. We’d visited the same places, probably slept in the same beds and even had friends in common. Soon we spiralled into the hottest experimental cyber-sex either of us had ever hoped to have. Many sessions were started with the words: “Have you tried …” and in seconds were followed by “No, let’s try it together now.”

For some or other reason there was immediate trust between us and few boundaries. Of course we did the obvious background checks. Multiple orgasms every day tend to screw with critical judgement, so we carefully sounded one another out on important issues, googled each other and stalked on Lush, Facebook and other networks. Of course we laughingly shared our findings with each other too, which enhanced the fun even more. ‘WTF – is that on the net’ was a feeling we both experienced more than once. We even referenced each other with mutual acquaintances. Bottom line remained, against all common sense, but thankfully proven correct over time, that we shared an immediate trust that went incredibly deep.

And the sex? Hot, Hot, HOT! … but still, cyber.

As a professional photographer Patrick travels extensively, so meeting was a lot harder than the five hours separating our home towns. Eventually though it was bound to happen. I wasn’t so sure I was comfortable about it either. How could we meet and preserve the relationship and the temperatures we’d built between us? How could a meeting be normal when we were so intimate but hadn’t ever met? How could we be true to our relationship and still have common sense? How could I not meet him after all we had shared, after what he'd come to mean to me?

Patrick, as always was a true gentleman:

“We can meet in a coffee bar. We won’t touch at all, not even a hello kiss. We can leave all of that for the next time so there’s no pressure,” he offered. The problem was that I didn’t want that, I wanted my kisses that I’d been dreaming of so long, I wanted the intimacy that we shared to be real, physical and not just emotional. And so I did the most potentially stupid and brave thing I could.

“No, we’ll meet in your hotel room. No expectations other than I want my hello kiss!” I knew I could walk away if it didn’t work, and I knew he’d let me. Patrick was shocked, awed and grateful because he knew how hard that decision was for me. It didn’t end there though, because I was still nervous. I read stories on Lush about people meeting for the first time – and they didn’t quieten my nerves. Patrick was away on a very busy assignment, but took the time to read those same stories and figuratively cyber-hold my hand and other parts of me as we awaited his return.

The day of our meeting dawned as all days do. I had spent a week preening myself and felt glossy and light. Every inch of me was waxed, loofahed and oiled so that I felt a bit like a sensual sacrifice, a maiden being offered at a pagan ritual. It was amazingly sexy.

I stopped the car and got out quite close to the reception area of the hotel and nervously straightened my clothes before entering, buying myself a last few seconds. We’d decided we wanted our meeting to be private, so I asked him not to meet me at my car but to wait in his room. To save me the discomfort of having to ask for him, he’d given me directions, so I walked purposely past reception and straight to his door. I was profoundly nervous, but determined.

A quick knock on the door and it was answered interminable seconds later. I stood there thinking ‘We’ve only seen pictures of each other. Will we recognise each other in real life?’ And there he was at last, smiling at me and welcoming me in. Of course, we did recognise each other, but now there was another dimension and more personality shining through.

“Hello. Come in. It’s so good to see you!” and other similar, soothing words. He might have the naughtiest mind and be game for anything, but I knew the core of him was gentle and caring, so I wasn’t surprised when he put his arms around me but kissed me quite gently and chastely. And when I leaned in for another, he did the same. By the third time though he’d given me my chance, done his duty to decency and gave me this first of the hottest kisses I will ever experience. He devoured me like a rare dessert, and although I stayed nervous, my doubts dissipated into nothing.

We broke the kiss and settled in. I had so many fears, that we would be awkward together, unable to have a real conversation now that we had lost the last of our anonymity. There was even a small chance we’d hate each other on sight. Thankfully we didn’t. This was the same man who had wooed me over various chat programmes and on the telephone. Now our relationship was just more 3D. I didn’t feel any barriers or boundaries at all, just a sense of rightness and an eagerness to explore in person what we’d only touched in our fantasies so far.

True to my normal style, I quickly kicked my shoes off and settled down on the edge of the bed rather than on a chair. Patrick soon joined me and started kissing me again. Conversation was obviously not going to be where we were going to begin (and it still never is). His hand slipped into my hair and angled my lips back towards his. I just melted into his kiss. It was different from other kisses I’d had with other men, more robust and consuming. One of the things I’d fallen for was his absolute lust for life, and it manifests in his kisses. He wants to taste everything, everywhere in huge dollops. He wasn’t just kissing me, he was teasing, playing, experiencing my textures and the tastes. He was devouring me in the most erotic way. Kissing clearly wasn’t a path to sex with him, it had its own purpose and was a destination in its own right. In short, it was hugely erotic. I still just have to think of kissing him and I am hugely turned on.

I was so consumed by his kisses that I don’t know how long it took for me to realise that his other hand was on my knee, travelling slowly up my thigh, giving me ample time to give him signals if I didn’t want him there. But I so did! I opened my legs for his questing hand, inviting him in with body language because my mouth was too busy and my brain too fuzzy to say the words.

He has his own skills, and I’m still not sure that there isn’t magic involved because he is a master at divesting me of my clothes in the quickest possible time. He loves me naked – all the time, and our first time was no exception. Once he had my go-ahead, I was down to my very pretty bra and panties in the blink of an eye, but they didn’t last too long either.

His electric kisses were moving now, tasting the rest of me as his hands moved everywhere, until he settled between my legs to kiss my weeping pussy. Maybe kiss isn’t the right word, because although he did a lot of that, he did so much more. He drank, feasted and made love to it, to me in a way that was completely beyond my ken. I just knew I’d died and this was heaven.

After an absolute age of this perfection, he returned to my lips, sharing my flavour on his tongue with me. Oh god!! Now he was kissing me in earnest, both of us breathing like freight trains with no intention of braking ever.

Now it was my turn to kiss and explore. I moved all over his body, suckling, biting and flicking my tongue in hard little bursts. His nipples were as responsive as my own, and I couldn’t stop myself from sucking them hard, enjoying his uncontrolled groans. The more he groaned the hotter I got, as if it were him sucking at me and not the other way around. Of course I had to tease a bit, so I travelled lower, teasing his bellybutton, but went right his engorged cock to nibble at his feet where I discovered a whole new erogenous zone I’d never experienced on another man either. I nibbled there for a while before travelling back again to give him what I planned to be an absolutely mind-blowing blow-job. I wanted that first time to resonate in his mind like the eruption of a volcano – and I wanted him burning as hot.

When I eventually took his cock in my hands, I could hear he was already beyond the normal state of arousal, so I kept my actions slow and measured. I didn’t want to rush him. I really wanted him to build up into an orgasm that was a gift of a moment.

I oiled his cock liberally and leaned over to breathe on him, hard and heavy heated breaths until I achingly slowly sank my mouth over him, sinking down and taking as much of him in my mouth as I could in one smooth move. Then I sucked, all the way up again to the very, very tip, slowly and firmly, creating a light suction.

I hardly heard him breathing anymore: he wasn’t separate from me, but again we were almost one, finding our pleasure together. I had wanted to do this for so long and completely indulged myself in the moment. I licked up and down his shaft in soft, loose-tongued moves, and then lapped around his rim in hard-tongued little bursts before settling my mouth on top of his cock head and flicking the tip inside his little hole, as hard and deep as I could.

I couldn’t wait any more, though, so gathering his balls together in one hand, I squeezed them and sunk my head down low over his shaft again. I dropped my hand lower still and sunk the tip of a finger into his anus, working that at the same pace that my head bounced up and down on his cock. It didn’t take long as his moans got louder, until eventually he was calling so loudly I was worried that the management would knock on our door. Before I could do anything about it, he grabbed my head and held me tight. Calling loudly, he burst into my mouth, spewing huge quantities so deep into my throat that I hardly had to swallow.

I nursed him back down with my hands and my mouth, then moved up to kiss him, to share his essence with him the same way he had shared with me. As always, he drank deeply, already eager to taste and play again despite cumming so strongly minutes before.

Now we talked, teased and fondled, completely absorbed in each other and exploring everything we could. We sipped at each other and nibbled. In a short period of time Patrick was ready to play again, which astounded me.

”Close your eyes” I commanded. He did, but as soon as he heard me rummaging, he started laughing.

“I know what you’re getting.” It had been one of our first games. We’d both, in our separate towns and chatting on text, decided to experiment so we’d sucked pieces of ice to a suitable size and shape and stuck them in our anusses at the same time. It was amazingly hot to share the same feelings at a distance, and now, seeing an ice bucket, the temptation had been too much to resist.

I stuck two in my mouth, removed them when they were smaller, although, I gathered from the size of his eyes, bigger than he was used to, and slipped the freezing cubes into his butt at the same time that I kissed him with my ice cold tongue. Again it was a feast of sensations, and soon he was returning the favour amongst whoops of laughter. I don’t know what our neighbours thought. Hopefully they just vicariously enjoyed our pleasure, or got down to it and joined us in parallel in their own, but we had an incredible time. I had already warned him how I laughed during sex from pure pleasure, but I don’t think he needed the warning. He was as playful and enjoying the moment just as much as I was.

Eventually, the moment slowed, deepened and became far more intense. His eyes now seldom left mine. Our breathing had again grown ragged, no longer from play, but from arousal. Our movements were slower, harder and more focussed. We mirrored hard tweaks on each other nipples and drugging kisses, but mostly we just shared our breath, staring deep into each other’s eyes as we built to the moment we had been waiting for. Eventually, penetration! We had both waited so long for this moment that it was a sense of final fulfilment. And I did feel full – I felt every single centimetre of him stretching me, claiming me as his.

So started the build, speed and energy both exploding as we started to seriously fuck! Pumping into each other in hard bursts, we pushed harder and harder. We were so worked up that it really didn’t take very long. I started contracting around him in little contractions that grew and peaked, and we both flew over the edge, hardly understanding that we’d reached our goal, still pumping together.

Now, for the first time our juices were properly blended as the combination of our cum poured out of me, leaking out around his cock. He stayed deep inside of me, determined to enjoy every second possible. His cock twitched wonderfully, and each time it did, my body responded in little ripples.

We were sweaty, breathless and completely sated – but not for long. It was only the excitingly sexy beginning.

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