Our Passionate Moment

By Passion_Muscle

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Moments of intense passion are the most memorable moments of expression ...

You return home from work a bit tired. You literally storm in through the doors. I am reading a magazine lying in bed as you walk in. A quick, brief smile exchanged. You come directly at me and climb over and across me, throwing your legs across my crotch. I say, “Wow baby, what’s happening?”

And you say, “I want you to fuck me.” Nothing else – shooting straight – just telling me to my face “I want you to fuck me.” I laugh; I squirm not exactly knowing how to react at first, completely taken by surprise.

And before I realize it, you bend over in your squatting position, and plant your mouth right at mine. Almost pressing my mouth shut, implying I should just shut up and do what you’ve asked me to do. Literally choking me for a few seconds. And then you begin to realize I’m beginning to respond. You soften the kiss. Our faces begin to shift, to move to a rhythm. Both of us begin to kiss each other. The magazine that I was holding when you walked in slowly drops out of my grasp. I lay flat on my back. You are perfectly saddled right over my crotch. Bent over, reaching my mouth, you’re kissing me in a totally passionate way.

My hands slowly move over behind you, holding you softly as we kiss. You suck my lips a few times to get me all excited. Each time you come back with more vigor and intensity than the previous time, kissing me more strongly each time.

One thing about us when we kiss, we absolutely don’t do it with a purpose to just arouse each other. We kiss because we love to kiss. And that’s why we always kiss a lot. Absolutely passionate. Our tongues reaching deep inside our mouths, swirling all over, teasing our tongues.

As the intensity grows, as we continue to kiss, unconsciously you are now pressing yourself against my crotch more tightly. With each passionate kiss, you actually are tightening and loosening your ass muscles to create a sensation of fucking me. Incredibly intense and sexual. And what happens is that we begin to realize our pattern of kissing deep and our rhythm of your muscular contractions are perfectly in tune.

You actually begin to feel that you are extremely wet now. You even begin to uncontrollably gush early cum through your panties. I literally begin to feel your warm wetness seeping through my underwear. Right down to my penis and balls. And to intensify this feeling, I start grinding my hips in a way I perfectly time, lifting my crotch just enough to rub you tightly with every move of yours.

A fully erect hard penis still inside my underwear. Your totally dripping wet pussy is grinding tightly against my crotch. Each and every time. And we go on kissing passionately. You begin to have those incredible orgasms. And each time you peak, you literally press your breasts against my hard nipples.

With the same intensity, you begin to move down on me. Kissing all over my chest. Licking my nipples. Sucking my nipples nice and hard. Teasing the juices out of me like never before. It’s all you, baby. You are absolutely rocking and rolling right now. And as you slide down further and further, kissing and licking me all over, you keep your body tight against mine and move down. Rubbing and grinding all the way down. Can you feel how intense this is? You have just lit me on fire. Incredibly passionate fire.

You slide down to where my underwear is right in front of your face. Full bulge. Totally erect penis swelling in front of your eyes. You can actually see my penis veins stretching the underwear. Very, very teasingly, you begin to butterfly kiss my penis right through my underwear. Kissing my entire shaft up and down, the entire length of it. I feel the pain of just being unable to keep my penis inside. Totally squeezed as I stretch my underwear to the limits.

Hands to sides of my waist, you slowly, teasingly roll down my underwear. Very slowly. Kissing every inch of my exposed skin. And when you begin to see the bottom of my penis shaft, you lick and kiss and tease my base a few times. It almost feels like you are taking a sweet revenge for all the teasing I’ve done to you.

You lick my cock up and down delicately. You just roll my underwear all the way down past my crotch, down past my knees, and off my body. You never stop licking and kissing me all through. Clean shaven, smooth penis totally erect and facing directly at you now. Skin peeled back all the way down. My shaft glistening with cum. You see a wide open penis mouth right in front of you, almost looking directly at you, revealing the pinkness inside me. Swollen with excitement and energy.

You look deep into my eyes to see how I’m responding to all this. All you see is a face completely lost in some blissful heaven, eyes closed, mouth wide open, awaiting the anticipation of what you are going to do next.

With one sudden swift move, you take my entire penis inside your mouth. Thick, big penis stretching your cheeks and lips. You rock back and forth, squeezing my penis inside your mouth, simulating a perfect fuck in your mouth. I’m already dead several times and floating on cloud nine. You cradle my tight firm balls in your wet hands, and playfully squeeze them as you suck on me at extraordinary speed.

You keep asking me, “Baby, how am I doing? Do you like this? Have you experienced anything like this before?”

And all I can manage to spurt out is “Oh god yes, oh god you are just amazing.”

This is when you get totally wild and crazy. You swiftly move right back over me. Holding my penis in both hands, you first begin to rub your vagina against my penis head. Throbbing to fuck you, my penis is at the verge of an explosion. You press hard against your vagina, nice and tight, and guide my penis in a perfect grind.

You already are gushing all over my shaft. Uncontrollably. And nonstop. You just guide my penis head inside you – just the first half inch. And right when you know that we are perfectly in position, you bang your hips hard at me, baby. ONE QUICK SWIFT PUSH.

Imagine that very moment when my totally erect hard penis is slicing right through deep inside you. Literally lighting us up on a fire. You fuck me so hard and tightly, almost punishing us in ecstatic pain. Right then, we let out a loud scream.

Our entire energies, passions, intensities, come together. One moment. Yet it is an eternity of intense desire and passion. From that moment on, you are totally unstoppable. You rock me, you pound me, you grind me, and you slide me back and forth inside you. It feels like you’re fucking me at a thousand strokes a second.

Your hands holding my shoulders down, you are fucking me uncontrollably, like never before. And right when I think you are at your fastest, most punishing intensity, you increase the tempo a little more. I have no idea where you got this intensity from, but I am literally dying and being reborn every second of it.

You keep on going. Just keep on going, nonstop. You move around in a way. You position my penis inside you in many different angles. You have completely lost count of the number of orgasms you’ve had. We are literally fucking each other in a pool of mutual cum. That’s how intense and erotic we are together.

You keep screaming, "Fuck me harder baby, fuck me harder. Don’t stop now." Yet you are the one that’s bringing all this strength and energy to it. I keep thrusting upwards each time you come down, intensifying the feeling. I even raise my hips, literally carrying you entirely on my penis. Extremely tight and strong. We go on and on, darling.

After almost twenty or thirty minutes of such strong intense fucking, you are about to explode again. Only this time, it’s like the explosion of explosions. Much stronger and more complete. You can almost feel yourself cumming now. You literally can “see” your cum gushing through your tubes.

You squeeze as tight as you can. You pound as hard as you can. Screaming every second as you go up and down rocking hard. You are just about to cum now. I can feel your swollen clit throbbing and rubbing hard at my penis shaft.

Right before you begin to explode, you arch backwards. Multiplying the intensity and tightness inside you. Completely arched backwards, you are fucking me harder now.


Well, after we’ve cum together, you continue to keep me inside you. Slowly grinding me, drenched in all our wetness. We hear the sounds of juices grinding between our bodies. In total bliss. We kiss. Totally exhausted. Yet totally satisfied and content. We kiss. You softly lay on top of me, breathing heavily. Sweating profusely. Our hearts pounding hard, going up and down as we gasp for breath. You lay on top of me in silence, just enjoying and savoring that moment.

We just made the most passionate, wildest love ever. Remember when I was telling you this morning about how I’d want to pleasure you each and every time?