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Out for Dinner

Contributing Authors: Alphamagus 

Two lovers out for a birthday dinner

This story is a collaboration with Alphamagus who, being the gentleman that he is, said I should submit it. He deserves much more than half of the credit for this.

Antipasto platter for two $21

Seafood risotto $24

Osso bucco $28

2 bottles of Sardinian Vermentino $42 each

One shared dessert with two espressos $16

Birthday at an Italian restaurant Priceless

Juliana and Robert had eaten at this restaurant many times before, but it was always special. The chef was a local woman - not of Italian heritage - who had spent two years in Italy learning from the best chefs and brought all of that back home with her. Her food was divine. They always received a warm welcome there. They were not atypical of the clientele, downtown professional types in their thirties. Juliana was tall, with blond hair that went from tawny to pale gold. She was fair and had striking blue eyes. Robert was a little older, handsome, dark with hazel eyes, head shaved, and even taller. They looked well off, but not showy. Polished and sleek, understated - there was something about them that was different. They were clearly so connected, talking, laughing, and touching one another. Not like the many couples the wait staff saw who were bored, distant, and silent as they ate their meals.

Gianni, their Italian waiter, smiled broadly as he greeted them. Juliana had called ahead to let them know it was to be a special night for Robert’s birthday. They usually wore casual clothes, but not tonight. Gianni could not help but look at Juliana, even more stunning dressed up. Her midnight blue close-fitting silk dress made her eyes look an even deeper hue and her skin more creamy. She wore no hose on her long legs. The dress had a wide square neck, cut low, both in the front and the back. No flashy jewellery. She was not that kind of woman. Just the standard diamond studs and tennis bracelet. Gianni had to stop himself from looking too long and standing too near as he took in her perfume.

Robert looked equally elegant, in his usual black, but this evening he was in a suit that Gianni knew must have been tailored in his home country, rather than the normal black jeans. Robert even had a tie on tonight. Gianni led them to a table at the far end of the dining room, away from the doorway and most other diners, intimate and quiet as Juliana had requested. Robert bent down and kissed Juliana’s bare shoulder as he held her chair for her. This set the mood for the evening as he knew this to be a particularly erogenous place for her. Gianni felt a shiver as he watched.

Now Robert had always been a tactile person, but with Juliana, things were taken to a whole new level. Since they had first started seeing each other almost two years before, Robert had found that he had always needed to be touching her, wherever and whenever they were together. There was an incredible sensuality about Juliana that reached into the bottom of Robert’s soul. It was her intellect and drive that had originally attracted him, that is once you got past her looks. But Juliana seemed unaware of her beauty. Her simmering sexuality was hidden behind a professional mien as one of the boys. Robert realized very quickly that he did not perceive her that way. He had had many women, every description possible, but she was like no other woman he had ever known.

During the antipasto, one of Robert’s fingers was subconsciously stroking Juliana’s wrist as they talked about their respective days, the digit gently travelling up and down as she was recounting an episode in the office. He moved his leg forward so that he could also be in contact with her leg. He felt her calf, well sculpted and free of hose. Robert sensed the first stirring of his cock within his trousers, as he felt her legs open slightly underneath the table for him. There was always an electric current that passed between them that seemed to have a direct route to his penis. His leg rested between her legs, the contact energizing him.

Gianni could feel the palpable sexual charge that was being emitted by the couple as he watched them. He had to look away for a moment as he sensed the beginnings of his own arousal. His excitement, he knew, could not be sorted out until he had finished his shift for the evening and he got home to his own lover who would be fast asleep in his bed. Tonight, he thought to himself, he would have to be selfish and wake her as soon as he got in, to satisfy his urgent need. He put his hand in his pocket and discreetly shifted himself lest his semi-erection become apparent to everyone.

Robert had noticed that Gianni had turned away from watching them. As Gianni turned, Robert hastily knocked a fork off of the table. The fork bounced off his leg and travelled underneath the long tablecloth of the dining table. Laughing to himself, he pushed back his chair slightly and fell to his knees to retrieve it.

He could see Juliana’s legs still open underneath the heavy cotton of the drape. He pushed his head forward so that he could reach her. He could not make out the colour of her panties in the gloom but as his face approached, he extended his tongue and gave her one very long and hard lick from the bottom of her pubis to the top through what he now realised were very expensive silk undergarments. He inhaled as he licked and could smell that erotic musky aroma of her pussy emanating through the sodden material. Grabbing his fork, Robert got out from the table and resumed his seat. Gianni was still looking elsewhere and then his eyes fell to Juliana’s. He could see them flashing, reflecting the carnality within her. Her face wore an enigmatic smile reminiscent of the Mona Lisa.

Juliana and Robert continued eating their meal, drinking wine and amusing each other with animated conversation. Gianni thought Juliana had a really dirty laugh for such an elegant lady. He envied Robert’s knowledge of Juliana in the bedroom, imagining that she was much less decorous there. She clearly took pleasure in everything and managed to make even eating sexy, especially when she fed Robert a taste of her food. He could not help but notice the swell of those gorgeous breasts at her neckline, rising and falling with each breath she took. Oh, Madonna, he was getting hard again looking at her. What was it about these cool blondes with fire burning inside them? Gianni thought again that Robert was a very lucky man.

They had managed to finish a second bottle of wine, and, on top of the mineral water, Robert needed the washroom. He stood up, excusing himself, and he was surprised to see Juliana get up as well. Her eyes were dancing and she had a mischievous smile on her face as she followed him down the hall, having taken his hand in hers. The washrooms here were private, rather than having multiple stalls. Robert locked the door behind them as Juliana kissed him full on the mouth. He turned from her and wanted to quickly do the necessary business, wondering what had possessed his lover. They were not shy with each other about such things, but he now felt Juliana standing pressed behind him. The length of her body was molded to his back. He could feel her warmth and her arms moving forward, he thought to hold him more tightly. Wrong. She was unzipping him and releasing his cock and holding it with him.

They had been lovers for a long time, but never shared such an intimacy. It was incredibly arousing and Robert felt himself stiffening immediately. He let her guide him as he began to urinate, the sensation of having his cock held as he was doing it was intensely erotic for him. He had to finish quickly aware that his stream of urine was rising upwards with his stiff cock. When finished, he removed her hand and shook himself off. Putting his stiffened cock away, he turned and kissed Juliana full on the mouth.

The kiss was one of those be still, my heart moments, both tender and passionate at the same time. His already hard cock felt like it was still growing. Breaking away from the kiss, he put his hand underneath her dress and deftly removed her panties. The feel of the sodden silk in his hand and the muskiness of the aroma were driving him crazy. He discreetly pocketed them, still rubbing them between his fingers as the kiss continued. He then lifted Juliana up onto the counter and resumed kissing her, but this time onto her neck and shoulder. She put her hands to the back of his shaven head and pushed lower. He exposed her breasts by slipping the dress from her shoulders, marvelling at the sight of them before taking each pale pink nipple individually between his lips and rubbing his tongue up and down the hardening buds.

Still there was downward pressure on his head. His kisses carried on travelling in that direction as he felt her legs open up, inviting him there. He lifted her dress and sunk to his knees. The sight of her glorious pussy stirred him more than he had ever felt before. Her legs opened wider and he held them elevated. His face approached and he could feel the heat emanating from her over the bottom of his face. Very slowly, he traced a wide circle with his tongue around her reddening lips. He could hear her exhale a tiny sigh, so he continued this for a few minutes gently teasing and coaxing her. Slowly, he then extended his tongue into her velvet cavern, deeper and deeper but millimeters at a time. His fingers moved to the top of her pubis as his tongue started to move.

God, he loved the taste of her. She tasted of the ocean, very salty, but strangely sweet at the same time. He had never really been into cunnilingus before, but with her, it was an absolute delight. He felt that he could carry on eating her for hours and hours. His fingers started to rub the top of her hood as his tongue fully extended, then started to move in and out inside her. She started to move her body in time to his tongue, so he knew that he was on the right path. Faster and faster he moved it, and the slow rubbing of her pubis slowly exposed her clitoris to his fingers. As soon as he could feel her clitoris hardening, gently rolling it between his fingers, he thrust his tongue as deep inside her as he could. He could feel her juices starting to flow and he lapped them up hungrily. God, she tasted sensational. Her panting was very audible now, low with soft moans, and her hands were grinding his head and tongue deeper and deeper inside of her.

Juliana felt her waves building. Robert was playing her like a virtuoso musician, taking her to the very edge of orgasm again and again without pushing her over. It was a sweet torture. At this point, it would just take a very light tap. She brought his head up from her pussy and kissed him hard on the mouth once more. At the same time, she reached for him below and uttered one syllable, “Now”. Robert was already pulling his hard cock from his trousers, stroking the length of it as if testing the quality of his erection before proceeding. It was as engorged as it could be, rigid, and his cockhead was sticky in anticipation after all of the stimulation of feasting on Juliana’s pussy.

Juliana guided him into her. She wanted to savour this first moment as she always did, even if she wanted him to fuck her hard and fast. She applied his cock to the whole length of her from front to back, lubricating him with her. She then moved his cockhead in circles on her clitoris, revelling in the sensation of it before the main event. Robert had been wanting this all evening and could not hold back any longer. This was no teasing inch by inch entry as when they took their time at home. He raised her arms and pinned her hands to the wall as he plunged his cock into her in one thrust. It would have been savage had they both not been so ready.

Deeper and deeper into her, he felt her heat and moisture and how tight she was. Juliana was not a vocal lover. She whispered any words that she did say, but now all he heard were her quiet gasps. Those quiet gasps and moans of hers were more beautiful to his ears than any music he had ever heard. They pushed him further. He grunted deeply with each thrust, feeling her muscles clutching at his cock inside her, pulsing and throbbing on him as her climax peaked. Again Juliana said, “Now.” Robert had felt the familiar tightening in his balls and let go – coming with his perfect lover. Spasm after spasm of his hot semen filled her. He felt her trembling as her orgasm thundered through her. Both of them, lost in sensation and each other.

They remained still for a few moments, too spent to say a word. They silently washed and made themselves presentable again, but burst into laughter as each looked at the other’s reflection in the mirror, realizing what they had just done. Robert remembered that he still had Juliana’s silk panties in his pocket as they made their way back into the dining room. No matter, he thought. I am going to take her again as soon as we walk into our door. Once is never enough.

Gianni knew what had happened just by looking at them as they returned to the table. He was not bothered at all, and actually saluted them with a bottle of grappa as a reward for being so impulsive and romantic. Juliana grinned and said “Happy birthday, sweetheart” to Robert as Gianni poured them a drink. They toasted each other and the restaurant, “Tutti Matti”, which is slang in Italian for “everybody’s crazy”. Very fitting, Gianni thought, and then he anticipated how he was going to fuck his girlfriend senseless when he got home. He was so turned on.

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