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Paradise remembered

Two lovers embark on a passionate tropical island love that they will always remember

“It’s been a long time since I’ve smelled the ocean.” I say slipping my hand into yours while you silently look around, taking in everything. The deafening of the dirty old yellow taxi practically drowns out my voice. We pass by many local businesses that are painted with vibrant colors, obviously a tourist trap, a good one at that. Dimples showing as you smile and reach into your bag, taking out your Cannon 5D. “Took you longer than I thought it would have for you to start shooting. I imagined you would have had it out as soon as we cleared customs.” I say poking at you.

“Well, I didn’t want to seem rude.” You rebut with a glare, breaking back into a smile. I look away bashfully as you smile with radiance. “How is it that after this long you still blush and look away when I smile at you?” You question looking perplexed.

“It’s your smile and the intensity in your eyes. When you look at me, it’s like you’re looking in me and as much as I care about you, it still scares me.” I say with intimidation.

“What scares you?” you ask with care.

“How perfect you are.” I answer quietly, lean over and slowly kiss you. Your eyes close and your hand touches my chest taking hold of my shirt with a loose grip. My left hand grazes your chin, and as I touch your face we are interrupted by the sound of the taxi driver clearing his throat. Flushed faces, we both pull away, but not too far. Looking into the camera again you raise it pointing it at me. Obstructing your view with my hands I blurt out, “You know how I feel about that.”

“You are a very sexy man, you have no reason to not want your picture taken. You state reaching up, pulling my hands downward to my lap. In reaction I raise my eyes to the top of my head in an extremely perturbed look. Taking the shot you tell me “You're going to regret that look. It’s a permanent part of our history now.” Giggling as you finish a few more shots, including one of me flipping you off. Slowing down a slightly, the taxi takes a sudden and sharp left inching us closer to the beach. Interrupting our view of the crashing waves is our hotel, unseen only by the hedges and palms that surround the building.

Opening the door hurriedly as the car comes to a stop I jump out and stretch my legs. “That was the longest fifteen minute car ride I’ve ever had!” I spit out with a cocky edge to my voice, shooting you a wink.

“In a hurry for something?” The cab driver asks with a laugh hidden in his thick Caribian accent.

“Actually I am!” I reply, this time in a condescending tone while you climb out of the car. Popping the trunk he rummages through, takes out our bags and hands them to the bell hop. “Rum, the beach, the surf, and hours and hours of hot vacation sex with her!” I point to you as the driver gets back in the cab. You hand him some money while your face beats a brilliant red, which surprisingly shows through your tan complexion. Your Jaw drops as you turn to me watching the car slowly drive off.

“Don’t forget your Viagra!” The guy shouts out his window and honks his horn.

“It doesn’t work for him!!!” You shout out, turning to me and quickly taking a picture of the shocked expression on my face. My eyes wide I look from you to the bell boy who is snickering under his breath. I stand still in shock not knowing what do say, yet, taken back at how fucking bad ass that was at the same time.

Leading the way down the path, we follow our new guide to the front desk where I see you looking out at the shore line, and the pier that leads to out bungalow. I talk to the front desk clerk for a few minutes and get us checked in. The sounds of the surf crashing on the pinkish tan sand swirl in our ears, no doubt a sound that all the residents have tuned out by this point in their lives. But to us, to you and I, it’s music to our ears. I tip the front desk clerk and he gives the bell boy the key to escort us to our room. I can see your face lighting up like a toddler, the final realization that this is actually happening. Out the door, we walk down the gray sidewalk edged by numerous flowers and tropical plants that are so vibrantly green you would have thought we had colored them ourselves with Crayola markers. My heart starts to race with excitement as the sound of the wheels on the cart holding our bags turn from a low hum, to a pitter pat along the edges of the boards on the pier. Your hand excitedly cups mine as we come closer to our room. I know which one is ours since I filled out all the paperwork, and I squeeze your hand and nod as we approach.

“Your room sir.” The man says handing me the key after opening the door to let us in. Entering the room we are simply in awe. You don’t even notice as the bell boy sets the luggage at your feet, and walks out the door, locking it before he leaves. You walk over and stand stunned as you look at the thick clear glass floor above the ocean. The few fish that we see swimming below us cause uncontrollable smiles to spread across our faces. I pull you closer as we watch for anything that we haven’t seen yet. Fish swimming and waves swaying below our feet we feel nothing and hear only the tide from our window. My hand rests on the back of your neck as you turn to kiss me.

“Wanna go for a swim?” you ask with utter giddiness.

“Soon.” Is all I can manage to get out, just before I kiss you. Your right hand grabs my left and pulls me closer to you, I breathe heavily as your kiss starts to intensify and my hands grip into your back. “You’ve no idea how badly I want you.” I whisper into your ear.

“I’m not going anywhere.” You breathe.

“Yes you are, on the floor.” I say with a laugh pulling you down. Happy you are wearing a loose fitting dress, I rub your leg with one hand as I kiss your cheek. Moving all around from cheek to neck and back to your lips, I, I know I should take my time, but my right hand pulls down your shoulder straps and as you arch your back, a little of the top of your dress falls to your stomach, exposing your breasts. I can feel my dick swelling with excitement as I lean down and kiss between your breasts, to your throat, chin and lips again. Working my way down again, I stop at your nipples. I let my left hand slip down your leg and start to rub against the outside of your “Love Pink” panties causing you to breathe heavily as well. In the passion of the moment while rubbing you my right hand takes hold of your hair and pulls it back, exposing your neck and I gently bite you. A near silent moan emmerges from you and my left hand moves up your panties and down inside of them. My heart feels like it’s going to explode as my fingers slide through your warm wet lips. I lean my face against yours and the hand gripping your hair holds tighter as I slide my middle finger inside of you reaching upward toward your G spot.

Your back arches again and you lean up and kiss me square on the lips but with an open mouth. Your tongue enters my mouth and I pull my finger back and slide it in you again with force rubbing inside. I work my way down your chin to your breasts and as I suck slightly hard on your nipples, I turn away from fingering and focus on rubbing you. Long strokes against your lips at first, then I focus on your clit. Each and every time you moan it’s like a drug to me, making me want to please you more and more. I kiss your nipples one more time and move down to your stomach. My left hand grabs the dress and slides it and your panties down and far away from your body. My right hand grabs your ankle and raises it to my lips. I kiss your soft skin and raise it above my head, over my shoulder and place myself between your legs. I lean down and press my lips again to your stomach; my right hand wanders up to your breast and I take hold rubbing my index finger to your nipple. When my left hand touches your pussy again you lean back all the way, extending your body fully against the ground. I switch hands so my left is on your breast and right is on your stomach now and lean down and press my lips to yours… your warm wet lips.

I kiss firmly and move my hand down to rub you at the same time. I am so fucking turned on as I run my tongue up and down your pussy all the while sliding my index and middle finger inside of you. I focus mostly on your clit but also try to stimulate your G spot from the inside as well. I swirl my tongue all around, clit to lips, lips to thigh, thigh back to clit this time sucking. As you scream out in passion I feel like I am going to die. This drug that you fill me with I want nothing more than to give you more and more! My fingers move faster and faster as I see your body sway up and down and as I suck one more time and I reach up for the G spot, your body tenses and then explodes. I keep swirling my tongue as your legs begin to shake and your breathing irradicates, I can feel every inch of your body shaking as I watch you have the sexiest orgasm I have ever seen! When your body finally starts to slow, I kiss your thighs again and back to your stomach.

“I want you now!” you shout, your pupils large with intensity.

Leaning over you, face to face, your legs wrap around my back pulling me close to you. “Less is more.” I say. “Let's go out and have some fun.” I smile, as I pull away from you, and stand to my feet.

The sunshine of the tropic blazes through our room and every object within its reach is illuminated. The room that we had just recently entered seems so new and extravagant to us as we look around. Putting your cloths back on, I walk over to the kitchenette and run my hands along the granite counter tops. “I could make you some amazing meals with in this place.” I say raising my eyebrows.

“We’re on vacation, the last thing you need to do is cook, and you do enough of that at work.” You reply with a chuckle. Ignoring your last statement, I reach over and take some bananas and strawberries from a platter and ice from the freezer. Taking hold of the blender, I pull it, the fruit and ice closer and begin to mix. While the blender is thunderously chopping and mixing I rummage through our mini bar. I arise with a huge smile. “Now this, this will make it perfect!” I shout enthusiastically, holding up a bottle of rum.

“Rum and bananas?” you ask, with a sour look on your face.

“Trust me. The tartness of the rum will be dulled down by the strawberries.” I explain, adding just a touch of rum to the mix. While the blender comes to a stop you rummage through cupboards and find us some glasses. Pouring the alcoholic smoothie in, I wait for you to take a sip first, seeking your approval.

Your dimples immerge with a snooty smile.”Okay, okay, it’s pretty good!” You admit. I nod in retort as I also enjoy the drink alongside you. A few minutes later I walk into the bedroom dragging our suitcases behind me; open the smaller one, and pull out my swim trunks.

“Ready for that swim?” I ask you excitedly.

“Yeesss!” You squeal with delight!

I quickly change into my trunks while you dilly dally in the bathroom for a few minutes. “You ok in there?” I question furrowing my brows with concern.

“We may be on vacation but I don’t want to look homeless.” You respond with a ‘well duh’ look on your face.

Walking up next to you I lean over your shoulder, rest my chin on your head and whisper “If I’ve told you once. I’ve told you a million times; there is no way for you to look any better! You cannot improve upon perfection.”

Rolling your eyes in disbelief all I get for a response is a breathy “Whateves!!!” Impatience building, I take your hand and pull you away from the mirror in the bathroom and drag you out, through the living room, to the door, not stopping for your or my shoes. “Where are we heading?” You ask.

“Just down the way a little, I picked this place for a reason.” I murmur. We walk down to the edge of the pier that our bungalow is on and we finally set foot on the dry hot sand. The wave washed sands are much softer than the rocky coast of Washington state that I am used to. I reach down and take hold of your hand, lacing your fingers in between mine, squeezing firmly. You look over and smile gently squeezing my hand in return. Step by step I walk us down to the water’s edge, the cool water splashes over our feet and as I lean down to touch it; your foot scoops some up and splashes the ocean water in my face. I laugh and cup my hand full and poor some over your head.

“My hair!” you scream at me, still smiling.

“Well, why did you do your hair? I told you we were going swimming.” I reply. You glare at me trying your best not to smile. Moments later, I break a smile and you can’t help but to smile in return. We talk and laugh for a few minutes as we venture closer to where the sun is slowly setting on the horizon until we arrive at a little inlet. The lagoon has a small gathering in it. A few locals are there with quite a few definite tourists. You can identify the tourists by the seemingly pale skin tones and tacky vacation wear. Getting a little closer you notice what I’ve had planned all along, dolphins popping up out of the small waves.

“Are you serious!?!” You scream with delight running straight into the crowd of people, then stand at the water’s edge in awe. While you are preoccupied, I walk over to the attendant standing in a booth and pay for our next adventure. An employee walks next to me and hands me two life vests; one for you and one for myself. He accompanies me to where you are waiting and after I hand you your vest he helps me put mine on and checks the buckles for safety, walks to you and repeats the process. Another employee wades through the water, takes your hand, and I follow as we dredge our way further and further into the Lagoon. Standing in chest high water your eyes beam with happiness when a dolphin rises up out of the water right in front of your face. Ecstatic laughter erupts from both of us as you lift your hand to touch the dolphin on the head. While you are caressing his blue gray skin, he sprays water from his blow hole causing you to nearly jump out of your bikini. You scream and follow that with more laughter not only from you and I, but from onlookers around us. I stand next to you with my hands under the water, reach over and touch his rubbery belly. As I rub the dolphin his mouth opens and he makes a squeal that is not much different from the one you gave earlier out of excitement. I smirk and remove my hand and move it to your lower back. You look at me with those still beaming eyes, smile and rest your head on my shoulder. “Thank you…” You say in near silence looking up at me through your half wet half dry hair.

Leaning my head over to yours I press my lips to your head. “You're welcome Boo.” I whisper

After about twenty more minutes of swimming and playing with the dolphins, the dolphin-keeper that led us to the water, waves to us motioning that our time is up and that we need to return. Sad to leave, you reach out and place your hand on a dolphin as it swims atop the water passing us, getting one last touch of our beautiful adventure. We return the vests and start to walk back the way we came, following the water’s edge in the direction of the hotel. Walking slowly and conversing, I lean over and playfully bump into you. You chuckle and nudge me with your shoulder, slightly knocking me off balance. I scowl at you with a menacing look and push you hard enough to almost knock you over. Your eyes widen, returning the devious look that I shot only seconds before. As you make a motion toward me I immediately dart off into the water diving in head first. The water feels even better than it had a few minutes earlier. Getting out of the lagoon and walking in the eighty nine degree air with a tropical humidity only made me appreciate the water even more. As I resurface, I am surprised to not see you on the sand but in the water giving me chase! I laugh aloud and splash you with as big of a tidal wave that I can muster with one hand just before re-submerging under the water again. When I come up for air I notice two things out of the corner of my eye: first is that you are gaining on me, second is that I can see our bungalow with the ladder that leads from the water to the patio.

Not wanting to hesitate I swim as fast as I can to the ladder. When I finally reach my hand out and take hold of the wood I feel your hand gripping onto my shoulder. I smile with surprise realizing that you are not only a faster runner than I, but are a faster swimmer. I turn around with both hands above my head, hold a rung of the ladder, you wrap your arms and legs around my body pulling yourself closer to me. I stare intensely into your chocolate eyes, slowly leaning in, our noses touch with ease and my eyes close. We hold there, just mere centimeters away from each other’s lips. I can feel your heart pounding against my chest as your breathing and mine increase. I tilt my head a little to the side, slide my nose along yours and our lips engage. Not wanting to fall into the water I have to hold the ladder but desperately, I want to be holding your body. As we kiss, soft and slow, I open my eyes just enough to see that the sun is starting to set. Not wanting you to miss the plethora of colors that are dancing along the water’s edge reflecting from the sky, I pull my head back. “Look.” I say nodding in the direction of the sunset. You turn your head and rest it against my chest as we watch the setting suns display of vibrancy. A mosaic fire fills our eyes with pale oranges etched with bold yellows and red. “Lets get showered.” I say, starting to shift my body around. You let go of me taking ahold of the ladder a few rungs below me and wait for me to climb up before following. I rush into our room, strip down, before you’re even in the bathroom I am out of the shower and have a towel wrapped around my waist.

“Well, I was going to join you.” You state, obviously perturbed.

“I’ve got another idea.” I say rushing past you to our room where my clothes are, kissing you on the head as I pass. I can hear the water turn on and I throw on some clothes as quickly as possible. I pause and smile, listening attentively at a beautiful sound I’ve come to love; you singing in the shower. With a hop in my step, I set off into the kitchenette taking out a bottle of white wine and two glasses. I walk them out onto the patio and set them out on the rail overlooking the water. I hurry back into the living room area, grab the remote for the CD player on the entertainment center, pop it open and run back to our room to grab a CD I smuggled along. As I blow by the bathroom door, I nearly run into you, causing you to jump out of the way.

“What are you up to?” you ask with a delighted curiosity. I ignore your question and walk back to the patio and open the wine. Satisfied with my plans, I set the remote next to the empty wine glasses and head back inside to get my prize; you. As I come down the hall, I see you slipping your dress over your head just catching a shot of your sexy ass, sneak behind you and wrap my hands around your waist.

“Come with me.” I say, speaking softly. Reaching up I grab your hand and tug making note that I want you to follow me.

“But I haven’t done my hair yet.” You whimper.

Lifting my right hand to your cheek I brush it against your skin. “Aphrodite herself would be jealous of your beauty.” I say with conviction in my voice, lowering my hand and pulling you with me yet again. We walk outside to catch the last of the setting sun’s embers barely stroking the edge of the horizon. The sky that was once so bright was now being invaded by the most breathtaking display of stars that either of us has ever seen. Your hand that was cupped in mine squeezes in a sort of thank you to me for getting this all ready when you see the wine. I hand you a glass and pour it half full, pause and wait for you to see if you like it or not. Taking a sip, your reaction is reminiscent of earlier today when you had the fruit smoothie I made. I pour some for myself and join you at the edge of the patio, leaning against the rail. I grab the remote and press play to the song I had set, waiting, ready for you to hear.

I take your glass away and tie my arms around you setting us face to face. The music starts and it’s not exactly what you were thinking it would be. Not an orchestra, but an acoustic guitar, and as the female voice starts to sing, you recognize the song “The only exception” By Paramore. As she sings I sway with you to the rhythm of the waves crashing against the pier that is home to our hut. Giving a shoddy version, I softly sing along with her, to you. You run your fingers along my back and up the back of my head as I hold you so close a stranger passing by might think we are one person. As the song comes closer to the end I lean back, look at you, and place a firm kiss to your lips. The swaying motion comes to an end and all I can feel is you. Everything around us disappears and all I have in my mind, all I need is in my arms, nothing more than you.

As we kiss over and over I finally know what true passion is really about. I come to the realization that although sex is great, passion is between two people, the way the feel, the romance that is forged between them. As your lips pull away from me, I can barley breate. You literally took my breath away. You stare directly into my eyes, not a word is said, but no words are needed at this point. Two of your fingers cling to mine and when you step away I instinctively follow what I cherish most. Back inside, through the living room, down the hall to our room. Not caring at all, you slide the suitcases off the bed and the clothes spill onto the floor. Walking backward, you stop at the edge of the bed and I lean in to kiss you. One kiss is all I get before you stop me, lean back, pull your dress up and over your head, throwing it on the floor with meshed into the tangled pile already there. Tan skin and pink undergarments accent the goddess that stands before me, her hands on my arms. I take one last deep breath, trying to convince myself that I am good enough for this exquisite creature before me. You reach up and take hold of my shirt, taking me onto the bed with you as you fall onto it. I look deep in your eyes as we lay there, my fingers feathering through your hair. My hands tremble slightly as I touch you. My fingers slide up and down your arm stroking your skin as we kiss. Down your arm, to your leg, I move up, grabbing your ass and pull you flush against my body. I can’t even describe in words the desire that is burning in my chest as your skin touches mine.

All I want is to get drunk on your kisses. So over and over again I kiss you, pulling your hair a little as you kiss down my neck. The sensations of your lips on my neck stirs in me a desire to take control like I’ve never felt, holding your hair in my right hand I pull your hair back and vigorously kiss your neck. A slight moan comes from your mouth and I kiss you again, this time reaching down and taking ahold of your breast. I kiss my way down from neck to collar bone, collar bone to chest and chest to your breast, moving your bra down out of the way so I can run my tongue against your nipple. Being consumed yourself by the passion you want no obscurities, so you arch your back to undo your bra. With a quick twist and a tug, your bra is undone and before I can blink, you have it in your hand and place it atop my head. I smile down at you and kiss your lips again. My hands move their way down you until they are upon your hips. Grabbing you firmly, I lift my body and position myself between your legs, lean down and draw my lower lip across your stomach. You squirm a little from the wetness of my lips, twisting with anticipation.

You reach down and place your right hand on the top of my head as I kiss my way from navel to hip, hip to thigh, thigh to calf and finally stop at your foot. I lift your foot and kiss upon the top of it admiring your cute little pink toes. You smile, dimples shining, watching me kiss each toe individually. My left hand rubs up your leg as I continue to pamper your feet and I can feel my dick throbbing with intensity as I come closer and closer to your pussy. I run my tongue up the soul of your foot as my hand moves your panties aside and I touch you gently. Your eyes close at the feel of my hands against your lips. Ever so softly at first, I run my fingers up and down your lips letting my index finger slide in every now and then. As you moan again, I wander upward and stop, making sure to give some much needed attention to your clit. As I rub you in a clockwise motion your body starts to move in unison, much like that of the tide outside our window. You are so wet and though I am spending time with your feet, I wish that I were licking you, so I reposition my body up to your side and as I slide two fingers inside of you, your hand reaches up and pulls me closer to you and you passionately kiss me.

Not wanting to be the only one to be receiving you lower your hand to undo my pants, and take hold of my penis. I exhale sharply as you start to stroke me. I can feel myself getting harder and harder in your grip. I lean over you and suck hard on the left side of your neck and at the same time I reach deep inside of you rub against your G spot. I smile against your skin as your hand lies atop mine and you help to guide me to the pleasure you are seeking. I bite your shoulder a little in acknowledgement that I am more than ok with it. Your fingers grip above my own as our hands move up and down against your lips and press firmly against your clit. We kiss for a second, and as your lips part from mine I decide to move down to more sensitive areas. Our hands keep in motion, my fingers occasionally move away from yours wanting to be inside of you, while I begin to suck on your right breast. I kiss, lick and suck harder as I notice your body starting to gain momentum. Your breathing picks up speed as your hand above mine picks up speed as well. Your body is moving like a dancer in motion to beating drums. The faster the drums beat, the faster your body moves untill the last beat sounds, and like a volcano you erupt.

You are no longer in control of your body as your orgasm takes over. Legs shaking and breathing erratic, I relish every second of you next to me, completely in ecstasy. As your body slows and you start to gain control of your body again I kiss softly against your shoulder. You smile with an intensity I’ve never seen before as you reach over my chest, take hold of my shoulders and straddle over the top of me. The warmth of your pussy against me is so amazing that without thinking I accidently scratch your arm. You give a playful glare as you push down and forward at the same time. Instead of scratching, I dig the tips of my fingers into your arm and ass, one hand on each. Lifting up you take hold of my penis and tease me by rubbing it against your lips. My hand moves from your arm to my dick and teasing you back, I rub the head of my penis against your clit for a moment before I slide it inside you. When you sit down I can barely breathe, my heart is racing so fast! I reach up and grab your breasts with both hands as you move up and down, forward and back. Knowing just how to get to me, while my eyes are closed, you reach to my chest and dig your nails in. My back arches and I thrust up hard and deep inside of you. After a long power struggle with you on top, I twist my body to the side throwing you on to the bed.

Positioning you on your right side I extend your right leg and lift your left upward toward your body. Straddling your extended right leg I drape your left over my hip so that I am fully in between them. You lay there like a fine painting naked and motionless before me. Rubbing my dick between your lips I reach up and run my fingers along your spine as I slide inside of you. Pulling in and out, my right hand reaches up and caresses your skin while my left hand rubs your clit. Getting the idea, you move my hand away and start to join in on the play. I am so insanely turned on at the sight of you masturbating that I can hardly control myself. All I can do is pray that you can cum quickly, before I do! Gazing upon your every movement, I take in everything that you do, from the way you pull your hair out of your eyes to the twist in your lower back as I hit a spot you like a lot. As I pull out and push back in, I twist a little to the side trying to intensify the sex. I am relieved to see your body moving in a way that I know all so well. I start to push harder and deeper with more speed as I see your body twist and sway, and as you finally scream out, I too, can no longer take the passion. A beautiful explosion erupts not only for you or me, but together you and I sway as one. My breathing heavy and deep, every thrust inside of you is an all-consuming fever that envelopes every cell in my body. Slowing, your hand reaches up, takes hold to the side of my face, no words are spoken at this point. I move your leg over my hip so that I can lie next to you. My arm covers over your chest as your back rests flush against me. I run my fingers through your hair and trace my finger tips against your cheek. I caress you for what seemed to be hours, but was probably only a few minutes, before I notice that your breathing steadied into a slow rhythm. “Asleep…” I whisper, feathering the hair out of your face and away from your ear. “Sleep well my dear…..”

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