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Parisian Surprise - Part Seven
principessa & Alphamagus

Parisian Surprise - Part Seven

Contributing Authors: Alphamagus 
Robert and Juliana spend a week in Paris and enjoy the city and all of its pleasures.
This is the seventh and final part of “Parisian Surprise”, written with Alphamagus.

While it can be read on its own, we feel it will be better enjoyed if you read the preceding segments.

Robert and Juliana have been having an exceptional time in the City of Light and love. There have been new experiences, like playing the game of submission and dominance, sex in public places as well as in private, and given that it is Paris, lots of wonderful food and wine.

Their week will soon be over, but the thoughts of their time there will linger for a very long time after they return home. 

Robert and Juliana had taken a drive outside of Paris to have a picnic in the countryside. After some outdoor lovemaking, they got caught in a rainstorm. We catch up with them at this point.

They reached the car, both saturated from the heavy downpour. They got in after putting all of the soaked picnic things away and immediately turned on the engine and heater. Within in a minute or two, they both started to steam which made them both dissolve in hysterical laughter. Robert snatched a quick kiss before driving away. Juliana navigated them back to the inn and, as they went in the door, the old proprietor was there with a welcome..

“I thought you two might have got wet,” he said with a smirk. “If you go and get changed, my wife will see to your clothes and have them cleaned and ironed by the time you leave tomorrow.”

“Merci beaucoup, monsieur,” Robert said before Juliana could show off her perfect French yet again.

They raced up the stairs to their room and hastily undressed. They showered separately and changed into warm clothes. Robert dropped their dirty and wet clothes back down to the proprietor and ordered a bottle of Cognac for them. He got two glasses and thanked the man profusely before rushing back upstairs to find Juliana shuffling a deck of cards.

“I have found a box of matchsticks and I thought we might play for them, darling,” she suggested.

She was sitting at one end of the bed, cross legged, dressed in a pair of jeans and an Irish-knit Aran sweater. Robert poured two very large Cognacs and sat opposite her. “Strip?” he inquired.

Juliana grinned and nodded her assent.

The first hand went to Robert who beat Juliana with a pair of fives compared to her twos. She slowly took off her sweater revealing a white blouse. He also won the second hand with a full house, seven over twos to Juliana’s two pairs. This time her jeans came off, revealing her creamy thighs, red socks and black knickers to his smiling, appreciative gaze.

But Juliana won the next three rounds.

Off came Robert’s dark pullover, black socks and white shirt, leaving him in his dark jeans.

Juliana leaned over and gave him a lingering kiss before dealing the next round.

Robert was finding it increasingly hard to play as he felt his eyes drawn to the spot between her thighs that he so loved. He won the next round to see Juliana seductively strip off her blouse leaving her in a white lacy bra. He took a large sip of Cognac and lost the next round with a single pair compared to Juliana’s two pairs. He stood up and slowly removed his jeans, leaving a pair of black cotton boxers showing a very prominent bulge at the front.

Juliana instinctively licked her lips as her eyes were drawn to his crotch. She reached over and gave her lover a gentle squeeze through the cotton before dealing the next hand. She lost both this one and the next.

First the knee-high red socks came off, followed by her pretty bra.

Robert took another large sip of Cognac. The warmth of the liquor in his mouth and the effect of seeing Juliana’s generous breasts were distracting him, sending wild thoughts that had nothing to do with cards.

“So,” he said lasciviously, “One item left apiece. This is where it gets interesting.”

Robert dealt the cards slowly and looked at his hand, revealing a pair of aces.

Juliana turned hers over after desperately trying to gain more than the pair of threes she had in her hand. She looked resigned to her fate.

Robert said huskily, “Allow me,” before gently tugging down the slightly wet material of her panties.

Juliana looked him in the eye and whispered, “Forfeits?” Robert gasped and nodded slowly.

Juliana hesitatingly dealt the next round. She beamed when three eights appeared and was ecstatic when a pair of fives followed.

Robert thought he had won when he turned over three jacks but grinned slightly when Juliana revealed her hand. She reached over and slowly kissed his erection through the cotton before slowly pulling the boxers over his knees and taking them off.

His cock was fully engorged and he tried not to notice the way that Juliana was staring at it as he dealt the next round. Robert won easily as Juliana could not even get a pair with the three extra cards. She finished with ten high and Robert’s pair of threes easily beat her.

“I want you to dance for me,” he said, “On my nose and tongue.”

He laid back on the bed and Juliana stood over his face before gently lowering herself onto his face. She very slowly started to rub herself up and down his chin, nose and his extended tongue. Every time she neared his mouth, his tongue would dart out and stab at her very wet opening. She shuddered as she felt the warmth of his breath penetrate her and started to use the various features of his face to masturbate.

Robert put his hands around her buttocks so that he could gently excite her even more with his tongue. She gasped as it explored inside of her, its warm length disappearing into her hot little core.

She quickly lifted herself away from him and returned to where she was previously, looking very flustered.

She dealt the next round and lost that one also.

“Get on all fours, darling,” Robert commanded. She hesitatingly turned around and presented herself to him on the bed as instructed. Robert took a large sip of Cognac and kept it in his mouth as he lowered it to her sopping mound from behind. He squirted a lot of the burning liquor inside of her before lashing at her with his tongue. Juliana yelped with the sudden scorching heat followed by the incredible sensuality of Robert’s tongue. He hastily licked and stabbed at her as his hand wrapped around his cock and rubbed himself firmly but slowly.

Knowing he was ready, he placed the tip of his cock at her entrance and slowly slid into her.

Juliana moved backwards to encompass him. He slowly started to thrust as one of his hands reached around her and started to rub her clitoris. His other hand reached for the Cognac glass and poured some of the fiery liquid between her buttocks. The liquor travelled through the crease of her anus to her mound. The fiery heat now engulfed Robert’s length as he penetrated her. He gasped too as the heat of the liquid travelled to his scrotum, inflaming it as he continued to slide in and out of Juliana’s cunt.

Juliana started to pant heavily and Robert knew that she was close.

He withdrew and took a small mouthful of his drink before transferring it into Juliana’s anus. His tongue followed it as his fingers continued to rub her bud ferociously. He extended the fingers of his other hand and pushed them inside her as his tongue extended as far as he could inside of her. That was it.

Juliana came so powerfully that she really thought she would lose consciousness. Robert’s tongue quickly withdrew from her anus before lashing at her juices that were freely flowing from her. He licked up as much of the exquisite taste as he could before turning her around.

Juliana looked at his stiffness intently before taking a mouthful of Cognac herself and then wrapped her lips around him. Robert nearly shot then and there but controlled himself and slowly started to thrust inside of her mouth. Her hands slowly pumped him as his head travelled deeper and deeper down her throat. He increased his rhythm and he soon knew that he was too far gone to hold back.

Juliana reached for his balls and squeezed them gently as streams and streams of hot sperm hit the back of her throat. She swallowed it all but kept on sucking his head and tonguing at what lay beneath.

Robert gasped again and, rather than slowing down, increased his pace.

Juliana reached behind him with one hand and extended her finger into his anus. With the sensation of this and the vacuum around his cockhead, Robert came a second time. This time Juliana licked as much up as she could and then transferred the remains (with the small amount of Cognac in her mouth) into his by kissing him.

They could both taste their own juices in that kiss and it seemed to go on forever before they both collapsed on the bed with their arms around each other.

They woke up a couple hours later, wondering how they had both managed to fall asleep like that.

They showered again and realised that they were both ravenous and it was time for food. They walked into the dining room hand in hand. The aromas coming from the dining room were wonderful in the cool evening. They had a country vegetable soup to start. Robert ordered a game pie with new potatoes and mushrooms. Juliana said that she would have the Blanquette de Veau.

A bottle of merlot was ordered and opened to breathe in front of them. Robert leaned over and poured each a glass. He smiled silently at her as he sipped it. Juliana actually looked a little flushed. She was remembering their lovemaking earlier and reached for Robert’s hand silently over the table while they waited for their dinner.

They were both famished and greedily demolished their meal in minutes. There was then a salad course in the French manner of eating - baby greens with goat cheese and some croutons with a lemony dressing, also delicious.

They looked over the dessert menu and Juliana ordered a fruit of the forest crumble for both of them with homemade vanilla ice cream. When this arrived, it was warm, and with the tanginess of the berries and silkiness of the ice cream it was the perfect dessert to compliment the merlot. They had had enough Cognac and were tired enough to decide to skip coffee as well.

They both complimented the appreciative chef and then returned to their room, undressed quickly and fell back onto the bed together. Given the impact of the alcohol and wonderful food, they immediately fell asleep, limbs intimately entangled.

Juliana woke up at around three o’clock in the morning.

Robert was fast asleep behind her and she realised that he was very erect.

“He must be having a very pleasant dream,” she mused to herself. She turned around facing him in the darkness and wrapped her hands around his cock. Very slowly, so as not to wake him, she slowly started to rub his penis up and down. Her other hand went between her thighs as she started to play with herself. She uncovered her bud and masturbated gently as she looked at Robert’s cock in the moonlight.

Her hand started to pump him a little faster and he moaned in his sleep.

Juliana rubbed herself faster before inserting her fingers inside herself. She bit down on her lip as the sensations rippled through her body. Her breathing got heavier as she lowered her mouth to his cock once more. Her tongue travelled over and under his head as she sucked his tip. Her fingers were pushing harder and she had to shift her position so that she could get them deeper. She knew that she was about to come and pumped on Robert’s penis more intensely.

Robert’s eyes opened wide at the exact moment she came. The amazing feeling, the fact that he was already subconsciously aroused and the sight of his darling woman masturbating in the moonlight was all he could take. Within seconds of his awareness, he was ejaculating again.

Juliana removed her mouth and pumped his semen freely into the air where it drenched her naked body and made her orgasm seem even more powerful.

“Jesus, Juliana! What a way to wake me up!” he exclaimed.

Juliana kissed and laughed, “Perhaps I’ll sleep better now without that thing poking in my back all night.”

She reached for him and gave him a gentle squeeze before leaving the bed to clean herself. She climbed back into his arms and pulled the cover back over them. They both drifted back to a dreamless sleep, waking around ten the following morning.

They packed their things and went downstairs for breakfast. The innkeeper wished them good morning before handing over their picnic clothes, all neatly washed and ironed.

They thanked the kind old gentlemen before ordering a large breakfast of eggs with croissants, brioche and steaming hot coffee. They smiled as they ate the food.

“It has been a glorious holiday,” Juliana remarked.

Robert grinned and nodded his head. “It is such a shame that we have to get back,” he mused, “I could get used to this.”

“Me, too,” Juliana said as she wistfully put down her coffee.

“We should make a promise that we will visit one major city for a week’s break every year,” she suggested.

Robert reached across for her hand, squeezed it, and replied.

 “I agree that no matter how busy we are with work, we'll do it. This is the happiest week I have ever had and that is down to you.” He reached under the breakfast table and put his hand under her skirt and directly on Juliana's mound. “And this,” he said quietly.

Juliana shuddered in her seat and felt instantly moist. “God, he knows which buttons to push,” she thought to herself. She gently removed his hand.

Robert laid it on the table and her hand clasped his and squeezed. “Let's go upstairs. There are things to do at the hotel before we leave,” she said.

They went up to their room and found that the maid had straightened up and left more clean towels for them while they were at breakfast. They had showered and dressed quickly upon waking earlier as they were so famished. Juliana said that she wanted a longer shower and to change clothes for travelling but noted that there was plenty of time to return to town to check out of their hotel before getting to the airport.

Robert had settled himself into a comfortable chair, stretching out to look at her undress. She realized that he was watching and slowed down.

He had already felt himself stiffening at the table as he reached down to her pubis and now was hardening more. He opened his fly and shifted his cock to allow it room to engorge comfortably. Juliana's informal striptease was having its desired effect on him, reminding him how much he needed her.

The teasing minx kept herself just beyond his reach and so he had to touch himself for now. He opened his trousers and released his penis from his underwear, pulling on its length. He rubbed his cockhead with his thumb, feeling it moisten with pre-cum, never letting his eyes leave Juliana. She had removed her shirt and trousers, standing before him in some of the beautiful French lingerie they had both chosen earlier in the week. The bra had cups showing the swell of her breasts with their pale pink areolae and nipples darkening through its fine lace, her golden mound visible through the panties.

He continued rubbing up and down, seeing that she was looking at him just as intently.

She unhooked her bra and freed her full breasts. There was an audible gasp from Robert as his cock twitched in his hand. It was all he needed and he reached for her, pulling her panties down as he did. He buried his face into her breasts, kissing each of them, back and forth, sucking her nipples and then kissing and licking all over them, then back to her by now more prominent nipples. His hand left his cock and rubbed her mound, his fingers slowly working their way between her lips, so hot and wet to his fingers. She had been just as turned on watching him as he was watching her.

His fingers explored her as he kissed her deeply on the mouth.

She reached for him, playing with his cock and kneading his balls as she responded to his kisses. Juliana then straddled him, lowering herself slowly, ever so slowly, first rubbing his cockhead between her eager lips front to back a few times, lubricating him with her fragrant juices, and then on to his now fully erect cock. She had a dreamy look on her face and an impish smile as she moved up and down on him, increasing the depth of his penetration of her each time. She leaned back as his penis plunged even more deeply into her.

Robert was speechless, lost in the moment and his passion for her. It seemed this desire was never entirely quenched and could surface with the least encouragement.

“Come to bed,“ Juliana breathed, “I want us to come one more time before we have to leave the countryside.”

They stood and embraced before he gently pushed her onto the bed. Juliana lay there before him, arms stretched welcoming him. He wanted to devour her before entering her again. He kissed her mouth deeply and then moved to her neck and shoulders, her breasts, her abdomen, the inside of her thighs and then her mound. He then entered her as she lifted her legs to clasp them behind him. He had her arms above her head holding her hands in his as he moved inside her. He felt her muscles pulsating on his cock, pulling him to the heart of her as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

They moved closer and closer to the abyss of orgasm and, as he felt her fall, he himself let go with spasm after spasm of hot semen filling her. Bliss. He held her closely and smiled with the realization that they were not done. His cock was still hard despite what had just happened. He began moving slowly inside her again as he whispered endearments to her: how there was no one like her for him, how she constantly aroused him, and how he adored her in and out of bed.

Juliana reacted quietly, just whispering “yes” as she moved her hips in rhythm with his. He was at full hardness and they were both ready. She could feel his cock at her very core and was lost in the sensation of her orgasm. He felt the pressure building in his balls to his climax and shot within her, this time collapsing on her afterward. They were both breathing fast and their hearts were racing. After a few minutes, they quietly got up and showered together.

They dressed and bade the hotelier and his wife goodbye, thanking them for their stay.

They made good time getting back to the city and their Paris hotel. Back in their room, they talked and laughed as they packed. Each told the other that they had made their country tryst a spectacular one. They had the entire afternoon before their departure as their flight left in the evening. Robert suggested that they arrange for the return the rental car and spend their time strolling along the Seine before they really had to leave. They could find somewhere for lunch and walk some more before having a car take them to the airport in good time for their flight. Juliana readily agreed wanting to squeeze all of the time she could from their stay.

They organized their bags and whatever they wanted to take with them onto the plane and went to the lobby to settle their bill and check out. The concierge said he would take care of their luggage and reserve a car for later in the day. They were free to savour their last hours in the City of Light.

Robert took Juliana’s hand in his as they left the hotel and began to walk with no destination in particular in mind. They both wanted to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of Paris for what would be the last time on this trip. It was sunny and clear and just warm enough to be pleasant outside. They talked about all that they had done during their vacation including all of the usual tourist stops as well as all of their lovemaking and fucking. It had to be said that there had been both, and that each was satisfying.

“Perhaps it was the spell they say Paris casts,” Juliana suggested.

Robert responded that it was true, but really that they had had the time and opportunity to act on their desire without work or anything else in mind or intruding. He laughed as he added that he could feel his cock stirring again as he remembered all of the times and places that they had indulged themselves.

“And I am not talking about French food and wine,” he said, “You have made me insatiable, darling.”

She giggled as she looked down and saw that he had an erection forming. “Is it ever enough?” she asked.

Robert just grinned and nodded his head “no”.

Juliana pulled Robert to her and kissed him full on the lips as her hand went to the front of his trousers and traced the outline of the bulge through the fabric. “One more time, darling,” she whispered in his ear. They were currently walking by some run down old shops and she pulled him up an alleyway between them. The alleyway led to an abandoned serviceway to the shops. It was overgrown with brambles and looked like it had not seen the sunshine in a few years. Robert spied some railed steps leading to the back door of one of the abandoned shops from around the front. He pushed Juliana down onto it and knelt before her.

Juliana gasped as Robert raised her skirt hurriedly and quickly brought his mouth down to her panties. His tongue licked up and down furiously through the silk as his hand moved the quickly sodden material to one side. She grasped the back of his head and pulled him into her as his tongue darted right to her very core.

“My god, how can he make me this wet this quickly?” she pondered as his tongue seemed to touch more of her than she thought possible.

His hand went to her hidden hood and started to rub it as rapidly as his tongue was darting in and out of her. The pressure started to build as he twisted and turned his tongue in her velvety mound. His fingers teased her clitoris out and he rubbed her firmly enough to excite but not enough to hurt her. Juliana stared down at him with incredulity. His eyes stared back at her knowingly. He then withdrew his tongue from her wetness and sucked her clitoris into his mouth, his tongue beating onto it with skilled purpose.

With his free hand Robert quickly freed his rigid cock from his trousers and boxers. He felt its full length, rubbing from his exposed cockhead to his balls beneath. He roughly turned Juliana around so that she was on all fours on the steps and placed his cock at the entrance of her sopping mound. In one quick movement he sunk his entire length into her. Juliana let out an audible gasp as it felt like every nerve ending in her body was about to explode. Robert then completely withdrew, and repeated this several times all the way in and out, still rubbing himself as he did so.

The feeling was exquisite and he knew that neither of them were going to last long. His hand cupped her breasts as he buried himself deep at last without withdrawing.

Juliana pushed herself back onto his penis and straightened up so that she could get him in even deeper.

Robert started to thrust inside her as he covered her neck in kisses. He felt her inner muscles contracting and pulsing on his cock. Juliana fingered her clitoris vigorously as he sent tremors throughout her body.

Robert sensed her imminent orgasm so stopped and pulled her to her feet. He picked her up by lifting her from the bottom of her buttocks and sunk her onto his length whilst slamming her back into the wall. Completely supporting her, he thrust inside of her again and again as her legs clasped around his back.

“God! Almost there,” she breathed as she held onto his back with one hand and semi-supported herself on the wall with the other. Her leg suddenly felt purchase on the iron of the stair rail, so she put both feet onto it allowing Robert to carry on fucking her without having to take her slight weight as well.

Robert realised that Juliana had found extra support, so one hand went to her tiny button as the other reached underneath her. His finger extended between her buttocks and entered her anus, slipping straight in as it was wet from juices of their frantic lovemaking.

“I want you to come now!” Robert gasped into her ear as he plunged as deeply as he could, his finger sliding in and out of her again and again. He knew that he was nearly there and wanted to come with her.

Her orgasm hit and her whole body trembled. She heard his groan signalling his climax. The rush of hot sperm inside of her intensified as she clenched her muscles to milk his cock of every drop.

“This is so carnal and wild,“ she thought as their orgasms continued, wave after wave.

Finally Robert slowed, completely out of breath. He withdrew gently and helped Juliana down to the ground, then he tidied himself up before helping Juliana with her own clothing. He pulled her to her him and pressing her against the wall gave her a long and deep kiss, his arms hugging her tightly.

“I am suddenly ravenous, darling. Let’s find somewhere for lunch as we walk,” he said smiling.

He took her hand and led her from the alley and from this street to one close by that was more upscale and full of people. They found a restaurant with tables outdoors in the sun and ordered steak frites for lunch with a bottle of red wine.

Juliana was surprised at how hungry she was but then remembered that she often observed that both appetites were connected, the carnal and the corporeal intertwined. They lingered with their coffees in the warmth of the sun, watching the street scene. It was time to head back to the hotel and make their way to the airport.

They walked slowly along the river, looking around them with the knowledge that this week of enjoyment was ending. It was all so beautiful and they had done everything possible to have a pleasurable time. They had been at the galleries and museums, even to the opera. They had fantastic meals and wine and the time to savour them. They had also had the time to really enjoy each other, talking and laughing, exploring not just the city, but each other. They had sexual adventures of every kind, tender and unbridled, both fucking and making love and coming time after time.

Their baggage was in the lobby when they got back to their hotel and their car arrived moments later.

They climbed in and settled for the drive to the airport. Robert put his arms around Juliana and she leaned into him with one hand on his lap. It was time to switch gears and prepare to go back to everyday life. Her hand fondled him, and for the moment this was more comforting to him than sexual. He loved the feeling of being touched like that. It was always soothing until it inevitably became something more urgent. For now, he kissed and caressed her, feeling utterly content. They gave no thought to what the driver might see. This was Paris after all.

They remained in this embrace for the whole drive to the airport. Each was sorry to leave the other’s arms when they arrived. Their driver organized their luggage and carry-on bags and led them to their check-in. With the formalities taken care of, they went to the first class lounge with some time to relax before boarding. Juliana bought some more perfume in the duty free and some chocolate for Robert’s sweet tooth as well as his favourite cologne.

When she returned to the lounge she found him with his laptop on his lap scrolling through work emails. She reminded him of their promise not to look at anything until they got home, but he said he needed the laptop for camouflage. Smiling sheepishly, he said that it was hiding the evidence of her fondling in the car. He stowed the laptop and then took her by the hand and led her to one of the large, private washrooms in the lounge with their carry-on bags in his other hand.

“I am uncomfortable wearing these tight boxers and I have a surprise for you,” he said, grinning, “But first I have to get these off before they completely strangle me.”

His penis and balls felt like they had been put through the wringer. All day long he felt the urge and need to free himself. The arousal happened every time that Juliana was nearby and almost drove him insane. He could never understand this power she had over him, just accept its existence. His erection was pulsing like a heartbeat at that moment. He marvelled at its shape as it pressed tightly against the cotton, almost as if it was trying to escape. All he could think of was to get himself some room and to remove the offending, limiting, boxers.

He locked the door behind them and embraced Juliana tightly.

She could feel her body moulded to his. It always made her happy to feel how they fit together perfectly.

He kissed her mouth and her neck as she returned those kisses. She could feel him hard again against her pubis. She reached down and felt his package in her hand, package being the right word as these boxers were designed for a tight fit around the penis and testicles. Juliana liked this look with some of his jeans but Robert preferred to be less confined. He undid all of the buttons of his fly with one tug and the bulk of his erection immediately sprang outward just as he knew it would.

Juliana heard his soft sigh of relief and asked if this was her surprise, laughing. She teased him saying it was not startling as much as she appreciated it, and she carried on playing with him.

Robert informed her that he had bought her yet another set of lingerie when she was not looking during their time at the wonderful shop they had visited, as well as some boxers for himself. He said that he wanted to change into them for the flight, but first, there were other things to attend to.

Robert began rubbing himself just as soon as her hands left him. He could not wait to get out of the wretched tight boxers and expose his genitals for her to see and for him to play. Once more he was in the thrall of the desire that she always brought him and it had to be fed.

“I want to show you what you do to me,” he said, “And I want you to undress and put your new things on for me.”

He brought the parcel out of his bag and opened it. There were his black silk boxers and two other diaphanous black garments, bra and panties for her, also black silk with wide lace edges and also in black. This was the epitome of French lingerie: expensive, luxurious, elegant, and barely there. The bra had wide set straps and was underwired, its cups only meant to cover the bottom half of her breasts, with just a bit of lace over her areolae and nipples. The panties were low slung with wide legs in the style tap pants, these also lace edged.

“I think these are more a present for you than for me,” she grinned as she took them in her hands, “But thank you, sweetheart, and I will be happy to wear them for you.”

He watched her as she slowly undressed. Her eyes left his only to watch as he started rubbing the very prominent bulge in his boxers. Juliana stared at him and saw a look of unbridled lust in his eyes that took her breath away. “The power I have over this man, and he over me,” she thought. Juliana felt that familiar tingling in her pussy, like an itch that had to be scratched. She became very aware of every part of herself there, and reached down to begin to rub the material with her hand. She suddenly felt hot in both senses of the word, warm and sexual. She moved her whole hand between her thighs and could feel herself becoming more sensitive to her touch. Her labia were responding and becoming engorged as her nectar began flowing, making the material sodden.

She carried on with a concentration befitting something less carnal, watching Robert watch her all the while. She unbuttoned her shirt to allow him to see her breasts and so that she could fondle them.

By this point, Robert was feeling himself once again entranced by her. His hand was rubbing his length through the fabric of his boxers without any conscious thought. He only acknowledged it was there when he realised that the small gasp he heard came from himself. Robert wondered how Juliana managed to do this to him. He had had very many girlfriends before, but somehow they all seemed to bore him in a very short space of time. Yet, with Juliana, he felt like he could spend a whole week in bed just fucking her over and over again. His cock was almost in a permanent priapic state. He knew that he needed to get his hardness out from its cotton confines immediately.

He took down his waistband to reveal his cock in all its glory, pulling on its length. Then after sitting on the toilet, he wrapped his hand around the shaft under the head and slowly started to rub it up and down. His penis grew bigger and more rigid as he stroked, pushing his foreskin back and exposing his head. It was not enough until he quickly slipped out of the boxers and sat before her nude. He could now include his balls and began massaging them with one hand as the other continued ministering upon his hard shaft. He squeezed his cockhead as he rubbed his long length and soon drops of semen appeared on its tip.

He was unconsciously emitting low groans as he masturbated and was still watching Juliana’s face and the movement of her fingers by her pussy and hands on her breasts. She was watching him intently, spurred on to touch herself more as she watched him. It turned her on in a way she could not describe. She had to get her clothes off and began with her shirt and trousers.

Robert gazed on her as she continued to caress herself. She explored herself deeply with two and then three fingers below, her lips so aroused and sensitive, her juices running freely. She wanted to be revealed to him now.

He sat spellbound as she quickly and shamelessly discarded her expensive underwear. She perched naked on the counter opposite him, nude, and opened her legs. He had a full view of her pubis almost at eye level and he gasped as he watched her open her lower lips with her fingers as she planted her feet on his knees. With her other hand she was caressing her breasts, back and forth, arousing herself there and below at the same time. Her nipples became more prominent with this attention and Robert could see her fingers getting slick with her juices as she explored herself for him.

Juliana continued dipping her fingers in and out of herself. She was now using her thumb to arouse her clitoris with each stroke. She softly whispered “Oh” each time her fingers delved inside herself and added another finger now that she had opened herself more. He continued rubbing himself firmly, but slowly and saw the lust and abandon in Juliana’s eyes. His hand started to match her rhythm as his other hand reached below and massaged his scrotum, feeling the heaviness of his balls. They were so aroused watching each other that not a word was said. Their focus remained and their pace increased.

She drew her fingers from inside her and brought them close to his face. Her scent was intoxicating and aroused him even more. Then she lowered them to his mouth and he tasted her.

Her taste as always was extraordinary: salty, yet sweet and delicious. He reached forward and ran his fingers up the front of her sopping mound to moisten them further, but Juliana batted his hand away and continued to masturbate.

“God!” Robert thought, hopelessly, ”"I can't last much longer.”

Juliana seemed to sense this and with her other hand started to rub her clitoris. She watched his hand start to pump harder and faster in time to her own ministrations. The effect was exhilarating. Faster and faster her fingers plunged into her pussy, the early signs of orgasm appearing as she watched him. Faster and faster Robert’s hand pumped his shaft, knowing that she was only waiting for him.

Juliana’s breath quickened and then her orgasm hit. She felt her juices starting to spill as she watched in wonderment as Robert’s cock spouted its seed like a geyser. She quickly stopped what she was doing, knelt before him and took his entire length in her mouth. Her tongue licked up every sweet shot as he emptied in her. Robert’s semen was very aromatic. It tasted unlike anything that she had ever tasted before. The muskiness of its scent was intoxicating to her. She rolled his testes into her mouth and realised that miraculously they were still not empty. “This man will never tire of me,” she thought.

Robert pulled her to her feet and covered her pubis with his mouth. He felt the heat of her and dove into her pussy. He could sense the swelling of her labia from her arousal. Using his tongue, he licked them and drank of all of her heady juices.

“Exquisite,” he thought. His tongue continued to clean, lap and cajole as his hands went to her buttocks and pressed her into his face a little harder. He felt her tremble as he licked; she was so sensitive there now.

He finished his ministrations, then pulled away.

“Now put on your new underwear, darling. I want to see you in it,” Robert commanded.

Juliana stepped back and pulled on the panties. The soft silk felt wonderful against her skin as it covered her, and she noted that the legs opened widely enough for easy access without removing the garment. Robert watched intently as she leaned forward to put the bra on giving him a full view of her breasts. He wanted to kiss them, nipples and areolae aroused now. She fastened the bra in the back and Robert gasped as he watched her adjust her breasts in the cups which were so minimal that they barely just supported her from underneath. There was something highly erotic about watching this and Robert’s cock responded in his hand. She stood up and he marvelled at the engineering of the bra which lifted her breasts and presented them to him like a present to devour which he did happily.

He pulled her close to him and kissed her time after time: her eyes, her mouth, her cheeks, her ears, her neck, her shoulders, and of course her breasts. His hand went into her panties and now he was playing there, feeling the heat and the dampness of her, arousing her just as he was aroused by her. Juliana kissed and caressed him and reached for his cock and scrotum. She fondled and petted and played and massaged. Her thumb made circles on the tip of his penis, arousing him even more.

She thought to herself that she had been right about his infinite desire for her as he was entirely engorged again. Robert needed no further cue. He lifted her back on to the counter and she opened her legs. He pulled the fabric aside and entered her, pushing his cock into her more deeply with each stroke. She seemed to welcome him within, so hot and moist and with her muscles surrounding him and pulling him in yet more. She raised her legs and wrapped them around him as he raised her arms and pinned them with his hands to the mirror.

There were mirrors on either side of them and they watched themselves as their hips moved in unison and Robert thrust further into her. Juliana whispered that she was close.

Robert knew it from the rhythm of her muscles pulsing and throbbing around his cock. He felt the pressure in his balls and knew he was about to come. Seeing their reflections heightened the sensations of the moment. Each could see the other’s face as their orgasms hit.

Juliana moaned softly and Robert groaned as he let go what felt like an ocean of come inside her until he was spent. They held on to each other, coming down from the high of their climax, each out of breath and a little dizzy.

“You know that I can never get enough of you, darling,” Robert whispered. “There is no one like you anywhere.”

“You make me wanton. I always want more with you. I love how we are together,” Juliana responded.

They cleaned up and dressed again, wearing their new underwear. Juliana put a little makeup on and some of her new perfume. She offered Robert some of his new cologne. Back to their normal understated elegance, they returned to the lounge where there were some current magazines and newspapers to read as they waited for their flight to be called. Neither wanted to use the wi-fi to check on work. The vacation was over and this flight was their transition back to everyday life and its pressures.

Robert looked at the small smile on Juliana’s face and asked what she was thinking. She looked up at Robert.

“I was just remembering that line from “Casablanca”. We’ll always have Paris.” She grinned.

He smiled and held her closer, murmuring, “We will.”

(Afterwards she thought that there might have been a low catch in his voice as he softly whispered. But she might have imagined that.)

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