Parisian Surprise - Part Six

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Robert and Juliana enjoy Paris and its pleasures in culture, food, and, of course, sex.
This is the sixth part of “Parisian Surprise”, written with Alphamagus, and while it can be read on its own, it will be better enjoyed if you read the preceding segments. Robert and Juliana have been enjoying a vacation week in Paris. There have been new experiences playing a game of submission and dominance. They have had sex in various locations including the Musée D’Orsay and the Paris Opera, not to mention more conventional ones. The constant in their time together is their shared love of the art, architecture and food that Paris offers as well as the opportunity for spontaneous sexual adventures. It seems that Paris has amped up their libidos, and neither seems to be tiring.

It had been a fantastic night so far. Robert and Juliana were dressed to the nines - he in black tie and she in a vintage designer dress - for “Madame Butterfly” in a private box at the Paris Opera. The performance had been spectacular, both on the stage and in the box, as the couple had managed intense intimacy in the dark as the music and singing filled the hall.

Robert had made a reservation for a late dinner at a nearby restaurant afterward, and their appetites were fed with both food and wine and more sex in the private dining room he had arranged. He had not been able to forget that Juliana had removed her panties in the loo at the Opera, and had taken her on the banquette after they had fondled each other over their meal. They had been caught by their waiter, but only realized it afterward. They imagined that being in France he understood such things would happen.

It was late and dinner was over. They had just begun a taxi trip back to their hotel and were settled in the car. Juliana was leaning on Robert’s shoulder and gently moving her fingers up and down in his lap. She knew that he loved the sensation and found it strangely soothing, although he would have to admit, if pressed, that it never failed to arouse him. This would not be an exception, as he had already had a brief view of Juliana’s nakedness when she strode and bent to enter the car and he felt himself stir then.

His hand reached over, stroking up and down the soft skin of her inner thighs, a little higher with each pass, and closer to the warm moistness of her exposed pussy. He put his other hand in his pocket to straighten his cock, now stiffening in his trousers in an awkward position. Juliana’s caresses stopped only for that moment and she deftly unbuttoned his fly and reached inside his boxers to touch him directly, rather than through fabric. She felt his immediate shudder and the twitch of his penis in her hand. It was debatable which one liked this more as they played with each other. Juliana gasped quietly as Robert’s finger touched her bud.

Their driver looked back in the rear view mirror when he heard her and then turned his eyes back to the road. He was used to such activity in his cab. This was Paris, after all.

Robert continued exploring Juliana below with one hand while the other caressed her breasts. He leaned in to kiss her nipples but could only do so over the silk and the sheer fabric that covered the low-cut bodice of her dress all the way to her neck. It was a terrible tease to see the upper half of her bosom almost completely exposed and be unable to directly touch. He could feel her nipples standing under his fingers and was taken with her heady scent, a combination of her perfume and Juliana herself.

She had continued in the interim by pulling his penis out and massaging it and his balls with her whole hand. She then pushed him away from her and bent down to kiss him. He felt her warm mouth giving him soft kisses all the way up and down his shaft, covering his balls with kisses and then beginning to lick and suck them. He lifted his hips reflexively to meet her mouth as she worked her way back to his cock. Her tongue made circles around his cockhead and down his shaft. It was excruciatingly wonderful, excruciating because all he wanted to do was rip her dress off and fuck her senseless now.

To slow things down for the moment he decided to return the favour, making her lean right back and opening her legs as he pushed her dress further up her thighs. He dived in, taking in that other unique scent of hers, and then that taste, briny and sweet at the same time. There was no woman who tasted like her. He kissed and licked all over, even biting the inside of her thighs gently in the heat of the moment. His tongue lapped up the moisture that flowed from her and probed inside her alternately with attacking her clitoris. He heard her soft moan, knew she was about to come and then felt her waves.

She immediately returned to where she had left off, taking his length into her mouth, pumping up and down on him. He could feel her tongue on the underside of his head as it teased and cajoled. He knew that he would not be able to last long when he realized that they were slowing down in front of the hotel. Robert threw the cabbie some bills for their fare and told him to keep the change as he hurried Juliana out of the cab and into the lobby. He impatiently stabbed the button for the lift and squeezed her hand as they waited for it to descend. The lift arrived and they both got into it. Robert pressed the button for the top floor. As soon as the doors closed, Robert slammed Juliana against wall and hungrily kissed her. He pressed the button to stop the lift between floors and lifted her dress, almost ripping it in the process.

Juliana unbuckled Robert’s belt and yanked hard downwards, destroying the waist button in the process of undoing the rest of them all in one go. His cock was still rock hard from her ministrations in the cab. She felt her dress being undone harshly so that Robert could get at the breasts that had been tantalizing him all evening. He bought his mouth to them, kissing and licking them alternately while freeing his penis from his boxers. He bit her nipples a little harder than she would have wanted, but she understood that this was pure and primal lust and that they were going to come very shortly in this heat.

Robert lifted Juliana and placed his cock at her entrance and then plunged into her easily as she was so wet. He put his hands under her buttocks and thrust fiercely inside her to his hilt. Juliana moaned loudly as his red hot and hard member started to pump in and out with such a ferocity that she knew this would culminate in moments for the both of them. She rubbed herself and his cock and balls as he ravaged her. She bit down on his lip as he kissed her with such passion that she thought that she would faint.

Robert pounded into her again and again and saw from the look in her eyes that she was about to come intensely. He increased his speed as her hands grabbed his behind and pulled him into her even harder. Robert felt his balls contract and he exploded violently inside her. He felt her spasms at the same instant. He carried on driving into her still through the intense pleasure of their orgasm, reluctant to stop, before finally dropping her to her feet and allowing the elevator to continue. He would not have withdrawn had they been in their suite and did so only because of their location.

Juliana had a mischievous smile on her face that matched Robert’s grin as they hurriedly dressed before reaching their floor. Robert turned her around and after doing up her dress, dusted her down as there were a few marks from the floor of the elevator. He did his belt up over the broken button and made himself look as presentable as possible just in time for them to reach their floor. He winked at her as they left the elevator then took her hand and led her to their room.

“Darling, let’s shower before anything,” he said.

He slowly removed all of her clothes and his before turning on the shower. He picked her up in his arms naked and carried her there. They both gasped as they felt the hot jets of water hit them. Robert soaped up a sponge then slowly and gently lathered every part of Juliana’s body. She still looked a little dazed from their savage elevator fuck.

“I am so sorry for being such a brute, darling,” Robert said, “I wanted you so much and really could not wait to get to the room. Although I helped you choose that dress, I confess it has been driving me mad all evening. I have been wanting to devour your breasts and fuck you again.”

“Sweetheart, I know that we have this insatiable need for each other. If you had not instigated it, then I certainly would have,” Juliana replied.

Robert continued to wash her tenderly, spending time massaging her sore and aching parts. Juliana was actually still feeling a little faint. She sat on the side of the bath and gently tilted her head back as Robert washed her. He used the sponge very gently on her pussy and cleaned all of the sperm from earlier and soaped her slowly. She could not help herself, and she started to feel turned on again, responding to the sensations of this attention.

Robert saw the look cross her face and understood what she both wanted and needed. He got closer and very gently started to lick her gently as he scrubbed. He opened her legs wider and run the sponge up and down her entrance. He then let the water cascade down her and used his tongue to help clean all of the rivulets away. He then lifted her legs a little higher and did the same with her anus. He cleaned her thoroughly there, then used his tongue to probe the hole as his fingers found her freshly cleaned vagina and started to insert them into her wet and warm hole. His tongue got deeper and deeper inside of her anus and Juliana pulled him into her before saying. “Robert, stop! It’s my turn.”

She got to her knees in the shower as Robert stood tall and erect before her. She soaped up the sponge and reached for him. Robert groaned as her soapy hand wrapped around his shaft and started to pump him. Her lips engulfed his head and took him as deep in her throat as she could, tasting the soap from the sponge. She sucked and gently ran her tongue all up and down his length before withdrawing and commanding him to turn around.

Robert did so and he felt one hand wrap around his swollen penis again and the other gently start to soap his anus. He placed his hands on the wall of the shower and he felt her gently tease his buttocks apart and very sensually sponge him there. He nearly came as he felt her tongue penetrate him after cleaning him. He had to use every trick in the book to stop the orgasm hitting. Juliana continued to probe him as she masturbated his thick and hard cock with her other hand.

Robert knew that he would not last long and got on his knees behind Juliana. They both felt the hot streams of water still hitting their backs as he entered her slowly from behind. They were both kneeling as he gently thrust into her again and again. His hands came around to her breasts and gently played with her very swollen nipples. Robert thought that she wanted something more, so he withdrew and placed himself at the entrance to her anus. He hesitated waiting for her assent and she whispered, “Yes. Now.”

He very slowly started to enter her as she went on all fours to accommodate him. He pushed deeper and deeper into her and brought his fingers around to her clitoris as he did, playing with her there as he buried himself into her tush. He started to pump faster and heard her start to moan as the twin sensations of having both parts of her genitalia stimulated began to make her lose herself. He felt her muscles clamp around his cockhead tightly as she came. Knowing that she was there, he could allow himself to give in to his own orgasm. Now it was Robert who was lost in the intensity of release in that forbidden place.

Streams of sperm invaded her as she felt him erupt inside of her. She knew that she would not be able to take any more today as she was absolutely worn out, physically and sexually. Robert withdrew and took her into his arms. They kissed for a few minutes tenderly before cleaning themselves once more.

Robert turned off the shower and handed Juliana a towel as he grabbed one for himself. They dried themselves quickly and only just managed to reach the bed, stumbling there drained of all energy. They sunk into it and Robert pulled the sheet over them.

“Darling, this is the greatest holiday and we are nowhere near through with it yet,” was the last thing Juliana heard before falling into a long and exhausted sleep.

They slept with their limbs tangled and barely moved all night. The preceding day and evening had been extraordinary but depleted them. It was, as usual, early when Robert awoke, finding himself behind Juliana, holding her close and with an erection growing under her bottom. He slipped quietly from the bed not wishing to waken her, to have a pee, but even this was an erotic experience relating to her. Ever since the time in the Italian restaurant at home where she had first assisted him, he always craved her presence there behind him, holding his cock with him, her body pressed against him. He was stiffening and had to keep himself aiming downward not to make a mess. He shook himself dry and began to stroke up and down but wanted to be more comfortable.

He grabbed the thick terry robe from the hook on the door, wrapped himself in it, and stepped out onto the terrace in the warm morning sun. Their terrace was private and on the penthouse floor of the hotel, so he knew he could not be seen. He stretched out on a lounge chair and thought about the previous night and day as he began to masturbate. He felt the weight of his balls in his palm as he massaged them, thinking that despite all of the sex during the previous day they felt heavy again.

There was no end to it with Juliana to spur his desire. His cock grew under his fingers as he stroked and he pushed back his foreskin to rub its head. He found himself thinking of all the sex they had so far this week, and the immense love that he felt for this incredible woman. He hardened more as he began to picture the silkiness of his shaft travelling down her throat and her tongue playing with his head. He needed to get back inside now, to look at her as he did this.

He returned to the bedroom and the chaise near the bed. He was at full hardness now. He shed the robe and just sat there watching the gentle rise and fall of her breasts as he continued to stroke. He must have involuntarily let out a groan as he saw Juliana start to stir. She opened one eye searching for him next to her, then realized where he was and what he was doing. Very slowly, with both eyes now open and staring straight into his, she pulled the covers off her and lifted her nightdress.

Her hand went between her thighs and she started to masturbate, more slowly than Robert was. Robert matched his pace to hers. Juliana lifted the nightdress over her head moved one hand up and down her folds gently as the other caressed her breasts and teased her nipples, all the while watching Robert’s cock and the effect that she had on it. Juliana was always turned on seeing him do this, just as he was with her. It increased their desire and arousal, and fuelled the cycle of excitement for both.

She felt the first traces of early morning dew between her thighs and extended two fingers to her inner folds before using them to explore herself inside. Robert gasped again at the incredible image in front of him. It was one of the most erotic sights that he had ever seen. He could see her moisture increase, glistening on her labia and pubis, and her nipples were now erect from the attention of her other hand. He was rigid now and had pushed his foreskin back to expose and rub his cockhead. Juliana was transfixed as she saw the pre-cum appearing under his thumb as it circled the head.

Juliana realized the effect that she was having and asked him to slow down so that they could savour this a little longer. He held his cock and masturbated himself slowly, alternating with rubbing his scrotum. He loved the feeling of Juliana massaging his balls, but this would do for now. He was spellbound as he saw Juliana quicken her rhythm and use her other hand to reach between her lips to stimulate her clitoris.

“I want you to come for me but here deep within me, darling,” she breathed.

Robert walked over to the bed and removed her two fingers from her sopping cunt. He raised her legs over his shoulders and slid into her easily as she sighed with pleasure.

“You know that I always love that first charge of your cock into me,” Juliana said.

“No more than I do, my darling,” Robert replied huskily.

He then took both of her hands in his and, raising them over her head as he loomed over her, kissed her deeply on the mouth as his penis delved deeper and deeper inside her. Juliana looked down to see his now enormous cock thrusting its entire length in and out of her. She shivered with the sensuality of his pace and the sight. He was reaching the core of her, now stimulating her clitoris with one hand at the same time and causing her waves to begin.

Faster and faster Robert dove as he felt her juices flowing more readily and her muscles contracting around his cock. She was so hot and so wet and so tight and so utterly sensual. He wanted to lose himself in her like this endlessly. He looked at her tousled hair and the soft smile on her face and realized that he could never look at another woman the way that he saw Juliana.

She was absolute perfection for him and now that she had consented to be his wife, he would have this ecstasy always. He heard her small pre-orgasm moan and so increased his depth and tempo. Her eyes widened as her climax hit and he was so mesmerized that when his orgasm followed it was transcendent. It had gone from being about his need to the necessity to please her and the unity of their experience. Two souls completely joined through ultimate pleasure.

His semen flooded inside her but he was not finished, as often happened when they made love. Juliana had come, but looking into Robert’s eyes knew that there was more. He carried on pumping with their juices freely flowing out of her. His post-orgasm erection had lost only a fraction of his hardness and within seconds he was again fully rigid deep inside her. She found herself thoroughly drawn into sensuality again and falling down that abyss as an even stronger orgasm overtook her. He filled her yet more as he ejaculated again, and, spent, collapsed onto her allowing her legs to fall back to the bed where they became entwined with his.

He remained buried inside her and held her closely, whispering soft words of love as he regained his breath. She realized that although she had a few lovers before him, Robert was the only man who had a real understanding of her needs and dreams. She felt such an overwhelming sense of love for him that she let all of the barriers that she had ever raised to guard herself disappear with him. He made her feel safe and protected. All she could think of was the incredible feel of his cock deep inside of her and her love. Each had finally found the person with whom they could truly be themselves without fear.

They remained in bed, quietly talking and then Robert’s stomach rumbled. Juliana giggled and said that she was really hungry as well and that they both needed some strong coffee to start the day. They agreed to take a quick shower, dress, and go to the local bakery café where they had previously eaten breakfast. Juliana took his hand and he followed her to the shower. They took turns soaping each other and rinsing under the dish-sized shower head. There were other shower heads above and on the sides and Robert joked that it was like being in a car wash.

They kissed and caressed as they washed each other. Robert’s penis hardened in response to Juliana’s touch as her soapy hand worked up and down its length and his scrotum. She shivered despite the heat of the water as he, in turn, cleaned her pubis and labia. He raised an eyebrow to ask the unspoken question but Juliana nodded “no” and said they should get ready and that she would make it up to him later.

They dried off and dressed in comfortably as it would be another day on foot exploring the city - each in jeans, crisp shirt, sweater and raincoat as showers had been promised. The sun was shining still as they walked to the bakery café. The aromas of fresh baking met them before they arrived and made them hungrier.The waitress who had served them previously greeted them warmly and they ordered. Both Juliana and Robert loved to eat a big breakfast on weekends and especially when on vacation, enjoying eating, large mugs of coffee and talking at leisure rather than the rush to start the day on normal workdays.

They started with orange juice and could not resist the croissants and brioches placed on the table as they waited for their omelettes. The coffee was strong and delicious and gave them the caffeine kick they wanted. They talked about which way to wander and decided on a long walk that would take them to one of the points on the Seine where they could catch a boat that toured the river. This was not the first visit to Paris for either of them, but this was a wonderful way to see the city from a different view. Robert wanted to take pictures of the bridges from the water, all of which were beautiful, but some spectacularly so.

The city never disappointed them even when they had no defined destination. Just wandering through its streets, taking in their surroundings: the shops, the restaurants, the museums, the parks, and especially the people, delighted the couple. Of course, Juliana had the advantage of being able to communicate easily and Robert depended on her French to translate his questions and the responses that they received. They talked with people as they wandered slowly to the bank of the Seine to find one of the boats.

They stopped for another coffee on the way, sitting outside in the sun’s warmth beside each other at a small table. Robert had one arm across Juliana’s shoulders and she her hand in his other arm. This was just one of those blissful moments of serenity and contentment. He realized that he was always aware of his penis when she was around, feeling it respond to her, even in quiet times, wanting to feel her touch, that ineffable connection, if not full blown foreplay as the prelude to sex. He could feel their connection just as they had been sitting there and felt himself stir even if he was feeling tender toward her rather than sexual.

They found one of the boats that travelled up and down the river that had two bars on two decks and did not appear to have too many tourists on her. Robert helped Juliana across the gangplank and he paid their fare to the bursar at the end of the small wooden platform. He led Juliana up to the top deck and took out his camera. They were the only people on the top deck at the time as it was getting colder and colder, most people were heading in for the bar viewing area.

He turned the lens around to Juliana who struck a variety of silly poses that usually consisted of her doing a Marilyn Monroe kiss blowing pose. Robert found this hilarious and was busily snapping away but every time that she leaned forward, his eyes turned to the hint of cleavage showing as an extra button had become undone on her shirt and it did not take long for the sight to have its usual effect on him.

The boat started to move out and Robert went to the fore of the the deck so that he could get the photographs of the bridges as they passed underneath. He started snapping away when he felt Juliana’s arms wrap around him from behind. Her hands went into the pockets of his raincoat and straight through before travelling upwards and resting on his chest and he felt her breasts push into his back as she snuggled into him. He carried on snapping getting a myriad of shots including a romantic one of two young lovers happily kissing each other in the middle of the bridge, totally unaware of all of the life going on around them as they were so wrapped up in the moment. “Perfect,” he thought to himself as he felt Juliana’s hands travelling to his waist.

“Juliana, darling, you are very distracting,” Robert said quietly.

“Sweetheart, you do what you have to do and so shall I,” he heard whispered quietly in his ear.

Her hand lowered and traced the outline of his growing bulge through the pockets of his raincoat. They travelled up and down, toying with his penis before cupping his balls and giving them a small squeeze. Robert gasped but still managed to carry on taking photos. Juliana then very slowly undid his fly and reached forward and wrapped her hand round his growing cock. She very gently moved her hand up and down, teasing and enticing him at the same time. He stopped snapping and very awkwardly put his camera back in its case. Juliana quickly zipped him back up as he turned around to look at her.

He opened her raincoat and wrapped his arms around her waist before kissing her deeply on the lips. He wrapped his own coat around her as the wind really started picking up and the cold flowed through them. They held on to each other for a long time, exchanging their warmth. Robert felt himself reacting to her and placed her hand back on his crotch. He then fondled her breasts as he continued kissing her. Juliana’s rubbed his growing length and reached lower to massage his balls. She loved playing with him almost as much as he loved her doing it. His mind was racing thinking about where he would take her on the boat. He managed to suggest that they go inside to warm up and get a drink before he grew any harder.

They had had a big breakfast and it was still before noon, so large coffees and a pastry were the ordered in the restaurant/bar rather than anything stronger. Juliana had still not realized that an extra button had become undone on her shirt and Robert sat beside her now, getting more than a fleeting glimpse of her breasts in the sheer flesh-coloured bra under her crisp white shirt. It was appliqued with lace and embroidery but he could see the soft pink of the centres of her breasts and her nipples through the fabric.

Now that they were sitting at a table, he allowed himself to give in to his rising arousal. Rising was the operative word. There were very few people in the room and none nearby, so he felt no need to be discreet. He took her hand and placed it on his crotch under the table. Juliana outlined his penis with her fingers and then gave the length of it a rub from root to head. She then reached below feeling his balls in her hand, smiled up at him and asked, “What is the male version of a minx, as you are always calling me?”

Robert grinned but had no reply. He did not want to say that she remained the minx because he could not help but respond to her, over and over again, even when she had no particular intention of turning him on. He knew he was erect and that he wanted her right now, to feel himself buried deep within her and the release of orgasm. He could swear that sometimes she had no idea how intensely he reacted as she was not a woman who used her sensuality as means to control men. She was, however, playful and more adventurous than her decorous exterior would suggest. He looked around to see where the washrooms were, having decided to take her there - take in both senses of the word.

He got up from the table and walked to Juliana and whispered, “Follow me.” He hastily went into the washroom and left the bolt undone. Juliana followed a few seconds afterwards. She locked the door behind her and then walked to the toilet, dropped its seat and stood on it. She then turned around and dropped her jeans so that her panties were accessible to Robert. He grinned before slipping them to one side quickly and burying his face in her mound.

He licked, kissed and sucked greedily and realized that she was already sopping wet from the teasing. He hungrily sought out her bud and sucked it and a lot of her dripping juices into his mouth, Her taste was sweet, salty and very viscous. Juliana sighed and pulled his head toward her more. Robert needed no persuasion as his fingers found her hole and he inserted three of them easily. In and out they travelled as he carried on licking and sucking her clitoris. His other hand went to his fly and withdrew his erect cock. He felt the pre-cum sticky on his head and stroked it to full hardness as he was devouring Juliana before pulling her roughly off the toilet lid.

He bent her over before placing himself at her entrance from behind. He slid very easily into her and started thrusting. The feeling was exquisite as her muscles clamped around his swollen member. Faster and faster he pumped. His hands were widening and closing Juliana’s buttocks as he did. He licked on his little finger to lubricate it and pushed it inside her anus. He the pumped even faster until he felt her orgasm approach. He knew that he would not be able to hold off much longer after all of the teasing. Juliana moaned softly signifying her orgasm, and Robert released his torrent of seed deep inside of her.

“Keep going, darling,” Juliana whispered. Robert did not need telling as he felt compelled to carry on although he had come. He never wanted to immediately withdraw. He loved the feeling of his cock buried in her after ejaculating, and rarely was completely emptied. Juliana’s orgasm seemed to last forever and he felt himself reacting to her muscle spasms grasping his penis, making him hard again through her climax. Minutes passed like this, then he groaned and came again, no less intensely. She finally breathed, “Enough.”

Robert withdrew, turned her around and hungrily kissed her as he wrapped his arms around her. He went to the sink and took some hand towels to clean both of them. They then quickly straightened their clothes before kissing once more. Robert went out first and returned to his seat in the bar and Juliana waited a few minutes before joining him. They were both a little shaky after that encounter and just sat quietly looking at each other until Robert broke the silence and said laughing, “Maybe we are both minxes. I don’t know what the male version is but you have made me the exemplar.”

They had done the complete circuit of the Seine and Robert had caught some wonderful images of people and architecture as well as almost all of the bridges, skipping only a few that did not meet his aesthetic standards. They were back at the point where they had started the excursion and left the boat.

As they walked and talked, Robert had what he thought was an inspired idea. The day had not deteriorated to rain yet. Why not rent a car and drive out to the country? They could stop at any interesting towns and shop in any of the numerous street markets for food and wine for a picnic. Despite the weather, they opted for a convertible, just like Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney driving through France in “Two for the Road”, an old movie that was one of Juliana’s favourites. Robert teased that she could wrap her hair in a scarf and don big sunglasses, too, just as in the film.

They called the concierge at the hotel who said he would call and make the arrangements for them and not to bother returning as the agency was not too far from where they were. He called back in a few minutes to confirm that a car was waiting for them - a red convertible. Juliana was delighted. They collected the car and some road maps and made their way out of the city. Robert was a confident driver despite the chaos of Paris traffic and used to driving the stick shift. Juliana just took in the sights of the city as they drove to its limits and out to the countryside. The sun still shone and the top was down as it had warmed considerably since the early morning when they had gone out on the river.

Robert concentrated on the road as Juliana was the navigator with the maps, letting him know what was coming up and what turn he would have to make. Once they left the city and were on the open road, they could relax a little more and her hand moved to his lap, rubbing him gently. When they came to a railway crossing, Robert leaned over and gave her a deep kiss as they waited. He lifted his hips and shifted his cock’s position to straighten it as it grew. He then put his hand between Juliana’s legs, feeling her warmth through her jeans, wishing she had worn a skirt. After the barrier rose, they carried on touching each other as he drove, just for the pleasure of that feeling. Both so tactile, they never tired of this.

There was a street market going on in the next town, a large one with everything one could imagine from wine and cheese to baked goods and even fresh rotisserie chickens right off the spit. Robert parked the car and they shopped for a picnic: a baguette, a still warm chicken, some cherry tomatoes and potato salad, a couple of wedges of cheese, grapes, strawberries, wine and mineral water. Robert found some fruit tarts for dessert. The market was often the source of picnics, and had a stall which sold disposable plates, cutlery, napkins, and of course the corkscrew for the wine.

According to the map, Juliana advised as navigator, there would be countryside about fifteen minutes from the town and they could look for an appropriate place to stop and eat. It had warmed up since their morning on the river. They were not in a hurry as they had eaten breakfast, and just revelled in the freedom of driving with the top down through such a beautiful place. The land was lush with trees and the farms looked prosperous with stone houses that must have been there for generations, almost all with the classic blue shutters. They had no real plan and were just wandering and taking it all in, stopping briefly to take pictures from time to time.

After a couple of hours of driving, they came across a wonderful old inn that looked around eighteenth century. It was weathered and run down in places but looked wonderfully isolated and very welcoming. They pulled in and Juliana went inside to the desk to inquire whether they had any spare rooms as Robert wandered into the bar area and ordered them two coffees. There was a glorious open fireplace that he sat down next to whilst he waited for Juliana. She returned a few minutes later and told Robert that not only had she booked the room, but that they had been given directions to a wonderfully scenic spot for their picnic. They both silently sat and sipped their coffees as they stared wordlessly at each other. Robert’s leg was against hers underneath the table as the need to touch his beautiful Juliana was constant.

They finished the coffee, returned to the car and Juliana navigated Robert to the spot that the Hotel owner had directed her to. The scenery was stunning as promised and they found a lovely isolated spot with panoramic views over a valley. Robert got the food as Juliana carried the blanket and laid it out under a massive oak tree. They were totally isolated and even their car was hidden from the road.

The picnic was simple but wonderful. They hardly talked as they ate, smiled at each other and fed each other while touching each other at the same time. By the time that they were halfway through the meal, Robert’s erection had grown considerably and he noticed that Juliana was emitting small sighs every time his hand brushed against her. He cleared the rest of the food away before reaching over to her and pulling her onto the blanket. He laid on top of her and kissed her deeply on the mouth as his erection ground into her.

He kissed her lips first and then, after opening her shirt once more, exposed her breasts and slowly wrapped his lips around them. His hands went to the opening of her jeans and he slowly took them off before folding them neatly and putting them by the side of the blanket. He returned his mouth to her breasts, her navel and then when he reached her knickers, he slowly pulled the material to the side of her slit and plunged his tongue inside her already moist mound. She writhed underneath him as his tongue plunged in her again and again and again. His fingers found her already swollen bud and gently rubbed her as he licked her furiously. She really wanted to maintain some sense of decorum but was so caught up in her feelings that she came quickly and violently. Robert sucked up all of her juices as he unbuttoned his own belt.

He stood up and got out his very swollen cock. Juliana went to her knees and wrapped her hands around it as she started to slowly pump it. Her head bowed and she took the tip in her mouth and slowly started licking the top of his bulbous head. Robert started to thrust slowly in and out of Juliana’s velvety throat and she placed her hands on his buttocks so that she could get him deeper and deeper inside before returning once more to lick his purpling tip. At that moment, there was a very large bang that made them both jump - not a good thing in their current position. Robert yelped as Juliana instinctively bit down a little.

They both stopped and looked up and realized that the sound that they had heard was a clap of thunder and that the sky had turned very dark, very fast. "Shit! The top is down on the car," shouted Robert as he hastily zipped himself up and made a mad dash for the vehicle. Juliana straightened herself and then retrieved all of their belongings and ran for shelter under the giant oak just making it as the rain started to come down in torrents.

By the time that Robert had returned, he was drenched from head to foot. He walked back as the damage had been done and there was no way that he was going to escape his current state. "Darling!" he shouted, "Not under the tree as the lightning could strike it." Juliana rushed to him and went into his waiting arms as the torrents of water lashed into them. Their coats were still underneath the oak.

Lightning now followed the thunder as they both gazed at its magnificence blazing across the sky. They felt the positive ions in the air start to clear as Juliana noticed that Robert was still very erect despite the drenching. "In for a penny, in for a pound," she thought to herself as she pulled Robert into an embrace despite them both being saturated. Robert gazed in wonder at his beautiful woman as her hand once more started to feel the outline of his still hard cock.

Although there was already a puddle forming underneath them, he did not care. He pulled her down into the soaking mud and kissed her passionately. Juliana ripped his trousers off and bought her head back down to his penis as the rain lashed on the back of her shirt and as her jeans got muddier and muddier. As she started sucking him, Robert hurriedly undressed her and threw her clothes back under the oak tree. He then pulled her up on top of him and kissed her breasts as the water cascaded down on them both. Looking up, he saw the lightning perfectly striking behind Juliana, going across the sky in all its majesty as he started to place his erect cock at her entrance. She slid onto him easily and started to ride him as the puddle got bigger and bigger. Robert was thrusting so hard upwards that the mud started to cover them both. Neither of them cared as they were so carried away.

Robert quickly turned her over and pulled her legs up over his shoulder. He felt like Thor taking a Valkyrie after a particularly ferocious battle. He thrust into her again and again as the thunder and storm continued relentlessly. Over and over again he drove into her and he could see that his lover was about to come. He let go at this point and as her hands clenched into his buttocks ferociously and he heard the soft moan that signified the start of her orgasm. Stream after stream of hot sperm hit her as she came, both prolonging and making her climax feel even more powerful.

Robert collapsed on top of her and kissed her deeply before hauling her to her feet to let the rain wash the mud and grass off of them. Juliana and Robert both laughed at the ridiculous state that they were in, but both stood there clinging on to each other as the debris ran down their bodies as the deluge of rain cleaned them.

The storm weakened a little as it began to move on and they both ran for the still dry cover of the old oak tree. They looked at each other and the state they were in and dissolved in laughter.

“I think we should get back to the hotel to dry off and warm up,” Robert suggested.

“And maybe a coffee with cognac in it,“ Juliana smiled as she took his hand to collect their things and walk back to the car.

To be continued.