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Part III - The Old Man and the Blonde

Just then I heard Bonnie say, “don’t swallow it Beti,”
Still breathing very hard after making myself cum while watching Bonnie and Tony make love, Tony looked over at me and said, “we all need to take a shower and get some sleep, I am really looking forward to making love to you later on today.”  We left the hot tub and walked down the hall leading to the shower room.  I was wondering, are we all going to take a shower together, thinking that would really be hot.  All still nude, we went into the shower and turned on several of the shower nozzles.   The hot water felt so good all over my body.

I was putting soap all over my body, paying a lot of attention to the area between my legs, and really soaping up my boobs.  Suddenly, from behind, Tony put his arms around me and started feeling my boobs.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed the felling of being played with by his big strong hands.  Then a big surprise, I opened my eyes and looked down; Bonnie had her face in my crotch, and was licking my clit.  Her long blonde hair and her head directly in the stream of the shower.  She reached up and squeezed my ass, her fingers finding my ass hole and slowly circling the opening with a finger.  I was in heaven, my breasts being fondled by Tony, my ass hole and clit being played with by Bonnie.  I could not help but think, this could not be any better than it is right now.

Soon we all left the shower and dried off with big lush bath towels.  Holding hands we walked down the hall toward the bedroom with the heart shaped bed.    Walking in, the room was dimly lit with a pink cast from the lighting around the perimeter of the room near the ceiling.   Tony rolled back the covers on the huge bed and crawled into the center, lying on his back.  Bonnie got in on one side of Tony; I crawled in on the other, pulling up the covers to my neck.  Tony took my hand and placed it on his cock, it was only partially hard.  I did not believe how big it felt in my hand.  Closing my fingers around it I could barely touch my thumb on the other side.  Tony turned toward me and started licking and sucking on my nipples, it felt so good!

It has been a very long night for me, it was almost 10 o’clock in the morning and I was beat.  I closed my eyes, wondering what would be happening to the three of us next.  What would Tony feel like inside of me, would I even be able to take his huge cock without a lot of hurting and crying.  I fell asleep holding his cock, he holding my breasts, and Bonnie snuggled up to the back of Tony.

I woke up with a start; the large screen at the foot of the bed was alive with action.  There was soft music playing in the background.  I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus on what was on the screen.  My God, what a surprise!  It was a much younger Tony, his big cock being sucked and fucked by 4 really stacked young girls.  They were giggling and carrying on like teen agers as they competed with each other to see who would get fucked next, or who would get to take his monster cock in their mouth or ass hole.  I realized that I was in the room all alone; I looked over at the clock and did not believe the time.  It was 8 o’clock, and I had slept away the whole day.
I sat up in bed and continued to watch the video on the screen.  The adventure ended with Tony exploding all over the faces of the 4 girls.  They were slurping up the cum from each other’s faces.  Once they had a mouth full they would find someone to kiss, and fill their mouth with Tony’s hot cum.  After swapping the cum back and forth between the four of them, a tall shapely red head with huge tits finally swallowed it all and the movie ended with a close up shot of her empty open mouth.

I looked around for something to wear, and then remembered that part of the deal was that I would not wear anything for the two days and nights.  I brushed my hair, put on some lipstick, and put some of Tony’s favorite perfume between my legs and all over my breasts.  As I walked down the long hallway, the smell of bacon and eggs was everywhere.  I entered the lounge and there was food and fruit everywhere.  Tony was sitting in a big easy chair, in his red bath robe; Bonnie was sitting at his feet, nude and drinking a glass of wine.  “Did you have a nice sleep,” Tony asks.  “Yes I did,” I replied.  “And I really enjoyed waking up to one of your movies.”  I should have known, by the size of his cock, that probably somewhere in past years he was a porno king.  Tony said, “that was about 25 years ago, back when I could keep it up for hours at a time, and I used to be able to fill a cup with my cum the first time of the day.”  Tony went on, “I never got any credit for my most important work.  Many years ago an actor known as Rock Hard Hudson did a series of porno films.  Anytime they needed to show his monster cock they would stop the cameras, I would step in and the shot would continue with my cock.  It was called stunt cocking and I did a lot of it for really big money.  The royalties made me independently wealthy and I still have a lot of income from those shows today.  I also did about 200 XXX rated movies that are still selling today on DVD’s.”  Well, now I know how Tony can afford the kind of life style he seems to be living.

I sat down at the table full of food, and it seemed like I ate all my favorite things for about an hour, although I know it was not nearly that long.  Tony and Bonnie seemed to be impatiently waiting for something to happen.  She had her hand inside of his robe, probably playing with his cock and balls, he was reaching down and playing with her large boobs and hard nipples, bending down from time to time and giving her a kiss on the lips and a big smile.  I got up from the table and was standing there watching them play with each other.  Tony finally looked up and me and said, “Remember what I told you earlier Beti?  It is your turn to do everything for me that Bonnie did in the hot tub.”  Tony and Bonnie stood up, walked toward me, and taking my hand started down the hallway to the room with the big heart shaped bed and the mirrors on the wall and ceiling. 

We entered the room and closed the door.  Tony dropped his robe to the floor, my God, his cock was huge.  He held it close to his body, and it went half way up his chest, the hard knob on the end the size of a golf ball.   I started thinking, what have I gotten myself into, there is no way I can take that much inside of me.  Tony said, “come on, let’s all get into the bed and have some fun, I can hardly wait to put my cock into every opening in your body.”   I looked at Tony and said, “Tony, I don’t think I can take all of that in my mouth, but I will do the best that I can.”  I got on my knees, Tony’s cock inches from my face.  I opened my mouth and slowly took the knob of his cock inside.  I started running my tongue around the ridge of his knob, sucking the head slowly and deeply.  Tony’s head went back; I knew he was enjoying what I was doing.  He reached up and put his hand behind my head, gently pushing my head down on his cock.  I felt it touch the back of my mouth, and then I felt it at the opening of my throat.  I could not hold back the gag and Tony pulled it back out slightly. 

Bonnie was watching from the edge of the bed and said, “Beti, I can see you don’t know how to deep throat a big cock, move over and let me show you how it is done.”   Knowing that I was probably disappointing Tony, I sat up as Bonnie got on her knees beside me.  “First,” she said, “you need to put your head back as far as you can so Tony’s big cock can go straight down your throat.  Then you take a deep breath and go down on it without stopping until you feel his balls on your chin.”  Then she said, “Here, let me show you how it’s done.”  Without even a moment of hesitation she put the head of his cock in her mouth, taking a big breath she goes all the way down on his cock.  Tony gives out a groan of pleasure.  Slowly she moves up and down his shaft, each time sucking on the head and taking a deep breath.  “There Beti, that is how it is done,” she said, “Now it your turn.”  I positioned myself over his cock.  I tilted my head back as far as I could; taking a deep breath I pushed his big cock into my mouth.  I kept right on pushing, feeling the smooth head of his cock enter my throat I pushed even harder, next thing I knew his balls were on my chin.  Quickly I pulled back up until the head of his cock was in my mouth.  Now knowing how it was done, I started to fuck his cock with my mouth.  In and out, deeper and deeper with each thrush, his cock deep inside of me.  I know that Tony was enjoying every minute by the groans he was making.  After a few minutes that seemed like an hour Tony put his hands on the back of my head, and said, “That’s enough Beti, you really know how to give an old man head, and you made me feel so good.  Now it’s my turn to fuck you.”

“Get on your knees your slut,” he said, I want to ram my big cock up your tiny ass hole.”  I got on my knees; Tony put lotion all over his cock and poured some into the crack of my ass.  It felt cold as he rubbed it around my ass hole and down into my pussy.  He touched my clit and I instantly felt a thrill deep inside of my pussy.  Suddenly, I felt this pressure on my ass hole, Tony pushed hard and I felt the head of his big cock pop into my body.  Without any hesitation he kept pushing until I thought I had a baseball bat shoved up my ass.  It both hurt and felt so good, both at the same time.   I kind of whimpered a bit, Tony asks, “are you ok Beti, did I hurt you?”  “No Tony”, I moaned back, “I want you to really give it to me.  Fuck my ass hole just as fast and hard as you want.”  That was probably not the right thing to say.  Tony pounded my ass hole; each stroke felt like it was going to split me wide open.   When I thought that I could not take another thrust of his big hard cock, he pulled it out and said, “Now Beti it’s time for you to feel what a real cock feels like inside of your pussy.”

I rolled over on my back, Tony got on his knees over me.   His huge cock was ready to do its next job.  He played with my boobs, gently fondling and kissing my nipples.  I could feel the passion rising inside of me; I wanted to be fucked by his big cock.  Sensing that I was ready, he took his cock in his hand and slowly rubbed it up and down the slit of my pussy.  I felt the pressure as he pushed it between my pussy lips, suddenly it popped inside of me, spreading me wider than I had ever been spread before.  It hurt so bad I pulled back and quietly whimpered.  Sensing something was wrong; Tony pulled back, looked at me, and said “I need to get you ready for my cock.”  He said, “Bonnie, come over here and see if you can finger fuck Beti, I need you to open up her pussy so I can get my cock inside without hurting her.”

Bonnie got on the bed beside me; she took my head in her hands and starting kissing me.  Her tongue found mine, I responded and we kissed very deeply for several minutes.  While we were locked together in our passionate kiss, she had inserted a couple of fingers into my cunt.  I could feel her going deeper and deeper.  Soon she had all four fingers inside of me and I realized that most of her hand was now in my pussy.  She pulled back and then without any warning, inserted her whole hand into my pussy.  It hurt at first but then she started moving her fingers around inside of me.  She found my “G” spot and I started getting a very wonderful feeling all over my body.  She removed her hand, and poured lotion all over it and squeezed some into my cunt.  She made a fist and thrust it inside of me with one push.  She was fucking me with her fist!  It no longer hurt and was really feeling very good inside of me.  Just when I thought I was going to cum, she pulled out her hand and said, “Tony, she is ready for you.  Come fuck her like you fuck me.  I want you to make her scream with pleasure.”

Tony and Bonnie swapped places.  Tony kissed me deeply and passionately, our tongues playing back and forth in each other mouths.   Tony looked at me and said, “Beti, I am going to put my cock in your pussy, but I want to be fucking your tits when I cum.  So don’t be surprised when I pull out of your pussy, squeeze your tits together, and fuck them until I cum.  “Oh Tony,” I said, “I want your big cock inside of my pussy fucking me just as hard as you can.”  Tony rubbed lotion all over his huge cock, paying special attention to the head.  He took it in one hand and pressed the head into my pussy.  It popped right in and felt so good.  I raised my hips to meet him as he thrust all of it deep inside of me.  “You have no idea how good that feel s Tony, “I said. “Now I want you to fuck me as hard and fast as you want.  I want you to make me cum, I love the feel of all your big cock inside of me.”   Tony started with a slow but steady rhythm.  I matched his every thrust, pushing my pussy up just as hard as I could on to his cock.  I started to feel the thrill rising in my pussy, “Oh Tony, I am going to cum,” I said.  I screamed with delight as the passion swept over my body, making me feel limp all over.  Tony kept up his rhythm for several more minutes; I must have climaxed at least 4 times with his cock deep inside of me.  I felt so weak and shaky I thought I was going to pass out from the passion.  Tony stopped his thrust, looked deep into my eyes and said, “Beti, I want to fuck your tits.  I want to shoot my load deep into your mouth.”

Tony pulled his long cock out of my pussy, it was still rock hard.  He got on top of me, his cock touching my tits.  Grabbing them from both sides, he folded his cock inside of them, like a hot dog in a bun.  His cock was wet and slippery from my cum and the lotions he had put all over us.  I could smell my pussy juices and the lotion mixed together.  Just the smell was exciting to me; I could feel my passion deep inside of me rising.  I reached down and started to play with my clit.  I started finger fucking myself while making small circles around my clit.  Tony was fucking my tits; each thrust brought the knob of his cock right up to my lips.   Tony started to moan, louder and louder.  “Open your mouth Beti,” he said, “I am going to shoot my big load.”  I opened my mouth and felt the head of his cock as it came just inside of my lips.  I started sucking on the head of his cock, he screamed out and I felt the hot load of cum spurting over and over from his cock into my mouth. 

Just then I heard Bonnie say, “don’t swallow it Beti,” I want you to share it with me.”
Tony rolled off of me, I was still playing with my clit and almost ready to cum again.  My mouth was full of Tony’s hot cum.  Bonnie lay on her back beside me.  She looked at me and said, “now Beti, give me all of Tony’s cum and let me play with your clit, I want you to cum for me.”  She opened her mouth, I put my mouth just above hers and slowly started letting the load of cum run from my mouth into hers.  She was finger fucking me and playing with my clit.  After all the cum was in Bonnie’s mouth, I started kissing her.  Our tongues passing Tony’s cum back and forth between us.  I felt my passion rising again as Bonnie massaged my clit.  I started kissing her more passionately Tony’s cum in our mouths, my passion exploder as I reached climax again, swallowing Tony’s big load as I fell back ready to collapse from all the fucking and sucking I had been through.

End of part III

Part IV What Else Awaits Me On My Adventure?

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