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Part IV - The Old Man and the Blonde

As I started to kiss his open mouth, I suddenly filled his mouth with his hot cum.
It was hard to believe that I had been with Bonnie and Tony for over 24 hours already.  After my love making with Tony, we all went to the shower, stood and enjoyed the warm water running down our bodies, and after a few minutes toweled off and walked down the hall toward the lounge.  Walking in there was a big surprise, food everywhere.  Little did I know that Tony had pre-ordered earlier in the day.  He had made a quick call down to the kitchen, after our love making session, and told them when to bring it up.    Tony said, “I want you ladies to enjoy a really good meal.  Let’s all sit down and enjoy.”  There was every variety of food, steak, chicken, fish, and a lot of side dishes of all kinds.  There was a large magnum of Champaign setting in an ice bucket, off to the side.  It really seemed strange to sit down at the table, nude with Bonny and Tony, but I was kind of finally getting used to the idea.  After all, I had not had on a stitch of clothes for over 24 hours.  We must have spent over an hour eating first one thing and then another.  What a feast and I think we all needed it.

It was getting late when Tony popped the cork on the Champaign.  He poured us each a glass and said, “Bonnie and I want to make a toast to you Beti.  We have invited quite a few women to make love with us before, and none of them have ever been as beautiful and wonderful as you.”  “You are the only woman that was able to do everything that we have asked.  All the others have failed to get this far and most have left after seeing the size of my cock and finding out what they were to do.”  Tony continued, “as far as I am concerned, you are free to leave tonight, if you wish, and I will give you the full payment that Bonnie promised you for your time spent with us.”  I was really caught off guard, and really did not know what to say.  I thought for a moment, taking a sip of my Champaign, while looking at Bonnie and Tony.  “Tony,” I said, “I have really enjoyed our time together making love, if you don’t mind I would like to spend tonight again with you and Bonnie, only this time I am going to tell YOU and Bonnie what to do.”  They both just sat there looking at me for a long moment.   Tony, with a very surprised look on his face turn to Bonnie and said, “well baby, what do you think about Beti proposition, should we take her up on it or not?”  Bonnie thought for a moment and then, looking directly at me said, I would not miss this for all the money in Reno, let’s do it, I think it will be fun being her slave.” “What do we need to do first Master!”

With a very sheepish grin on my face, I looked at them both and said, “Let’s finish our Champaign and then we’ll go to the bedroom.  In the mean time I will be thinking about what I want to do first.”  We sat around the table, finishing our drinks and nibbling on some of the many goodies still left on the table.  After a few minutes Tony said, “Beti, I am ready if you are, let’s go, I want to be your slave.

We walked hand in hand down the hallway to the big bedroom, opening the door and walking in you could still smell the sex that had been going on in the room earlier, I think it kind of made everyone almost instantly horny.  In the anticipation of what was going to be happening, Tony was carefully stroking his already hard cock, it was firm, standing straight up, and swinging back and forth as he walked into the room.    “OK Tony,” I said, “I want you to lie on your back in the middle of the bed, I am going to leave the lights on low so we can all enjoy the look of each other.”  I looked at Bonnie, her beautiful body sitting on the edge of the bed.  “Bonnie,” I said, I want you to sit on Tony’s cock, I want it deep inside of your cunt.”  “Tony,” I said, “I am going to sit on your face and you’re going to lick and eat my pussy.”

I watched as Bonnie squatted over the top of Tony’s big hard cock.  She carefully started working it in to her pussy.  I saw his huge knob pop into her pussy, and then she started slowly fucking his hard cock.  Up and down, each stroke going in an inch or two deeper inside her pussy.  Bonnie had a look on her face of both pleasure and pain as she slowly worked Tony’s cock deep in her pussy.  I looked at Tony and said, “Now big boy, it is your turn to eat pussy, and I want to feel that tongue of yours deep inside of me.  And don’t forget to spend time sucking my clit.”  I lowered myself toward Tony’s face; he grabbed my ass with his hands and slowly lowered my pussy on to his face.  I felt his tongue explore the lips of my pussy, slowly licking up and down, each time just a little bit deeper inside.  After ever few licks he would hesitate over my clit, sucking on it gently with his lips.  My pussy was dripping wet; Tony was licking every drop of my hot juice as it ran out of my opening.  I could feel the passion rising inside of me as Tony sucked on my clit.  “Oh fuck Tony,” I screamed, you are going to make me cum.”  With that Tony tongue fucked me deeper, taking my clit in his mouth at the end of each tongue stroke.  Tony knew what was coming next as I exploder, my cum squirting out all over his face.  The muscles inside of my pussy contracting over and over as the good feeling flowed across my body in waves.  Tony very deliberately licked every drop of cum from my dripping pussy.  I was finally starting to relax after that terrific feeling subsided.  I got off of Tony and said, “Tony that was the best any one has ever eaten my pussy, you made me feel so good.” 

Bonnie was still slowly fucking Tony’s big cock.  During my turn over Tony’s mouth, I had heard her cum several times, each time yelling out, “oh yes Tony, your big cock feels so fucking good inside of me.”  “Bonnie,” I said, trying to get her attention away from Tony’s cock, “it is now time for you and me to do a girl to girl 69, I want to eat your pussy, while you eat mine.   Slowly she pulled off of Tony’s still very hard cock.  Tony moved over a bit in the bed, taking his cock in his hands he started stroking it up and down slowly.  “Tony,” I said, “I don’t want you to cum, that’s for me to take care of a little later, OK?”  Tony kind of grunted, and continued rubbing his cock, and said, “Don’t worry honey, I am just going to keep it hard for you, I will let you make me cum when you are ready.”

Bonnie lay on her back, her legs wide apart; I got over her on my knees.  Slowly I lowered my pussy on to her face.  She grabbed me under the legs and started to lick my pussy.  “I want you to lick my ass hole and my pussy Bonnie, I want to feel that big long tongue inside of me, now get busy you dirty little bitch.”  I lowered my mouth to Bonnie’s waiting pussy.  The smell of her cum and from fucking Tony was strong and exciting.  I slowly tasted her pussy, it was so good!  I started to eat her very deeply, using my tongue to lick her clit and ass hole.  Bonny was wonderful at eating pussy, her tongue and lips all over me, doing just the right things to make me excited.  At about the same time we started humping each other’s faces, thrusting as much as we could into each other’s mouths.   We both started to climax at the same time, I could feel the juices squirting from her pussy all over my face.  At the same time I was filling her mouth and face with my cum.  There is nothing quite like two women eating each other’s pussy and climaxing together. 

I rolled off of Bonnie, still basking in the afterglow of my climax.  Bonny was moaning and playing with her clit.  I looked over and Tony’s big hard cock was still there, he still stroking it slowly with both hands.  “Now Tony,” I said, “It is my turn to make you cum.  And it is Bonnie’s turn to watch.  I got on my knees, Tony’s cock at my face.  I reached for the bottle of lube that was on the night stand.  I dumped it into my hands and slowly and carefully rubbed it all over Tony’s hard cock.  I put both hands on his huge slippery cock and started to slowly stroke it up and down.  Tony immediately started to moan as I jacked him off ever so slowly.  Next I lowered my mouth over the end of his cock, slowly taking his huge pecker head in my mouth.  While continuing to stroke with both hands, I started sucking and running my tongue all around the rim of his knob.  I was sucking and sliding about the first 2 or 3 inches of his cock into my mouth.  I was mouth fucking him and he was moaning and enjoying every minute of it.  In kind of a panic voice Tony said, “Beti, I am getting ready to cum.”  Pulling off for just a moment I said, “I am ready any time you are big boy.”  I started mouth fucking his cock again, faster and faster.  Suddenly I felt his pecker head swell.  I could feel the rush of cum in his cock.  I sucked as hard as I could as he yelled out and shot load after load of hot cum into my mouth.”  There was so much cum I had to swallow several times, and still had a mouth full.  He started to relax as I carefully closed my mouth around his cock and slid it out, being careful to not lose a drop of my mouth full of his hot cum.

I lay down on his chest; he had my breasts in his hands.  I bent down to give him a great big kiss.  His open mouth came up to meet mine.  As I started to kiss his open mouth, I suddenly filled his mouth with his hot cum.  I could see the look of panic on Tony’s face.  Pulling back a little I said, “Tony, I don’t want you to lose a drop of that cum and don’t you dare swallow it.”  Bonnie had been fingering herself all the time I was giving Tony his blow job.  I said, “Bonnie, get your ass over here.  I want you and Tony to swap his cum, I want you to take it all from him and swallow it.”

Tony sat up and Bonnie came to his side.  They deeply kissed and I could see that Tony was trying to get as much of the cum into her mouth as possible.  After a short time, Bonnie looked at me, opened her mouth and showed my Tony’s cum.  “Now you dirty little whore,” I said, “swallow all his cum.”  Bonnie took a great big swallow and opened her mouth to show me it was all gone.  I looked at Tony and Bonnie and said, “I think it is time we all took a shower and get to sleep, we still have tomorrow morning to look forward to.

We all got into the big shower and enjoyed the steamy hot water running over all of our body parts.  Tony’s cock was hanging limp, Bonnie looked like she could hardly keep awake.  We all dried off and got into the big bed.  I held Tony’s limp cock; he had one hand on my boobs and the other on Bonnie’s.    The next thing I knew it was morning, Tony and Bonnie were still sound asleep.   I slipped out of bed, and went down to the lounge.  There again was a table full of breakfast items, both hot and cold.  I poured a cup of coffee and sat in Tony’s big chair and relaxed.  

In a few minutes both Tony and Bonnie came down the hallway, both were fully dressed.  They sat down at the table, poured some coffee and filled their plates with eggs and bacon.  Without saying a word, they both just started eating.  Hello I said, I am still in the room, I am still naked, what do you want me to do now?  Tony looked up at me and said, “Beti, I think you need to get dressed, it is time for you to go.  I went to the first bedroom I had been in before, found my work uniform on the bed.  Got dressed, combed my hair, put on some lipstick and went back to the lounge.  Bonnie came over and hugged me and whispered in my ear, “boy did you ever get even with Tony, he is speechless.”  Tony was standing there, just looking like he had something to say.  “Well big boy,” I said, I hope you got your money’s worth, now where is mine?”  Tony reached into his jacket pocket and took out a bank bound stack of 100, $100 dollar bills.  He reached for my hand, kissed it on the back, turned it over and put the stack of bills into my hand.  Stepping back he looked at me and said, “Sweetheart, you earned it and I just want to be left alone with Bonnie, we have a lot of things to talk about.”

I walked out the door, took the elevator down to the parking garage, got into my car and started home.  I could not help but wonder, will they ever do that again?   I drove down the highway, all the way home, with a great big grin on my face.  You are probably still wondering is any of this true?  I can honestly say that it is as close to exactly what happened as I can recall.  It was two years ago almost, and I have never seen Bonnie or Tony around the casino again.


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