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Passion in Shangri-La, Part 1

When two online friends meet in person, their hiking trip turned passionate.
A big hug to MexicanGoddess, who inspired this story. Special thanks to ShyVixen and Wirelessbrain, who helped me editing this story.

“Are we there yet?” Adriana asked cheerfully as she sat down on a piece of rock by the trail.

“Not yet, sweetie, not yet.” Brian smiled and joked back, “But we’re pretty close to the trail end now, only about half a mile left. Are you tired?”

“I’m a little sweaty, but it’s totally worth it. I love all the mountains, forests and fresh air here,” She took a sip from her water bottle and replied, “I’m really glad to take this trip with you and meet you in person, Brian.”

“I knew you would love it here. Wait until you see the lake, it’s like a gem in the mountains.”

Brian took a seat on a big chunk of wood for a rest as well. While he was sitting down, he could not help but to take a glance at Adriana. He simply could not believe how gorgeous she was. Although he had seen her pictures many times, he had been stunned by her beauty when she showed up in front of him this morning in person.

The pictures she had shared with him showed her beautiful oval face, tanned skin, and perfect hourglass shape, but they could not demonstrate all the charisma, the sexual atmosphere that surrounded her. When she walked on the street, her ample bottom wiggled naturally; when she walked with him, she always looked into his eyes and licked her red full lips unconsciously; when she embraced him at the airport, she was so enthusiastic that almost every inch of their bodies molded into each other. He could not believe how wonderful her body felt, and how amazing her scent was.

Ever since he welcomed her at the airport, he found his manhood was in semi-erection status at all times. And her constant passionate hugs sure did not help his situation. Maybe it was his illusion, but she seemed to find every single opportunity to give him a tight hug. He sure enjoyed wrapping his arms around her hot body, but it had become difficult for him to hide his erections, which of course, had become harder and harder.

Did she do those big tight hugs intentionally? Is she knowingly teasing me? Brian asked himself, but then shook his head. Don’t be absurd. She’s as gorgeous as a goddess and I’m just an ordinary guy, who am I kidding here? It must be her passionate Latino nature. He thought, convincing himself so.

Still, he sneaked another look at Adriana, and caught her just as she was bending over to stretch her toned muscles. From this angle, he got a perfect view of her big breast almost popping out of her thin t-shirt, her narrow waist lowering down and ample round butt sticking back up. He knew it was wrong to stare at her so intently like this, but he just could not move his eyes from this luscious scene.

Adriana did not need to look at Brian to feel his sights burning on her body. She bent her body even lower, so as to proudly stick out her perfect ass a bit more, but also to hide the grin on her face.

I finally got him, she thought to herself. Though they had joked and flirted online, in person, he was too shy to make the first move. She could simply tell him that how adorable he was, and how much she wanted him. But if she did that, it would not be half as much fun as this.

Ever since they met in the person, she’s been teasing him mercilessly. A little bit of body touch here and there, some tight hugs now and then. So far, it worked perfectly. She got all his attention and she could see that the desire was increasing in his eyes at every single minute. That big bulge in his pants did not escape from her eyes either. Being a naughty girl as she had always been, she really wanted to see how huge she could make that bulge grow.

Finally Adriana stopped stretching, or rather revealing her body for Brian. As he quickly closed his jaw and turned around his head pretending he hadn’t been looking at all, he heard her voice.

“Where did you get that scar?” He raised his head to see her pointing to a large scar on his left leg curiously.

“That one? Oh, it’s from my very first rock climbing experience,” He said, a little embarrassed, “I slipped, scratched myself on a sharp rock and spilled some blood. They had to airborne me to the hospital. It was quite embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing? No way. You know, a scar is a medal for man. May I touch it?” She did not wait for his answer and reached her right hand toward his legs.

“Sure, of course you can. Do you…” Brian was so stunned by her bold move that he stammered. He held his breath when her small hand was just inches away from his body. Oh, my god. Am I dreaming? Is she really about to touch my leg? He yelled out in his mind.

Under his very eyes, her finger touched him. Her warm soft finger on his bare skin sent a quiver along his spine like an electric pulse. He inhaled sharply and closed his eyes to enjoy the heat from her fingertip on his flesh. This was totally beyond his experience. He had never imagined that such a simple touch could bring him so much excitement. He wondered what would happen if she ran her small hands all over his body.

Adriana bit her bottom lip and started moving her fingers on his scar, slowly and gently, like she was caressing his skin. Her evil plan of teasing him with some physical touch worked perfectly, as planned. Unfortunately it also backfired. His skin was tough but comfortable; his muscle was strong and firm; his scent was manly and tempting. And that huge bulge in his pants was just in front of her eyes, no more than two feet from her face. She kept guessing how hard his shaft was under that tent. She had to put together all her willing power to stop herself from pulling down his pants, grabbing his big beautiful dick, and sliding it right into her wet tight slit.

Adriana could hear him breathing heavily clearly. She knew that Brian had a good view of her deep cleavage via the collar of her loose t-shirt. She made sure of that when she bent over. And with her almost kneeling down between his legs, every healthy man on earth would vividly imagine her bending down and doing a blow job on him. From what she could see, he was a perfectly healthy straight male.

She knew that he was turned on for sure. But did he know that she was aroused as well? Did he know that ever since she landed her eyes on him at the airport, her lust for him had been driving her crazy? Did she have to show him the wet spot on her panties to tell him know that just being around him her body tingled? What does a girl need to do to get some attention around here?

But it did not matter. Very soon, she would make him aware all of her desire for him, and she would have her way with him.

Reluctantly she withdrew her hand from his leg, and slowly sat back on the rock. None of them said a word. They both indulged themselves in the sexual tension zapping between them like electricity, until their minds calmed down and breaths came back to normal.

Under Brian’s suggestion, they started hiking again for the last part of the trail. Adriana insisted to walk in the front so she could enjoy the view better. Brian had no objection to this idea, especially when he realized that he got a perfect view of her slim long legs swinging, and her perfect round ass wiggling each time she took a step. All of sudden, his throat went dry and his pants became tight again.

As they turned around the last corner, Adriana gasped. She was amazed by the amazing view of nature before her eyes. Right in front of her was a peaceful and quiet lake, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, surrounded by a deep green forest and mountains further behind. Brian was right; this beautiful lake really was comparable to a gem in the mountains. It was like Shangri-La, the dream world.

She turned around and saw the bright grin on Brian’s face. He smiled like a big boy showing a dear friend his favorite toy, full of pride and expectation. She walked up to him, held his face with both hands and landed a gentle peck on his lips.

When their lips parted, she looked into his eyes and spoke softly. “Thank you for bringing me here, and for sharing this with me, Brian.” She paused a moment, licked her red lips unconsciously and, smiling, continued, “Feel free to join me, sweetie.”

His eyes were glued on her body as she started taking off her backpack and let it drop on the ground. He had a vague idea about what would happen next, but the thought was so bold that he did not even dare to imagine it. Then, as if his wildest dream has come true, she started strolling toward the water and stripping off her clothes along the way. Her clothes dropped on the ground piece by piece, t-shirt, cut-off jean shorts, socks, sports bra, and finally, her boy shorts. Her actions were leisurely and natural, like she was doing this in her own bedroom in front of her longtime boyfriend.

Proudly Adriana exposed herself in front of Brain, showing him every inch of her perfect naked body: her tanned skin, perky big breasts, narrow waist, round bottom. All her feminine curves were craving to be cherished, to be loved, to be taken.

Brian could not move his eyes from her body, and he could not think of anything to do, or say. His brain stopped working. All he had in mind was to admire and worship her for her amazing beauty. Meanwhile, he could not control his urge to hold her, to kiss her, to caress her, to enter her, to have her, to feel her lips, to squeeze her body, to make her scream out his name in ecstasy.

After a whole morning’s summer sunshine, the lake water was right at the perfect temperature. Adriana stepped into the water until it reached her waist, then dipped in and started swimming. The crispy clear water refreshed her and made all her exhaustion from their hiking disappear. After a few strokes, she stopped to take a breath. Looking at the shore, she noticed that he was still standing there, staring and admiring her.

She did not say a word, just stand there looking at him, waiting for him. Their sights met and finally he read all the desire and passion in her eyes. Suddenly, all of her hugs, teasing and flirting made sense to him.

She wants me, just like I want her. How stupid have I been? How could I not see that?

A grin slowly showed up on his face. Not the shy smile she had seen all day, but the bright, confident grin that had drawn her attention to him when she first saw his picture online. Then he dropped his backpack, ripped off all his clothes and walked toward the lake.

Now it was her turn to enjoy the view. He was well toned from all the outdoor activities, quite fit and tended to the muscular side, but not too bulky. Immediately she noticed his already erected shaft and nicely trimmed pelvis area. “This is my lucky day,” she murmured to herself.

Instead of swimming, Brian walked into the water slowly. As he was about to reach her, he slipped, and but she caught him just in time. Her hands grabbed his waist firmly, as he held on her shoulders. He did not say thank you. Instead, he just stared into her eyes, and firmly pressed his lips on hers.

It was a sweet sensual peck for a moment. They parted their mouths, looked into each other’s eyes as if to be sure this is what they both wanted. Then without a word, they continued the kiss; this time it was deep and passionate.

He took his time to nibble, lick and suck on her bottom lip slowly, to get a good taste of her soft moist flesh. Then gently he intruded his tongue into her mouth, naughtily brushed on her teeth, before sliding it in deeper.

His tongue was welcomed by hers eagerly. As their lips sealed, she let him explore each corner of her mouth before mingling her tongue with his. Their tongues touched, played, danced. They were both craving to taste, to exchange saliva with one another.

As their kiss prolonged, both of them kept on pulling their naked bodies together until there was no space between them. Bare skin on bare skin, flesh on flesh. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him so tight, that his steel hard shaft was pressing against her stomach under the water. It felt so great to be held in his strong arms, letting his hand moving all over her body, touching her, caressing her, squeezing her. Moaning in in satisfaction, she yearned to take his manhood inside her to fulfill all the desire that had been built up ever since she saw him at the airport.

Brian caressed Adriana’s smooth back, then slide down his hands on her narrow waist and landed on her peach shaped bottom. Her bare skin touching his skin felt divine, her young firm body pressing against his body, her erected nipple rubbing on his chest. Her body was so soft and warm in his arms that he could not help but holding her tight, squeeze her, feel every inch of her body, and make her melt in his embrace. He yearned to hear her panting, moaning and screaming for him. The temptation was so strong, that he almost lifted her up and slid his big throbbing member into her tight hot pussy right there in the water.

Finally, they broke their kiss to catch some air, but still held each other tight. Looking at her pretty brown eyes, he told her his little secret.

“I can’t swim, I tried to learn swim but never succeed. Once in deep water I sink like a rock.” he said slowly, as if he was considering each word carefully, “But I had to get into water to hold you in my arms and kiss you. I want you, Adriana. I need you, now.”

Looking into his eyes, she gave him a naughty wink and answered, “My pussy has been wet since I saw you at the airport. It took you long enough to figure it out, papi chulo.”

With a wicked smile, she unwrap her hands from his neck and grabbed his shaft under the water. Then she started to walk toward the shore slowly, with his throbbing cock holding in her hands like she was leading him, and he followed.

To be continued.

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