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With their lips locked in passion ..........
How much longer he wondered, how much longer he would be locked up like a savage animal for a crime he didn’t commit. But the prosecutor made sure to get him out of way; it was just as well he had been in a short unhappy marriage. When he first met Patricia it was all fun and life was good but not too soon after Patricia’s darker side appeared. Jay knew there was something amiss when Patricia slowly withdrew and stopped being intimate with him. The weird phone calls and how it got setup to make it appear that he ripped off that auction house. Later he found out that it was the prosecutor that was fucking Patricia behind his back and it was probably all a ruse to get him out of way. Tommy looked up from his painting and said “you going to stare out that window all day?” Tommy was an older guy that got thrown in the slammer for murder although Tommy will tell you otherwise. He’s been good to Jay though he helped him get adjusted to life behind the prison walls. It was actually amazing that given Jay’s appearance that the Brotherhood didn’t take a run at him but they just left him alone. Jay moved away from the window and dozed.

While he was dozing, all that entered Jay’s mind is being with a woman, the smell, soft touch, sensations of being intimate and naked. It just ate at him this desire for a woman, how he loved to please them sexually. But reality snapped back as one of the bulls banged on the cell door and barked “hey Sabol, your lawyers here to see you”. Jay looked up and got off his bunk as the guard opened the door and motioned him towards the interviewing area. Eddie waited anxiously as Jay was brought in the room and the guard closed the door. Eddie with a broad smile “how you doing there pal?” as he slapped Jay on the shoulder, Jay just looked at Eddie. Eddie replied “well have I got news for you, you are outta here” Jay’s eyes lit up “what did you say?” Eddie said “You heard me pal, you’re outta here right now” as Eddie smiled. Jay replied “dude, what happened?” Eddie replied “Apparently that lawyer that was banging your ex-wife was banging some dude –she found out and gave him up to the new D.A., you’ve been completely cleared of all charges. Do you believe that he was fucking some homosexual dude?”

As Jay stood outside the prison walls all he could think about was getting his life back together. Eddie opened the car door for him “come on I’ll take you home first and then I’ll take you for a beer” as they sped off.


Moving through the downtown area where all the bars and clubs are Jay was just gazing at all the hot babes on the street. At this time of evening, Ocean Drive, and Collins Avenue was filled with them as they milled about to the clubs from the beach and the hotels. After parking the car, they walked a bit to Mango’s Tropical Café, after a while and a few beers Eddie said “looks like you’re going to be ok there Jay, you have your place back and etc” Jay replied “yea but the 2 years I was in there was enough” as Jay was checking out this gorgeous redhead with a tanned killer body and aquamarine eyes. She caught his glance and smiled at him, and then Patricia appeared “Hi Jay, I heard you got out” Jay wouldn’t even look at her “Go away Patricia I don’t want to even look at you” his tone was like a razorblade. Patricia said “Jay I was wrong, will you forgive me?” Jay looked at her straight in the face “Actually, no I won’t, you got distant from me then I found out you were fucking that bi-boy behind my back meanwhile he had me put in prison for something I didn’t do to get me out of the way. And then while in prison you divorced me. Get away from me, I don’t ever want to see you again” Patricia thought since Jay had been sweet on her, she could go back to him but she was in shock as she got up and left the place.

As Patricia walked out the gorgeous redhead had noticed Jay’s gazing of her, she took her drink and walked over to his table. “Hi there I’m Michelle” she said as she smiled brightly. Jay smiled back and pulled out the other chair for her. Michelle questioned “Who was that, you were a little mean to her” Jay replied “Oh just my ex-wife just wanting something” Michelle said “Oh, she cheated on you, then broke it off and wants to come back?” Jay smiled at her “yea how did you know?” Michelle replied “I’ve seen that before, I work in the spa upstairs and heard that story from clients before” Jay asked “you want another drink?” as they got talking more as the night wore on. After awhile they both started to feel a little lit from the alcohol as Jay said “Maybe we should get some air for awhile” as he took Michelle by hand as they walked out in the cool ocean air. Michelle getting a breath from the air just took off running across the street as she got to the other side she turned and said “come on” as Jay caught up to her and they strolled on the beach watching the waves as the moon was just starting to come up. Finding their way back over to the park area just on outside the beach they found a park bench and just both dropped on it for awhile. As Jay watching the waves he was catching whiffs of Michelle’s perfume from the breeze as she sat sideway looking at him, sensing her gaze he looked her in the eyes. Her eyes were electric and focused as she licked her lips moistening them. There was some electricity from her as they moved in closer and their lips met in a passionate kiss as he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in closer pressing his body against hers. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and neck as their kissing became deeper as tongues explored one another. As they were making out a cop was walking by and tapped his nightstick on the bench and said “hey you two, go somewhere else”

Jay took Michelle by the hand and they walked further down the street until they were in front of his building The Essex. Jay started to say “I really had…” as Michelle put her finger to his lips as she grabbed his hand and they found there way up to his condo.  He opened the door for her and as when he turned after closing she pushed him against the door and they started making out again. She then pulled away as went into the living room and she relaxed on the couch as he got her a glass of wine. After some small talk and several glasses of wine, Michelle said “So what’s your story?” as Jake set himself on the sofa “I was in prison for 2 years because the guy my ex was screwing set me up to get me out of the way. And then she found out that he was screwing some gay guy behind her back” Michelle was little shocked by what happened to him as she replied “Wow, I’m surprised you don’t hate women altogether”. Jake said “I don’t hate women, just one that screwed me over” Michelle asked “So you’ve been alone for two years?” as she placed her hand on his shoulder caressing down his arm. There was just something about him that she wanted to be close to as if meeting one another was no accident. Jay glanced at her hand and then gazed into her eyes and could see something in those beautiful aquamarine pools. Jay replied “Yea, pretty much” as Michelle slid closer to him as she kept glancing at his lips as Jay wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up against him as their lips locked in a deep passionate kiss as she could feel his hands started exploring her body stopping his hands on her midriff. She pulled back for a sec, smiled at him as she guided his hands over her breasts as she returned to that wonderful kiss. She felt excitement as he pulled her in holding her tightly against him as her arousal was creating wet warmth between her thighs as she slid onto his lap as their kisses were becoming deeper and wetter. With her tushy now on his lap she could feel stiffness growing from him as their making out continued.

After some time she climbed off his lap and took him by the hand and led him up the stairs of his condo to the bedroom. He pushed open the door as she pressed her body against him and continued with that marvelous kiss. Leading him over to the bed to sit as she stood in front of him as she smiled at him with a schoolgirl like giggle as she wrapped her hands around her and lifted up her sweater over her head revealing her bra enclosed full bosom as she leaned in towards him as the scent from her perfume filled his nostrils. Gripped the clasp on the front of her Capri slacks and unclasped them as slowly she pulled down the zipper as she eased her slacks down her thighs to her ankles kicking them off she stood there in just her bra and silk panties. The excitement was building in Jay at seeing Michelle half-naked but Jay thought to himself that this was not going to be some one night stand there was something about her that he wanted to be with her. Moving towards him as she pushed him on his back on the bed she crawled on top of him as she pressed her body against his as she locked lips with him. Meanwhile she started unbuttoning his shirt revealing his slightly muscled toned chest as she pulled it completely off she started kissing his neck and chest as her kissing moved down to his beltline. Climbing off him she sat on the side of him as she unbuckled his belt and slid down the zipper she could see the bulge of his excitement as she removed his pants revealing his boxer-briefs with that bulge in them. She climbed on top of him again as she straddled over his stomach smiling and few giggles she reached in front of her and unclasped her bra revealing her firm full breasts, his hands slid up her midriff as he caressed and squeezed her firm full breasts. Her eyes closed for a second as she felt his hands upon her as this was such a turn on for her.

Climbing off him she lightly brushed her hand over the bulge in his underwear and she reached around under his behind and eased off his boxer-briefs revealing his ever-growing hard cock. She smiled as she gazed on his hard-on as she lightly wrapped her hand around it carefully stroking as she leaned in forward and with her wet tongue she guided it up and down the shaft making it nice and wet as her lips parted over the head. As her licking of his hard cock continued he could not believe how good this was feeling, the last woman he was with was Patricia and that wasn’t that great either. Parting her lips she slowly eased his hard cock into her wet mouth as she increased the suction as Jason could not believe this was happening and how great this was feeling. Her wet sucking continued as she stroked his cock in her wet mouth as her tongue flicked the sensitive head.  Quiet moans escaped from him as she pulled his cock from her mouth and she smiled to herself and continued her wet sucking as her hands lightly slid over his bare flesh. Unable to take to much more of this he leaned up as she pulled his cock from her mouth and he locked lips with her as they got on their knees and pressed their nude bodies together. His hands explored over her bare nudity as he hooked his fingers on the elastic of her panties and pulled him down to her knees. She could feel the warm air brush the wetness between her thighs and fell to her tushy as he pulled her panties completely off and crawled over her as she lay on her back locking their lips in passion as their nude bodies were pressed against each other.

With their lips locked in passion his hands ran over her nude body touching caressing every inch as the feeling from his hands thrilled and excited her. She thought of how much of an animal he was becoming and this was so thrilling. His moist lips guided from hers as he kissed, licked and sucked her tapered neck, the anticipation grew within her as she could feel his wet lips closing on her earlobe as he licked the out edge before pushing his wet tongue in her ear. A sigh escaped from her lips as she said “Oooo I hope there is more coming” as the wetness between her thighs increased. He continued pressing his tongue in her ear his licking continued as his hands were caressing and squeezing her fulsome breasts. Slowly his wet tongue slid over her shoulder and down over her firm full breasts as he closed his lips on her stiff nipples, carefully sucking and flicking the tip. Her eyes closed as she let out a deep breath and “mmmm that’s nice baby, that feels good” as he alternated between her firm breasts. What she was feeling was becoming intense but it wasn’t just the physical pleasure she was feeling. She was having genuine feelings for him and with each one of his gentle touches her feelings just increased.

His wet tongue slipped between her fulsome breasts and down over her navel as he tickled her bellybutton with his tongue, she let out a giggle. As he guided his wet tongue to the furry patch just between her thighs as he guided it over the inside of her thighs. Slowly moistening every inch with his tongue as he became closer, feeling excitement and anticipation she sucked in her breath. Gently he slid his hands between her knees and carefully opened her thighs exposing her wetness as a slight breeze from the ceiling fan brushed her wetness and she let out a sigh. Ever so gentle he guided his tongue over the inside of her thigh so close to her love spot. Taking his whole wet tongue he painted over her swollen pussy lips, she was not expecting this and she let out a quiet moan “mmmmm”. Moistening two fingers in his mouth he pressed her wet swollen pussy lips together as his wet tongue slipped between them. Her breathing became heavier as more moans “mmmm oooo yes mm oh yes” came from her. Gently he spread her wet swollen pussy lips apart as his wet tongue traced them and his tongue pushed deep inside her hot wet pussy. Completely unexpected, her breathing heavier and shorter as more moans escaped her parted lips “mmmm ohhh oooo yes oooo oh baby that’s so good oh please more”
He kept pushing and licking his tongue in her hot wet pussy as her hips started to rise as she pushed herself into his face wanting more. Her mind was turning to mush as the sensations and feeling throughout her body were so incredibly good she was unable to contain herself through her short heavy moans “ohh mmm yes mmmmm ooooo oh I want it now” Jay pulled off her pussy as he smiled to himself carefully he glided himself over her bare flesh caressing touching squeezing until he was face to face with her. She looked at him with a cum-hither look as he was up on his knees teasing the head of his stiff hard cock on her hot swollen pussy lips. Her eyes half-closed he could see she couldn’t take too much more of his teasing, and he slowly eased his raging hard cock into her tight hot swollen pussy.

Her eyes rolled back as she closed him and she let out a moan “ohhh mmmm ooooo yes” as his hard cock stroked inside her tight soaked pussy. Reaching up she grabbed upon his shoulders and pulled him down pressing her firm full breasts against his chest as his raging hard-on slowly stroked deep inside her hot wet pussy. With each stroke her sensations were so intense as his kissed, licked and sucked her neck and ear while pushing his wet tongue in her ear as his cock stroking slowly in her hot soaked pussy. All she could think about was how good this felt as he short breaths continued “ohh mmm ohhh oh mm, oh yes baby ooo this is so good oh deeper baby deeper” she cried. As he plunged his hard cock deep into her hot soaked pussy and she was completely lost in the ecstasy. Jay could not believe this was so good it was so long since he had been with a woman in his way and his feelings for her were increasing. The wetness and slipperiness of her hot wet pussy was so intense as closed his arms around her as he gazed her eyes. He could see the pleasure in her eyes with every stroke, between breaths she said “mmm ohh oo oh yes baby please kiss me, kiss me” He locked his lips with her soft warm lips as they were engaged in a passionate kiss as his hard cock continued to stroke deep inside her hot wet pussy. Lost in the passion she closed her legs around him as their stroking continued.

Her breathing becoming heavier and shorter almost to pant she looked at him through her pleasurable haze and she could feel it as she moaned “mmm oh baby oooo yes I’m cumming now ooooo” as her soaked pussy suddenly tightened around his hard cock. Since it had been so long since he’s been with a woman Jay couldn’t take her pussy tightening as he panted “ohhh this ohhh” as he shot his load deep inside her pussy. The excitement slowly withdraw from them as Jay pulled himself out of her and then wrapped his arms around her, engaging her in more kisses and making out as their bodies pressed against one another. While in his arms, she said “Oh that was incredible and I’m finding myself so in love” as he gazed at her “baby, I feel the same way” as she smiled back at him and they locked in more passionate kisses. Stopping for a second she looked at him “you trying for more?” as he just held her close and they could hear each others heartbeats.