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Pastor's Daughter

The warm air was rising again.I could sense a storm brewing and had visions of a funnel ...
At the church during Sunday sermon, I always set on one corner of the last bench which was usually not occupied by anyone. This morning was different. Just as the sermon was about to begin a young female frame rushed in and sat down not too far from me on that bench. She was wearing a dress that appeared to have been put on in a hurry. I could tell that her beautiful flowing hair did not need any brushing. As I looked from the corner of my eyes, I could instantly recognize her. Catherine was her name; every one called her Kate. Kate was the teenage daughter of pastor, John, who stood at the pulpit at the time, intensely engaged in giving his Sunday sermon at this small crumbling church - the only church in this town of 400 or so people located in the prairies that dotted the Nebraska landscape.

She sat there with her head down and eyes closed. From the expressions on her face I could tell that she was lost in her own thoughts, not paying attention to the sermon. I threw a quick glance or two at her. I tried to remember when she was born. She must be approaching her eighteenth birthday soon, I concluded. Kate had kept one of her hands on her breasts while the other rested on her lap as she sat with her eyes closed still. Her slight movement caused me to take a glance at her again. Only this time my eyes remained fixated at the sight. She appeared to be squeezing her left breast. Her erect right nipple was clearly visible from under her pale white top. The hand on her lap had made a little valley between her thighs over the dark skirt she was wearing, as she pressed her hand down hard, burying it close to her womanhood. A faint whiff of her scents had started to rise and already traveled to my nose.

I looked around to see if anyone had seen her but everyone else seemed intently engaged in listening to the sermon. I hurriedly moved my hands and touched her wrist. She almost fell down as she sprung up from the shock of my touch and opened her eyes looking at me. I blinked my eyes and shook my head side to side with a kind expression on my face. Her cheeks turned red as she withdrew her hands, adjusted her skirt, and then clasped them tight and placed on her lap. She kept breathing hard for some time; I couldn't tell if it was a carry over of her state as she sat their pleasing herself just moments ago, or if it was the result of embarrassment of getting caught in the act. She stared at the pulpit for the rest of the sermon, sitting stiff as if frozen, though I doubt if she was paying any attention to her father's spoken words.

Kate was the last one to leave the church that day. I stood at the door of the church as she walked past me. She turned her head slightly to look at me from the corner of her eyes, bit her lips, and kept walking. As she slowly walked away on the dusty road on this warm summer morning, I could feel the heat rising from the pavement. The hot air would keep rising until it hit a cold ceiling way high up. I could sense a storm brewing - a storm that was to bring dark clouds, terrorizing winds and hail. I wondered if the storm would spare the town, or perhaps tear it apart as its funnel touched the ground. "Man has conquered so much, can it ever tame a storm?" I spoke to myself. A sigh escaped my lips. I crossed my heart and walked hurriedly home.

As I lay on the bed later in the afternoon, my mind started collating all the tidbits you overhear at the bar, at the lone grocery store, at the weekly farmer's market - every tidbit my mind could recollect that related to Kate. She had a really pretty freckled face, angelic I must say, and an average body. Slim by the definition that prevails in this corner of the country, I would say that Kate was an attractive young lady. But it does not matter what I thought, for some things never change in this small town where everyone knows most everyone else by first name. I remember how in my teen years, growing up here in this very town, it oozed with feminine beauties; there were more girls to go around than boys. Now that I think of it, situation was no different than twenty or so years back.

I had overheard tidbits, as I had walked past the congregation of teenage boys assembled at the corner of streets, how the town was full of "hotties" and how pastor's daughter had been making "foolish" attempts to woo some boy, Nathan who was fucking the hottest of them all hotties, Jessica. Just as in my days, the most good looking guys did not have a dearth of girls to choose from, and the least pretty of all had a hard time finding the most desirable mate. A smile swept across my face as I remembered how I would boast to my peers at the time about having made love to every single girl in town between 16 and 21 by my eighteenth birthday. The most jealous bunch of them would wrestle me down and punch me at the smallest opportunity and for the lamest reason they could find. I managed to survive through it all, and for all the fun I had with young ladies it had seemed only a small price to pay - that is if you could put a price on something as primal and satiating as the human mating ritual.

I lay there thinking of all the guys I had grown up with, and where they were today. Some of them had left the town for good, but most of them lived here. Every one I could remember had married long ago, and was raising a family. Heck! one of them had just become a grandfather. As for me, I could never commit to relationship. I didn't need to. I was still getting it plenty without carrying any baggage, as I considered every one else did. I was contempt tending to my field, raising the cattle, and nipping away at the wood to carve nude feminine figures in my spare time - the times when I wanted to spend some quiet moments just by myself. No one had ever seen the collection of figures I had built - it was all done in the small shack that stood in the backyard. It was my spartan little studio equipped with a desk, a chair and a small cot. From outside this structure on my property looked like a place pretty much every house in the town had that was used to store old rusting junk.


As the evening sky filled up with orange glow of setting sun that Sunday, clouds had cleared up. I walked to my studio and turned on the radio. A storm had indeed hit the town 50 miles east and a touchdown was reported. No serious damage was reported by the tornado, but it had brought some transmission lines down. That explained the brown out I had noticed a while back. Relieved that the brewing storm had passed away, I picked up a piece of walnut wood and my set of carving knives. I sat down on the chair, the back of which faced the door, turned on the lamp and closed my eyes. Catherine's figure as she walked away on that dusty road that morning filled up my mind. I opened my eyes, bent down on the desk and started to slowly chisel away chips from that special piece of walnut log I had saved for long to carve something special. The chirping of birds returning to their nests in the large cottonwood trees that provided a windbreak at the edge of my property overwhelmed every other sound.

I must have worked on that piece of walnut for almost an hour without moving. I put the knife down, lifted my arms up to stretch, got up from the chair and turned around. Like a ghost, a silhouette stood just six steps away from me draped in a white dress. I blinked and rubbed my tired eyes. The light of lamp was dim and darkness had fallen outside.

"Kate, is that you?" I asked softly as I tried to recognize the face with the fog and haze slowly clearing from my eyes. She stood there quietly and intently looking at all the female figurines that littered the shelves of the studio.

"Oh! That is nothing. Are you looking for something? Can I help you with something?" I blabbered as I stumbled and walked towards her.

"They are beautiful, Joe!", she said in a calm voice, still gazing intently at a nude female figure on the far corner of the shelf above the desk where I kept all the pieces of my creation that I approved of most.

In an attempt to change the subject, I asked, "How is John doing? I haven't visited him for many years now. Your house is at the far end of the town, you know!"

"He is fine. We are all fine. You had dinner with us four Easter's ago," she was now looking at me as she spoke in a gentle voice.

"Haha! You have an amazing memory Kate! You are absolutely right. It was so gracious of your father to have me over for dinner. I could never return the favor; I can't cook a thing, you know," I kept rattling in a nervous voice but gained my composure quickly. She kept quiet. There was a hushed silence for a moment.

"Oh! I am sorry about this morning. I had to stop you. I did not want anyone else to see, you know!" I was running out of things to say. She kept quietly gazing at my body.

It is then I realized I was standing there without a shirt and in my boxer shorts. On warm summer days that is all I had needed to wear, especially when I was working in the studio. I looked around trying to find something to drape myself with, but I did not keep any clothes in the studio.

"Oh! I am sorry. No one ever comes here, you know," I said and starting to walk towards the door, perhaps in an attempt to go back to the house so I could fetch something to wear. She was standing in the way so five steps later I had to stop. She was now standing so close that I could feel the gentle breeze of her breath on my bare chest.

She lifted her right hand and placed it on my chest. She started moving her hands around my chest - like a blind sculptor would do to a model before digging her hand into soft clay to mold the shape she could see only through her tactile senses.

I stood there in a daze of sorts for a bit before I grabbed her hands and spoke, "Kate! This is not ri…"

Before I could complete my sentence, she had already freed her hand from my hands, reached out behind my neck holding me in an embrace, and had locked her lips with my lips. I could feel her standing on her toes as she kissed me. I put my left hand around her head and kept the kiss going, participating but not quiet, waiting for her to unlock herself from me, anticipating that she will say sorry, turn around and run out of the door any moment. I could feel her bosoms heaving, pressed against my chest as she kissed me passionately. It seemed like an eternity, though only seconds later she parted away from me and took a step back. I stood there looking at her face, trying to gauge her emotions, looking into her beautiful hazel eyes, and her wet lips that looked glossy - laced with both our saliva that was yet to evaporate.

She lifted her hands to her shoulder and her fingers slid under the thin straps holding her white dress over her shoulders. As she gripped the straps and moved it off of her shoulders, the dress fell down and gathered around her ankles in a pile. There she stood, stark naked. Her beautiful white skin and curves staring at me. Her firm yet delicate breasts had a nice brown areola and her tiny nipples were erect. A tiny mound of faint blonde hairs was perched above her pubic area. Her clitoris and outline of her labia was faintly visible between her slender thighs. It was as if Venus had paid me a visit herself! I stood there admiring her beauty, frozen where I stood, as a sweet, yet painful, sensation started to take over my body. Every tick of the clock seemed to have elongated. Time had come to a stand still, it seemed.

As the sensation reached my head, I felt a sharp pain, as if to bring me back to my senses. Realizing that I was gawking shamelessly at her naked figure, I quickly threw my head sideways, and said, "Oh Kate! I can't do it. It is wrong …" Before I could finish, she started sobbing uncontrollably. I held her by her shoulders, afraid she might collapse on her feet.

"I knew I am ugly! I know that is why everyone hates me!" she was crying out loud by now, a river of tears flowing down her cheeks. I stood there wondering how to tackle this situation. I had never quite learnt how to deal with feminine emotions.

There are some things that you never learn but react to with infinite wisdom - these are the things that spill right out of your heart. I pulled her naked body close to mine and hugged her tight. She was still crying. I softly rubbed her hair and whispere, "Quiet down Kate! Quiet down! You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Don't ever say anything like that again. Ok? I mean it Kate. You know I always mean every word I say. There are no boys in this town that are even worthy of your love. Don't care about what any one says. You are beautiful!"

A minute passed as she stood there with her head on my chest before her sobbing stopped. I could feel the tickle of her long eyelashes on my chest as she blinked her eyes. Her breath created a misty fog. Her hands were tightly wrapped around me. My one hand rested on her back rubbing it softly, as the other hand held her by her waist. With this Venus in my arms, I stood there trying to suppress my temptations very hard, praying in my mind, asking God to give me the strength to do the right thing.

Suddenly she let go of me, and pushed herself away from me. My hands slipped off her back and her waist. I can't say if I was relieved or pained to let go of her. Perhaps God had heard me. Perhaps I was going to turn insane from the built up desires in my body. My hands stayed where they were, as if still holding her.

"Make love to me," a voice rang in to my ears. I shook my head to bring my self back to senses. "Make love to me, Joe!" she repeated - her voice had a certain firmness and determination. I looked at her face. Tiny droplets of perspiration dotted her forehead. There was a stern look on her face, but more apparent was the gentle glow from the heat of her own desires. Blood had rushed to her face, as she said that, making her white cheeks glitter with pink hues. In that moment, as I stood there looking at her face, I had realized that she meant every bit of what she said, she knew what she wanted, and there was no way I was going to be able to convince her otherwise. I had been rendered speechless. There was nothing I could do, but to submit myself to her.

As that realization dawned on me, I let myself go. Blood rushed in from my heart and my erection started to grow. I pulled my boxers down and they ended up in a heap near my ankles this time. I reached out, held her right hand and slowly pulled her towards me. I didn't speak a word, neither did she.

I lifted her by the waist. As I brought her close to me she wrapped her legs around my waist. I could feel the wetness around her labia as it touched my navel. With her bosoms close to my chin, I moved my head down and planted a kiss. She closed her eyes, threw her head back, and let go off a soft moan from her lips. I carried her like that to the cot and sat down, still holding her, my hands on her buttocks by now.

After sitting down on the cot I spread my legs to get a firm footing as I lowered her down on my erection, just enough such that my knob touched her soft petals. I freed my right hand and while still holding her left buttock, I moved my right index finger on her clitoris , rubbing it and moving on to trace the wet slit between her quivering petals. I spread her soft, puffy pussy lips and guided my erection between it. Until this moment she was holding me firmly with her hands around my neck. She moved one of her hands away from my neck, reached down and pulled at my hand holding her buttocks. Before I could realize, she had a firm grip on my hands and it was moving away quickly from her buttocks.

In a flash my erection sunk into her wet throbbing flash. It kept sinking until it hit her cervix and came to a stop. I could feel the resistance caused by her tense vaginal muscles, but the lubrication created by the fluids built up inside her meant there was no friction as I kept sliding inside her. At that exact moment a faint scream escaped her lips and I could see tears welling up in her eyes. My other hand was still resting at the entrance of her cunt and it was turning wet fast. I lifted it up to look at it. Clear watery fluids laced my palm, but a thin streak of blood was hard to miss.

"Are you alright Kate? Is it your first t…," I uttered with sheer disbelief. As if she had anticipated the question, "I am fine, Joe!" she said before I could finish my sentence, as she locked her lips with mine. I was ready for the kiss this time around. I sucked her lips hard. My impatient tongue pushed its way through the opening of her lips. She did not show any resistance and welcomed it by playing with my tongue with her own. She stayed still, with my throbbing erection buried deep inside her, as we passionately kissed each other. As my tongue started to play with hers, she moved her hands from my head to my shoulder, lifted her buttocks up slowly and started a slow rhythmic hip movement. I had not felt such a tight embrace around my erection for a very long time. I moved my right hand back to her buttocks to assist her fight the gravity every time she moved her hips up. My left hand was now cupping her right breast, squeezing it hard, while my thumb played with her nipples. A moment later I stopped kissing her, moved my lips down to her left breast, and started suckling it hard while teasing her nipples with my tongue.

She moaned and groaned. She threw her head back with her eyes closed as I could feel a shudder build up inside her body. I could see her bite her lips, trying heard to stop the scream, as she hit the first orgasm of her life.
"Oh my God! Oh my God!" she kept saying for a bit. The spasms inside her vagina took some time to subside. The stimulus created by her spasms was captured by my firm erection and passed on to my testicles that had started to swell by now. She stopped moving her hips as she tried to capture her breath. I slowly kissed her neck as I loosened the grip on her right breast. I was trying hard to hold at bay the tension that was building up inside my testicles, determined not to empty my load inside her virgin cunt.

Suddenly, she moved her hands to my chest and pushed me hard. Taken by surprise I could not gather my balance and kept falling down on the cot as she kept firm pressure on my chest. There she was straddling my erection, pinning me down, holding me by my chest. Once she was certain I was not going to get up again, she moved her hands to my waist and started the gyrations of her hip again, while supporting herself with her hands on my waist.

She was intense this time around, as if confident from her newfound belief as to how to derive and provide the utmost pleasure from this most intimate act between a man and a woman. Spasms deep within her were stimulating my erection beyond disbelief. She bit her lips and tossed her head around as she kept riding me, as if possessed by some wild spirit. I, on the other hand, lay there with my eyes shut and my head thrown back, my spine curving up, as if I had been lifted to heaven. I could feel the rush of fluids from my testicles as my erection start to pulsate hard from the stimulation. I heard a loud scream, as her vaginal muscles clenched tightly around my erection at the very moment I ejaculated a fountain of hot fluids from the tip of my erection. I bucked my hips up, lifting her frame almost a foot in the air. My hands clasped the thin bedsheet covering the cot, almost tearing it apart, as she dug her nails hard in my waist. For almost next fifteen seconds, our lower extremities moved violently in unison as I emptied myself inside her cavity, and her vaginal muscles milked my erection. Our bodily fluids had started to ooze out of her vagina and started to flow over my belly pooling up in and around my navel. Another stream raced down my buttocks, seeping through the bedsheet. A sweet aroma filled up the room. She collapsed on my chest and lay there breathing hard, almost lifeless, for a minute.

I moved my fingers through her hair gently as I kissed her forehead. She lazily lifted her head, looked into my eyes and in a somewhat assuring tone, said to me softly, "My period is about to begin any day now, you must not worry Joe!" I pulled her towards me and hugged her tight. We lay there quietly like that for many minutes, my manhood still buried inside her.

She pushed herself up. Planted a soft kiss on my lips and whispered, "Thanks Joe!" Without wasting another moment she got up, pulled herself away from me, and stood up, releasing my erection from her gentle embrace. She pulled a corner of the bedsheet to clean up her pubic area. She walked towards her dress that was still laying on floor, and put it on as swiftly as it had come off of her frame. She walked towards the door hurriedly, and without looking back at me, disappeared in the darkness that had fallen outside. Birds had stopped chirping long ago, and I could hear the rustle of leaves fade away slowly as she ran home.


I lay in the bed awake all night, living the moments spent with Kate over and over again, until my eyelids could not stay open. I believe I heard the chirps of waking birds fill up the compound outside before I dozed off to sleep.

I woke up around noon, and walked towards the desk. I held the partially chiseled block of walnut in my hand and gazed at it for long. I could already see how it would look once I was finished carving it.

I was not my usual self as I spent the rest of the week working on carving Catherine's figure on the block of walnut, and walking around town trying to find her. I walked many dusty roads, but she was no where to be found. By Friday evening the sculpted block of walnut was finished. I scraped the last nip of wood and placed it on the desk. It looked exactly like her figure as she stood their naked in front of my eyes, with her dress laying around her ankles in a thin heap.

I reached under the desk to pull out an old sheet of newspaper and wrapped her walnut figure in it. With the wrapped figure tightly clutched in my right palm, I started walking towards pastor John's house - a path I had not taken for a while.

About half a mile before Kate's house I stopped near the pond to rest on the bench for a bit and catch my breath. As I set there I heard a rustling sound in bushes behind me. As I turned my head I could see Kate walking towards me. I sprung on my feet, walked towards her, and held her hands. A broad smile spread from one ear to the other, while I stood there holding her hand as I hid the wrapped walnut sculpture of her behind me.

She stood there with an emotionless face and stared at me. Then suddenly she jerked my hand and freed herself from my tight grip. "Never hold my hand again, you understand?" she said. A warm whiff of wind rose from the pavement and hit me hard on my face, as if slapping me hard. She stepped to one side and started walking towards her home. As I stood there watching her walk away, another sound of footsteps approached me from behind, passed me, as a young masculine frame chased her. He held her hands as they kept walking. She paused for a moment turned herself around and planted a kiss on his lips and said, "I love you Nathan!" She looked at me from the corner of her eye as he kissed her back and said something, which I could not hear as a shooting pain raised from my heart and was clouding my brain. I can only guess he said, "I love you too, Kate!" Moments later the two figures turned around the curve and disappeared from my sight.

The old newspaper had unwrapped itself and flew away in the wind, leaving me holding the walnut sculpture in my bare hands. The warm air was rising again. I looked up and knew the dark clouds were forming right above my head. I could see the visions of a funnel forming. Never before in my life I had wished to be sucked up in the whirlwind. I stood there for a moment looking at the sky, before I turned towards the pond. I took one last look at the sculpture, and with a violent flick of my hand hurled it towards the pond. It floated through the air and hit the water in the middle of the pond. Rolling waves start to rush towards the edge. The dark skies reflected in the ripples. I stood there waiting for the last bubble to pop as Kate's sculpture sank to the bottom.

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