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Picking Up The Pieces Again Pt. I

Chris comes home to find his best friend, crying near his door. There's only so much he can take.
*Ding* The elevator came to a stop on my floor.

Finally. After a long day of school and practice I was ready to tumble into bed. Shower be damned.

The thought of just stripping down and falling asleep sounded too good to be true. I was surprised by the image before me. She laid close to the door, her legs pulled up against her chest, her arms hugging them tight. She reminded me of those abandoned children and my heart dropped. A small suitcase was propped up against the wall, it looked to be more than one of the usual fights this time.
The scene was all too familiar. Was it barely a month ago? The last time I found her like this? She had gotten into an argument with her long time boyfriend, and finally decided she had enough. But he dragged her back and there was nothing I could do. 

I walked up quietly, not sure if she was awake. I unlocked the door, pushing it open and throwing my things inside. I knelt down and lifted her in my arms. 
Sighs. I looked down to see her face but she simply buried her face into my shoulder. 

“I feel so stupid.” She said quietly.

“No, he’s stupid. He’s stupid he didn’t recognize how good he had it.” I knew how good he had it, but she'd never be mine. We’ve been friends for a long time perhaps that was the problem. I missed my chance.

The house was dark and I didn’t bother turning on the lights. I knew we both needed sleep but first a shower was in order if I wasn't going to bed alone. I tucker her into bed, stroking her cheek before I turned towards the bathroom.

How many times is the world going to put me through this? I constantly picked up after John’s mess and at the end of it all I didn’t have anything to show for it.

I loved her when we were kids racing through the park. I loved her when she was that awkward girl with the braces and didn’t seem comfortable in her own skin. I loved her just as fiercely when the awkward girl had turned into the striking beauty. I loved her, when she told me she had started dating John. And… I loved her… the night she told me she was going to give herself to him. 

It’s been 5 years since they've started dating. At 23 I’ve never felt quite like this for anyone else, God knows I’ve tried. And even though every time I know she'll go back to him I can’t help but wonder is she ever going to let me in?

The shower was a good call. The hot water running down my body, I felt the tension oozing away. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to kiss her. Feel that petite body of hers rubbing up against me. The thought of Emily panting beneath me…

Damn it! That’ll teach me to be thinking like that.

I looked down to see myself painfully erect. There was no way I could go out like this and lay in bed with her. So I indulged…

“Hmmm that feels good, keep doing that” she purred as I slowly rubbed my dick between her crack. “Keep going” I continued grinding up against her, every so often letting my dick slip a little further so that it poked between those wet lips, as the hot water glistened off her body. I moved a hand her hip, tracing it up her smooth belly until I came to the softness of her breasts, squeezing. My other hand moved down between, sliding my hands between her legs cupping gently, hearing her gasp with pleasure made my dick jerk between her lips.

I started to suck on down her neck, leaving wet kisses everywhere I could reach. One hand kneading supple flesh, tugging at nipples, back and forth back and forth. The other hand stroking between wet lips. Her breathing picked up, and she started grinding that delicioys ass hard up against me. As I started to stroke faster she reached behind and grabbed my dick, pulling at the tip. Fingers teased my head, pinching it just enough to make me tremble.

“I don’t think so” I growled as she tried to grab my balls for a squeeze. I turned her around and pushed her against the wall. I slipped my hand between her legs again continuing my assault on that wet pussy. 

I leaned in to kiss her, dragging her bottom lip, sucking on it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her raise her hands to touch me once again forcing me to move my hands away from her aching sex. 

“No” Pushing her hands together, I tucked them behind her.

Eager to touch me, her panting increased with frustration. “You’re not playing fair Chris” she scowled. 

“I never said anything about fair. Stay still or I’m going to have to punish you” Smiling mischievously as I looked in her eyes. 
Her nipples suddenly brushed against my chest as she continued to pant heavily.

“How are you going to do that hot shot?” She said with a laugh.

“You asked for it, don't regret it!” I looked down to where our bodies touched, her nipples barely touching my skin.

I was mesmerized. I leaned down, taking one into my mouth sucking hard. I looked up, as I sucked and nibbled. Her head was thrown back, pushing against the wall for some support. My stomach did a little somersault at the sight of her. 

“Hmm, stop, that’s too much… uuhhh…” She groaned. How could I believe she wanted me to stop?

So in response I sucked harder, tugging roughly, reveling at the sweet taste in my mouth. My other hand parting her lips, my finger searched around for that button, I wanted to hear her moan my name and I knew just how to do it. I pulled gently on it as my fingers pinch lightly.

“Oh.. Chriss…. Chriss… don’t stop.” She tried to push herself deeper into my mouth, arching her back up. 

I moved back with a grin. “First you tell me to stop, now you don’t want me to? How am I gonna handle such mixed messages baby?” I gave her another quick lick before moving on.
I leaned up again, wanting to watch her reaction as I shoved two fingers inside. Her face contorted in surprise, followed by a loud moan.

“Fuck…” Is all I could hear her say between moans. While two of my fingers delved deeply inside, my thumb continued to toy with her clit. Rubbing it fast and hard. Her walls started to constrict, trying to push my fingers out but I was having none of it. I pushed my fingers even deeper inside, stroking around inside.

“Hmm baby I’m close, don’t you dare stop, don’t you dare fucking stop” her body already trembling from the ache quickly building between her legs. My dick pushed against her stomach begging for attention so I let go of her hands. She greedily reached and start stroking me, taking no time to be gentle.

Her sure quick strokes had my fingers fucking her even faster, trying to keep pace with her. She started to shudder and her stroking stopped, simply squeezing my dick in her hand as she began to lose control. Gripping my shoulder for support as her legs started to give way from the sensation.

“ CHRISSSS” The climax already in progress I continue to pump in and out, rubbing her clit making sure to make this as last as long as possible. Her hips moved against my hand pushing me deeper deeper. And then…


I snapped back to reality watching as my cum shot across the shower. I pumped my hand furiously, squeezing it just like she did in my fantasy until the last drop, dripped to the bottom. I turned off the water and slumped against the wall. Panting from the intensity of the fantasy. It felt all too real with Emily laying just beyond the wall.

I walked out of the shower and toweled off quickly pulling on my boxers I stepped out of the bathroom, unprepared for the site before me. She stood next to the bed, the nightstand light was on shining directly on her body. My eyes were drawn directly to her lacy black panties that did nothing to hide what lied underneath. She was putting on one of my plain white ts for bed. Her hands were up slipping into the sleeves of the shirt, her head still stuck underneath the opening.

Her skin was a snowy white, and her nipples were painfully erect. And I immediately imagined what a deep red they would be once I was through with them. My dick jutted up immediately straining against my boxers. All of a sudden she was looking right into my eyes, the shirt pulled down, which did nothing to hide her perky little nipples.

She looked at me inquisitively. My dick jumped in response.

Awwwe fuck….

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