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Picking Up the Pieces Again Pt II

Her nipple poked at my palm...
Note: For clarification and easier recognition, Emily's POV is in italics.

Part II 

I turned around, running back into the bathroom, slamming it quickly behind me. I slid down the door until I was on the floor, my head between my legs.

I needed to calm down or else I would never make it through the night with her. 

She walked towards the door, knocking softly.

“Are you okay?” Concern laced her voice.

“Yeah I’m fine! Be out in a second.” I looked down, hoping I had cooled off. Nope.

I started pacing around thinking of the most mundane things.

Chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair … CHAIR



I stared at the bathroom door, wondering what was taking so long. I plopped back down onto the bed. 

I felt guilty running to him every time John and I had a rough patch, and rough patch was an understatement. Deep down, I wasn't sure if I still loved John. Going back always felt like a nasty habit and it didn’t help that over the years that Chris had been so supportive.

UGH! Why can’t I have a guy like Chris, I thought.

I kicked my legs on the bed frustratingly. Maybe it was my fault. There was a time I thought that maybe there was something more. It had definitely felt like it at the beginning of senior year in high school. But the moment passed and I met John and it's been that way ever since.

I sat up again, hugging my knees to my chest, I stared at the door waiting for him to come out. Would it be so wrong to try it with him? 


I opened the door slowly, peeking around as I pushed it open. Not wanting to be caught off guard again, I might not be so lucky next time. It didn’t seem like she noticed anything earlier.

She sat on the bed wrapped in her usual position. I started to walk towards her and she looked up.

“Well that took awhile. Did somebody have a bad dinner? I hope you washed your hands before coming over here nasty!” she said teasingly.

I was glad to hear her teasing.

“Well I kind of ran out of toilet paper so I just used my hands…” I made a run for the bed tugging her down under me.

“GAH! GET OFF — YOU’RE SO GROSS!” she screamed gleefully.

“Can’t you lick it clean for me? THERE WASN’T ANY SOAP!” I tried sticking my hands in her face, tickling her as she struggled to get away.

She escaped from my grasp and jumped off the bed. “You are not touching me with those dirty hands. Who knows what else you do with them!”

“I am shocked that such dirty thoughts are coming from you.” I put a hand to my chest before I dashed off to grab her. I caught her mid stride as she tried to make a jump for the bed. Grabbing her from behind, we tumbled back into bed breathing heavily, my arm wrapped around her. It wasn’t until my breathing had slowed that I noticed where my hand was. Placed directly over right boob, her heavy breathing pushing it up into my palm every few seconds. I fought the urge to caress the soft flesh beneath my palm but I didn’t move it either. She laid there with her eyes closed. She made no indication of moving, or maybe she didn’t notice what was going on.

I couldn’t help it I just had to touch her, just a little. My finger moved on its own, tracing the curve of her gorgeous boobs. She made no indication that she noticed anything different so I kept going, tracing back and forth. God I was getting so hard and I was thankful that she wasn’t curled up into me.

All of a sudden I felt her nipple pucker into my hand. Pushing against my palm as she breathed. Was she enjoying it? Did she notice? Even if she did she made no move to stop me so I decided to keep going.

All I could see was the side of her face as we laid side by side by right arm wrapped under her. Her eyes still closed I moved my hand slowly, dragging it across her boob lightly until my fingers grazed her nipple. I placed my index right on top and began to slowly trace its outline, putting pressure every so often. Her hands started to tug at the sheets, but she made no move to stop me. 

I continued moving my finger restlessly around her nipple and then slowly I rolled it between my fingers. And was rewarded with a slight moan, as she arched her back under my touch. I leaned over…

The loud ring of her phone broke through the silence. 

We both popped up off the bed. The obnoxious ringtone echoed through the room. She made a move towards it. I could hear her sigh as she looked at the caller ID. I sat back down, trying to calm myself and relive what had just happened while mentally slapping whoever the fuck was calling.


John’s name flashed across the screen. There was no hiding if I didn’t pick up, he knew I would have gone to Chris’s either way.


“Emily, baby I am so sorry, I’m so sorry.” His voice sounded distraught and I could feel myself softening already.

“You’re always sorry John.” I said as I turned to look at Chris. He had lain back down across the bed, his arm covering his eyes.

“I know baby, just give me this one last chance please. Are you at Chris’s? I’ll come get you right now.” I could hear him jingling his keys. My eyes flickered back to Chris, he was always there for me, maybe it was worth going after…

“I need time to think John. I’ll call you when I’m ready.” I could hear him begin to protest before I ended the call. I held the power button, turning it off before setting it down. 

I walked back to Chris and lay down next to him, curling into his side. He slipped his arm underneath me, pulling me towards him, half of my body lying on top of him. I wrapped my arm around him and fell asleep, as he stroked my hair. 

To be continued..

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