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Picking Up the Pieces Again Pt III

Nothing's ever felt this good...
Note: Emily's POV is in italics!

Pt III. 


I woke up to the slight buzzing next to me. My phone was buzzing violently on the nightstand. I made a move to turn towards it realizing the soft warmth on left side of my body held me down. She was still sleeping, completely wrapped around my body. I stretched to reach for the phone.

“Hello?” Realizing I didn’t even check caller ID before picking up.

“Hey man, is Emily awake?” I rolled my eyes, … John.

“You know what I’m not sure I just woke up. I’ll tell her you’re looking.” I ended the call before he could say more.

I tossed my phone back onto the nightstand and turned towards her. She was lying on her side, her leg draped across me, one arm resting peacefully across my chest. I turned slightly so that I could hold her, pulling her closer. She shifted, nestling closer trying to find a more comfortable position. Her head tucked under my neck, breathing softly against my skin. It was hard to stay still.

After last night, I had hope. Maybe, this was my chance and I wasn’t going to let John ruin it before I was able to make a move. If she didn’t feel the same then hell at least I tried.

I absently started stroking her back, thinking about how I would broach the subject about last night. The memory made me stiffen a little, making me reposition myself so she wouldn’t feel my semi-hard cock as her wake up call. 

“Hmmm..” I could feel her tightening her hold around my waist, nuzzling my neck, softly kissing. She wasn't it making easy to stay calm. “That feels good.” Her breath tickled my neck. 

I titled my head slightly to kiss her forehead “How’d you sleep?”

She arched her body against me pushing her pelvis right into mine as she stretched. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. “Good, you?” She asked as she settled back into my arms, oblivious. 

I gulped, not sure how I could move without raising suspicion to my hardening cock. I tried as casually as I could to move my butt back before replying. 



It felt good to lie in his arms. Not that we’ve never done it before but I was always hung up over John, worried about this and that. God he smelled good. My nose was slightly rubbing against his neck. His body was so warm, his scent fresh and crisp just like fresh laundry. Not overdosed with cologne or what other men liked to call their “musty” scent. No thanks. 

I couldn’t help but press my lips on his adam’s apple, kissing it softly as I continued rubbing my nose against him. He was still stroking my back and I felt so relaxed. I moved my hand from his waist and started to trace it along his side, dipping in to feel his abs – each cut was so defined, the outline of his v-cut peeping out over the edge of his boxers - and moved back towards his ribs, caressing each one, until my hand reached his chest. 

“You smell good.” I said before nipping him on the neck.

He laughed and I felt his hand nestle into my hair, slowly massaging my scalp. It felt incredible. My hand began to trace his belly right at the hem of his boxers, just moving back and forth, slipping under the band just slightly. I grew wet as I saw him harden slightly at the mere touch, and I moved closer. I continued tracing his abs, kissing the hollow of his neck, nipping him every now and then. I started to massage the area just above the hem, moving closer

I felt him inching my shirt up slowly, his breath getting deeper as he continued. His movement mimicked mine, slowly tracing the hem of my shirt, sliding his fingers underneath. His cock had gotten hard, straining against the fabric. I moved my hand down tracing the length of him with just my fingertips, then rubbing him through the fabric.

“Fuck…” I felt his body tense up, his breath ragged. He sounded breathless and it made me unbelievably wet. I continued to stroke him until I suddenly felt a wet spot on his boxers. I could barely hold back a shudder. I reached through the boxer opening to grasp him in my hand.

He held me tighter, grunting his approval, when I gave his dick a slight tug. I rolled my thumb over his head, spreading his precum around. I pulled it out of opening wanting to see it for the first time. The sight made me moan slightly, making me ache down to my core at the thought of it buried deep inside me. I started stroking him and I couldn’t look away as I did it. It felt so good in my hands. His dick started to let out just a little more pre-cum and I couldn’t help but lick my lips in anticipation. 

I was about to lean forward when I felt his hand on my hair. Tugging me back softly. I tilted my head up at the pull. His eyes were half closed staring lazily back at me. While he held my head back with one hand, I felt the other one snake up my shirt. Without any hesitation he cupped my breast, massaging it and then I felt him tug at my nipple.


She let out a whimper as I began to roll her nipple around my fingers. Her forwardness had driven me crazy as she stroked. I stared into her eyes as she continued and I played with her. Her breathing started getting heavy and deep. I leaned in close to her face, our lips brushing slightly, both of our lips parted. I slipped my tongue in, just a taste.

“Are you wet Em?” I asked as I tugged her nipple just a little harder, watching her eyes widen just for a second. 

She nibbled on her lip at my question. No answer. I leaned in closer, gripping her waist, pressing our bodies closer and I kissed her. Sliding my tongue in to taste her. I thought I was going to explode as she sucked on my tongue. I pulled back, her face flushed, her breath came in heavy puffs.

I brought my hand away from her nipples, hearing a little protest from lips. I brought my finger to her lips, brushing at the wetness. Her tongue reached out and sucked. I could feel the blood rushing to my dick, it was torture. I brought my hand back to her nipple, now slick with her saliva and continued to roll her nipple through my fingers.

“Come on Em,” I pleaded “I need to know baby.” Pushing myself deeper into her hold, showing her just how much I needed it. 

She took her hand from my dick and for a second I thought she was going to stop and leave. Panicking, I was so close! But then she tugged at my hand moving it away from her chest. She guided it to the top of her panties and pushed my hand in. I almost cummed right there, feeling the heat and wetness of her pussy. My middle finger stroked her pussy and she leaned onto her back spreading her legs wider for me. 

I was leaning over her watching her reaction. She pulled my head down for a kiss as I gave her clit a nice pinch. Covering her moan with my mouth I took my hand out of her panties pushing her tshirt back up so I could get a good look at her boobs. I looked to the nipple that I had so thoughtlessly neglected, spreading her juices over it.

I bent down and sucked, pulling a tight hiss from her mouth. She was so sweet. Her hands went to my hair holding me in place. My hand went back down to her panties rubbing her from the outside. Toying with her, I poked through the fabric pushing at her hot opening. I pushed in and out , just enough for the fabric to push into her pussy.

She started to moan, no longer holding back.

“Take off your shirt” I commanded, she leaned up pulling it off and tossed it to the side. I knelt beside her and running my hand down from her collarbone to her pussy. 

I yanked the panties off moving to go between her legs I pushed them wide apart. I started kissing her thigh moving slowly up towards those beckoning wet lips begging me to taste them. She lifted her lips in anticipation. Not wanting to disappoint I stuck my tongue in, pushing it deep before dragging it up towards her clit, suckling it hard.


I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning out in ecstasy. I don’t remember it ever feeling this good with John. I shamelessly spread my legs wider and felt his finger slide into me. 

“God…” I meant it to be a whisper but it was so hard to keep quiet. 

“Actually its Chris.” He looked up with a smile before continuing. I had to bite back a smile. The punk.

My nipples were aching for some attention so I slid my hands up cupping my breasts while I pressed my hips up against his unrelenting mouth. I started to pinch and tug at my nipples trying to release some tension. Letting out a long moan as he shoved a second finger in.

I continued to squeeze, rocking my hips against his hands. I didn't even notice his mouth had left me until I heard him growl. "That is so fucking sexy Em,"I loved it when he called me that, it made me feel so sexy. Hearing it affectionately on his lips, raw with passion threw me over the edge. 

I opened my eyes to look at him, not stopping. His gaze only made me want to squeeze harder. The heat buried deep in my stomach started to stretch across my body.

“Oh god baby I’m gonna cum. Faster ” I cried, as I lifted my lips to push harder against him. He placed one of his hands over mine. Squeezing me roughly, as his fingers started to move faster. My eyes rolled back when I felt his fingers curl inside, hitting me at just the right angle. I could feel it building faster and faster. I pushed my hips and did my best to rock his palm against me. So close, so closee. It was right there I could feel it.. and then finally the joy of release. I dropped my hips back down to the bed my hands squeezing the sheets to bring me back down. 

I closed my eyes, trying to calm my breathing. His fingers still moved restlessly in and out of me. I opened my eyes, everything was a little hazy. I could see him staring straight at me, as the haze cleared I could see him slowly stroking himself as he fingered me. 

My eyes landed on his boxers, they need to go. “Off. Now.” I said forcefully. He grinned at my command, pushing them off quickly to nestle himself between my legs. 

I wrapped my legs around him pulling him down. He kissed me quickly moving around, having me chase after his moving lips for more. Then there it was, the loving stroke of his cock against my slit, he stopped right at the edge of me. I tried to push up, get it in deeper but he held me down. He leaned in close, our foreheads touching. 

“You ready Em? Cause I’m going to fuck you so hard you're going to beg me to stop. You have no idea how long I've waited.” He kissed me gently on the nose, such a contrast from his rough words. 

I looked at him. Feeling the goosebumps rise across my body at the thought of being filled by him.

"Chris..., " I said against his lips, biting his bottom lip. I grabbed his dick and pulled him in. He grunted appreciatively as he pushed in deeper. 

I closed my eyes. This has got to be a dream….

To be continued...

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