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Picking Up the Pieces Again Pt IV

Pt 4.


I had to bite my lip to calm myself down. She felt... indescribable. I kept my forehead against hers, trying to convince myself this was real, that it wasn’t just a dream. Her hands were stroking my back, scratching at them every now and then as I pumped into her.

It had to be real. No dream could compare to this. Her hips matched my rhythm, pushing up to meet me at each thrust. I felt like a freaking virgin, doing everything I could not to cum.

I was trying so hard not to cum, I didn’t hear her until she prodded me again. She licked my lips trying to get my attention.

“Where are you…,” Her voice was soft, almost purring.

“I’m right here baby.” I leaned down to kiss her as I started to pick up my pace, pushing deeper, forcing her legs to spread wider to accommodate me.

My hands curled underneath pushing her closer to me, burying my face in her neck. How could I’ve been missing this for long?

“But I don’t think I can last much longer…” Embarrassed at my own stamina.

She reached one hand between our bodies, the other buried in my hair. Her fingers wrapped around my base as I pushed inside her.

I groaned at the sensation. And then she whispered in my ear, “Come on baby, cum for me then.” Her voice was so low and sexy I couldn’t help but comply.

I started to go faster, harder, pushing deeper.

“YES YES come on baby, finish for me!” she cried as she started rubbing her clit. She climaxed before me, her pussy squeezing my cock and if that wasn’t enough to throw me over she squeezed her thighs tight around me.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I tried to pull out not sure if she wanted me to finish inside her. But her arms held me down, her legs hugging me in a vise-like grip. I pushed deep into her one last time, feeling myself emptying inside her. Exhausted I collapsed on top of her, my face at her side.



I felt his cum shoot inside me, the sensation was soothing. I had never let John do it but when I felt Chris trying to pull away I couldn’t help but hold him down.

His breathing started to slow down, but it tickled against my ear I had to giggle. He pushed himself up on his elbows giving me a quick kiss.

“What’s so funny?” His eyebrows quirked up as he asked which only made me giggle some more.

Tracing the shape of his eyebrows I said “You’re breathing tickled my ear. I couldn’t help it.” He grabbed my hand away from his face bringing it to his lips; he kissed the inside of my palm before lacing his fingers through mine and setting it down at our side.

He looked at me intently, before speaking. “Hell, I must be heavy.” As he started to lift himself up but my legs wouldn’t budge, I liked the feeling of him nestled between me.

“You are but I like it.” giving him a long slow kiss, as I started to stroke his back. He laid back down, his head at my shoulder. For a few minutes, neither one of us spoke. The silence was comforting something John and I were never able to achieve. There was always something playing in the background, music, or the t.v turned on low. The need for conversation was always there. 

I rubbed my face into his hair; it was so soft, the perfect length. He’d been trying out a fauxhawk look and I loved running my hands through it. My hand moved away from his back to run through his hair, massaging his scalp, kissing him through the softness. He let go of my other hand and I immediately moved it to the back of his neck, gently massaging the tight muscles. 

“You don’t how good that feels Em.” His voice sounded distant, sleepy. I had to giggle, he was such a softie for massages. 

He leaned up again, kissing me, his hand moving to cup one of my breasts, massaging it. My hand still in his hair, massaging as well. We laid like that for a while, kissing, and whispering sweet nothings against each other’s lips. He started to rock his hips gently against mine, his need stiffening inside me.

There was no rush, just the simple need for each other. He started to trace his lips along my cheek and I couldn’t help but sigh in response.



I loved how responsive she was to my touch. It was an aphrodisiac like no other, to hear sigh with every touch. She was still wet from earlier, slick to the touch. Her skin shimmered with sweat.

I licked the hollow at her throat, feeling her hand tug at my hair only fueled me further. I moved my hand down to her butt squeezing, only to be met by firm flesh.

“Perfect” I whispered to her. I pushed her up to meet me, as our grinding became a little more urgent. I held her close as I rolled over to my back, her body splayed above me.

Her eyes still surprised by actions. She laid still before for a second before leaning over me, nibbling on her bottom lip. Her eyes looked … what? … worried?

Her hair fell from her ears, touching my chest as she continued to sit on top of me quietly. I waited patient for her to move against me.

“What’s wrong baby” I brushed her hair back behind her ears to see her face.

“I’ve never… I’ve never done this before..” She said it so softly I wasn’t sure I heard her right.

“You’ve never done what?” Confused by her confession. I watched as she bit her lip harder.

“Hey, stop that.” I tapped her lip to make her let go. “ Just tell me its okay.” I pulled her down for a kiss trying to reassure her. I rubbed her back trying to make her relax as I continued to move under her, to keep the sensation going for us both.

She tucked her face under my chin and all I could hear was her mumbling, the vibrations against my neck. I grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at me.

Trying to be as gently as possible. I kissed her softly, licking her lips. “Tell me, what haven’t you done hmm.”

“This, you know” her hands pointing at my chest “me... on top, I don’t know if I’ll be any good at it.” My head stumbled over her words, surprised.

All I could say was “Oh”. Moving a hand to her sweet nub, stroking to get her going. I put my hands to her hips I started to move her up and down on top of me. “I’ll teach you.” She sat back a little from the movement, impaling herself further on me with her weight. I kept my hips there guiding her until I felt her moving on her own.

I moved my hands back, down her thighs, until it rested above her knees. I laid back, happy to let her set the pace. She was slow at first, careful. But it wasn’t long before I felt her rocking her hips back and forth as she moved up and down. I watched her through half opened eyes, letting her take me.

John was such a fool, it made me wonder of all the other things she’s never done. All the things I wanted to teach her about making love. Her breath quickened and my simple compliance wasn’t enough anymore. She grabbed my hands pushing them to grab at her breasts. She started to pounce deliciously up and down and I pushed up to meet her. It wasn’t long before she screamed my name.

“Oh Chriss…” She laid there breathing heavily on top of me as I pushed up into her one last time, feeling my cum drip down between us. Her hand moved between us, rubbing at where our bodies met. 



It had only been a few hours ago that I was sitting outside his door, crying over John. I wasn’t going to say I was in love. We’ve been friends for a long time and I wasn’t going to pretend that I magically loved him all of a sudden but… It had to be more then just a simple friendship…Maybe it just needed a little nudging along. 

My own orgasm had been overpowering, I had never done anything like it. John was a as long as I got mine kind of guy. Not that he wasn’t attentive to me at times but it wasn’t like this. I knew there was no going back to John, not after knowing I could feel this content and loved like this.

I leaned up, stroking his cheek with the back of my hand. “ You know…” 

He put his arms behind his head staring at me, waiting for me to continue. “I could definitely... fall in love with you.” I wasn’t sure what he would say but I definitely wasn’t prepared for his response.

His face broke into a huge grin. 

“Well, that’s good to hear. Cause I’ve been in love with you a long, long time.” He rolled me over underneath him. Holding my face in his hands his thumbs stroking my cheek. He rubbed his nose across mine.

“Finally…” He murmured against my lips. 


To the side Emily’s phone was vibrating, neither of them paying any attention as they started to explore this new dimension in their relationship. 

Her phone went silent….

· ** One miss call – John**

The End.

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