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(Pirate Era) Diary of Anne Breckinridge part 3

Diary of a dark haired beauty as she roams across the ocean to the New World.
Diary of a dark haired beauty as she roams across the ocean to the New World.
(Pirate Era) Diary of Anne Breckinridge part 3

Part III

The days passed slowly and one day like the others William visited me bearing the same old bread and water, along with his lustful needs. I did as before and pleased him with my mouth, as was his favorite taste of fornication. I was moving my lips faster along his manhood when I heard his moaning become more incessant and he began panting slightly, just then a bell rang out and muffled voices could be heard upon the deck. "All hands on deck!" the voices cried.
William cursed "All right my dear, gonna have to make this one quick now you here." He was already on the edge of climax but the sound of the bell and the voices had decreased his urge a bit. But I was becoming a master of my trade and I made haste to give him pleasure. I used both hands to urge his member on and tightened my grip and sped up until he moaned loudly and his juices volleyed into my mouth. A moment he stood in satisfaction and then he pulled up his trousers and scurried away.

I whipped my mouth from any leftovers that had remained and began to devour my true meal of foul water and stale bread. As I was eating I heard a great "boom" from above, a roar of a cannon. My heart nearly stopped, the thud of the shot landing in the water nearby made my soul to shrieked within itself. Another deafening boom and a thud, this time closer. I could hardly bring myself to bear the idea of what was this all meant--Pirates. The hustle and bustle on deck hadn't
been a rehearsal after all. In haste I ran to the darkest corner I could and sat there waiting. There was no more firing of cannon and then I felt our ship lung almost to one side, and then a crash. We were being boarded. My heart beat heavy as I heard the sound of loud voices and footfalls going to and fro. I sat there dumbfounded in fear as I saw three figures come down into the hull. It was dark two bore lamps and cutlasses, the third a musket.They spoke, but I could not hear their words.

They searched around inside the hull going to and fro as if checking on the cargo within the hull, they had passed my hiding spot and continued on a ways until the man with the musket spoke to his comrades.
"Jones," said he "shine yer lamp over here once more." he pointed with his musket. His comrade did as he commanded and scoured the area he had been told to investigate. Alas how foolish I had been, that same mistake that had brought me into a pact with William was that same mistake I had now made again. Oh foolish girl that I was, in my haste I had left the remains of my bread and my nearly empty tankered.

"Perhaps someone is aboutTimothy?" said one man with a lantern held high. The other knocked pointed about with his cutlass and began to careen the area his fellows did likewise.My heart was racing within my chest and when the rays of light from a lantern shown over me I was in mortal fear.
"Well what 'ave he here?" said a tall man bearing a cutlass and bearing a lantern in his left hand.
"Timothy, Clark, look what I've found hiding among this dump of a ship. Surely the only booty worth keeping." I shivered in fear as he set down his lamp and grabbed me with one arm. He slammed me into a barrel and pinned me there he was undressing me with his eyes. He moved his hand over my breasts and squeezed them as he pushed his body closer to mine.
"Aren't you a pretty thing." he chuckled as he sheathed his cutlass and used one free hand to feel up my dress.

"I get her after you Jones you hear.Its been too long since we been to Tortuga" said the other man with the cutlass.My molester had now bent me over a barrel and had moved my dress well nigh over my head and I felt his wretched hands finger me and caress my body with malice.
"I'll show you a sea monster lassie." he said in sick jest. Just then there was another sound besides that of his chuckle and my tormented moaning. A "click-click" from a musket's action was heard along with a voice from the third man.

"Alright Jones, you've had enough fun, you knows the rules.The captain gets the first pick of any prize." My tormentor had stopped his caressing and slowly backed away from me.
"Oh come on Timothy, you know I did it all in jest." he said in repentance, trying to sound sincere.

"Come on then," quothed the man with the musket "bring her up on deck and take her to the cap'in."
I was taken up on deck where my eyes were pierced by the power of the light, I had to shade my eyes and squint as I went on deck. It had been days and weeks since I was in direct sunlight and the effects were nearly blinding. Once on deck I saw two groups of men, one armed and the other group all huddled together, the sailors of the Alexandra. The sailors, all disarmed, were in awe when they saw me emerge from their hull, more so even than the pirates which careened the deck. I saw William's face pale and silent as I was taken aboard the pirate vessel. I was led on by the group that had first found me, but I was greeted with jeers and molestations as I neared a cabin door.

I was pushed inside with a firm hand upon my buttocks and then led by Timothy, the man with the musket, to a large room within the ship wherein was a fine oak desk, littered with nautical instruments and navigation charts, a reading desk with a chair and a proper bed with fine silk blankets. Behind the oaken desk stood a tall man in fine clothes; a jacket of dark grey with a white silk shirt with ruffles, with black trousers and a cutlass on his belt. His grey hat which was adorned with a long white feather sat upon his oaken desk next to his sexton. He had a cool calm face with fiery red hair and a small red mustache.
"Sir," said Timothy "we found a stowaway aboard our newfound prize."

The man, clearly the captain of the ship looked up from his scattered papers and sea charts with his dark brown eyes and looked me up and down. It was hard to read his face, but there was that same gleam that I had caught in other men's eyes when they viewed me. He stared at my form for a moment then spoke.
"I am Captain Peter Anthrop," said he as he stood tall and straight "and who may you be?"
"I...I..." I nearly shuddered with fear "my name is Anne Breckenridge, Miss Anne Breckenridge."
The Captain nodded to his minion and the musket armed Timothy left. The well dressed pirate strode in front of his oak desk and leaned against it, crossed his arms and spoke in a stern voice.
"And how, Miss Breckenridge did you come to be upon one of my ships? For the ship whereon you were just found is now rightly mine and my crews by right of conquest. I do not tolerate stowaways."
"I...I" I stammered"I offered the captain of the Alexandria pounds to take me to the New World, but he refused and so I stowed away. I didn't mean to do wrong, I had tried to do things properly, but he refused." I stood there awkwardly in my green dress now quite soiled from the long voyage, my dark hair unkempt.

"So you stole from this man? He was well within his right to refuse you service." said he disparagingly "But no matter, stowaways will be dealt with swiftly on this ship, even though the captain of the Alexandria was slow to do justice."
"Oh Please sir!" begged I "Mercy, for Christ's sake. I meant not harm, I only wished a better life."

"All of us wish a better life. Besides, I have duties toward my crew,they must be made happy and you will provide ample entertainment. It has been some time since we were last in port at Tortuga." He smirked darkly.
"For God's sake no!" I moaned in helplessness as I took a step closer towards him.
"The men must be made happy, it's the least I can do for my crew; seeing as they helped...procure a fine craft. Or the prison cells might suit you?"

"I will pay you all I have. Just drop me at the closest port." I implored.
"Your few pounds are nothing, I am sure what ever wealth you had have been scavenged by my men." he said almost in jest.
"Please, sir" said I " I shall do anything if you but save me from those wretches or from the prisoner cells."
"Anything?" he said as he gave me a smirk and looked me up and down slowly.
"Aye" quothed I as I moved a step closer and placed my hands lightly on his strong frame.

"I am sure that I might earn my keep." quothed I.
He uncrossed his arms and stood there in silence, before he spoke I went slowly to my knees moving my hands down the length of his body. His lips remained shut as he looked down upon me. I moved my hands around the growing bulge in this trousers. He slightly fidgeted without a word, then I unbuckled his sword belt and his cutlass fell to the wooden planks with a thud. I slipped down his black trousers and revealed his growing member. It too might as well had been a cutlass, it was large in girth and width. So much larger than William's, the first man I had known.

I almost stared at it for a moment in amazement and awe before regaining my composure. I had to do this to save myself from the naves of this man's crew. I knew what men wanted and I knew how to give it to them. I would use my wiles to further my own end, and that end at the moment was survival.
His shaft was large and his head was huge compared to William's own organ. I had not expected such a mammoth of a beast but I groped his large ball sack slightly and took his large shaft in one hand and stroked it gently. He was almost fully grown now, as he moaned slightly he grew harder and longer. I looked up at him and stared into his eyes before I moved my cool lips to his oversized head and shaft.

I took in his head and tasted his manhood, salty and sweet, as I took in a bit of his shaft and sucked slowly thereon. I felt his member in my mouth throb slightly. He was so large, I couldn't go down but half way upon his shaft with my first attempt. I used both hands to steady his shaft as I worked with my mouth on his head and took in more of his shaft with each bob of my head.
He began to moan louder with pleasure and closed his eyes from time to time to enjoy the moment. I attempted to take in more of his shaft and did so, managing to take almost three fourths of it inside my salivating mouth. I as far down as I could and retired my mouth to his head and took it off for a moments respite.I kissed his head and moved my tongue around it and in its crevasse to his surprise and delight.I took more of his shaft in my mouth this time and moved my head methodically back and forth on his large organ closing my lips tighter around him and speeding up my movement.

I went all the way down upon his shaft and could barely fit it all in my throat, I felt his head down my throat and could feel him throbbing deep inside me. He was too excited, and it had been too long since he had been with a woman. He was the one who shuddered now, not with fear but with ecstasy, he braced himself with both of his hands upon his desk as I sped up my movements. Back and forth, over and over, again and again; now sucking tighter and faster and faster until I heard his moaning increase and his breathing turn into panting.

Then as I had his shaft full inside of my mouth he peaked and I felt his warm seed shoot down my throat and fill my small mouth which was already stuffed with his hard member. It almost caught me off guard, so large was the amount he volleyed into my mouth and in such a depth. I pulled back to his head and sucked hard in short strokes. I wanted to pull off, it seemed like he filled my mouth completely, but I knew I had to prove my worth and so I remained steadfast at his head swallowing every drop of his warm juices until his spurt subsided. I pulled off for a moment to regain my composure and then went back for a long final stroke from as far on his shaft as I could go to his head and sucked harder than ever. I heard him moan and saw him grip the desk tightly and felt one final spurt of his seed fill my mouth. I swallowed and stayed fixed to his head for a moment more before relenting and pulling away.

He stood there a moment overjoyed. I stood up slowly and stood there awkwardly. He let out a heavy sigh and picked up his breaches and fastened his sword belt.
"Well Miss Breckenridge," said he "I suppose that I should well have mercy upon your situation considering the circumstances. I will have my men show you to your room, I encourage you to join me for dinner this evening with my officers." He grinned......

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