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(Pirate Era) Diary of Anne Breckinridge part 4

Diary of a dark haired beauty as she roams across the ocean to the New World.
Captain Anthrop had me taken to a small cabin which was, compared to my living conditions upon the Alexandria, a very welcome change. A soft, but modest bed with a fine down pillow and a window at the port side of the ship. After a few moments of examining my quarters there came a knock on the door; I answered and two men carried a large wooden trunk, they set it down and after giving me a good stare they left. A man behind them came carrying a basin of water and a bottle of fine perfume, he too ogled me before leaving and closing the door behind him.

I opened the large chest and found to my surprise a number of fine dresses and a looking glass and along with a few other vain instruments. Surely these were part of booty carried by some unfortunate merchantman carrying the latest fashions from Paris or Milan to the West Indies. I removed my rather ragged green dress and bathed as best as I could with the basin of water adding perfume for a fine aroma. It felt so nice to wipe thegrime away from so many days of travel.Next I tried one a gorgeous red dress, but twas , alas, to large. I passed over a white gown that was far to small but found a yellow dress nearly my size, though a bit tight. However, as it was small it merely increased and illustrated my curves much more.

After playing with my hair in the looking glass for a time a memory of my life before my adventure came to mind. Oddly this was a veryenjoyable event, I was looking like a woman again instead of some ragged vagrant.After some time, though it seemed short in my gay estate, there came a knock and a rough looking man with square shoulders bid that I follow him to the officers' mess.

When I entered the officers' mess all chatter seemed to stop and all eyes gazed upon me. I felt awkward for a moment, but then they all rose, the captain leading the example. I nodded in thanks and took a seat next to Captain Anthrop, they all sat down almost in unison.Petty crew members bore food and drink in abundance at the Captain's nod. There were four other men, beside myself and Captain Anthrop, the First and Second mate, the Quartermaster, and the Boatswain. All of the men were well dressed and had gay expressions, save for the Quartermaster, who rarely talked during the meal but insisted on staring at my bulging cleavage.The meal was wonderful, fresh fish, bread, turtle soup, and exquisite wine, no doubt another pieceof booty.I was ravenous, though I used all my capacity of manners, though I wanted nothing more than to dig whole heartedly into everything on the table, it had been ages since I had had a decent meal.

The conversation was rather dull, and menial; mainly introductions and the sort. Once the meal was done Captain Anthrop bid me join him for tea in his quarters. I agreed, of course, after all I was still their captive despite all the finery. Thanks and "goodnights" were made and I followed Captain Anthrop to his quarters. I stood in front of his large oaken desk and stared down at the nautical charts that covered it. A man entered the cabin and set down a try with china and pot of tea and left. Captain Anthrop came close behind me and spoke.

"I trust that dinner was acceptable." said he.
"Aye," I said "right well it was, I thank ye kindly." I felt him nudge closer.

"I had another kind of thanks in mind." he said, as he moved his hands on my shoulders and down my arms and along my waist. I stood there and breathed abit harder. What was I to do but to yield. I felt one of his hands cup my breast as he began to kiss my neck. His free hand began to undo the tedious number of draw strings on my dress. It felt strange, his kisses. William had never kissed me. Captain Anthrop worked his lips along my neck, up and down then kissed my ear slightly before returning to my neck. I was actually enjoying it a bit as I stood there his body pressed close behind me.

I felt his commanding grip upon me and he carefully forced my dress open from the back and letting it fall to the floor, my petticoat being another level that confounded him. He spun me around and continued so fumble with my corset, as he did so he moved his mouth along my body to my breasts, still covered by the lacy corset which I had donned.He moved his head back up to my neck and pecked at it with kisses until he reached my cheeks and lips. He had made progress on my corset and removed it altogether leaving my petticoat the only obstacle for his pleasure.

He smiled as he fully revealed my breasts, he loved their fullness and squeezed them tightly playing time to time with my nipples. I moaned softly and this served to encourage his actions. He caressed me with kiss from his lips and my breasts with one hand as the other started to slide down my petticoat.The petticoat littered the cabin floor as with all my garments and he soon threw his jacket to the ground beside it. He moved one hand down my body to my thighs and dabbled in the forbidden realms feeling my wet orifice. His touch sent shockwaves through my body and I became highly aroused, I was enjoying it all.

He held me tighter and kissed me more before removing his own shirt. I turned slightly feeling a bit awkward. He held me by the side and felt my body more and more in all areas, one hand gripped my buttocks another a breasts his lips were everywhere. He was ravenous. Then he bid me face away from him and I did so turning slightly and felt his hands caress my breasts and his mouth fondle my neck. As I stood there for a moment taking it all in and feeling the awe of an awkward lovemaking he bent me over his desk slowly. One of his instruments had pressed against my left breast awkwardly but I removed it quickly and peered back at him.

He undid his belt and I heard the heavy cutlass and trousers fall to the floor then his hands felt along my back from my shoulders down to my buttocks. Then I felt one hand leave my buttocks and could hear him moan softlywith imagined pleasure before he placed the head of his enlarged member inside of me. He was so large I moaned with pain and pleasure as I felt just an inch or so penetrate my wet orifice. I closed my eyes and pressed against the desk as I felt him push more of himself inside me. I thought William was large, but this was enormous compared to him.
I began to moan louder as he pushed his body forward until his entire shaft was deep inside me. Then he pulled his shaft out till only his head was inside of me.
I breathed a sigh and moaned to myself.And that was just the first thrust. He went again, slowly; I heard him moan with pleasure my tight fit around his manhood was almost overwhelming for him it seemed. He placed both his hand on my hips and pumped his member into me again, this time faster, the next time harder. He used his whole body to penetrate me it seemed and I was feeling a strange shock of excitement.

He began to pump harder and his wide shaft excited my senses as it moved incessantly. I moaned loudly as I felt my body climax and I closed my eyes as I felt the almost euphoric feel of my first climax. He continued and continued to speed his rhythm, he was beginning to breath louder and I could tell he enjoyed seeing my pleasure as he grunted with delight in my ecstasy.He was pumping harder now, his scrotum flapping against my body added extra excitement to my body as my warm juices increased lubrication to his pulsing shaft.

He reached forward and felt my best against the hard table with one hand as he continued to balance himself with the other by holding my hip and thrusting vigorously. Again and again I felt him, he felt so far inside me it seemed too much. Then another spasmof my body being overcome by feeling and excitement. I laid in ecstasy and could barely breath but I moaned loudly.

Then I felt him speed up rapidly and increase his thrusts to a greater velocity and as I lay across his desk I felt his warm juices shoot inside me filling up my tight canal he groaned and grunted as he thrust as much as he could, but he stopped after a few thrusts and leaned over on top of me with his member still inside me pulsing.He was breathing a heavy sigh a waited a moment before he retracted his wet shaft and head from my soaking vagina. His warmth inside me felt so good, I just laid there caught up in the feelings.

He slowly pulled his trousers up and stepped over to the tea and poured himself a cup and downed it with a gulp before sitting down with a wide grin upon his face. I roused myself and threw on my clothes slowly still feeling the effects of my two climaxes so close together. After a respite Captain Anthrop showed me to my room and bid me a good night. The next day I awoke very sore....

There will be more to cum. Please leave comments, so I can help my story flow. And sorry it has taken me so long to post more of this story.
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