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(Pirate Era) Diary of Anne Breckinridge part 5

Diary of a dark haired beauty as she roams across the ocean to the New World.
(Pirate Era) Diary of Anne Breckinridge part 5

The next day came, and I washed in a fresh basin of water and readied myself for another day onboard the ship. I was summoned to Lunch with the officers and captain and then was seen to my room. I sat idle in my room staring out the portside from my lonely window looking at the endless waves. Evening came and Dinner was the same, then once more back to my room. I thought I might be summoned by Captain Anthrop, but no summons came. The next day was the same and many days after that. The Penance, as Captain Anthrop's ship was called raided another ship, a Spanish merchant vessel bound for Havana. Captain Anthrop was loath to leave the Spanish ship behind but took everything of value and left her crew to continue on her way. There had not been enough sailors with the captured Alexandria in tow to capture a new vessel. Whereon the next day after the raid and after dining with the officers for lunch I sat in my room and conjured everything I could besides the room wherein I sat.

After being too long idle I ventured to open my cabin door and to my surprise I found no sentry at all. I crept along the hall way and saw a door slightly ajar and heard voices coming from inside.

"I wonder if there are any Man-o-wars about the Islands of Barbados." said one voice.

"I warrant there is, but the English have not bothered us as of late." replied another.

"Aye, nor the bloody Spaniards, though we pillage them right well." a laugh resounded.

"Indeed, only the Dutch ships are the ones we spare it seems. The Dutch would trade with the devil himself I am convinced."

"Aye" went up a number of voices in agreement and laughter.

"Besides Tortuga and the Danish colonies we would be hard pressed to sell our goods."

"Truly, but how many dance till we reach Tortuga?" asked a voice.
"I reckon two weeks from Sunday, if all holds well."

"I can't wait till we've landed in blessed Tortuga, bless all the 'Brethren of the Coast'!"

"Aye," said one voice eagerly "All the lassies of Tortuga best watch out when The Penance lands. I can't wait to make them all my acquaintances."

"For sooth, I would take that tiny wench Miss Breckenridge right 'er had the Captain not been so protective of her."
"Aye, aye, I'd give her a good romping alright." Laughs ensued.

I crept on a bit disgusted by their mentioning of me, but I had learned that Tortuga was our next port and within a few weeks. As I walked down the hallway of the cabins I neared the Captain's cabin--a dead end. As I was turning to withdraw from my room Captain Anthrop stepped out arrayed only in his boots, trousers, sword belt and plain white shirt, and looked at me with a quirky stare.

"Ah Miss Breckenridge." said he "What brings you here, so far away from your cabin I might add?"

"I...I meant to see you Sir." I said quickly and giving a sincere smile "I grow lonely in my cabin after so many days of only venturing out to eat and drink in your company."

He smiled and his face lit up like a lamp. "Well, by all means join me in my cabin Miss Brechenridge."

He opened the door and I walked into the room. The ships log was on the desk cracked open and it was visible that the ink was barely drying from the latest entry. I walked to the window that looked out from the stern, or aft, of the ship over the water. Captain Anthrop closed his cabin door, and I heard the distinct sound of a locking mechanism flowing.

"Please Captain Anthrop." quothed I "you may call me Anne if you would like." I said as I turned to face him.

"Very well then Miss Anne," said he still used to ceremony. I walked over to his desk and looked down at the charts underneath his large ship's log. He moved steadily behind me and peered over my shoulder, down my cleavage. It pulsated up and down as I breathed in my tight corset.

I could sense him about to hold me close again like before but for some reason I moved away and glided in front of his desk. He remained where he had stood, as I took a seat in front of his desk to his clear dismay.
"I wish to discuss the terms of my ransom." said I. He nearly balked as he sat back in his chair.
"And what about your ransom?" he said perturbed.

"Well, Captain, not so much my ransom--so much as my captivity onboard this ship."

"As I doubt that I will have any family looking for me in many months, if not years to come, I gather that ransom is doubtful. But some freedom of movement upon the ship would be desirable." I moved quickly to my feet and glided behind his desk as he began to rise in respect for my femininity I motioned for him to remain seated. He did so.

"With more mobility upon the ship I can go to and fro as I like, to where I like. The deck for instance, the kitchen, and of course your own cabin." I said with a seductive grin.

The brightness in his eyes was beginning to return. "This is something to consider." said he as he looked up and down at me in a bright green dress that accented my form beautifully.

I moved closer to him and I saw him tense himself a bit. I put one hand on his shoulder and ran it down his body before placing my other hand upon his other shoulder. He looked into my eyes and smiled slyly as I moved one leg across his body then another so as to be sitting upon his lap facing him. He stared at my bulging breasts that were at his easy gazing level. I reached down and grabbed my long dress and pulled it up until I had reached his trousers. The fashions of the day were truly not conducive for such activity, but I managed to reach the feel of his trousers. I felt along with his linen material a bulge of his own.

I smiled at him as I stroked his pants from the outside and then slowly unbuckled his trousers. I pushed up on my feet slightly in order to give his trouser room to slide down his body, just enough room for his growing organ to be exposed. He leaned his head back a bit and then looked forward again breathing heavy as I grabbed his member under my dress and moved it across my thighs and buttocks. I had not put on a petticoat that day, as it was dreadfully hot and I seldom had company.

His eyes showed surprise when he felt the warmth of my flesh and not the texture of ruffles. I was wet from the excitement of lying and posing and seducing Captain Anthrop all at once. I rubbed his now enlarged member along my vagina to my clit and then I guided it into my calling lips. I sat down slowly upon him feeling him engulf my canal with every little bit I lowered my body.

I moaned softly, more to myself, as I rested on him sitting there in his lap. He moaned softly too, it felt so good to him I could tell. I pushed myself off of the floor with my tiny feet and rode along his shaft a bit before letting myself fall back on him. I did this again, but faster and felt tingling in my body as I speed up.

I placed my hands on his shoulders and that gave me more power to go up long his shaft more. He moaned with pleasure as I arched my back and began to ride him harder. My body came down on his lap and made his scrotum tickle enough to enjoy and add stimulation. He moved his hands to my breasts and put his hand down my shirt as best he could and stimulated my nipples before moving his hands to my hips. As I went up he helped with his hands to slam me down upon his large cock. I went up all the way to his head, and came back down to be rocked by my body hitting climax. I stopped and clung to him and nearly shivered with pleasure.

Captain Anthrop reached around and grabbed my buttocks and felt them fiercely before trying to thrust as little as he could from his position. I regained my composure after a moment and I went up higher on his member, it being made easier by my fresh lubricating him with my own fluids. Down I went again, and again. One time I went up too far, and his throbbing organ fell against his body, he sighed and I quickly reached under my dress with my right hand and guided him back inside me. He breathed heavy and moaned audibly as I went up and down on his shaft again and again.

I speed up my movements and my breasts jiggled even with all the support my dress had. He moved one hand to my breasts and kept one hand on my hip. As I went up to his head, I shifted the position of my legs and tightened them around him. In so doing I tightened my canal and lips around his throbbing organ and I could see the effect upon his face as he began to breath heavier and leaned back slightly. I could tell he wanted the pace to slow down, therefore I sped up and went in full strides upon his member. All the way up, and all the way down, again and again.

Then I heard his breathing become intense and I heard him moan loudly as his organ discharged his seed inside my already wet canal. It was warm and I continued to ride him quickly, he moaned louder and his arms nearly went limp as I continued again and again. He mustered up enough strength to put his hands on my hips and slow me. But still on I went until he sighed loudly and leaned against my breasts. Then I slowed and gave him one final hump, form his aching head down his thick shaft to his base. I sat there a moment before sitting up and removing his drenched member from me. I sat up and moved to my feet, composed myself and walked toward the door.

"Please do consider my proposal Captain Anthrop." said I as I shuffled to the cabin door, unlocked it and left for my own cabin...

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