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Pleasurable Afterglow

Myra tightened her womanhood, moaned, and when she released it, she felt even more stimulation ...
Myra stepped out of the shower, dripping the teardrop shaped dollops onto the bath mat, and stood there feeling the cool air of the room drift around her body before reaching for the towel on the rack. The cooling effect surrounded her body as if she had immersed herself in a pool of peppermint menthol tingling her every pore. She did not want to dry herself, however, she opted to grab the towel and run it across the sensual skin of her naked body.

She rubbed the towel over her body, hoping it would dissipate the strong feeling of desire, but it didn't. Myra fluffed her hair with the towel and entered her bedroom and saw her sixty year old husband laying naked, face down on their bed. Myra stopped and took in the sight of his naked round muscular ass. As Myra stared, tingles entered her fifty-six year old pussy and made it instantly drip. The sexual fluid that evaded her pink division surprised her immensely. Given her advanced age, she had not felt her pussy leak like that in a long time. And it felt so good to her.

Myra moved gingerly to her bed where her naked husband lay and slowly slid in beside him. He grunted as she laid on her back beside him, and grabbed his hand. Slowly, Myra guided his hand down to her pussy, letting his fingers course over her landing-strip until he covered her wet division. Myra grinned as she watched him turn his head and open his eyes.

“Myra, that’s not… Oh wow, it is,” Roland spoke.

“Mmm, hmm,” Myra answered with closed lips.

“It’s nice and wet. Myra, God, I don’t remember the last time you were so aroused,” Roland said and turned over onto his back.

Myra looked at his cock as he situated himself next to her. His seven inches was still limp, but she knew it was about to lengthen even more. It was beginning to pulse slowly as blood began to pump into it, while his fingers glided through her mature sexual lips. He continued to pet her kitty as Myra massaged life into him.

Roland moaned and reached full erect length under Myra’s gentle strokes. His balls moved subtly with each slide she made and his cock’s head became shiny, plump and more pronounced in her pulsing grip. At the same time, Roland continued to massage over his wife’s pussy, feeling its lips engorge with heat until it secreted hot clear fluid. He saw Myra had closed her eyes and was sighing sexually as he felt her womanhood. He felt good pleasing her once again.

With her eyes closed, Myra took in the sensations of her tender folds being manipulated up and down as Roland massaged his fingers over her pink heaven. The heat that had engulfed them made her more sensitive to his touch. She felt her clit awaken under his fingertips. It began to elongate itself and poke out of the covering that concealed it. Like Roland’s long erection, her clit matched him and it felt so good.

Roland moaned deeply as Myra continued to massage along his hard shaft. He felt her hand conform to every ridge and felt each beat of his heart rush the blood through his erection that kept it hard. Myra kept a steady stroke upon him making his balls jiggle. The weight of them bounced evenly with each stroke she took. Roland let out a little whimper, especially when he felt the clear fluid from stimulation spurt out, forming a thin sticky thread from the tip of his cock to his navel.

Myra heard Roland’s whimper and opened her eyes to see the shiny string of clear stimulation drip to his belly. The sight sent a signal straight to her pussy. On instinct, Myra tightened her womanhood, moaned, and when she released it, she felt even more stimulation leak out. It was hot as it flowed onto the sheet beneath her. Roland felt his wife’s pussy quiver and leak and took his finger and slid it through her sexual crease. He felt it glide so gingerly through his wife’s wetness. Myra moaned as her husband’s finger gathered her stimulation and she felt the tingles begin inside her, especially when he rubbed over her hard clit. Sensitive as it was, it reacted to Roland’s touch and began to quiver and pulse.

Myra felt the same feeling in Roland’s long rock hardness. His cock began to throb more and more in her hand as his heart beat faster and he began to breathe deeper and exhale longer. She loved how hot his blood boiled inside his throbbing cock. The ridges her hand fit around felt wonderful as she stroked faster now. Myra glanced at his erection and it leaked clear perfection. Every so often she slipped her hand down over Roland's balls and tickled. They tightened under her touch and he moaned in delight. Myra was making her husband feel good.

Roland, at the same time, was making his wife feel good as well. She was wet, wetter than he remembered in a long time, and her clit was hot and nicely erect. He matched Myra's strokes on her clit as she continued to pull on him the same way. Roland quickly massaged Myra's love button until he had her arching into the bed and moaning loudly. Suddenly, Roland felt Myra's body tense as she began to grip the sheets, so tight her knuckles turned white.

They had both brought each other to the point of no return.

"Oh God Roland, you're gonna make me cum!" Myra breathed through heavy pants.

"Me too, Myra. You're gonna fucking make me explode!" Roland announced as he felt his body sink down into the bed.

Then, at the same time like lovers are supposed to do, Myra and Roland climaxed. Myra moaned loudly, and felt her pussy pulse her orgasm, wildly, in hot flowing goodness, flooding the sheet underneath her. Roland groaned deeply as his balls tightened, almost disappearing into his body, and his hard cock twitched in his wife's hand, spurting hot thick ropes of white gooey cum out onto his chest and stomach.

Together, Myra and Roland laid there in beautiful pleasurable afterglow; their breathing slowing and their bodies reeling in climaxed sensations.

Myra looked up at her husband and smiled. Roland looked down at Myra and did the same. Then Myra turned on her side as Roland wrapped an arm around his wife. Their bodies were hot with satisfaction and tender in their embrace.

Yeah, they both knew their sexual passion still lingered in the air. The aroma of their mutual manipulation was strong and wafted around them as they cuddled. How could it not when Roland's was still pooled on his body and Myra's was still gushed underneath her?

However, Roland nor Myra cared about that. They were now too busy feeling the loving passion again; after some time of there being none.

It felt wonderful. Neither Roland nor Myra would trade places for anything.
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