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Pool of Dreams

The cowboy is at it again!
So the cowboy is at it again! He keeps invading my dreams!

Blue skies, cool breeze, hot sun and an infinity pool overlooking the horizon of the country. Rolling green hills, faint clouds in the sky, the perfect summer day. I lean against the edge of the pool, right in the center. To my left, another gorgeous view of the country side. To my right, a pine deck with a hot tub build in attached to a beautiful “log cabin”…looked more like a mansion.

I sit in the pool in my two-piece, my long brown hair cascading down my back into the water as I soak up the rays of the sun. I hear the door to the house open, and there he is, the “cowboy” wearing a button-down shirt, jeans, boots, and of course, his Stetson. And he happens to have a case of beer with him (good boy). Lucky for him, I wasn’t wearing much to begin with.

I swim up to the deck and he hands me a beer. I catch a view of his shaft growing in his pants. He turns from me as I giggle and drink my beer. He starts to strip down to his shorts and joins me in the pool. We sit there and chit-chat about his day and the weather and all of that other fun crap. I turn to place my beer on the deck. When I turn around, he’s right in front of me; an inch away from my nose. He puts his arms around me and starts to pull at my bikini top and says in a deep, husky voice, “You won’t be needing this”. As he unties my top, he trails feather-light kisses down my neck. When he reached my collar-bone, he pulls at the tie around my neck and flings it to the deck.

I hold onto the edge of the deck behind me, he grabs my hips and lifts me in the water so I can wrap my legs around him, still kissing my neck, down my chest, lapping up my nipples. He starts to undo the ties on the sides of my bikini bottoms and whispers against my boobs, “You won’t be needing these, either”. He takes them off and tosses them to the deck too. He caresses my body up and down with his hands. I can feel his rock hard cock as he rubs against my sex.

He puts my hips down and turns me so I’m facing the deck. He kisses down my neck and nibbling on my shoulder. One arm is around me as he squeezes my nipples, making me moan. His other finds my sex. He spreads my lips and dips a finger into me as he grinds against my ass. He moves his other hand from my boobs and rubs his way down my side, to my ass, squeezes a cheek, and finds my opening. My body is on fire. He sticks two fingers into me from behind as he rubs my clit from the front. The double sensation is so intense. It’s only moments before I can feel myself about to cum. He then raises his mouth to my ear and says deeply, “Don’t you dare cum. Not until I tell you to”. All I can muster up is a soft “Oh my god”…

He thrusts his fingers into me hard, but rubbing my clit softly. I can’t take the pleasure any longer. He feels my muscles start to flex. He pulls his hands away quickly, spins me around and lifts me out of the pool so I’m sitting on the edge of the deck. He pulls my legs apart and buries his face into my wet folds. He tongues my clit like it’s his last meal. Feeling his hot breath against my lips, “Cum for me”. And he covers my slit with his mouth, licking my clit fast and hard. He holds my hips down as my orgasm rips right through me. My back arches, I try to find something to grab hold of. I feel my hot cum rush out of me and into his mouth. He moans against me. The vibrations rocking me to my core.

He doesn’t stop licking me. He gently runs his hand from my hip, around my thigh and thrusts two fingers in. He roughly curls his fingers inside me over and over again. My whole body starts to quake. I feel another orgasm quickly take over me.

He laps up every drop. I sit up and he takes my face in his hands and kisses me like he’s hungry for me. I can taste my juices all over him. He pulls away, smiles and says “I’m not done with you yet”.

He moves to get out of the pool. I reach up to the chair, grab my towel and wrap it around me. I head inside to go freshen up and wash the chlorine off of me.

I come back outside wearing a black-lace baby doll teddy with a corset front (he likes black-lace and corsets). He’s sitting in the hot tub. By this time, the skies were turning beautiful shades of pinks and purples as the sun was setting. But it was still very warm out.

I sit on the edge of the hot tub and grab myself another beer. The water feels so nice as I dip my feet in. He moves closer to me, takes my beer and places it on the railing of the deck. I pout because I want my damn beer. He rubs his thumb against my pouty lip. He pulls my face into another passionate kiss. Hard, but slow. He holds the nape of my neck as he kisses down to my shoulder. Both of his hands then rub down my sides. He kneels between my legs and pulls me closer to him. My hands gently caress his head and shoulders. He kisses the valley between my breasts. Going lower and lower, slowly inching my legs back.

He leans down and trails kisses from my left knee to my inner thigh; then moves to do the same to the right. To his pleasure, I’m not wearing any underwear. He softly kisses my thigh, trailing his tongue to my damp lips; and moves back to my left thigh to do it again. He kisses my slit, using his lips to move mine apart. I move one leg up and over his back, giving him better access to my hot core.

His tongue gently brushes against my swollen clit. Still sensitive from the massive orgasms he gave me earlier. He sticks his tongue further between my wet folds, right under the hood of my clit. He can feel my juices start to drip out of me. He licks harder as I moan. He gently sucks on my clit, sending me into a whirlwind. My hips gyrating against his mouth, my cum gushing out all over his face. He comes up to my face and says, “Lick it off my mouth”. I’m only more than happy to comply. I run my tongue from his chin up past his upper lip and then kiss him. Our tongues wildly dancing, tasting my cum all over his mouth.

Only then do I realize he’s not wearing anything. He pulls me into the water, turns me around and bends me over. I grab hold of the edge of the hot tub. I feel the head of his cock rub against my slit, begging for him to fuck me. He slowly enters me to the hilt. I can feel his length slide in me inch by delicious inch. He wraps left hand around my front and softly plays with my clit. He places his right hand on my throats and gently pulls me back to I’m at a near impossible arch. Kissing my face and my neck, he fucks me hard, practically without mercy. He lets go of my neck and clit, grabs hold of my hips and rails into me. I’m calling out, begging him not to stop. He rams into me hard. I call out his name and cum harder than I did all day. I can feel his hot cum as he empties himself inside me. I collapse over the edge of the hot tub, sated and well fucked.

That is one hell of a dream to have of your mechanic!

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