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When a guy finds the girl he takes to the cinema isn't quite as innocent as he had expected...


Sat in the darkness, the warm weather temporarily cooled from the blistering heat outdoors and the smell of sweet popcorn wafts up from the bulging paper bag sat in my lap. My arm barely touches the arm of the shadow next to me. A smile creeps across my face, as I take a peek at him at my side. He catches me looking and grins, pinching a few clusters of the honey flavoured popcorn I’m holding.

The adverts end and the room becomes silent in the suspense of what the next few hours hold. It reminds me of being on a train and going through a long dark tunnel, not knowing what everything will look like on the other side.

I nervously play with the chain around my neck as the credits appear on screen and the soundtrack begins to play. For a blissful hour and a half it is just him and I suspended in a world of our own and despite reality waiting for us outside the doors, for now, we have sought an escape that only we share.

Out of the corner of my eye I see him shuffle in his seat, our bare knees brush and then he is still, my smooth leg against his hairy one. I can feel his eyes on my face; I glance round and see him mimicking me, biting his bottom lip, I smile sheepishly and look down at the crumpled bag in my lap. My eyes return to the screen as I feel a warm glow in my cheeks that I’m glad he can’t see.

We both reach into the bag at the same time, his hand lingers before his fingertips tickle the palm of my hand as he withdraws it. I nibble on the corn, licking the stickiness off my fingers before replacing my arm back on the arm rest between us.   I feel his hand slip behind my elbow, and he softly traces his fingernails against the inside of my arm, which responds; making the tiny hairs stand on end and my skin becomes covered in goose bumps. I manage to repress a giggle but not the shaky breath that escapes from my lips.

The feeling of uncontested ecstasy that can only be found on a first date fills my chest as I subconsciously lick my lips and twirl the hair at the nape of my neck. I take a deep breath and smell a trace of his subtle, seductive aftershave.   As he continues to trace circles up the back of my forearm, I reach down and imitate the movements on the bare skin below his long shorts, the illusion of my young innocence beginning to slip. I feel the muscles in his leg tense slightly as I take him by surprise. He turns to look at me and this time my smile is vaguely more confident; I can feel the mischievous look that dances across my face and see him raise his eyebrow in the glare of the screen.

Turning back to the movie, I move my hand further up his leg, running one finger along the edge of his shorts. After getting his attention, still looking at the screen, I slowly scratch my fingers up his thigh; I hear a sharp intake of breath. I continue to explore, until I inevitably find his cock, slowly starting to swell under my investigation. Lightly outlining the tip, I sneak a glance at his face, amused, as my true nature catches him unawares. I begin to feel a warm flush appear on the back of my neck and chest.

As the movie climaxes and the protagonists on screen have their predictable end of scene kiss, he slips his arm from under mine, taking the hand on his leg and giving it a tiny squeeze.   Contemplating whether or not it is too early to suggest going back to his, I am filled with a sense of contentment and sadness; fulfilled from my time spent with him in the film’ s bubble and a small pang of sadness that this precise moment of anticipation can’t last a little longer.

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