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Professional Encounters

Such professional encounters were never anticipated.
As she takes out her pen and notebook from her bag in an attempt to prepare for class, she is distracted while secretly eyeing the door awaiting his arrival. She drops her pen and lets out a frustrated sigh as she watches it roll across the ground stopping just outside of the door that is just a few feet away from where she is sitting. She finds herself impatiently bouncing her leg as she sits in her chair wondering if she should wait until he arrives to get up and grab her pen or get it now. She forces herself to take a deep breath, both to calm her nerves and her rapidly beating heart.

On cue, he opens the heavy door and enters the room. He is dressed in his usual wear: dark framed glasses, a typical black zip-up jacket, a dark button-up striped dress shirt that hangs loosely from his long frame, black dress pants that are being held up on his scrawny body by his black silver-buckled belt, polished black dress shoes, and his shoulder bag which contains the quizzes he is going to hand back to the students today.

His eyes are fixated on the ground until her pen comes into view. He bends over and picks up the pen. He turns to face her as he walks by and outstretches his hand holding the pen. He gently nods his head in greeting. She stares at him in complete awe. She quickly snatches the pen out of his hand and nods her head in thanks. His curled auburn hair and ghost-like skin contrast nicely with his deep green eyes which have an alluring and hypnotizing effect on her for the brief moment that they stare into hers. She thinks she sees him smile slightly as he acknowledged her and then watches it quickly fade as he continues to walk by.

Her eyes follow him as he walks to the front of the room where he places his bag on the table next to him and stands slowly unzipping his jacket, looking around the room and pauses to look at her for more than just quick moment. She, in embarrassment to be seen staring back, looks down in her lap. He takes his eyes away and lets out what looks like a smirk. He slides his jacket off and drapes it behind his chair. She wants him to continue taking other articles of clothing off. Her heart is still beating rapidly, though she was noticeably more relaxed now that he is here and with her pen in hand. She looks back up to the front of the room. Now all she needs to do is get through the hour and a half lecture, trying her best to resist his power over her.

After lecturing briefly, he stands up and snatches the quizzes from his bag. He calls out a student’s name and they raise their hand – he walks in front of her chair on the way to another student and she discretely inhales his scent; it is crisp and subtle, but extremely sexy. He walks and stops directly ahead, facing her and takes a step closer to her and stretches over her to hand a quiz back to a student in the row behind her. She catches herself looking at the place on his body she most desires to see uncovered. He looks down at her and develops a slight grin on his face. Before she could register the look on his face, he turns away to continue passing out quizzes to students. She feels her cheeks burn up with the feeling of humility that she was caught thinking such embarrassing thoughts about her professor.

She quickly snaps out of her mortification when she hears students packing up their bags. She looks around to see if anyone has noticed, but everyone seems to be busy putting away their pens and notebooks. Sighing in relief, she begins to pack her own bag. She was so preoccupied thinking about him, about what his body could do to hers that she hardly noticed the paper placed on her desk. She examines her quiz that was left on her desk before she gasps in surprise at the mark that was written at the top of the page. Her failure dawns on her. The problem isn't that she doesn't understand the course material; the problem is that she has been struggling to pay attention in class – he is so close, yet she can’t have him and it is too much for her to handle.

She steals glances towards him to see if he will linger like he usually does after class. Sure enough, he is still in his seat, slowly rearranging his bag and looking over his notes from his lecture. The other students trickle out of the room, leaving her alone with him once again.

She stands up and puts her jacket on and slings her bag across her body before nervously walking up to him at the front of the room after what had happened moments earlier. She has the intent of discussing with him how she was doing in the class. As she approaches, he looks up from his lecture notes that he was reading and smiles a warm smile. He asks if she has any questions about the day’s lecture; she says no, but that she did have questions about how she was doing in the course and what some next steps could be. He says it would be best if they move up to his office so he can take a look at her marks on his computer. As he packs away the rest of his belongings, she stands there looking at him with fascination; he is easily twice her age, but she has never felt closer to another person in her life. He stands erect and asks if she was ready to make the trek to his office – she nods and they begin the silent walk, which seems to last ages, to his office.

Once on a landing in the stairwell, she is once again enveloped in his intoxicating scent, and she can feel his gorgeous green eyes sneaking peaks of her as he leans his head down just enough when he continues to lead the way climbing up the stairs. They walk through a doorway to reveal a long deserted hall. They begin to walk down to his office and she notices he surveys all of the open office doors, as if to see if anyone was still around. He stops at a door and takes out his keys. As he fumbles with his keys, she feels a slight smile forming on her face. He finally unjams the lock of his office door, pulls out the key, and staggers inside. She follows behind him. He gestures for her to take a seat as he closes the door behind them. He leans against it and closes his eyes.

She walks closer to the chair and takes in the oddly inviting environment around her. It is a typical university professor's office – piles of books and papers cover every available surface, the place hasn't been dusted in ages, it has a faint musty odour from the old books, and has the general staleness of the attitudes that prevailed in such places. She turns her head slightly to glance at her professor who takes in a large breath and exhales, then makes his way across his small office to his desk, places his bag and jacket in the corner, and flops down in his rickety chair. It takes him a minute to realize why she is standing there looking at him expectantly.

Then he sees the piles of books on the only other chair in the office and suddenly understands. He, embarrassed, launches himself to his feet. He walks around the desk and scoops up the books so she can sit down. She takes a seat and as he towers over her he is painfully aware of how close she is to him. There is that now familiar heat that seems to engulf him. He turns away, flushing with bashfulness. He walks around the other side of the desk and drops the pile of books on floor.

They sit staring at each other for a moment before she takes her eyes away from his. He lets out a little smirk just as she met eyes with his again. She still has her jacket on and is beginning to get warm. He watches her as she arches her back slightly to get the arms of her jacket off which exposes a bit of skin. She hears him exhale sharply and then hears him stand up from his chair. She feels his warmth move towards her; he slithers his way between her and the desk, now behind him. He asks her to stand up. She looks up at him with thoughts rushing through her mind.

A wave of pleasure spreads through her body as he presses his body ever so gently against her. The gap between them closes almost instantly as he pulls her into his arms. He gently tilts her head up and places his lips against hers. Their lips press together and tongues intertwine as he explores her mouth with his tongue. She feels his hands grip her as he pulls her against his body even closer. She moves to take his face in her hands. His hard member presses against her feels like nothing she has ever felt before. They kiss for what seems to her to be an eternity. It is a hot and passionate kiss that she never wants to end. His hands travel over her body exploring her soft curves over her clothes, while his tongue explores her mouth and the soft spots on her neck.

He places his large hands on her waist and he slowly moves them up her curvy sides until they reach the base of her breasts. Halting there, he leans down to kiss the side of her neck. Instinctively she leans her head to the side to allow him better access. She closes her eyes and traces her hands over her body until they were on top of his. Then she guides his hands over her breasts and leaves them there, giving him permission to explore the rest of her body on his own.

Her own hands are now locked behind his neck, pulling him down to her height. She presses her breasts forcefully into his chest and gently grinds her hips into him. As the kissing becomes more and more passionate, she begins thrusting her hips forward. She lets a little moan escape as his lips move from her neck to her earlobe, taking it into his mouth and biting. He moves his hands down to the hem of her shirt. She doesn’t fight him. He slides his hands over her stomach as he pushes her shirt up over her head revealing her black bra. As he stands taking in her beauty, he drops her shirt to the floor. She wants this as much as he does, if not more. She grabs him by the arms and pulls him closer to her.

He turns her around and pushes her against the desk. She lets out a gasp as the rapid movement surprises and excites her. He leans into her body, pressing his rigid pecker against her lower stomach. He grabs under her bottom and lifts her onto the table. He reaches down to help her slide her shoes off before taking his own off. He stands up as she opens up her legs to allow him to stand between them. He steps into position where she can feel his erect piece against her inner thighs. He continues kissing her neck and shoulders before dropping lower towards her chest. She lets her head roll back and pushes her chest out, enjoying the sensation of his warm lips on her skin.

She moves her hand down to his waist and unbuckles his belt, pulls his shirt out from his pants, and begins to unbutton it. As the last button is undone, she pushes his shirt off of his bony shoulders and he takes his hands away from her body to let the shirt fall to the floor. She runs her hand through his soft curly hair with one hand as she brings her other hand back down to the waist of his pants and begins to rub his bulge. He lets out a low moan in an expression of pleasure. He caresses her soft breasts over her bra tickling her nipples and making them grow stiff from the stimulation. She leans back slightly as he pushes her bra to the side, exposing her. His finger trace over her breast sending sparks throughout her entire body.

He steps in closer to her and reaches around her body and undoes the clasp of her bra. He bends over and puts them into his mouth. He suckles on her nipples, teasing them with his lips, tongue, and teeth. She takes his hand in hers and pushes it down her body, guiding it into the waist of her pants. He doesn't need any other encouragement, as his hand undoes her jeans and slips them and her matching black panties off. She sucks in a sharp intake of air when she feels his fingers slide down her lower body, down her thighs, and back up between her legs. When his fingers find her down-under lips she begins to openly moan. She starts grinding herself on his hand. His fingers feel so incredible against her that she bites down hard on her lip. She feels his tongue and lips against her hard nipples while his fingers slowly and gently explore her part. It doesn't take long for her to begin flowing openly over his probing fingers. Her breathing is becoming more labored as a sensation she is not familiar with springs up between her thighs. She moans loudly and buries her head in his neck in an attempt to muffle her noise as wave upon wave of pleasure explodes over her body. He continues stroking her sensitively while she whimpers from the intense pleasure.

As it begins to pass, she feels a growing hunger for him. Her hands find his pants and she fumbles with his pants button. She growls in frustration when she can't get his pants undone. He pulls his fingers free from her to help her, watching her desperate eyes locked onto his crotch. She continues her exploration by running her fingers along his waist; she then slips them inside the elastic band of his boxers and presses it against the length of his throbbing shaft. She decides to release his piece from its conservative. His stiffness is ready and springs out of his boxers as soon as it is pulled down.

She lets her hands run the lines between his thighs, gently stroking him and then caressing his manhood with sudden gentleness. He pushes his pants and boxers to the floor and steps out of them. She looks up at him, biting her lower lip, silently asking him for instructions. His eyes meet hers and he smiles, knowing what she wants. He clears the desk with a sweep of his arm and lays her back. He kneels down between her legs, inhaling her sweet scent before kissing the insides of her warm thighs. His tongue sends shivers throughout her body, and she moans as her body twists on the table while he licks and probes.

She barely has time to catch her breath from the single most intense thing she just experienced before she is pulled in a sitting position. She wraps her arms around his neck and begins to lightly kiss his shoulders. She continues to kiss his sweet body moving to his chest. She hops down from her professor’s desk and they do a little dance so he is between the desk and her. She pushes him into the desk. He climbs up onto his desk and she starts to kiss his navel, gradually moving downward closer towards his shaft. She drops to her knees as she grabs him with her hand. She buries her face down lower. She slides her tongue from the very tip of it all the way down the base, then back to the tip again.

Unprompted she begins kissing it all over and then looks him in the eyes. As if she had been starved for days, she takes him into her mouth. It was a thrilling sensation for both of them. She pulls forward and back, pursing her lips around him. She sucks and licks, and when she thinks he is wet enough, she pulls away and let her hands fold around him. The slick saliva lets her hands run up and down his full shaft sending a ripple of pleasure through his whole body. He struggles to keep his moans down, not wanting them to escape into the hall in case someone is around. She moves down and begins to stroke the base of it with her right hand, as she continues to suck everything above it. She works faster and faster, trying to push him over the edge. He groans audibly at the new sensation and shifts on the desk to allow her complete access to his genitals. Her rhythmic stroking proves almost too much for him to handle and he moves her hand to squeeze his base to prevent him from erupting too soon. She understands and slowly stands up, staring intently into his eyes as she does so.

He steps down from his desk, twists her around, and hoists her back up. She spreads her legs widely so they are once again outside of his. By widening her stance he is able insert himself into her, but he doesn’t to try and build up her desire. His one hand reaches under her, stroking the inside of her thighs, brushing lightly against her most sensitive of areas. He sees her bite her lip as her hand begins to squeeze her other breast. He uses his thumb to stroke her, pushing a little harder at times. Then he switches to his middle finger, flicking quickly. She shudders under him and gasps. Slowly, he slips two fingers inside her and he hears her give a small moan in response. He slides in and out, slowly at first, going in as far as he can.

Then the hand grasping her breast grasps a little tighter, and his fingers move faster. In and out they go, her natural lubrication making it easier for him. Faster and faster he goes. Her whole body trembles and her breathing comes sharply as she struggles to keep her heart from leaping out of her chest. He hears her high squeals, sees the arching of her back, and the clenching of her eyes tells him she is oh so close. As their both of their breathing increases, he begins to buck his hips slightly in hopes of making more contact with her. Sensing she is ready, he quickly reaches down and places himself at her entrance allowing for penetration. She leans back slightly so she can enjoy the blissful, yet shocked, look on his face when she pulls him closer which allows for him to slide right inside of her. In the midst of him thrusting, their eyes lock briefly as they both hold their breath in deep satisfaction.

But then he slows, and pulls out of her, then he lifts both of her legs so one is over either of his shoulders. She gives short gasps and moans, only wanting one thing. He grabs his piece and slides inside her. He lets the bulk of him go in as far as he can, pulling a gleeful yelp out of her. Her legs are around his neck, and they are both breathing heavily. Grasping her thighs, he holds her steady as he pulls his hips back, not quite pulling out of her, and then he thrusts in and pulls back quickly, again and again, letting only a bit of him inside her at a time.

She throws her hands over her head, grabbing the opposite edge of the desk to keep herself steady. She nearly screams from pleasure, squealing every time he thrusts inside her. He is concentrating hard, watching her breasts in front of him. He looks up and sees the pleasure on her face and it drives him to go faster. He plunges deeper into her, moving his hips faster and faster. Moans begin to escape from his lips now, too, and he throws his head back from the feeling of him inside of her. How often he had wished for this moment, imagined it, and it just was nothing compared to the real thing. Their wild tempo continues amidst primal groans and wet, tongue-laden kisses. The months of pent-up sexual attraction and frustration were finally being released on both accounts. He pulls out of her and sits her back up and grabs. He under her bottom and picks her up off of the desk and walks her over to the chair. He sits down as she steps forward and straddles his legs and erection. She has her hands on his shoulders to steady herself. Gripping her waist, his mouth finds hers again as their tongues dance.

She lowers herself just enough for him to place his throbbing object at her hot entrance, which elicits a sigh from her gorgeous mouth. She pulls up again as she teases him. He can’t wait any longer; so, he pushes up, inch after inch disappearing inside her until she has taken all of him. He grabs her hips and begins thrusting at a slow and steady pace, each and every thrust causing her to moan louder. He secures his bottom to the chair and takes her hips in his hands and guides her to continue the motions. She understands and she lowers herself down onto him. Eye contact is not broken from this moment. As she starts to ride like a woman possessed he sits back and watches as her pert breasts bob up and down. She bites her lip and groans.

His breathing increases as she longs for more contact from his desperate piece. He reaches down and begins to rub her. He moves his fingers slowly up and down against her. As she moves more frantically, so does he. He releases his bottom from the chair and begins to pump harder and harder between her thighs; she announces with a ragged breath that she was close to climaxing. He seizes the opportunity and scoops her up and steps toward the wall, roughly pinning her against it, all without stopping his thrusts into her. She gasps in delight and grips hard the back of his hair. With her legs wrapped around his back, this allows him to thrust even deeper and he knows it won't take long for both of them to climax. He savors every moment of this experience as she moans in pure pleasure. Hearing voices outside the room, they slow the pace but still continue. He thrusts into her up and down. Teasing her every way he can; licking her neck, nibbling her ear, collar bone, and shoulders.

He picks up the pace and she moans as he forces his bone in her time and time again. She moves her one hand down, and as she so closely nears climax, she digs her nails into his back. She takes her hand on off of his back and bites it as her orgasm rakes over her. Regardless of the people outside, he pushes harder and deeper than before. Soon he feels himself stirring. He digs his own nails into her tender rear as he nears his own pleasurable experience. As though it was perfectly timed, she begins to moan his name loudly as she enters her own orgasm. Hearing his name leave the lips of one of his students in a state such as her is far too much for him; he grunts loudly and bucks as they both finish together in uniformity.

She wraps her arms around his neck for support after calming down from their shared action. He slowly lowers her to the floor and feels himself slide out of her. They both deflate on the floor with heavy breathing and trembling bodies. He looks at her and she looks at him. He smiles at her. The voices dull as they move further down the hall. She pulls him closer and moves one hand to the back of his head and runs her hands through his hair. She brings her hands and cups his face in them and smiles back. She drops her hands to her side. With shuddering breaths, he brushes some hair away from her forehead and kisses it.

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