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Pt.2 of EddieFay; True love Perhaps

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An extention of the story of me and my love
Part 2 True Love Perhaps Eddie Lee T.

A couple of days later while I was laying in bed Fay texted me and told me shed had her own dream about me.

"We were having sex on one of my friends couches, I was bent over the couch completely nude and you were behind me fucking me hard while you pulled my hair. You were fully clothed though:(." she sent.

After hearing I was not the only one who had these fantasies I had to tell her about the dream I had of her, even through in the masturbation when I woke up. She seemed to enjoy it all and was flattered by my bluntness. She told me she thought it was unfair that she was nude in my dream but I was clothed in hers and she wanted to see my body.

Of course I wanted to show this amazing, sexy girl who shared my fantasies and sexual apatite my body. So I stripped down and took a few pictures of myself and sent them to her. She said she enjoyed them so much that they made her soak through her black lace thong.

For the two weeks following that we texted daily and every time we saw each other on campus there was a hair pulling/bitting contest. Finally one day I couldn't take anymore of the teasing and phone play. I told her that morning I had a question for her, and then I kissed those perfect lips for the first time.

They were even more soft and tasted more amazing than I could have ever imagined. Of course with my horrible luck, a professor saw us and made us stop. I spent the rest of that day kissing and teasing her every chance that I got. Finally after school let out, I nerved myself up and asked her to be my girl, my heart lept with joy when she smiled and said,


From our first real conversation I had known that we had allot of things in common when it came to sex as I mentioned earlier, and I decided to find out just how much as soon as I possibly could. It wans' t just sex that all I wanted from Fay. It was just that she was so perfect, so sexy, so rough and so damn much like me. I can't remember any other time when I have been so excited and turned on by any person. There is just something in that girl I have never found in anyone else.

Although we were both very ready to have each other we had to wait for a few days because of her cycle. So we thought about it and both decided to try something neither of us had ever done before. Anal. I didn't really know what to expect but when it comes to sex along with many other things there is not much that im not willing to try. We kissed for a little while, gradually exploring each others mouths and lips and tongues, touching each other as we got more and more excited. I did not know that in the future that I would know her taste and touch and smell by heart.

We started scratching and biting each other, I pulled her hair and forced her head back so that I could bite her neck, not holding back now that I was completely aroused. I was very comfortable with her because she enjoyed my roughness and she seemed to not to be afraid to be herself no matter what. I started to touch her more, sliding my hands across her body, caressing and exploring, trying to find out if she had any boundaries.

As I took off her shirt and bra nearly tearing them in my roughness and excitement I remembered that I could not go down on her, or even finger her. This was like torture but not a good kind. I wanted to taste, touch, and learn every part of her body, to watch every movement as I pleasured her, seeing her eyes come alive and her naked body writhe and dance from my touch. But of course I had to wait. So I scratched down her stomach and across her hips, then moved my hands up to grasp her perfect breasts. Taking them in my hands and gently squeezing, rubbing and pulling on her nipples, loving every movement and noise she made for me. Then as I was licking and biting her breasts and nipples she removed my shirt and as I leaned up to kiss her she put one hand on my neck and the other on my rock hard dick.

"Now you will lay down and let me tease you little boy." she commanded.

Never in my life had I been so excited. I laid back and let her bite first my lip as she kissed me and then down my neck and chest, makng me moan a little louder the further down she bit and kissed. She licked my stomach and bit my hips as she undid and removed my pants and boxers. As she took me into her mouth I threw my head back and moaned. She smiled with her lips around the tip of my dick and then licked and bit the head and down the shaft, coming back up she again took me deep into her mouth, I could only stifle my moans by biting down on my lips.

She kept sucking, deeper and deeper, until I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved my dick deep down her throat for one last suck and then I pulled her face up to mine, slightly choking her with my hand around her neck.

"On your hands and knees, its time for your reward." I commanded.

She tore off her pants and immediately got in front of me, her perfect naked ass pushing against my dick as she waited for it. I gave her ass one hard smack and then with my dick still wet from her amazing blow job I took it into my hand and shoved it deep inside of her tight asshole. She buried her face into the bed and let out a moan that was almost a scream. I pulled half back out to shove it in even harder and deeper. I fucked her ass harder and rougher than I have ever done any other thing in my life.

I pulled her hair to bring her face away from the pillow so that I could hear her moans. Then as her beautiful silky hair was in my hand I pushed deeper than I had before.

She screamed for me, "Oh god yes Eddie! Now cumm in my ass please?!"

I knew I was close so with one final hard thrust I let myself cumm into her ass. Her reaction was immediate, she begged me not to stop as she reached her hand back and rubbed her clit before she came seconds afterwards. After her body stopped shaking and she had reached the end of her orgasms I laid down with my head against her back and asked if she wanted a cigarette.

"Hell yes!" she said with a small beautiful smile.

To be continued...

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