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Pt.3 of FayEddie Fay is master

Tags: rough, love
yet another story of me and my love
Part 3- Fay is Master

After our first time I felt closer and more in tune with Fay then I had with any other person in my life. She was perfect. Even more than I could have ever imagined. For our second time we agreed to try something both of us thought we would enjoy. I had never let anyone have complete control of me, but the idea excited me to an extreme. She came into my room and shut and locked the door. A small, sexy smile spread across her face.

She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled hard forcing my head back. While kissing me deeply, I got instantly hard. Wanting more punishment I told her,

"Punish me my master."

She told me to stand up and strip. I did as I was told.

"What's this?", she asked, taking a firm grip on my dick and squeezing, sending pleasure racing through my body. I wasn't sure what to say in my current situation so I decided to just keep my mouth shut and not ruin this perfection.

"Did I tell you to get hard slave?" she said tightening her grip.

"No ma'am", I gasped, nearly moaning from the pleasure.

"That's right no I did not, so now you will bend over and take punishment for such deliberate disobedience."

"Yes master", I said as I turned around and assumed the position on my bed, waiting for her to begin. I was exhilarated as her hand came up and rose back. It was all I could do to keep from moaning loudly so I buried my head into the bed and bit my sheets as she brought her hand down swiftly and smacked my ass in an eruption of pleasure mixed with pain. Then again, and again, and again. Five times she spanked my ass as I tried not to moan too loudly.

"You like that my little bitch?" she asked while reaching up to grab and rub my dick from behind.

"Oh god yes baby",I said. I could hear the smile in her voice as she asked me if I had ever done anything anally. A bit confused I said no. I was then very surprised as she bent down with my dick still in her hand and licked before pushing her tounge deep into my asshole. I moaned and writhed from this sudden unexpected pleasure.

"More?" she asked,

"Yes please!" I moaned.

She moved her hand back and forth on my dick more and more. Then she took her hand away from my dick and licked her fingers before shoving the pointer and middle fingers deep into my virgin ass. I bit down on the bed again and let out a muffled scream. Never had I felt this type of pleasure before. Not as simply amazing as a blow job but still so very great in its own way.

She pulled her fingers almost all of the way out only to shove them in deeper over and over as I tried to hold in my moaning screams. When it got to the point that I thought I couldn't take another second she told me to roll over. When I was splayed on my back, naked, and vulnerable Fay forced my head back to choke me with one hand while scratching down my chest to my hips with the other.

Taking her time, apparently in no real rush, she started gently dragging her nails up and down my shaft. When I let out a moan she gripped the base of my throbbing dick in her left hand and slapped the top of it with the other, making me moan even more. Every time I moaned she slapped again, and every time she slapped I only wanted more. After maybe five minutes of this new found pleasure she grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me down to her tight glistening pussy, "Eat me, NOW." she demanded, leaving no room for disagreeing or questions. So without thinking I opened my mouth and sucked her clit into it. I gently sucked at first but as she started moaning I started nibbling and biting, making her hips lift and grind her pussy against my tounge. I guess she finally got sick of the foreplay because she again grabbed my hair and pulled me on top of her. Gripping my engorged penis in her hand again, she guided it inside of her waiting, dripping pussy.

I automatically started fucking her, wanting to hear her moan and scream for me, wanting to please my master. As she dug her nails into my back I felt myself about to let go,

"May I cum master?" I pleaded.

"Yes my slave, fill me up." she said.

And so I did, in a fit of moaning and shoving my dick into her I let myself orgasm, almost screaming with the pleasure. Never before had I lasted so long in bed. Every time I thought I couldn't go on any longer Fay would either dig her nails into my back or tear into my neck with her teeth, demanding that I not stop until she said so.

When it got to the point that thought I would pass out from exhaustion I felt her body tighten, and then let go, giving herself completely into the grips of her orgasm. She would then moan and writhe over and over, making me know that we were truly done and that I had served my master very well.

"Cigarette?" I asked with a smile.

"Definitely." She answered breathlessly.

To be continued.....

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