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Rainy Day - Part II

Bill and Susans continuing adventures.

Rainy Day – Part II


Bill was mesmerized by Susan’s naked upper body now perched straddling his groin area. Her pussy pinned his cock down to his body, the only visible portion, its head, slowly regaining a hint of pink after   having released a huge load only minutes prior.


Susan had her hands firmly planted on Bills defined pecs . Her eyes closed for a few seconds, enjoying the sensation of skin on skin. His chest hair interwoven amongst her fingers, his muscular thighs pressing against her ass, and of coarse his dick nestled perfectly between her legs.


She lowered her hair till it lightly dragged across his chest, she repeated this a few times then straightened right up. After pulling her hair over her shoulder, smiling at her man, she stated the obvious

“God….I’m Soaked!”


Bill came to all his senses to realize that, indeed YES, Susan’s juices were trickling down his groin and onto his scrotum. He reached down and wetted his fingers, proceeding then to massage it into her breasts and especially nipple area. Susan Stopped his hand mid-stroke on her breast, leaned her head down a little, and released some remaining mixture of saliva and sperm onto her breast from her mouth. Her hand helping guide his, masterfully applying this concoction of love juices.


Bills hands sought every inch that he could grasp, stroke, caress, or otherwise essentially touch. Neck, collarbone, upper chest, breast, mid-rife, sides, back, shoulders….ASS! Susan loved the feeling, she made slow purposeful motions with her hips, causing his cock to disappear then appear , then disappear under her well lubed cunt. Not allowing penetration yet…..just enough to drive her man lustfully crazy.


Bill, having endured as much torture as he could stand, swiftly rolled over and positioned Susan under his control. Her arms pinned over her head, Bill hovered just above her.


Susan quietly murmured “ I’ve been a unfaithful whore to you, Master!”


Bill withdrew a little, gazing into her eyes. Her eyes welled up with tears.


“That bastard…Roger…..” Susan said, her voice trailing off.


Roger was Susan’s husband of 19 years now. A top CEO of a major firm, He provided monetary support for Susan and her three kids. An Arrangement of sorts, She was the stay at home soccer-mom, fantastic cook and baker, and housekeeper, and entertainer. Everything always pristine at their Ritz-Mansion. But Roger can’t nor ever could satisfy Susan the way Bill could. He can’t even cum like a man, as he got a vasectomy many years ago after the birth of the 3 rd child.


Donna was Bills spouse of 15 yrs. Although still best friends, Love left his marriage some time ago. They were together for the kids, everyone in the inner circle of friends could see it. They were good mentors and parents. Donna let herself go, the day they got married. I DO became I DON”T real quick.   Overweight,   under-motivated , a hairy cunt and general lack of passion and erotic behavior lead to the demise of Bills most cherished cravings for fucking her. Of course, nothing could even come close to the   bond that Susan and Bill have nurtured for their 40 years together.


“   10 days ago, roger came home drunk, and said if I didn’t let him fuck me, he’d leave me. I let the bastard stick his puny dick in me, and he only lasted 3 minutes before he came……I’m so sorry Bill,,, I had no choice…. but t….”


Bill put his finger over Susan’s mouth to stop her mid sentence.


“Roger is a dweeb, Babe. He can’t fuck you like I can, can he ? Bill retorted.


Susan shook her head NO, and immediately knew her man understood, and she began to Say “I love y…….”   only to have her eyes roll back into her head as Bill Slipped his meat into her hot hole.


She grasped her arms completely around his neck and pulled him close with all her might. She whispered in his ear “ Fuck Me…Stud!”


Bill liked this,,, say it again.


“Fuck me….with your big man cock”   she moaned loudly! “ you’re such a fucking great fuck!”   now screaming…    and bucking her hips below his grand physique.


They moved together like a well orchestrated play. timing was perfect, movements exact, clear and boisterous vocals… a symphony of two gyrating bodies, heaving in lust and passion.


Susan’s pussy felt like it was on fire, It was almost steaming with all her juices. More than any other woman, Susan was the greatest producer of vaginal secretions he had ever experienced. Coupled with her tremendous strength and control of her inner cavern ( Kiegels, he supposed)… She was a tremendous fuck.


Susan’s nipples flush red, Bills right hand caressing her left breast. Her hands now full of Bills tight ass cheeks,, pulling him into her. He leaned down a bit and took a mouthful of nipple,,, unfortunately because of height difference he slipped out of her hot pussy.  


Although no big concern, for either, as his mouth and hands expertly worked her breasts, cupping one, then the other, together, nipples exploding hard against his tongue. She drew his head close to her chest,,   moaning something,, which he couldn’t make out. He broke off, Susan falling to the bed, panting, flushed red in the face,….with eyes searching for the next big prize!


She Craved Bills Cock. She loved the sensation of his massive bulbous head when it either popped into her awaiting mouth/ lips, her tight pussy,   and especially when it broke the ring seal in her ass. A slight curve upwards, it always stimulated her most sensitive region of her vagina. Just shy of seven full inches, this monster was thick. Healthy eating and gallons of pineapple juice made his cum delicious.


Bill backed of away from Susan and stood at the daybeds edge. He momentarily pondered a few favorite positions, but the decision was made for him. She immediately rolled onto her stomach and slowly drew her knees towards her chest.


Her incredible ass raised vertically off the couch, her thumbs reached down and peeled her nylons off her waist and slid them down her taunt upper legs past her knees. Bill knelt down and removed them the rest of the way off her sculpted calfs with his muscular hands caressing as he went. Once removed, Susan was now completely naked. displaying amazing dedication of keeping her body healthy, slightly tanned, very toned, well trimmed and groomed.


Bill took advantage of this position and grabbed her firm ass cheeks and spread them apart, exposing once again her still very wet pussy and now her tight asshole. He leaned forward, tongue basking in all her glory. Up and down he went, probing in, licking her inner walls.


He edged his way up and began to tongue her hot asshole. It quivered in anticipation. He left a large amount of saliva right on her hole. It provided the necessary lube for his finger which replaced his tongue at the moment.


Small circular motions allowed her to relax. Bill ensured his middle finger was well lubed in saliva and juices. Slowly penetrating her hole, she gasped with satisfaction, and assisted his efforts by rocking back on her knees, forcing deeper penetration. Bill rolled his finger back and forth in her cavern, feeling her tight walls constrict around it.


He continued to work on Susan’s hot box again with his masterful tongue. His thumb now made its way into her pussy as well and rubbed her lower walls. He could feel his finger in her ass thru her walls.


Susan could too, as she was really rocking against his hand. Bill straightened up and edged close to her. His left hand pushing her lower back down, he eagerly worked her pleasure zones.  


“uuuuugh…uuugh….oooooooh….fuck that’s good” she barked. Her ass straight in the air, her head laying on the mattress. The juices continued to provide excellent lubrication for Bills fingers as he worked her into a frenzy. Susan was gasping wildly, pushing back in his hand, forcing him deeper and deeper into her. She was on the cusp of a tremendous orgasm.


Bill purposefully withdrew his hand from her hot steaming holes. This caused Susan to whimper a meek protest. Stringy juices followed his hand as he gave his raging cock a few twists for lube, then adjusted position to take her from behind.


“Ready for some man cock…lil whore?” Bill quipped.


Susan struggled to breath in enough air to form a reply…She was in a state of insatiable sexual vertigo.

“I’m a cum whore….I’m a cummmmm wwhhhoooore” she howled as Bill Once again ploughed his massive cock into her wet cunt.


Grabbing firm hold on Susan’s shapely hips, He thrust hard and deep, ever increasing the tempo between the sound of his balls slapping her. Clear fluid coated his cock, stringy liquid followed each withdrawal. Bill kept up a solid pace, Susan managed to rise up on one arm, and grabbed her own breast, her own nipple, and contort it several ways.


Bill reached forward, grabbing a handful of long brunette hair, like a solid rein , he pulled her head back, ceasing her ability to move forward with his massive thrusts. Her cunt was taking the full fury of his thick cock, her walls constricting around his member. Orgasm was seconds away.


Bill timed it perfectly,   he thrust as far into her wet cavern as was possible, and pulled hard on her hair. Susan screaming obscenities, forming no sensible words, lost control of her   inner   strength, and started to collapse under Bill.

He quickly let go of her hair, and was able to catch her through her waist.   Her cum seeped out of her crevice, dripping onto the bed fabric below. Bill held her ass high as the waves of ecstasy flowed over her. He could feel her inner walls quivering, it was like a fist squeezing and releasing his cock.


After a minute , He gently lowered her down to the Daybed, and helped her roll onto her back. Her face - flush red, her nipples - screaming to be handled more, detailed the residual effects of a massive mind blowing orgasm. She opened her eyes slowly, still a little dizzy, and opened her mouth as if start speaking. But the intent of this gesture was not to speak, but to provide her man a receptacle   for his cum.


Bill straddled her chest and positioned himself directly over her face. His massive cock still awash with her juices, he reached down and gripped his cock firmly in his powerful hands. He stroked his member not even a dozen times before the surge of white-hot glistening cum shot its way from within his balls , clear out his cock into her awaiting mouth. Several bursts missing the target, hitting Susan in the eye and hair line, a couple drabs down her cheek,   and as the intensity subsided,, oozed into her mouth.


craving the sweet, salty, flavor… She Promptly swallowed. Opening wide again, searching for more. Bill wrung his meat out the best he could, flicking any hangers into her mouth. He slid down her body, to allow them to rest now…face to face.


  He honed in on the semen still present on her face. Bill Never had any issue with bodily fluids. It’s natural.   He began to clean her face of with his mouth, sucking and slurping his own cum. He would   center his mouth over hers and allow his mixture of saliva and sperm to drop into hers. A few more minutes captured all the extra sperm.


Bill then engaged Susan in a deep french kiss session. Tongues rolling around in each others mouths thoroughly scraping and emptying the far reaches within. her arms around Bills shoulders, her legs clamped over his ass. He wasn’t getting away from her anytime soon.   Bill glided his hand down her torso and found her great ass. The cheek, a perfect handful for his powerful hand to grasp.


Time had no bearing today, These two sexual beings melded into one, as Kisses and gentle strokes led them further into the afternoon as rain streamed down the window.   

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