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Sam took something perfect, and painted it red.

I’m not going into how we split. But we split.

This story is how I moved on, how I tried to forget the damage Sam caused, though not completely. You never forget completely.

Life after Sam was a little difficult. I mean, how couldn’t it be, when we would be spending most of our time together in lectures, singing lessons one after the other? All a little awkward. We, knew, things about each other. Things that not even the others that had joined us knew.

I had always thought that my heart would be difficult to break, thought it would be tough… In reality, it was like poking your finger through wet tissue paper.

It was around that time that the delights of Lush started to appeal to me again, see, I had decided that, since Sam and I were an item, I wouldn’t log onto Lush much. Now, I wasn’t keeping to that since she had done such a heinous thing to me. (Bitch) So I logged back in here and couldn’t remember who I talked to most, who I had made true friends with, if any.

So I thought, "Sod it, Chat Rooms." 

Of course, now I had had my first non-straight experience in my life, I felt that I couldn’t just stick to the Bedroom or the Lounge, and decided that the next best place to visit was the Ladies Room.

And my, did I enjoy my first trip to the Ladies Room.

Though, that is one that I won’t be sharing with you.

A few more trips into the Ladies Room and I became aware that suddenly, I preferred it. The women so much more friendly there, the solidarity when a guy entered the room, the joy as he was successfully kicked… Ahhh. This was more my style.

Then one day a little while after I first entered, a name I remembered from the regular chat rooms from before I took a break on Lush… You know who you are. You talked to me, you made friends with me, like nobody else had before. I found myself falling for you.

Then after we chatted more I found that the only reason I was logging in was to talk to you, I’d leave if you weren’t there.

I logged on later and I found a message from another friend, I had added through you. We talked. We talked so much that day, learned so much about each other so quickly. You weren’t there when I asked her to be my girlfriend.

She said, "Yes." 

This felt so much more true than the two only real relationships I had previously had. More than with Josh, because she and I just clicked. More than with Sam, because she knew, she really knew.

You were, I think, a little taken aback when you learned from her that we were together. You were happy.

Now to you, my love. The one I fell for so quickly… There are so many things I have yet to learn about you, as I realise more and more with each passing day, but without the things left to learn, where is the adventure, where is the excitement at learning something new? I love you so much today, but not half as much as I will love you tomorrow, and twice as much as I loved you yesterday.

And now to you, reader, you’ll be pleased to know that the only thing buggering up my relationship with my brilliant girlfriend, is the stupid water between us. I mean, me being in the UK, her, the US, that’s something pretty big to overcome. But hey, I choose challenges well.

I always did.

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