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If you love someone, let them go, and see if they come back.
I take a deep drag of my 'cigarette', have a large gulp of tea. Then exhale. The sound of the vibrations of my phone on the wooden bench are familiar. A sound I subconsciously wait for. I pick up my phone and a message reads:

'I'm coming over in 5. Hope thats OK'

It's from her. But she never comes over. I take one last drag and put the stub out. Pick up my still steaming mug and bring it inside. I sit down back at my computer, open a blank page, and put fingers to keyboard to record my thoughts. My writing is interrupted-

Knock knock knock then my phone vibrates in my pocket, sending shivers down my leg.

'Knock knock knock' it read.

I open the door and there she stands, her face damp. It wasn't raining and her eyes were red, fresh from crying.

"Well come inside" I said, trying to sound warm and comforting, then remembering she also hates the cold weather, "its too cold outside."

She sits down on my bed, the main feature of the one roomed unit I lived in. I sit down right beside her and put my arm around her. She leans her head back on my shoulder, something she wouldn't normally do. We fell in love years ago, back in high school, but it didn't last more than a year or so, our careers taking us different directions. We remained close friends, some times drifting, but always being there for each other, supporting through tough times.

"Its too much Tom," she said slowly, "I need to be loved and no-one out there knows who I am to love me."

"You just need to open up to them the way you opened up to me" I replied.

"But I can trust you. I can't trust them" she rebutted, now looking up into my eyes.

"It won't be like it used to be. We've both changed a lot since," I argued "and you might not be ready yet"

"I am ready, I'm so ready, I'm just sick of the loneliness" she cried out, tears beginning to swell again.

"So am I" I replied, then she leaned in and I kissed her deeply. We hugged and kissed, a few tears from each of us drip down to our mouths as we continue our new union. She stops, grabs my head and leans around the side.

"Make love to me" she whispered in my ear. I want nothing more, so I lay her down, draping myself over her. Our eyes meet one last time before we embrace and our eyes close together as our other senses take over.

We slowly undress each other, lips never apart for more than a few seconds. I kiss her ear, neck and collarbone as she sucks gently on my neck. Our hands roam once again as we re-explore each others bodies from the years since we were together last. I lie into her, my thigh up against her groin, and she gently grinds against it. Through it all we moan softly to each other, our breathing and even heart rate even align as we come together in all ways.

I kiss down her body and when I reach her jeans I pull them down with her panties and pull them both off her legs completely. I then pull down mine and flick them off as we meet, my throbbing erection pressed tightly to her naked body.

"I love you completely Erica" I say to her.

"I love you too" she replies, then we continue to kiss once more.

She leans down to grab my cock, pushing me back slightly so she can line me up. I feel my now lubricated tip placed perfectly around the entrance to her sweet pussy. Her hands grab my waist as I support myself over her, hands leaning on the bed just above her shoulders.

She pulls me into her and I feel my entire length push inside her in one deep stroke. She gasps and I lean down to kiss her passionately, letting her know everything is alright. I pull back slowly then all the way in again, then increasing my pace bit by bit. She moans quietly and holds me tightly still.

"Ohh yes," she pants, louder now, "I missed you so much".

"I missed you too" I say, now thrusting faster and faster.

"Oh god I'm so close already" she moans, wrapping her legs around me, her knees gripping my ribs.

"Fuck yes I'm close too" I reply, so incredibly caught up in the moment that I want nothing more to come with her, hoping she would be the last girl I ever sleep with.

I pound even faster now, her heightened responses driving my frenzy. She grabs my head and her legs clamp onto me. We kiss as she orgasms and clamps down on my cock, and I finally come, from the added pressure and intensity of the moment.

I stay inside her as we kiss and open our eyes.

"Stay as long as you like, I'm not ever going anywhere now" I say.

"Thank you" she replies.

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