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Rendezvous, Pt. II

Two college students develop a relationship over time... it intensifies.
"Okay, Danny," she said to me almost immediately, then paused momentarily to consider her next words. "Here's the way I see it - 1) on one hand, we may ruin our relationship, which is doubtful, but remains a possibility; on the other hand, we may strengthen our relationship. Are we willing to risk it? I don't know about you, but I am. Baby, I can see your point at being reluctant to risk our friendship, and I appreciate your unselfishness to point those risks out, but Danny, please consider this point... we don't resemble any other couple!" Beth said rather assertively, and I had to admit, she had a point. She continued.

"And 2) I think this bond is plenty strong to withstand, and I quote, the treacherous tides of sexual intimacy(nice metaphor by the way, babe)," she opined parenthetically, and continued without skipping a beat. "Hell, I've known girls who have had five lovers and more in the year and a half we've been, quote/unquote, acquainted, if you will. And Danny... you haven't had any lovers. I'd know. The school isn't that big. Granted, it's big, but not big enough for the juicier bits of the girls' grapevine to elude me," she explained, and again she had a point.

"People already think we're doing each other now, Danny," she told me, and again, she had yet another point. Most of my friends, both male and female, suspected our denials were an amateurish attempt to be inconspicuous. If I were an outsider, I'd have likely thought the same thing. I think we may have even had a sexual glow about us. Only without the sex. I believe I was convinced.

I took her tightly into my arms, running my hands down her back to gently cup the rounded globes of her firm ass, thrusting my tongue deeply into her mouth. Easing her onto her back, she slowly spread her slender legs, giving me a sultry smile. I gently wound my hands through her long silken strands, kissing her very tenderly at the corners of her sensuous lips. My hand meandered down to her downy pubic area, slowly approaching to her excited swollen pussy.

As my fingers grazed her wet labia, I kissed her soft lips passionately, our tongues madly dancing within our mouths. I kissed my way to her lean neck, gently kissing and licking my way to her shoulder, and then continuing down to her milky-white breasts. Her erect nipple found its way to my mouth, and I ran my tongue softly against her perky flesh, trailing to her other nipple. Her fingers entwined in my hair as I slowly descended down her flattened tummy, kissing and nibbling my way to the beginning of her sparse pubic triangle.

Reaching the junction of her thighs, she spread her legs widely, bending them at the knee. I moved to kiss and suck on her inner thighs, and her hands were in my hair as I kissed ever so closer to her saturated flower. The center of her flowing slit attracted my kisses, and I drew her distended lips into my mouth, tasting her tart juices. I moved down to the beginning of her sultry womanhood, and I flattened my tongue, slowly bringing it up the length of her soaked pussy, and stopping when I arrived at her upright clit. Lightly swiping my tongue across her sensitive nub, and her hands on my head pulled me tightly against her body.

Looking up at her face, she silently mouthed the words 'I want you now', and I kissed and licked my way across her flat belly. I arrived at her elegant breasts, kissing and licking on one, then the other, and finally reached her radiant face. Very softly at first, I kissed her, then with increasing passion as I eased my tongue into her mouth. She met mine with enthusiasm, our tongues wrestling within each other's mouths, and I positioned the bulging head at the entrance to her soaked excitement. Tempted to thrust my stiff prick deeply inside of her, I instead rubbed the swollen head all along the source of her moisture, gathering up her lubrication for my initial entry.

Looking deeply into her mesmerizing eyes I applied firm, yet gentle pressure into her, I slid inside of her, and I was in awe of the amazing tightness of her sweet cunt. There was a look of muted elation on the face of the woman I loved, and I initiated a slow easy rhythm within her, feeling her arms around my back, pulling me close. As I began to thrust harder and deeper into her lubricated quim, I took her perky nipples into my mouth, at first one, then the other, tenderly bathing them with my tongue. Her tight wet pussy was the target of my pistoning hard cock, and as my swollen balls slapped lightly against her superb derriere, she positioned her hands on my ass, pulling me even deeper within her. I moved my face to the side of her neck, sucking and licking on her smooth skin there, and she whispered provocatively in my ear, "Yes, Danny! Fuck me! Oh baby! Fuck me hard!" lost in the throes of passion.

When I heard her enthusiastic pleas, I pounded her drenched pussy mercilessly, and she met my every thrust with a very alluring expression on her attractive face. Continuing to hammer into her tight slit, Beth pulled me down to her to kiss me with heartfelt emotion, and I could sense that familiar feeling in the back of my swollen balls. She was moving her head from side to side, her eyes tightly closed, and I continued to drive my shaft deeply into her.

Suddenly, she wrapped her legs around the back of my thighs, and as I drove into her deeply, she began to utter a subdued stream of rousing off-color language into my ear. Releasing a deluge of warm pearly white cum into her womb, I could feel her vaginal walls contracting around me, and I moved my lips to hers, kissing her with love and affection. Backing my face away until I was inches from her pretty face, I gazed into her pretty blue-gray eyes, and she smiled lovingly at me. We rested in silence for several minutes before Beth spoke.

"Danny... I loved that. We were loving, we were intimate, we were passionate... we didn't just fuck... we made love," she said dreamily.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, girlfriend. I very much enjoyed it myself," I told her without pretense, "And fucking comes later... we'll work up to that," I told her with a wide grin.

"That's not funny!," she said as she punched my arm semi-sharply. "We just shared an amazing intimate experience," she said with conviction, "or don't you see it that way?" she asked somewhat suspiciously.

"I'm sorry. I was just being a wise-ass. You're right, baby. It was special. It was intimate. It was passionate," I told her as I attempted to repair her hurt feelings.

"Really?" she asked, looking to see me nodding with a smile on my face. "You know, I was worried about that somewhat, given all of your sexual experience."

"Beth, I'm not all that sexually experienced. I stayed with my first girlfriend for five years," I said.

"I believe you, Danny. I appreciate your honesty when dealing with your sordid past," she said grinning, looking at me with affection. "And just to clear this little issue with no misunderstandings, when I said no one has ever done this for me before, or something to that effect, I didn't only mean oral sex, although now I know the reason it's called giving head," she stated, pausing to look at me and smile. I meant no one had ever given me an orgasm. You know, climax. Spasm. Riding the pony. Discharge. Getting off. The big 'O'. Cum. You're the first, Danny... other than my own hand, that is," she said with an impertinent smile on her face. "But they were nothing like the rapture you bestowed upon me a little while ago. Again, thank you. I love you, babe. And I'll see if I can maybe make it up to you," she said with something of an inviting grin of her face.

"Wow... what about all of your other boyfriends?" I inquired of her, sincerely wanting to know the answer, and feeling quite full of myself with the knowledge that I had brought her initial orgasm. Well, other than her own hand. "And why are you on the Pill?" I asked her, almost as an afterthought.

"Haven't I already told you that I only had two 'real' boyfriends?" she reminded me, and I realized she had told me. "And by 'real', I meant that I 'did it' with them or 'went all the way'. 'Going all the way' consisted of two lousy minutes, and that's giving them the benefit of the doubt, of unfocused humping and heavy breathing. And the Pill? Well, neither of my so-called lovers wore protection, and I started thinking what a tragedy it would have been to have either one of those sphincters' children. So I listened, I read a lot, and then marched right up to the public clinic and obtained the pill. Just in case. And then I met you. Like I said, you've let me advance at my own pace... and I love you for it. You see, I was a pretty protected kid when I was growing up. An all-girl Catholic high school, not being able to date until I was 16, a sexually-repressed mother and father who didn't bother teaching me about the 'facts of life'. At all," she said, sounding pretty exasperated. I put my arm around her shoulder, thinking the all-girls school and not being able to date until she was 16 would go a long way in explaining why she only had two boyfriends.

"You seemed to do more than okay a little while ago. How did...," I began to say when Beth cut in.

"I listened a lot. You'd be surprised at how randy the things that are said in the girls' locker room or bathroom. I've heard girls bragging they screwed some trophy lay, like a professor or something. I don't know if it was true, but I've heard certain professors had creative ways of allowing you to earn 'extra credit', if you will," she said with a displeased expression on her face. "I read quite a bit. And actually, I was just more or less following your lead. I trusted you, and you proved worthy of that trust," she expressed, then said, "And best of all... you lasted more than two minutes," laughing as she did, and kissing me sweetly when she was through.

"Yeah, I was good for at least three, and hell, I might even have lasted four minutes," I kidded her, and looked to see her giggling. "Believe it not, I was a two-minute man myself in the early stage of the game. I kinda think we all are," I told her honestly.

"Umm... how old were you at this so-called 'early stage of the game'?" she inquired, looking at me with sincere interest.

"Now, I'm going to be honest with you here, so don't brand me as promiscuous or anything," I bargained with her, and seeing her nod her head, I said, "Sixteen."

"Well, it's not like I've never heard of that before. Just out of curiosity... how old was she? And while I'm at it, what was her name?" she asked, and I was quite surprised she had asked me those questions.

"You know what, Beth? I'll be damned if I even remember it. You see, I was really drunk, you see, and...," I started to say when I looked at her to see her rolling her eyes. "No, I'll be honest... she was a mature 16. And her name was Rae; pretty name, huh? And I might point out, we stayed together for about five years, so I haven't had a boatload of girlfriends either," I said, wondering what reaction she would have.

"Rae, huh? You're right. It is a pretty name. It sounds to me as if you were both rather 'precocious', shall we say. Did you love her? And, did you, well, you know... do everything?" she asked me hesitantly.

"Yeah, I guess we were precocious in a sense," I told her. "She was my first. And yes, I loved her. And, I think we did everything that a 'normal' heterosexual couple does, but I guess it depends on how you define 'normal'."

"Woman on top, huh? Let's just say that I'm intrigued," she said smiling, leering at me. "Did she, umm, you know... umm, orally satisfy you?" Beth nervously struggled to ask me.

"Why, yes she did, Beth... why do you ask?" I inquired, curious as to where this line of questioning was leading.

"Well... I think I want to do it for you," she said, and as she was saying the words I felt myself begin to stiffen. "No, I'm sure I want to do it for you. I mean, you did it for me and made me feel so good... I'm pretty sure I want to return the favor... it's only fair," she told me, and I felt a huge smile growing upon my face.

"First of all, you would do it for us... not for me. And it's not about 'fair', darlin'. I did what I did to you because I wanted to. And I enjoyed it. Are you sure, honey? I mean...," I was about to say when she cut in.

"I've been thinking about it since you made me cum so beautifully tonight. I can't begin to describe the sensations I felt. It's the least I can do... and better yet, I want to do this. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel. Simply put, I want to taste you, Danny," she said with resolve, and as my erection rose up even more, she looked at my face for a reaction.

"Okay, honey... if you're sure," I told her. "I'm game," I concluded, kissed her enthusiastically, and rolled over on my back. The fact was, I was way more than merely game. I think I might have been World Series in relation to 'game', if that's a reasonable analogy. That is to say, 'considerably more than game'.

With that, she climbed on top my body and lay on top of me. She kissed me on the lips, hesitantly and with her lips closed as first, and then she gradually became more aggressive with her sweet kisses. I ran my hands softly over her exquisite rounded ass, feeling her hair reach my hands, and she eased her tongue into my mouth, swirling her tongue in unison with mine. Stroking her hair from the middle of her back to where it ended at her splendid ass, she raised her head and looked directly into my eyes. I saw hints of love. I saw suggestions of desire. I saw fragments of pleasure.

I looked to see her smile slightly, then she moved her soft lips to the side of my neck, licking and sucking tenderly, and she slowly started to descend down my body. She paused as she came to my erect nipples, pausing to bathe each one with her tongue as she softly sucked upon them, drawing a low moan from my lips. She looked up at me and smiled when she heard me moan, then very deliberately and slowly kissed and nibbled her way across my stomach, and I felt her firm breasts on the top of my thighs. She very briefly inserted her tongue into my navel, and then she very slowly kissed a path to the top of my pubic hair.

"Danny, I've never done this before," she told me in a nervous whisper as she looked up at me expectantly. "I want to do this for you... for us, but I don't really know how to go about it. Will you tell me what to do?"

"This might surprise you, honey, but I've never done it in my somewhat brief history either," I pointed out in a soft tone while grinning at her, but when I noticed her begin to frown, I hurried to quell her fears. "Look Beth, first of all, I'm quite honored I'll be your first. Secondly, I don't want you to do this if you're not sure. And lastly, don't worry about it, baby. Just the fact that you have your hand on my cock is thrilling enough to me. Just do what seems natural," I reassured her while looking at her enchanting face, "and I'm sure you'll do just fine."

Kissing in the area near the beginning of my pubic growth, continuing downward until my straining cock gently poked her beneath her chin, she pulled her head away slightly. She looked down at my swollen shaft, and I noticed her very seductively, if not purposely, slowly licking her lips, and she gently wrapped her fingers around my prick. Very slowly, she lowered her head to my shaft, and I felt her hair flowing over my thighs as she hesitantly kissed on the crown.

Tentatively sticking her tongue out of her mouth, she lightly touched the skin beneath the sensitive bulging head, and feeling me twitch, she quickly moved to the base of my manhood. She slowly drew her tongue up my swollen length, and when she reached the tip, she looked into my eyes and smiled, taking the bulging head into her mouth. I felt her tease the sensitive underside of my stiff cock with a lively tongue as she took more of my prick into the sweet recesses of her mouth, and I noticed as she slowly withdrew my hardness from her mouth her sensuous lips had formed a perfect 'o'.

Upon reaching the expanded head of my straining prick, she teased the underside before plunging me into the back of her mouth, and the effect was very arousing. She initiated a slow process, moving back and forth on my swollen rod, and I gently insinuated my hands into her hair, gently grasping her head to guide her. She continued these movements for what seemed like five minutes, and the mere fact her pretty face was sliding up and down my hard tool was bringing me close to eruption, despite the fact we had just made love a little while ago. Occasionally, she would look me directly in the eye, with love and an intimation of a grin in her eyes, and she would apply even greater suction. I felt a familiar sensation rising in my balls, and I thought it only fair to warn her of my impending release.

"Baby," I grunted softly, "I think I'm going to cum," I warned her, pretty confident I was being truthful in my appraisal.

"Umm... isn't that the point?" she said softly in a hushed voice quite logically after she backed her lips off of my pulsing prick, with a note of both confusion and slight irritation. Apparently she wasn't familiar with the term 'spitter'.

"If you say so, lover," I told her, and I watched as she attacked my swollen shaft with a renewed vigor. She began to move her lips along my hard cock, all the while applying her tongue to the sensitive undersurface, and she advanced until the head touched the back of her mouth. She must have sensed I was close, as she began to bob her head quickly up and down my pulsing rod, and just as she looked into my eyes I unleashed my first torrent of cum inside her mouth. She registered a look of surprise on her elegant face, but gathered herself and quickly swallowed that spurt and the resulting shots immediately following. She lovingly kissed and cleaned my softening shaft, and then slowly kissed and nibbled her way up my body.

"Beth... I love you," I told her, and pulled her face close to mine.

"Okay... I don't want to seem self-serving or anything, but I have to know... how was I?" she hesitantly said, with a look that evoked sympathy.

"You were incredible. You were sensual, you were tantalizing, you were sexy, you were...," I stopped in mid-sentence and looked at her. She was positively glowing. "Umm, ever read Bernard Malamud?" I asked her.

"Why, certainly. I read The Natural, I think when I was in eleventh grade. Why do you ask?" she asked, wondering what the book reference was all about.

"That's the one... 'The Natural'... except you don't hit home runs, you give pleasure with your mouth, not to mention other areas of your body, although I just did," I grinned at her.

"Really? Good. Because to be honest with you, I rather enjoyed it. I didn't really mind the taste, although it's probably not something I'd put on an ice cream sundae. The feeling of power was neat. It really was. If you don't mind, honey, I think I'll want to do this a lot more," she told me, her blue-gray eyes sparkling at me as she did.

"Aww... no way!" I pouted in mock anger, then said, "You've just made me a very happy man, baby," I told her gleefully. "Perhaps we ought to try and get some shut-eye, baby. It will be a special treat to sleep in your arms, lover."

"I believe you're right, lover. Thank you for a wonderful night. May there be many more. Good night, baby," she said, kissing me softly, flicking her tongue in my mouth, before nestling her head on my shoulder. "I love you," she whispered into my ear.

"Thank *you*, baby... and I love you too," I said, kissing her forehead, and we were sleeping in each others arms fairly quickly after our amorous night.

After that eventful evening, we evolved into a rather passionate relationship, as we both enjoyed the charms of each other's bodies, and we took steps to indulge in those charms at every opportunity. We also continued to smoke reefer a little more than occasionally, and enjoyed the sense of intimacy the smoke seemed to provide. We parted on amiable terms after we left school, as neither of us were quite ready for marriage. She went home to San Diego, Mission Beach to be exact, and I stayed in Tucson to attempt to try and write a few stories I had some ideas for, getting them down on paper before entering law school.

The sweet fragrance of Beth's recently washed hair shook me out of my reverie. She was simply gorgeous. I hadn't seen her for a number of years, and although we talked only occasionally on the phone, we managed to remain very close friends over the years, albeit platonic friends. We still professed our love for one another, and I believe we were being candid. I know I was. Which culminated in this exchange.

"Come on in. It's great to see you. Would you like some coffee? I have some French Roast I've been saving for you," I remarked while smiling broadly, shaken from my daydream, remembering she enjoyed her coffee on the strong side.

"Thanks. I'd like that. Love the music, babe," she said as she entered the door, and she put her arms around my neck and softly kissed me. I found myself fondly recalling our impassioned past, how we had kissed and caressed desirously whenever the opportunity presented itself. We had listened to a bit of Steely Dan in college, and I was pretty sure the music in the background summoned as many pleasant memories for her as it did me. I remembered thinking how fitting making love to her to the sounds of "Countdown to Ecstasy" was, and that reflection brought to mind how sublime she had looked the first time I witnessed her unclothed on her bed. Presently, she was looking at me with an expression of ardent desire, and I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close, gazing into her pretty blue-gray eyes, thankful for my good fortune.

"Beth, if I may be so bold... what the fuck are you doing here?!" I inquired, smiling widely, wanting to know the reason for this fortuitous visit. Then again, perhaps it wasn't so random. It wasn't like I was going to ask her to leave if she didn't answer me correctly. I was just curious to know how we happened to cross paths.

"Danny, it's Spring Break, as you may be aware, and I had some time off from the classes I'm teaching, and I... and I've missed you," she explained, and I thought I noticed what resembled tears suddenly welling in her eyes as she spoke to me.

"Hey... please don't cry, baby," I appealed to her, taking her tightly into my arms. "We're together now, and I think we should enjoy each other while we're in the same room. An astute philosopher woman once said to me, and I quote, 'enjoy the moment'," I whispered, and saw her softly smiling through her tears. "That's better. I love to see your beautiful smile. And if you were wondering... I still love you, honey," I told her truthfully, looking into her eyes.

"Ditto," she said with a wide smile. "I've missed you, baby. I've missed your laugh, I've missed your smile, I've missed your eyes, and, most of all, I've missed your caress," she spoke with a seductive tone.

She followed me into the kitchen as I went to prepare the coffee, and as I finished filling the carafe, I turned to see her looking into my eyes amorously with a soft smile on her face. She seemed to have an agenda to address. The stirring in my jeans continued, and I quickly adjusted the bulge in my pants when she briefly looked away, examining an Escher print on my wall.

"Umm, got something in mind?" I asked her with a grin, reaching to take her hand in mine, and I studied her beautiful face, with her high cheekbones, seductive lips, and piercing blue-gray eyes. Her hair still reached her lovely ass, and I ached to to hold her again, smelling her sexy perfume as I softly stroked her hair with my fingertips. I couldn't really name the perfume she was wearing, as I don't really keep up with that sort of thing, but it had suggestions of musk, strawberries, mango, and vanilla, all bundled up into one fragrance. It was quite enticing.

"It's been way too long, Danny" she whispered into my ear as she put her arm around my waist, with her hand resting on my hip. Her arm around my waist brought back many fond memories of a time not so long ago. "I'm getting wet just being near you," she purred with hunger in her eyes.

"Don't worry... the end of the millennium is near," I quipped with a smile, and turned toward her, taking her in my arms, resting my hands on her firm shapely ass. I softly caressed her there, letting my hands wander over her rounded swells, and I heard a soft sigh escape her lips. She looked into my brown eyes lovingly, and we exchanged a heated kiss, our tongues swirling slowly in our mouths. I moved my hands to her curvaceous hips, and as she massaged my lower back, I positioned one of my hands near the button of her fatigues, slowly working the button free. I slowly worked her zipper down, easing her fatigues down her softly rounded hips, and I felt her hands gliding across my chest as her tongue darted rapidly in and out of my mouth.

She deftly stepped out of her pants as they hit the floor. I proceeded to slowly slide my hand down her sensitive stomach and into her sexy black panties, and was pleasantly surprised to find her smoothly shaven. I sensuously sucked on her tongue as it entered my mouth, my finger finding her moist slit, and I slowly ran my finger along her moist swollen lips. Bringing my wet finger to my lips, I savored the taste of her tangy nectar as Beth gazed at me with reawakened desire, and I eased her panties down her long slender legs. A mouth watering sight, indeed. I returned two fingers to her now wet inviting pussy, and she unsnapped the button on my khakis and eased the zipper down, my hard cock coming into view.

I removed her t-shirt, revealing the striking contrast between her deeply tanned skin and her milky-white pert breasts, and she wrapped her hand around my throbbing essence as I softly kissed and sucked upon her taut nipples. My pants fell slowly to the kitchen floor, and I took her pleasantly rounded cheeks into my hands and pulled her tightly to me, quite certain she felt the heat of my throbbing shaft upon her flat stomach.

Guiding her to the kitchen table, she sat upon it, and I took a second to take in her inviting wet slit and firm breasts. I stepped between her long slender legs, and as I ran my hands up her sides, she pressed her head forward to kiss me seductively, running her tongue along the outline of my lips. Tracing a path of kisses down her neck, I proceeded to her heaving chest, and I felt her hands in my hair, gently guiding me toward her breasts.

I arrived at her firm breasts, taking each of her excited nipples into my mouth in turn, softly sucking and flicking my tongue until I heard her softly moan. Kissing my way across her flat stomach, I took her hips in my hands as I reached the beginning of the smooth white skin usually hidden by bikini bottoms. Inhaling the scent of her tangy juices as I moved to kiss both of her widely spread inner thighs, I slowly ran my flattened tongue up the entire length of her swollen pussy, savoring the exotic flavor of her abundant nectar.

I eased my tongue into her grasping slit, feeling her delicate hands on my head gently urging me onward as I begin a slow rhythm inside her. I pressed my tongue into her aroused pouty lips as far as I could manage, and brought my middle finger to the tiny entrance of her puckered rosebud. I took a slow extended suck on her dewy slit, drawing her distended lips into my mouth, and I bathe them with my tongue. Easing my finger into her splendid ass, I could feel her pushing her firm derriere toward me.

As my finger slowly entered her ass, I surrounded her prominent clitoris with my lips, softly sucking on her sensitive nub while lightly caressing it with the tip of my tongue. I heard her begin to mutter incoherently, almost under her breath, clenching and unclenching her fists. My finger slid into her tight ass as I began sucking with vigor on her proud jutting clit, and she orgasmed exuberantly, moaning and thrusting her hips up at my face, crying out my name. I gently removed my finger from her puckered ring, and as I hungrily lapped her abundant juices, she looked upward with her eyes in the back of her head, biting her lower lip.

She rose and kissed me with aroused desire, seductively sucking on my tongue, tasting herself on my lips, and eased herself off of the table. She knelt in front of me, looking up with lust in her eyes, and took me in her hand. She gently kissed the swollen head, tenderly licking away the drop of pre-cum that had formed, and then slowly swirled her talented tongue around the bloated crown. I looked down at her comely face as I gently swept the hair from her eyes, and I thought back to when we were a loving couple. It seemed, at that moment at least, that we still were a couple. She began a slow motion with her mouth, leisurely inching her lips down my pulsing cock, and she brought her hand up to my cum-filled balls, cradling them in her palm.

I reached down to very softly manipulate her perky nipples, and I could have sworn she gazed up at me with a suggestion of a smile in her eyes. She rapidly moved her lips up and down my stiffness, and I took her head softly in my hands to guide her, rejoicing in the incredible pleasure her talented lips and tongue were applying to my throbbing shaft. I felt my cock swelling, and I thought she sensed it as well, as she looked directly into my eyes while engulfing the length of my prick in one motion, forcing it into her throat. Beth brought her hands to her pert breasts, meeting my hands there, and she joined me in gently caressing her perky breasts. She quickened her pace, taking the entire length of my hard shaft into her mouth, and it slipped into her throat as she sucked harder.

As I began to cum into her welcoming mouth, she looked directly into my eyes, and I noted the contentment in her pretty blue-gray irises. The first portion of my warm pearly white essence was propelled to the back of her throat, and she hungrily swallowed the healthy streams of jism that followed. Waves of orgasmic pleasure spread throughout my body, and I leaned on the table to keep my balance.

After I emptied myself into her mouth, she continued to use her tongue while sucking gently on my sensitive cock for what seemed to be quite a while, and in time, I was hard enough to enter her again. She seemed insatiable. She got up from her knees, sat on the table once again, and as she spread her legs wide for me, her glistening hole beckoned me. I approached her tentatively, and I rubbed the head of my sensitive shaft along the pink flesh of her swollen pussy lips, moistening it with her rather abundant juices. With her hands on my hips, she pulled me very slowly into her, muttering stimulating phrases lustily into my ear as she did.

I initiated a slow rhythm inside of her, and I looked down and saw her outstretched lips clinging to my bulging cock as I withdrew. I thrust my stiffened shaft inside of her to the hilt as she moaned loudly, and saw her looking up at me with abandon in her eyes. I picked up momentum gradually, and watched in awe as her head flailed from side to side in pre-orgasmic ecstasy, mouthing silent phrases.

I became aware of her fingers coming down and softly fondling her erect clit, and as I withdrew from a powerful thrust inside her, she reached down to position the bloated head at the entrance to her tight ass. I eased my hard prick into her restricting ass, very gradually pressing into her tight asshole until my hips touched the firm flesh of her shapely cheeks, and I began a moderate rhythm inside her puckered rosebud. She began to suck temptingly on my neck, whispering enticingly, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me, baby!", into my ear in cadence with my thrusts as I began to fuck her harder.

She pushed against the oncoming thrusts, wrapping her legs around my lower back, and I continued to push deeply into her exquisite ass. As I took one final push into her, I let out a loud moan as I unleashed a great deal of warm pearly cum, and I could feel her contracting in orgasm as I did. We shared a soulful kiss as I emptied my load between her tight cheeks, and as we gazed at each other with loving eyes, we both broke into contented smiles.

After lazing together on the table for about an hour or so, gathering up our strength, cuddling and kissing each other with renewed feeling, Beth spoke up.

"Umm, do you think that coffee might be ready?" she asked facetiously, kissed me tenderly on the lips, then added, "And I was just wondering... do you have a bedroom in here, Danny?"

D.B. Metallo
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