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Sometimes the wait is well worth the prize.
Not the longest but decent for an hour of work in my opinion. For my Muse, my Mary.

Six months. Six months since I have seen you and all the difference it has made. You walk into our house, showing you will always out rank me here, even if you’re a little overburdened right now. Six months that have changed our life already.

You think your condition has robbed you of your beauty, but it has replaced it with something far more surreal. Your once delicate, petite features now have a deeply seductive curve to them. Your already ample bosom swells above the delicate curvature of our child, distending your taut and defined belly. Your five and a half feet tall person never looked as beautiful as it does now. Your natural grace is barely diminished and you still manage to effortlessly flit about in our small abode when you ignore me and absolutely have to do something. Your gray-blue eyes cut straight through to my soul as you gaze longingly into mine.

The perfect Marine wife-to-be, you sent me away with a prayer and a whispered I love you. Yet you never forget what we do. How we stand to defend this country. You once told me, "I wish you didn’t have to go," but rather me than someone who doesn’t care enough about those sons, and brothers, and husbands. And so I go off marching to eternal drums of the cruelest creature on the planet, ever hungry, ever yearning to feast on the young and the brave, yet still connected to you by the strongest force in this world. You and all the other officers’ women folks always worried the next messenger might be for you. But our love remains.

So as I boarded the transport you stood waving away as you knew our child’s father went away once again….

You start to shuck your clothing as soon as we enter our home. I pull you close to me as I embrace you in the deepest kiss I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Your swollen breasts rub against the rough fabric of my MARPAT’s as you undo your bra and it falls to the floor. I swiftly, roughly, and lustily remove my jacket and pull you as close as your swollen womb will allow. You pull away and push down the high band of your jeans and sashay that cute little ass into our bedroom.

“When you are ready Captain,” I hear softly and tenderly and eagerly as you serenely glide in and shut the door behind you.

Taking my time as much as I can, I walk into the kitchen, pour myself a finger of whiskey and down it straight. Looking at the bottle I see you wrote a note,

“One my sexy raggedy ass Marine. I need you all here tonight baby.


I put the top on the bottle and walk away from my old friend Jack. Ever the soldier I pick up my jacket and hang it up. My boots go by the door and my pants are quickly and neatly folded and set on the sofa. I jump into the shower and quickly rinse my body. Naked I silently walk into our chamber and see you almost asleep on the bed. I smoothly ease myself into bed and lie beside you. I throw my arm over you teasing your full breasts and without batting an eye I hear, “Now what makes you think I am going to let you sleep after six months in the desert? Where could you ever get that idea?” I chuckle and mutter something about how I feel bad taking advantage of a woman with child.

“To hell with that,” you retort, “I’m going take advantage of you.”

And with surprising speed you push me back and straddle me. You take my hard member and fill your sweet pussy. You ride me for hours. Always pulsing and tightening around my cock, never letting me cum, even after six months. Time after time I hear you shout my name as you bounce up and down on my dick, tightening and getting wetter every time you climax. So finally you decide your captain has earned his rest. I spurt long and hard deep into your throbbing dripping pussy.

“I missed you baby. It’s still just as hard doing this. But the returns make it all worth it. I love you baby and so does your little boy."

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