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A couple get together for a brief reunion after many years apart
When I arrive to pick you up I notice you’re already outside in front of your place, waiting for me. I see you in the dim porch light and my butterflies only beat their wings faster at the sight of you. My memory has so many little details patched over, and seeing you there instantly fills in all the gaps. You look better than I remember. You wave, unselfconsciously, and you click down the driveway in your heels and slide in next to me.

“Hi!” you beam, wide eyed and happy, and I smile back and lean across to kiss you on the cheek. The car fills with the sweet scent of your shampoo.

“Sorry I’m late.” I wink, and you laugh. We each take a moment to look at one another, familiar but different nonetheless. Your face is the same as I remember, youthful and bright, still beautiful and unflinching, and I’m happy that hasn’t changed. Your smile tells you’re happy to see me too. You’re wearing a dark blue mini skirt and a gray sweater that hugs your curves tight. Your legs are sheathed in luscious sheer stockings and you cross them toward me; I wonder if you remember how much it excites me when you do that.

“Where are we going?” you ask me, full of excitement and innocence, so I put it in drive.

“It’s a surprise.”

We’re making idle small talk while I take us to a great restaurant I picked out, which should be a twenty minute drive from your place. All along we reminisce and discuss the tragic sagas of our lives, catching up in a nervous, anticipatory way.

The sound of your voice, the smell of your hair, just being proximate to you makes me feel like no time has passed at all. A couple of times, I even have to stop myself from reaching across the console to cup your thigh in my hand, like I used to so often do when we drove somewhere.

We fall into our old rhythm in no time. But in mid-sentence, I groan. Traffic.

Of course, I hadn’t expected traffic problems on a Saturday night, but here we are, in the middle lane on the highway, tail lights blazing all around us. “Oh, what the fuck,” you mutter.

I try to switch lanes to get some movement going but it’s no use. I crane my neck to catch a glimpse of the problem, but that’s no use either. Cars are piling up behind us, and nothing is moving. “Fuckkk,” I croak, annoyed, and you agree.

I put the car in park. “Maybe we should have packed a picnic,” I joke.

“I know.” You laugh. “I’m sooo hungry!”

We talk for a while, inching along the highway at a snail’s pace, and I worry a little that it might get awkward if we run out of things to say. But when the conversation lulls, and I put the car in park yet again, you move towards me and rest your head on my shoulder like you used to do, and it feels right. So I run my hand up your knee, just like I wanted, resting it on your thigh, and you curl into me and wrap your arms around mine, snuggling into my shoulder comfortably. 

We creep along like this for a long time, not really speaking but just silently enjoying each other’s touch. My fingers dance along your stocking and you arch your back very slightly, as though showing me approval. Your own fingers are gently tracing circles on my bicep, telling me without words that you like how I feel.

I put the car in park again when we reach another impasse, and I settle back into my seat and try not to close my eyes. The energy is palpable. Relaxed, my hand slips a little further up your thigh and you emit a little moan into my arm, sending a jolt all the way through me. I turn to you as you look up at me, and we fall into each other.

When our lips meet they part instantly and our tongues probe each other with a slow knowing. You exhale into me and twist toward my kiss, my hand off your leg and wrapped around your waist. Your mouth is a French madeleine, reminding me of the long, drawn out kisses I used to bathe you with, always careful to taste every inch of you. The memory drives us forward. We kiss deeply, but it’s controlled and rhythmic, telling us both that we’re ready for a lot more. 

We’re interrupted by a chorus of honks, and we break our kiss to notice that traffic has moved forward quite a bit. “Oh shit.” I laugh, and you giggle as I shunt it into drive, awkwardly jerking the car forward.

Traffic seems to be moving a little faster now, but not nearly fast enough. You curl into me again, but this time you run your hand along my thigh instead, only stopping to sample the bulge you created. You coo approvingly, rubbing my growing cock through my pants, and I lick my lips.

“How far are we?” you plead, and I genuinely don’t know. Cars are lurching along, bunching in between lanes and jockeying for opportunities.

“I think I chose the wrong restaurant.”

You don’t seem to mind the traffic anymore though, fascinated by my arousal. You wrap your little fingers around me and squeeze, urging me on.

“Oh Jesus.” I groan. “You’re killing me!” but you don’t care. The thin fabric of my pants is enough to keep me from bursting right there, but you unzip me brazenly and slip your hand underneath. My cock twitches as you grip my shaft, squeezing me harder now. 

“Hurry up,” you demand, impatiently stroking my hard cock.

“We’re stuck here I think, it’s still a while before we get there,” I respond hoarsely.

You keep stroking me, and it’s hard for me to keep my eyes on the road. We get honked again and you look back at the driver, annoyed. “How much further?”

“I don’t know,” I reply, “but we could just go someplace else.”

“Yeah,” you say, leaning across. “Get off at the next exit.” 

In one motion you’ve draped yourself across the center console while undoing my belt, your round ass curving away from me. You have my pants open in a flash and you sink your mouth down onto my hard cock, taking me all the way down right away. Little by little your lips slide up my shaft, ringed tight around me and coating me with wetness, sucking hard and evenly. When you finally reach the head, your tongue twirls around me before you sink back down again. Soon you’re bobbing up and down on my cock, blowing me slowly and deliberately like you always used to.

I manage to find an exit after a few minutes of this, and I’m driving desperately as you swallow every inch of my cock. Navigating is next to impossible while you do that to me, but as we turn a dark corner a miraculous Holiday Inn sign fills the car with a neon glow. Thrilled, I tap your shoulder and you look up from your task.

“I’m going to get us a room, okay?”

You nod approvingly, watching me with hungry eyes. You go back to stroking my cock, faster and more urgently than before. “Please hurry…” you beg, “I want you to fuck me.” You moan deliciously as you say this, music to my ears. “Please fuck me, I need it,” you beg again, giving my cock another teasing lick. I can’t take my eyes off you. “Please baby, I’m creaming,” you gasp, squeezing me once more. I don’t need to be told twice, so I peel into the parking lot like a teenager on his first date, frantic from your teasing.

We park the car and I do up my pants while you kiss my neck and rub my chest. We walk hand-in-hand to the entrance, stopping several times to kiss and grope each other, but once we’re inside, the bright lights of the lobby somehow make what we’re doing seem more real. I’m almost hesitant as I sign for the room, passing the clerk my credit card absently, but my doubts are swept away with the knowledge that, in mere minutes, I will finally have you again.

In the elevator, it’s awkward. We’re across from one another, standing stoic, as though waiting to see who will make the first move despite having already trampled all over that line. There’s something hesitant in both of us, and when the doors open we gingerly step out and find our room in an almost business-like way. I hold the door for you and we’re inside.

I let the door settle behind me as it shuts. You slink away from me, checking out the room, kicking your heels off as you walk. “Don’t do that,” I instruct you with a sly grin, and you turn to me in amusement.

“Oh, you like my shoes?” You slip back into your heels like a good girl, and I walk towards you with a look of determination.

You move to kiss me but I scoop you up by your ass and carry you in my arms over to the bed instead. You wrap your legs around me and suck on my neck, tearing at my shirt in vain attempts to undress me before I toss you on the mattress. You squeal with delight.

I kneel down as you spread your legs wide for me, as if on instinct. I run my hands along your legs and I bunch your skirt up around your waist as my fingers trace the tops of your stockings. You curl your left leg around my neck and I kiss the insides of your thighs, tickling you with my stubble. You moan as I inch my way up, tasting your flesh through the stockings and enthralled by their silky texture. I reach the soft skin of your upper thighs, creamy and exposed above your nylons, and I suck hard, bruising you.

I finally reach your lacy pink panties and I press my nose and mouth against them. They’re soaked through, leaving a dark puddle where your pussy oozes for me. I inhale deeply, loving your scent, and it drives me wild. I bury my face in you as you thrash on the bed, trying desperately to rid yourself of the thin fabric that separates us. I back off slightly, pushing your thighs together over my head, and then I peel your panties off and slip them down your long legs. Now free, you spread wide for me again and I eat your pussy aggressively, savoring the taste.

“Mmmm baby, I missed it,” you moan, closing your eyes and sinking into the pillow. I lick you up and down, parting your lips and sucking your juices into my mouth. I roll my tongue deep inside you, making you cry out. When I bear down on your clit, waves of orgasm shake your body. I buzz your engorged bud with my lips, and you scream. I keep sucking you hard as you cum all over my face, and as you come down I lap up all your juices in my greedy way.

“Ohhh God,” you exclaim in a tired voice. “Oh God you made me cum so hard…”

I stand up, my face still glistening with your juices. To my surprise, you spring to life immediately, pulling your sweater over your head and unhooking your bra. I quickly undress, and once we’re both naked I join you on the bed. All you have on are your stockings and high heels, because you know it turns me on.

Our limbs are wrapped together as we kiss, my mouth still tasting your body all over. I suck your nipples one at a time as you reach under me to take my cock in your hand. You position me right over your pussy, and we lock eyes as I ease myself inside you. 

With my cock buried deep, we kiss again, your legs wrapping around my back. I give you a quick thrust, and you cry out. Your eyes have a look of desperation and submission, like you are giving yourself over to me, so I lean in and kiss you again.

Our mouths are overwhelmed with passion and we can barely manage a kiss without hurting each other, so I move away slightly and start to fuck you with a steady rhythm. The bed is shaking and you’re crying out in animalistic grunts.

After a while, I fling your legs into the hooks of my elbows and sink in deeper, and your mouth opens but no sound comes out. I start pounding you hard, the way I know you love it, fucking you fast and deep as your orgasm builds.

“Go go go!” you urge me on as I hammer away. 

All of a sudden, your breasts take a bright red shade and you go quiet again, your mouth wide open and your eyes shut. It seems like an eternity that I’m fucking you hard like this; the only sounds in the room are from the squeaks of the bed and my cock smashing your sloppy pussy.

When I’m about to collapse, you scream and you expel my dick with an intense pressure. You cum wildly, limbs flailing about and your back impossibly arched. I rub the head of my cock against your quivering lips, and you open your eyes and smile.

“Oh my God,” you pant, sitting up and taking me in your mouth again. You suck me good, cleaning the juices off my cock. Once I’m clean, you suck my balls gently, stroking me in a slow and sexy way. I twist my fingers into your hair and pull you further down on me, hoping you’ll gag. But you don’t. Instead, you hum as you take my entire length into your mouth. You look up at me with pride, and I’m stunned. You start gulping and forcing me into your throat, making crazy sounds that make me pull your hair even harder.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it,” I moan.

You finally spit my cock out with a gasp, spit and drool falling to the floor between your knees. I move across the room to the couch and sit down, my dick standing at attention. Dutifully, you stand and balance yourself in your heels, walking over to me and crawling into my lap. You sink into me balls deep and we both groan in pleasure. You grind me back and forth, smiling, loving how you completely own me right now. I suck your tits and cup your ass as you start to move, quickly picking up the pace until you’re bouncing wildly on my cock. You ride me until you cum again, flooding my lap.

When you slow down, we kiss again, and then laugh. “Fuck baby, your pussy feels so fucking good!” I groan, biting my lip.

“You feel amazing too.” You smile, working your hips in circles on my lap. I feast on your breasts while you slowly work my dick. I feel the cum surging in my balls, and I try to hold it off. I grit my teeth and focus, and you help me by sliding off and bending over the couch. I position myself behind you and enter you from behind.

Gripping your hips, I steady myself while I start thrusting. Our bodies are in unison and you’re thrusting back into me with every push I give, and our rhythm is just as it was when we used to fuck every day. It’s like we never stopped.

I reach for your hair and pull, arching your back, and you growl. Just then, I get a flash of one of my old tricks with you, so I grab your wrists and pull your shoulders back into me, using your arms for leverage so I can really hammer you. You start wailing, completely lost in your growing orgasm. When you cum again, you spit my cock out like you always do; your juices drip all over the fabric of the couch. You collapse against the cushions in a sort of coma.

“Hey.” I lean in, kissing your shoulder.

You turn to me, eyes glazed over and half opened. “Hey,” you manage, still in shock. 

“You okay?”

“Oh yesss,” you hiss. 

I turn you slightly so you’re on your side, your thighs together and your ass is still shaking from your orgasm. I push my dick back inside you and it’s perfect—your pussy is wide open, swollen and red from a hard fuck, and it accepts me perfectly.

You’re still tight, but your pussy is a pocket of wet heat that grips my cock with every thrust. You clench to make it even tighter, but it’s agony. I touch your face as I start fucking you again, and you suck my finger into your mouth and watch me.

You look amazing, so sexy, your hair wet with sweat and your face flush from all your orgasms. I grunt as I fuck you harder, and your pussy somehow gets even wetter. I lean over and slam into you, your ass cushioning my pelvis with every rough thrust. I feel the cum boiling again, and I try to hold it off, but you sense this and have other plans. You pull me close and lick my lips, sighing into my mouth. 

“Mmm, baby, I want you to cum for me.”

I respond by thrusting erratically, grunting and panting. I’m going wild, but you’re strangely calm, never taking your eyes off me. “I want your cum, please, give it to me,” you whisper. I throw my head back, trying to hold it off, but you know how to get it out of me.

“Fill me up with your cum, please, I want to feel it...”

I gasp, not expecting that, and it drives me over the edge. For years I’ve dreamed about cumming deep inside you again, like I used to do all the time. I can’t believe you want this too. I adjust your position so you’re on flat on your back again, wrapping your legs around me so you can hold me close. I bury my cock to the hilt as the cum rushes forward, and I grunt against your shoulder, ready to give it all to you. 

“Cum inside me, baby, please cum inside me,” you coax me, and I stiffen up as I fill your pussy. I cry out, and you grasp me tight to your body as you feel my cock twitching inside you, emptying my load. “Yes, yes, that’s it, that’s it, cum for me!” you cry out. I shudder as the orgasm courses through me before collapsing on top of you, our juices mixing together deliciously after a long overdue fuck.

We lay there for what seems like hours, kissing and playing while my cum settles inside you. Finally, I get up and ease my cock out, your pussy dripping with the remnants of our night together.

You check the clock and are stunned that we’ve been fucking for over an hour. “Wow, I can’t believe the time,” you say, “I need to get home.” I’m forced to agree, although I’d love to have you to myself for a whole night. But that can wait for next time.

We dress quietly and leave the hotel, dropping off the key card at the front desk with a sly wink. The roads are clear, and it’s a quick and morose drive back to your place. I drop you off with a kiss and a pat on the ass, promising to see each other again soon.

I watch you as you sashay up the driveway, knowing my cum is still inside you, and it makes me smile. I drive off, wondering how long it will be until we can do that again. Maybe next time we’ll even make it to the restaurant, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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