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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her standing across the road, eating her favourite doughnut. It was her - I would recognize that hair anywhere. She turned towards me, her long coat flapping in the wind, and my jaw dropped. Right at that moment, she looked up to meet my gaze, and her mouth stretched into a familiar smile. 

I was already crossing the road.

"Abby," I gasped, my voice coming out all breathless. She looked pale. Her lips sparkled with sugar from the doughnut. "It's been almost seven months. You just disappeared."

She smiled again, nervously. "How are you?"

"You're pregnant," my mouth blurted, on its own accord. If it was possible, the color drained from her face further.

"I am. I am gonna be a mommy," she said, biting her lip, leaving some of it bare. I wondered if her lips tasted sweeter than usual.

I made a brave attempt at cheerfulness. "I know we were broken up, but I didn't receive a wedding invitation. Quite rude."

"Oh, I didn't -- I'm not..." her eyes sparkled brighter. Was she going to cry? I certainly felt like it.

"Oh, Abby." I reached out for her arm. The moment I touched her, the world started to make sense again. "Who's the father?"

I watched as her face changed from pale, to red, colour rushing into her cheeks. I watched as her eyes filled with tears, and she bit her lip harder to stifle a sob.

Realisation dawned on me. All of me stiffened. 

"How pregnant are you?" I demanded, my insides frozen in shock. She shook her head as tears escaped. "Abigail!"

"Six months," she sobbed.

My brain exploded. "For fuck's sake, Abby. How dare you? Are you fucking insane?"


I put her on the bed, pulling her dress over her head in one motion. I had to kiss her everywhere. I just had to -- I couldn't help it. 

As her perfect breasts came into view, once I'd unlatched the bra, I groaned. Taking the more sensitive left one into my mouth, right away, I made her gasp. Before long, she was a quivering, writhing mass in my arms. A beautiful, heavenly mass. I kissed my way down below, my mouth hovering above her damp panties. Pulling them aside with my teeth, I blew on her, making her shriek. Encouraged, I went straight for her button. My tongue found it and began playing, flicking, circling. Each flick was rewarded with a moan that got louder. 

Soon, her hands were in my hair, clutching hard, and I was fucking her with my tongue. Her thighs clamped around my head, and her entire body tensed. With a shriek that must have rung through the whole place, she came undone. I lapped up her juices, making her whimper each time I touched her over-sensitive nub.

My mouth found its way back to hers.

"The sugar was so sweet," I said into her mouth. "I fucking missed the sugar."

She giggled, her sweet, sweet giggle.


And then his tongue was there once again, as a reminder, shutting me up immediately. His lips moved up, pausing to plant butterfly kisses across my swollen stomach, and then all the way up to my neck. A delicious shiver ran down my spine. 

"I want to ride you," I announced. 

His expression went from teasing to burning in one moment. Wordlessly, he flipped us over, so that I was on top. Slowly, I lowered myself onto him, engulfing him inch by inch. The feeling was so exquisite nothing could compare to it. His eyes shut as he let out a long groan. 

"You're so perfect for me, Abby," he groaned, as I took him in. I started to move, up and down, teasingly slow, my hands reaching up to cup my breasts and tug at my nipples. Immediately, he swatted them away, his warm hands replacing mine. I sighed as his thumbs played with my nipples. I'd missed his hands on them.

"Damn, you're driving me nuts, Abby. Please."

I continued to move painfully slow, even though I was aching for more. I stretched, touching myself along the sides of my body, putting on a show, my eyes locked onto him. He tugged harder, and I bit my lip.

"Damn it, Abby. I'm going to burst -- stop teasing now -"

I continued stroking myself, my swollen belly, finding my button and rubbing it in circles, as I moaned loudly. 

"Abigail, please," he begged. "I need to fuck you."

Instead, I increased my pace, bouncing up and down on him, revelling in the sharp bursts of pleasure that ran through me. My moans grew louder and more insistent as I took what I wanted, all the while never breaking away from his burning gaze. His hands dug into my ass and he hissed when I went faster, riding him in earnest. 

"Sweet Jesus, you'll be the death of me, Abby."

He stroked and kneaded the softness of my ass, sometimes painfully hard, sometimes feather soft. I was getting close now, my whole body was stretched to the tipping point. Without warning, he spanked me once -- loud, ringing, shocking. I loved it. 

"You've been bad. You disappeared on me. You made me wait so long. You made me beg," he told me, calm now. 

I whimpered as his hand stroked me. I was hanging at the edge, desperate to fall over. 

"Once more," I whispered. His hand came down, louder than earlier, but less shocking. I moaned. 


They came two at a time. 


He made me beg. 


I was so close, I was desperate.

"More... Unghhh. "

It rang throughout the room.

"Please. Don't stop."

I fell onto him, as things exploded in my head. Everything stopped, I almost blacked out from my orgasm. However, he gave me very little rest. In no time he had flipped me over, so that he was on top. His elbows flexed, as he adjusted himself, careful not to press against my swollen stomach. 

"Please, Abby," he rasped as he rammed into me, deep. "I need to... you're so damn beautiful, Abby. So fucking beautiful. I missed you so fucking much." Each word was paused with a deep thrust. I moaned, hyper sensitised. "Watching you explode, screaming my name, is better than watching anything. You're so much more beautiful with my baby growing in you. Abby -- God, Abby -- you drive me nuts." 

His thrusts got wilder and his words incoherent, as he pounded harder. Soon he was only gasping my name. 

"Abigail... come," he growled. His eyes burned through me. "Come for me." It was a command, and I exploded around him, once again setting him off, as he sent hot streams into me, filling me. He rolled over, taking me with him, so that he wouldn't crush me beneath him. 

"You'll be the death of me," he gasped. "Shit. How's she?" he asked, stroking my belly. "Did I jostle her?"

I stretched and moaned in response, still reeling from my two orgasms. As he moved down, to press delicious kisses against the swell, my eyes drooped shut. 


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