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RV Rendezvous

Love and sex in the moonlight
I stand behind the motor home, arms folded across my chest. The moon is full tonight. It shines on the dark lake water in a bright silver stream. I watch as the water undulates, making the moonlit path shimmer and wave. I hug myself a little tighter as a cool breeze blows across the water. I’m wearing only my long red silk robe and slippers.

The sweet silence is broken by the soft sound of a motorhome door close and someone coming down the metal steps. I don’t turn around as I already know that the person walking toward me is the man I love. In seconds warm, strong arms surround me and I feel warm breath on my neck.
“I’ve missed you,” he whispers softly in my ear.
“Is everyone asleep?” I ask him.
“The last time I checked,” he replies softly kissing my neck.

He reaches to the ground and picks up a folded blanket that he must have dropped when he reached me. He glances at the lake as it sparkles and pauses a moment to enjoy the beauty.

“It’s a beautiful night Beth and I do believe that it’s about to get even better. Let’s head over to the trees. It’s more private there,” he says as he reaches down to draw my cool hand into his warm one. Sparks fly up my arm and shoulder through my body to my core.

"Oh. How I love this man," I think to myself.

He bends to his knees and unfolds the blanket exactly where it’s been many times before. He pulls me down on the blanket so that I am facing him knee to knee. He places his hands on either side of my face and his mouth descends on mine. His kiss is hot as he gently parts my lips with his tongue. It swirls and dances in my mouth setting me on fire.
He reaches between us and cups my breast, his thumb rubbing and pinching my nipples. I push my breasts deeper into his palms. As he lowers his head to my breast his tongue licks everywhere but my nipple. He’s going to make me beg. I moan in pleasure as he sucks my nipple into his hot mouth. As he sucks my nipple, I can feel my juices running down my leg.

I gasp in desire as his hand finds its way into my robe, pushing it apart and ripping the tie from my waist. He slides his hand down my back and cups my ass.
The other hand slides through the wetness of my pussy folds. I moan a little louder and he silences me with a deep kiss as he lowers me to the blanket. Then hot hands slide up my legs, parting my thighs.
His head slips between them as he nibbles, kisses and licks his way to my pussy. His finger finds its way through the wetness of my folds. His sizzling tongue finds my clit and he begins to flick over it with bold, fast strokes.
I am close and getting closer every second. I clench my legs around his head, grasping his hair, pulling him closer. Suddenly I begin to feel the tremendous buildup of ecstasy. My legs begin to tremble as my orgasm begins its way through my body. It builds and swirls through me like an explosion! My hands clench the blanket, my nails almost ripping through the fabric.

“I love you Beth. I love to watch your face when you climax.”

“I love you too Allan. More than I can ever say”

He reaches his hand down to release his cock from the prison of his jeans. I press my hands against his to stop him.
“Let me,” I begged.
He moves his hands and lets me slowly lower his zipper. He is going commando tonight. It gives me the opportunity to lick his beautiful, big cock one inch at a time.
“Beth, not a good idea sweetheart." Laughing, I release his cock and gaze in wonder at the beauty of his member.

I lie back on the blanket and wait for him to take me. I spread my legs, the juices flowing from my climax and the anticipation of him entering me. He lowers himself on top of me.
“Not tonight Beth. Roll over on your hands and knees.” His voice becomes husky with desire as I quickly assume the position that he asked for!

I feel his hot breath on my back as his hot cock touches my wet, hungry pussy. He grasps his cock and rubs in slowly up and down my slit, collecting my juices.
“Are you ready Beth?” he asks as I feel him slowly entering me.
“Yes, yes, yes! “ I reply, pushing back against him. Suddenly I feel a sharp smack on my ass cheek.
“I’m in charge tonight Beth. Remember?”

I don’t answer as he enters me to the hilt in one swift motion I try desperately not to scream in pleasure. The thoughts of waking everyone in the campground makes me giggle softly.
As Allan pulls out of me and pushes back my thoughts are only on him. We pick up a rhythm, working together to keep the pace going. Allan reaches down and around me to palm my breasts in his hands. He squeezes and pinches my nipples, pulling and tugging at them so that they extend like never before. I moan and groan in bliss as he increases his strokes faster and deeper.

I reach between my legs and begin rubbing my clit faster and faster as I feel my climax build. He grabs my hips for leverage and begins to pant and groan. I rub faster as I feel him swell inside me. I burst into flames as I feel the hot stream of his cum hits my inner walls.
Sweat breaks out on both of our bodies chilling us as a lake breeze caresses us both. We fall to the blanket in exhaustion and euphoria. Allan slowly pulls himself out of my love canal and falls beside me.

We hold each other tightly, softly exchanging kisses and words of love. After a few minutes we stand and dress. I slip on my robe and he slides his long, muscular legs back into his jeans. I fold the blanket as he ties his shoes. Hand in hand we walk back to the motorhome. 

“I love taking these trips. Do you Allan?”

“Beth, these two weeks are the highlight of my year. They give me something to look forward to.”

As we reach the back of the motorhome he pulls me into his arms and kisses me passionately.

“Same place and time tomorrow night?” he asks.

“Absolutely! Goodnight Mr. Rossi”

“See you then. Good night Mrs. Carlton!”

We glance quickly at each other, smile and head to our motorhomes and our spouses.
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