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Sammie Series #1 - Sammie's New Home

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A story about an 18 year old girl moving in with older friends and the romance that develops
Sammie’s New Home

1st Story in the “Sammie” Series

By: Sitback

Wayne and Suzanne are a happily married couple with 2 sons (Roy, age 15 and Glen, age 10). They have been married over 16 years and have been together for over 20. While they have fun sexually (doing some really imaginative things together, including openly fantasizing about other people while they are making love with each other), neither has been with anyone else since they met. Wayne and Suzanne also use the internet to “play around” as well. Wayne loves to chat and cam with other women. Most from around the nation and some from other countries. Suzanne has found reading erotic literature a big turn-on for her and has often brought those fantasies into the bedroom.

Wayne and Suzanne are also heavily involved in a youth marching band that their son Roy is in. Wayne, being an ex-member of the band when he was a teenage still performs with them and helps the band as needed. Suzanne oversees the pageantry unit. It was Suzanne’s efforts with pageantry that caused her to become friends with Samantha (Sammie for short), one of the older girls in the unit.

Sammie is a relatively attractive 17 year old girl. She doesn’t quite fit the “pageantry” look (a girl that could fight some weight problems in the future, although she isn’t yet having the problem). She’s on the taller side (5’, 9” tall) with medium length sandy blonde hair (that can actually be any color since Sammie dyes her hair often). She does have one attribute that caught Wayne’s attention almost immediately, Sammie’s breasts are very large and she does nothing to hide that fact with the clothes she wears.

When Suzanne first starting working with the girls, Sammie was real distant and hard to get to know. Over time, Suzanne broke through Sammie’s emotional walls and they became fast friends. Sammie has real trust issues with people, her mother deserting her as a baby and her father not really providing the kind of attention a young girl needs. Because of her low self-esteem, Sammie did camera shows for people when she was 14 and though she trusted the people she was camming for, even that came back to bite her when she found videos of herself on various internet sites. It wasn’t that much better for Sammie around the band, her families name was not the most revered in the bands history (3 family members have been kicked out over the years, including her father). Management of the band even goes as far as holding her family members against her (even though she hasn’t done anything personally to deserve it). Sammie was also having issues with her long-time boyfriend. They had been dating for 3 years and Sammie was getting “tired” of the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Joshua was a great guy, but the relationship had just reached it’s natural end for both of them and they parted ways as friends.

As Sammie was approaching her 18th birthday she was hell-bent on getting out of her house. The original plan had been to move in with her boyfriend and his family, but with the relationship ending, this was no longer an option. Wayne and Suzanne approached her and offered to let her move into their house with them. They would have Sammie take Glen’s room and make it her own with Glen moving into the spare room. Sammie loved the idea and they presented the idea to Sammie’s father. Sadly enough, Ray didn’t bat an eyelash and immediately ok’ed the idea of letting her move into their house and the plan was to move Sammie out shortly after her 18th birthday.

Moving out was easy. Suzanne knew that Sammie’s living arrangements were 3 large families in a 2 bedroom house where Sammie “shared” the couch with her 14 year old sister Tabitha. Her only possessions were her clothes and her mobile phone. Wayne drove to Sammie's house and helped her load up the car for the drive to her new home. Tabitha gave Sammie a big hug and told her how much she’d miss her. Wayne, of course, let Tabitha know she was welcome over any time she wanted. Unfortunately, Wayne saw a lot of the reason for Sammie’s self-esteem problems when he observed that her dad showed little interest in Sammie moving out. She went over to say goodbye and his response was to mumble “goodbye” and then toss his cigarette butt on the ground and walk back into the house. Sammie was probably lucky that he at least said goodbye to her.

The arrangement worked perfectly. Sammie settled into a routine and the “family” atmosphere did wonders for her self-esteem. Sammie also noticed how loving Suzanne and Wayne were. Not the hugging/kissing all the time loving; but more about how they talked to each other and how open they were with each other. She would often hear them in the bedroom. Suzanne is very vocal during love making and Wayne can be too, although with Wayne, it’s mostly when they are fantasizing about other women or men. Sammie could have sworn she heard her name called out a few times, but couldn’t be sure of that. Sammie also noticed that Suzanne allowed Wayne to spend a large amount of time on the internet chatting with people. Suzanne explained that it’s something that Wayne likes to do (and she admitted that she has done it too). It was felt by both of them that it didn’t hurt anything because it was the internet and neither of them would ever come into contact with the people they chat with in real life.

After a couple of months in her new home, Sammie asked Suzanne about her relationship with Wayne. They had already discussed Wayne's online chatting, but Sammie was curious if Suzanne would ever let Wayne “hook up” with another woman in real life. Suzanne admitted she often fantasized about Wayne fucking someone else and even had someone in mind for him. Sammie asked about hearing her name called out from their bedroom and Suzanne (after embarrassingly apologizing to Sammie) admitted that both her and Wayne have included Sammie in their fantasy’s. Sammie told Suzanne that she plays with herself in her bedroom when she hears them having sex. She has always had a great relationship with Wayne, but she admitted to Suzanne that she has felt a sexual attraction to him for a long while. When she heard Wayne call out her name while having sex with Suzanne, it really turned her on and she has been thinking non-stop about it, and him, since. She was curious if Suzanne would ever consider letting her explore her relationship with Wayne a little further. She explained to Suzanne that she wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt their friendship and would drop it now if it was going to be a problem. It was at that point, the Russell household became even more loving.

Sammie and Suzanne started thinking of ways to “explore” this a bit further. Suzanne, knowing that Wayne wanted to fuck Sammie in the worst way, wasn’t going to be a problem. But they wanted it to be special to both Sammie and Wayne. Having been married for as long as they had, it’s been a while since Wayne experienced the “first time” feeling with anyone in real life. Sammie wanted to have Wayne experience that again. Sammie and Suzanne came up with the general plan.

Suzanne arranged to meet Wayne for lunch at work. While sitting in the restaurant enjoying lunch, Suzanne explained that Sammie told her that she overheard Wayne calling out her name while having sex with Suzanne. She said it made her question what their relationship was and more importantly what it can become. Suzanne looked Wayne right in the eyes and told him, if the situation arises that you can enjoy Sammie in sexual ways, you have my absolute permission. Wayne, taken aback by this a bit, asked if this “was” going to happen or if it was only a possibility. Suzanne told Wayne that she was pretty confident it was going to happen, but to let Sammie initiate any action. This way, if Sammie changed her mind, it wouldn’t change the relationship the family already has with her. Wayne gave his wife a long soft kiss and thanked her for this. Suzanne told Wayne that with any other woman, she’d forbid any kissing as, to her, it signifies more than just sex - It signifies emotion. She told Wayne that she knew Sammie was really special to him and it wouldn’t bother her if he kissed her, even serious kissing. Suzanne admitted that she has fantasized about kissing Sammie herself.

The general plan was to have Suzanne and the boys leave the house and Sammie to “come on” to Wayne. It was made easier that Wayne already had permission from Suzanne, but the question was whether he’d actually catch on to being flirted with. Wayne was never able to tell when someone was coming on to him. As a matter of fact, Suzanne had to literally pull him into her bedroom the first time they had sex with each other. Friday night was yet another High School football game and with Roy being in the school band as well, their plans were set. Normally Wayne goes to the games as well, but Suzanne told him to just stay home and relax that night. She left a 12 pack of beer in the refrigerator for him to enjoy while they were gone. Sammie wasn’t home either as she hadn’t gotten home from school yet. Wayne changed into his comfortable shorts and a t-shirt, opened his first beer, and turned on a hockey game on TV.

Sammie got home about 10 minutes after Wayne had sat down. This wasn’t an accident. She knew Suzanne and the boys were leaving and she was simply sitting nearby and waiting. She figured Wayne would be sat down and enjoying his beer after about 10 minutes because he does the same thing every night after work. She smiled at Wayne sitting in his chair and said she was going to head into her bedroom to change and then come out and keep him company. Wayne, not realizing the plan was in motion, simply grunted his “ok” and went back to watching the hockey game.

Sammie came out in a cut-off t-shirt and a pair of very tight, short, shorts. Wayne noticed right away that she wasn’t wearing a bra either. As he continued to look at her, he felt the blood rising in his dick. She smiled at Wayne and sat down on the couch. She made small talk with Wayne, who was doing his best to pay attention. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take his eyes off her tits or her legs and shorts. Needless to say, he now had a hard-on that would be very difficult to hide if he had to stand up. Sammie, realizing he was probably hard, patted the couch seat next to her and asked Wayne to come join her. He muttered that it probably wasn’t a good idea to do that. She got off the couch and walked over to Wayne’s chair. She put her hands on the armrests and leaned in to whisper in his ear “Your wife and kids are gone on purpose. Suzanne has given you and I permission to do anything we wanted. I want you to make me scream the same way you make your wife scream. And, I want you to scream my name out, but tonight, it’s going to be because you are actually fucking me.” She then reached up and grabbed his chin and slowly put her lips to his and gave him a nice soft kiss. Wayne, now totally turned on, pulled her chin back and returned the kiss. This time opening his mouth and taking her tongue into his mouth.

As they were kissing, Sammie slid onto Wayne’s lap. He immediately began letting his hand roam on her stomach. He was gently scratching across her belly, slowly letting his hand move up under her t-shirt. Since it was a cut-off t-shirt, he didn’t have to go very far under the shirt before his hand found her tits. Even without seeing them, Wayne knew they were wonderful. They were soft and her nipple responded immediately to his touch. He broke off the kiss and told her that maybe they should be on the couch. At that point, they both moved to the couch, but Sammie removed her shirt while she was heading that direction. She laid down on the couch and patted the couch, indicating she wanted Wayne to join her. He looked down on her beautiful body and was simply amazed this beautiful young girl wanted him. He’s thinking that he’s 50 years old, balding, and overweight - what does she see in me. Wayne shook off those thoughts and instead of joining Sammie on the couch, he kneeled on the floor beside the couch.

He again gave Sammie a nice soft sensuous kiss and then started kissing his way to her ears. He loved nibbling on her ear lobes, made even better by her soft moans while he was doing it. He slowly licked his way down her neck to her beautiful breasts. Sammie’s breasts were indeed large. They were 36D’s, the skin was very soft to the touch and they firmer than you would expect large breasts to be. Her areola’s were a light pink color, but very large. Probably about the size of a silver dollar. Her nipples, while not long, were very responsive. The moment they are touched, they get very hard and you can tell by watching Sammie’s reaction, they are very sensitive. Wayne started licking her nipples, but Wayne is more of a nibbler and biter than a licker. He softly nibbled on her nipple, causing her to jump a bit. Wayne stopped and asked if he had hurt her, but she said “No, it’s just that no one has done that before”.

She asked him to take it easy, but to not hold back. Wayne went back to licking her nipples, slowly licking around them and then biting the nipple real quick. Sammie continued to jump slightly, but started to enjoy the bites. Wayne then started licking his way down her stomach heading towards her pussy. As he was licking down, Sammie started to remove her shorts. Wayne asked her to stop, that he wanted to take care of it. He stood over her and grabbed both sides of her shorts and started moving them down her gorgeous legs. Sammie lifted her ass off the couch to assist in getting them off. Wayne deliberately left her panties on.

Once again, Wayne stood over Sammie and took her beautiful body in. He again couldn’t believe this gorgeous young woman wanted him. She was laying on the couch, with an absolute look of lust on her face, in nothing but a pair of extremely sexy boy-shorts. Sammie, through her conversations with Suzanne knew that these were Wayne’s favorite type of woman’s underwear. Her and Suzanne had only picked this pair up yesterday when they were completing their plans for this encounter. Wayne got back down on his knees and resumed his travels from where his tongue left off. Her belly button. Wayne doesn’t have a lot of fetishes, but belly buttons are one of them. He loves to lick around the belly button, and even stick his tongue into it. He also likes to dribble some spit into it, and then lick it back out. And he was doing all these things to Sammie. He is smart enough to realize though, that the belly button only satisfied his fetish. While it feels good to the woman, maybe because it’s unusual, he knows she still needs other stimulation to stay “on fire”. While Wayne is busy licking Sammie’s belly button, his hand is starting to slowly massage her pussy through her panties. Wayne traces his finger along the hemline of the underwear, paying special attention to areas that come in close contact with the pussy and inner thighs as those areas tend to be very sensitive. After he traced her hemline, he began to massage her pussy through her panties. She was already relatively wet, but with Wayne pushing the panties into her pussy while rubbing it, the panties themselves were starting to get extremely wet. Wayne was starting to get really aroused by the smells that were beginning to eminent in the room. He started his slow trek to Sammie's pussy with his tongue.

Once again, Wayne left her panties on and started licking around the hemline of Sammie’s panties. After spending a good amount of time on her sensitive areas, Wayne moved his mouth into the area where her actual pussy would be and licked the panties in that spot. With Wayne now tasting Sammie for the first time and realizing how sweet her pussy juices tasted, it was time for the real thing. Wayne reached up and began to remove Sammie’s panties. Once again, Sammie lifted her ass off the couch to enable Wayne to get them off easier. Now Wayne will usually keep the first pair of panties from anyone he fucks, but Sammie (having learned this bit of information from Suzanne) told Wayne that she bought those panties especially for him and he should keep them as a souvenir. While this took away from Wayne’s planned “demand” to keep them, the smile Sammie was flashing along with the playful look in her eyes, told Wayne that Suzanne conspired with Sammie to make this all happen. At this point, Wayne suggested they head to the bedroom where they have more room.

As Wayne entered the bedroom, he immediately noticed the bed was already pulled back and that candles had been lit. He realized the Sammie didn’t just go get changed, she got the bedroom prepared as well. He also noticed a few rubbers waiting for him on the table. As Wayne took this all in, Sammie whispered in Wayne’s ear that she was on the pill and had recently been to the doctor and was declared “disease free”, so if he didn’t want to wear a condom it was ok with her. She also told Wayne she would understand if he did. Wayne told her there was no way he was going to wear a rubber.

While focusing on the conversation, he hadn’t realized she had started sliding his shorts off. Since he was dressed for comfort, he didn’t have any underwear on under the shorts. Once the shorts were at his feet, Sammie began to feel his dick for the first time. She gently grabbed it and started rubbing the length of Wayne’s dick. She motioned for him to lay on the bed, which he did without Sammie ever taking her hand off his dick. As Wayne got into a comfortable position, Sammie leaned in and kissed the head of Wayne’s dick. After licking around the head a couple times, Sammie began taking Wayne’s dick into her mouth. Now Wayne doesn’t have a long dick, but it is considered thick. Sammie had no problem taking all of his dick into her mouth. She would slide her mouth from the top to the bottom, all while gently playing with Wayne’s balls. Sammie loved giving BJ’s to her boyfriend and became quite good at it. She used some of these techniques on Wayne and it was driving him into outer space. She licked to take her tongue and twist it around his dick as she takes it into her mouth. Now Suzanne knew how to give a blow job, but let’s face it - sex becomes routine after a while and people stay with techniques they know work. As Sammie was continuing her blow job, she moved on top of Wayne so that her pussy was at his waiting tongue.

Wayne enjoyed the view presented to him and just stared for a moment taking in the young pussy in front of him. He slowly extended his tongue and flicked it across the hood of her pussy. Sammie actually jumped at that first touch. He did it again, but this time, moved in and sucked the hood of her pussy into his mouth for a couple of seconds. He released it and used his tongue to slide up through her pussy lips, tasting her sweet pussy juice and continuing up to her asshole. Wayne loved to lick assholes and wasn’t going to not enjoy this with Sammie. He flicked his tongue across her asshole and she sat straight up from the shock. She giggled a bit about being surprised and admitted no body has ever licked her asshole before. Wayne gently asked if she enjoyed it and she answered by sitting all the way down on his face, with her asshole directly on his mouth. Wayne didn’t need to be told twice. He shoved his tongue as far into her asshole as it would go. She moved her ass around a bit, enjoying the sensations she got in the different areas of her asshole. She leaned back down and took Wayne’s dick back into her mouth and started furiously sucking him off. At this pace, it wasn’t going to take long for his 50 year dick to unleash its load. He tried asking her to slow down, but she answered by going even faster. Wayne figured, if you can’t beat them, join them....he then started picking up the pace on licking her pussy. He took his finger and felt inside her wet pussy until he found her clit. He started moving his finger in a circular motion over her clit while pushing it against the pelvic bone to get added pressure on the it, hopefully increasing her pleasure.

Sammie started gyrating uncontrollably as she was nearing her first orgasm. Wayne, not being able to hold back any longer from the blow job he was receiving decided to just let it go instead of trying to stop it from happening. He yelled out Sammie’s name for the first time that he was going to cum. His load rose so fast, she wouldn’t have been able to get her mouth off his dick even if she had wanted to (which she had not intention of doing anyways). He hollered her name again, which was what she’s been waiting to hear and that caused her to begin orgasming as well. As Wayne filled Sammie’s mouth with his cum, Sammie was flooding Wayne’s face with her sweet juices. Now Sammie had told Suzanne that she was a squirter (Suzanne is too), no one bothered to inform Wayne. He was subjected to what must have been two full minutes of Sammie squirting on his face. Wayne, having been squirted on before by Suzanne, was not uncomfortable about being sprayed with female juices so he just laid there and let her flood his face.

As they lay there resting. Sammie admitted that she has never felt anything like that in her life. Her boyfriend was usually only interested in getting a blow job or fucking her, but after he got off, that was it. Wayne told her he was the same way when he was that age. Getting older has taught him that he needed to take care of his lady first and then worry about himself. Sammie smiled and told Wayne that she knew this was going to be fun.

Being 50 years old, Wayne can usually only experience 1 orgasm before his dick was done for the night. Sammie wasn’t buying any of this. She started licking around Wayne’s balls, trying to get his dick to wake back up. After about 10 minutes of this, Wayne’s dick did start coming back to life. Wayne sat up and told Sammie that he hasn’t had multiple sessions in one night in a long time but he knew, after the way Sammie worked on his dick, he’d be able to. Sammie just smiled and rolled over on her back. Wayne moved between her legs and placed the head of his dick against her waiting pussy. Sammie smiled at Wayne and admitted that she wanted to fuck him since the first time she saw him at the band hall. This blew Wayne away a bit and, even though he was ready to fuck her for the first time and it wasn’t the best time for a conversation, asked her why. Sammie said there was just something about him. A look, the way he carried himself, the comfortable way he dealt with anyone around him whether it was a teenager or an adult. And most of all, there was a sexuality to him that can’t be described. She just had to have him. It just worked out that they became friends and she was now actually living with him. Wayne didn’t want to ask, but had to..

”Was this why you befriended my wife and moved in with us?”

Sammie said absolutely not. She loves everyone in our family and this was just a nice added benefit. She then told Wayne that she has the same feelings for Suzanne. Wayne asked if she meant as a family and Sammie said “No, I want to fuck her at some point too - she is so sexy to me.” Talk about turning Wayne on in an instant - the idea of Suzanne and Sammie having sex was each other was too much to take.

Wayne’s dick, while already hard again, went to the next hardness level (guys will understand this). He started sliding his dick into Sammie and didn’t go slow. He slammed it in as hard as he could until his balls slammed against her ass. What he intended to be a nice slow sensuous fuck, has now turned into an aggressive, no holds bar fuck. Thinking of Sammie and Suzanne licking each others tits or licking each others pussies had Wayne so turned on he was fucking Sammie without abandon. Sammie was enjoying the hell out of this. She lifted her feet and wrapped them up around Wayne's upper back. She was in such pleasure having Wayne’s dick slammed into her over and over again. As Wayne’s orgasm was building up, he started calling out Sammie’s name again. Once again, this caused Sammie to instantly start her orgasm. She began flooding the bed again, but Wayne wasn’t going to stop. He kept fucking her until his balls grew tight and he felt his own orgasm coming on. He screamed Sammie's name and unloaded his cum into her already wet pussy. Wayne’s cum just kept coming out. He knew that he hasn’t blew a load this large in years.

Wayne rolled off Sammie and as they lay there on the bed, side-by-side and not moving, they felt a “presence” in the room. They both looked up simultaneously and saw that Suzanne was standing over them smiling. She sat down on the bed and kissed Wayne and then kissed Sammie on the cheek. She told them that she was standing there for a few minutes and heard their conversation and then watched as Wayne fucked Sammie with reckless abandon. She said it’s been a number of years since Wayne has fucked her like that, but she has a feeling it’ll start happening again real soon.

Suzanne then took Sammie’s face into her hands and told her that she has dreamed of having a sexual relationship with her as well. She then put her lips to Sammie's and they gave each other a soft, long, sensual kiss. This action, caused Wayne’s dick to come to life again. He looked at both of “his” girls with a very naughty look on his face. Bet you can guess how the rest of their evening was spent!!!!!!

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