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Saturday at Jack's

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The sun shone into Jack's bedroom window. He laid back on his bed wondering when Emily was finally going to be round. His acceptance grew to inpatience. But then, there was a knock on the door. Jack lifted himself from the bed and rapidly scurried downstairs. Pulling open the door with such strength, he saw her. His eyes scaled her whole body. She was wearing a pair of tight denim shorts, a tight vest top and a pair of flip flops. He could not believe his luck. Waving goodbye to her mum Jack shut the door. "Hey,Emmy." "Hi Jack." "You have caught me at a bad time, i'm just about to have a cigarette." Jack explained to Emily. "That's ok." Jack lead the way through the kitchen, and out of his back door.

Emily was all quite fanscinated with Jacks 'Abstract' themed garden. And began to stare at the fountain. But Jack had other things on his mind. As she stood there smiling at him, she could not even imagine the impure thoughts running right through his head. Smiling one last time Jack put out his cigarette, and again lead the way back into the house. Hopping upstairs they went into his computer room, which really was no shocker. Emily planted her eyes onto 'her' orange chair as, Jack took the master computer chair. "How are you?" Jack asked. "Really good, yourself?" Emily answered. "Good thanks." Jack said.

Jack tried his best not to drool over Emily, as he saw her not as a sex ornament, but as a real human being, as Jack had always treated her this way, it came as no suprise to Emily. Emily removed her slim jacket from her upper body, revealing her arms much more. Jack turned, and too his delight he saw a flabby stomach, not a size zero wannabe. In which he told her he much adored. As Emily normally did, she made it look like she was interested in what Jack was showing her. "Oh Jenna McKay's online." Jack said. "Oh wow! You can actually pronounce her last name now?" Emily exclaimed. Jack sat there for a good 30 seconds just admiring Emily. Emily enjoyed the attention, and made the most of it. "Want to go into my room?" Jack said. "Yep, sure." Emily replied in a high tone.

They made their way into Jack's room. Emily's eyes steamed when she saw the colour headboard. "Beige!" Jack laughed and ignored Emily's furiousness. Emily shook off the feeling of anxiety and sat comfortably on Jack's bed. Jack put the television on. And they both just sat patiently. After a few intense minutes, Jack moved closer to Emily.
 " I love you Em." "I love you too." Emily answered. Jack kissed Emily softly on the cheek. Emily smiled appreciatively and looked at him. They're eyes glued to eachother's. Jack bent forward slowly, Emily moved in sync with Jack as the brushed eachothers lips with such care. Jack slowly slide his tongue in, in such a way that Emily felt the need to join in this slow motion. Then the door bell rang, and they both knew who it was.
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