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Saturday Morning

One good morning

As any typical Saturday morning Dan is stirred by one of three things, the birds outside the open window, the arguing of his kids over the television or a hard on. This morning was the latter. He spooned behind his wife, Karen. He wrapped his arms over her and nuzzled into her neck. Her mussed curly brown hair hung just below her shoulders. He buried his nose and lips in it just behind her ears on her neck. She was half awake but loved any sort of attention from her husband she could get as their busy lives took them in so many different directions. As Dan nuzzled her, he cupped her breasts. As he did this her nipples became taunt to his touch. His fingers were doing the talking. Just touching, circling her aureole, so softly. He really did not want to rudely waken his angel. As he did this, he became aroused. He curled tighter against Karen’s behind.

As the minutes passed by, Karen began to giggle. She reminded him of his “commitment”. As the years passed into middle age, Dan, like most men gained a few pounds. He wasn’t fat, but wasn’t happy about himself. He committed to himself to lose 20 lbs. Dan was also a classic over achiever. He spreads himself in every direction his attention pulls. He started his career as a teacher and now an administrator; he pushes papers and attends meetings all day and many evenings. Early morning was about the only time for exercise. But his over achieving is what his wife loved about him. He has 1 switch, on or off. When he’s on, it’s 100mph all the time and gives his all. His off, is only sleeping, then he’s a rock.

He was momentarily cursing this commitment. How could he leave such a moment? After all these years he was still crazy in love and lust with his wife. But he got up, got changed into his running gear, drank some water and inhaled a banana.

Off he went planning a run in his mind of about 6 miles. It was a clear and cool morning in the low 60’s. His route in the local park carried him over roads, wooded trails and open field paths. He started off slow and steady. Then once loosened up, his paced quickened. Dan was in marathon shape 20 years ago. But that was 20 years ago. Although his mind said he could do these runs faster, his body told him otherwise. In the middle there was this hill. It was about 300 yards long and curving. Always up for a challenge, Dan sprinted up the hill; he made it harder than it should be to most. Near the end of the run were the soccer fields where he stopped to gain a little breather. Again, pushing himself, he did a set of 3 suicide runs. Sprinting and jogging sections of the soccer field. Although Dan had gained some additional weight it was in the mid section. He still had muscular legs and a pretty firm butt. At least that’s what his wife told him. She joked many times that she married him for his ass.

Finally home, Dan noticed the house was unusually quiet. No yelling 10 and 12 year old boys or television with cartoons turned up high. He’s asked where the kids were and she told him they went to the local baseball game their neighbor was playing in. The neighbor was in high school and their boys idolized him. By now, sweat had formed a V on the front and back of his shirt. His face with a scruff beard and mussed short brown hair was dripping with sweat too. Karen made a face, waved her hand in front of her nose and sent him to the shower. He left the kitchen pulling his shirt off. His broad shoulders and back were shiny and wet. But there’s something she never told him. His sweat was like an aphrodisiac. Something about it just did things to her that she couldn’t explain. While Dan went to take his shower Karen called her neighbor and asked her to take the boys out to eat after the game. She wanted to take advantage of this time, and Dan.

With only yard work in front of him for the day, Dan decided to take advantage of a long hot shower. While showering Dan soaped up, prolonging at his cock and balls. He was thinking of earlier in the morning in bed with Karen. How good she felt against him. As he stroked his shaft and caressing his balls, he got harder and harder. What he didn’t know, Karen snuck into the bathroom and watched him.

As Karen watched Dan, one hand was on her breast, the other in her shorts. She was getting as hot as the shower steam. Worked her bra off from under t-shirt and as she put it on the sink, but while she did that she knock off a bottle of lotion. The lotion bottle made a slapping noise on the tiled floor. Dan had a handful of hard cock and a head full of shampoo so his eyes were closed. Startled he called out Karen’s name.

She got up and walked towards the shower. Dan asked her what she was doing in the bathroom. She said enjoying the show. By this time Karen was at the shower door and was opening it. Dan had gotten the shampoo out in time to see his wife. Water was splattering on her t and his attention on her hardened nipples. Soon the water formed a second skin on her boobs. As a former gymnast, Karen was never a big girl, but after the kids were born she formed into nice 34 c’s .

Dan reached over and pulled Karen’s shirt off and she wiggled out her shorts to join him in the shower. There they kissed and soaped either other getting all the hard to reach and not so hard to reach places. Karen took over stroking his cock and his hand went between her legs. Karen was nicely trimmed. It was impossible to tell if her wetness was from the shower or Dan. But he knew something was good by her by the way she moaned, stroked him a little tighter and pressed her body closer to his. The kissed, soaped each other from the front and back over and over. Dan's hand seemed to never leave her treasured triangle. When face to face and kissing, Karen wrapped a leg around one of Dan’s, gripped his shoulders tight and gave a little crying “oh my god!!!” While this happened, Dan’s weight pushed her up against the shower wall. Sandwiched there, Karen body became rigid as she held on tight. They kissed more, smiled, and giggled. But the water became cold and was time to get out.

They wrapped themselves in there own towels briefly just enough to get the water off, but soon they tried to share them with each other as they kissed more. Dan couldn’t help to notice how Karen’s nipples stood at attention. Was it from the cold air or something more? He bent over and began to kiss them, lick them. Karen pushed her chest to Dan’s face. She loved the attention she was getting. One hand was pulling his head to her chest and the other found his cock again. Her fingers were running down the underside to his balls and back up and circling the tip with her thumb.

Once he was getting pretty hard she sat on the bed in front of him. Staring at each other she stroked him a couple times. Dan then commanded her to suck his cock. An alter ego was coming out Dan the more she sucked and licked him. Things like “Karen suck me good, make me hard”, “mmm fuck Karen…suck my cock” “Yes! That’s it. Suck my cock Karen!” Two things Karen loved was her name being called and good dirty talk. This was not the politically correct, nice Dan that everyone else knows. This was Dan her lover, her man, the man she was a slut to. She was sucking him deeper and faster and he loved every second of it. Over the years she learned some things that made Dan crazy. She could tell when he was ready to cum. This day she pulled many out. She sucked his cock as deep as she could, as long as she could. Karen could feel his pre cum oozing out and she could make it string out of her mouth. Dan thought it was so nasty, and so hot. Dan started moaning some and began to thrust his hips to Karen’s hot sucking mouth. Dan was losing control. His head back, moaning and mumbling expletives of his wife’s talents. Finally Dan came. Some “ohh’s and mmm’s” were followed by a little gag and slurping from Karen’s mouth. The burn and muscle constriction in his legs were far greater than the hill and suicides he did only a short while ago.

Slightly lighted headed, Dan collapsed on the bed on his back. Karen rolled over and kissed her way from his chest to his lips. Dan was still taking some deep breathes. But this was the heaven that Karen takes him to. They were kissing more. Karen rolled herself completely on top of Dan. She pressed her body tightly to Dan’s. He could feel her boobs crush against his chest, her wetness on his thigh. Dan positioned himself so the tip of his cock would just touch her opening. Or, was it her teasing him doing the same until he grew hard again? Either way Karen wanted Dan so badly. She couldn’t wait any longer and slid herself onto him.

Karen was so turned on by now. She had Dan right where she wanted him. They started slow, but Karen’s kisses were telling Dan otherwise. She was kissing him with animalistic passion. She sat up so she could get to feel all that Dan had. Dan was back in full stride now. He was meeting every motion she had. His hands were on her hips and ass, guiding and grinding. Occasionally Dan would sit up and kiss her lips or her nipples and any where in between. So in tuned to each other, they were in a rhythm of one. Dan was trying at times to give his all and would slide out and Karen quickly stuff him back in. They began to go at so hard their bodies were slapping against each other. Each of them moaning, whimpering, and whispering to each how incredible the other was.

Dan rolled Karen onto her back and began to really give her hard and quick. Karen was moaning “mmm fuck…harder!” Dan would try his best to oblige. It wasn’t long before Karen was wrapping her legs with Dan’s and pulling him into her. She her body finally tighten, her fingers digging into Dan’s back and a loud exhaling “OOhhhhhhh!!” That was enough for Dan to bury his head in the pillow and let another load go deep inside Karen. Each of their nerves was electric. The tiniest movements tickled them and made their bodies jerk and quiver. As they gathered their collective breathes, they hugged and kissed each other tenderly. Dan joked that he was going to need a shower after that. They laughed, joked about his "commitment" and enjoyed the moment a little longer.

It was early afternoon when the boys returned home with excitement of the ball game. Dan was mowing the yard. He waved at his neighbor as she returned the kids. Karen went over to her to thank her and Dan noticed that they were giggling like school girls. He was just thinking what a great morning he had and what nice neighbors he has.

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