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Secret Diary Part Two

Entries into a secret diary of love and experimentation.
Well I said soon. It has only been a few days and I gave Simon a part of me. We talked and I told him that I wanted him to be all my firsts not just the ‘big’ first. I let him cum inside me. I was so nervous and felt so naughty, but it was such a huge turn on.

We met after school the other day and went to our usual spot. He kissed me as we fell into the back seat of his SUV. My skirt was already off and in a pile on the floor boards with my panties. I wore my usual thigh-highs; he loves the feel of nylon under his fingers. I too like to feel him running his fingers up and down my legs and playing just under the lace tops.

I asked him if he wanted to try my ass. His eyes went big and he smiled as he kissed me. He told me he’d love to, but he wanted to know that I was sure. I told him that I was and I got up from under him and got on all fours. The clearance was not good in the back so he suggested that we walk a bit into the forest. I was up for that, so I grabbed my skirt and we walked about ten feet into the thick brush.

As we walked Simon told me that he had experience with anal. I was surprised, but he seemed to know more when we had tried before. He told me that his brother wanted him to be knowledgeable so he had his wife let Simon inside her. He told me that he came right away, but he didn’t want to do that with me. He wanted to feel the tightness longer and for me to love it. I told him I didn’t care, but I was sad that it was not going to be something we were going to share together. I was a little glad that he knew a little about what we were going to do. I felt safer and hoped that it would hurt less.

We found a spot where we could be comfortable. It was near a fallen tree surrounded by the sweet smell of honeysuckle. After his confession to me he had lost most of his excitement, but I still wanted him badly. I didn’t feel his usual hardness as we kissed so I unbuttoned his pants and slid myself down his body taking his pants and underwear down with me. I knelt in the tall grass and was faced with his cock. I thought that maybe he would be happier if he got to come in my mouth instead. I would let him decide.

When he’s soft it is easier to get all of him in my mouth so I was able to have all of him and I could smell his desire. I played with his balls, caressing them and lightly squeezing them. I pulled back from him and nibbled some on his head as I stroked him with my hand. I let my hand do some of the work as I took one of his balls in my mouth and rolled it around my tongue; he let out a long moan and grabbed the back of my head. Simon pulled my hair and forced my eyes to look up, I moaned and his eyes fluttered. He asked me to look at him and told me he loved to look into my eyes when I sucked his dick. I loved the pulling of my hair and when he gave me orders.

I kept my eyes on his face and watched his enjoyment of my mouth. I played with his balls moving them in and out of my mouth as I felt his grow and throb in my hand. I could tell he wanted his cock inside so I released his balls from my mouth and took him in my mouth straight to the back of my throat. I felt him pushing my head so I relaxed and let him slid past that barrier. I had never let him that deep before, he groaned and said I want to come over and over as he pushed farther down my throat. His eyes were closed so he could not see the tears running down my cheeks. I wanted him to come. I wanted to see his happiness.

As he hit as far as he could, he looked to me and smiled. I nodded to give him permission to do what he wanted. He swiftly used my hair as a lever and pulled my head back and forth. He was rough and seemed to ignore my watering eyes and pay more attention to my moaning. I’m glad he did, I was leaking on the ground wanting to feel that force lower on my body. I wanted him so bad. With him taking control I reached under my skirt and found my clit I rubbed it furiously wanting to come as he did. Simon was faster.

I knew the feeling of him when he was ready and I felt him pull out to where I just had his head inside. He asked me if he could, I nodded and put my teeth around the rim of his head. I licked his head and rolled him around my mouth. He grabbed my hair tight, looked into my eyes and pushed me hard against him. I had little time to prepare for him in my throat so I gagged and coughed. All I heard from him was oh god and yes over and over.

His first shot was so far down my throat that I didn’t taste anything, but I felt it slide down. He pulled back for the rest and I did taste the salty, jelly like stuff. It was not bad, but I wouldn’t want to live on it alone. I continued to play with my clit as I tried to swallow all he had. I have never heard Simon moan so much, the combination of his moaning and my clit play was making me moan around him. As he slowly softened I played with him with my tongue, I wanted more. I was very excited and wanted so much more. If he had tried I would have let him have my virginity, but he didn’t try my pussy.

He did pull me up by my hair and kiss me long and hard, he lifted my skirt and felt my wetness with his fingers. He told me that I was a naughty girl to enjoy his dick so much. We talked earlier about how much I love to be talked dirty to and for him to control me. Just thinking about it now is making me squirm.

Simon whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me somewhere else and I almost asked him to, but was stopped and spun me around. I was facing away from him as he continued to finger me. His hand went to my neck, down my arm and to my waist; I moaned feeling his fingers playing with my clit and my body. His fingers tickled up my side to the back of my neck, he started to push my neck making me bend in half. It dawned on me that he was going to take my ass too. I told him that we didn’t have time, but he was not listening.

I tried to squirm away, but he held me tight and told me that he was in charge and this was my fault. Whatever the price I wanted him too, so I relented and let him take control. I am so glad that I did.

Simon felt my fight wither and called me a good girl as he danced his fingers up and down my spine. He kissed my back and told me to relax, trust him and if it was too painful to rub my clit. As he was kissing my back and whispering to me he had moved his fingers from my pussy and was circling them around my hole. He asked if I was ready and I nodded, but I was not sure. I wanted to give more of myself to him as I felt the pressure I tensed. He rubbed my back and told me to relax.

As his finger pushed farther in expanding me I relaxed and felt the pleasure I had been told about by my friends. I groaned as he inserted more fingers and reached around to play with my clit. His kisses on my back calmed me even more and I told him I was ready for his cock. He kissed my back, flicked my clit and slowly took his fingers out of my ass. I felt empty as he removed them and pushed my ass back toward him. All he said as he rubbed his dick along my slit was trust me.

His cock rubbed up and down my slit where he had never played before and as he stopped at my entrance I froze. I thought he was going to take all of me, but he just pushed his head inside. I almost pushed down on him, but as quickly as he entered me he pulled out and was pushing at my asshole.

Simon pushed his head past the tight barrier and slowly buried himself up my ass. I screamed a moan, and yelled over and over that he was too big. He rubbed my back and calmly told me to relax. When I did relax he started to pull out and push in starting a slow rhythm that I was enjoying. As I started to push back against him he sped up his pace and was soon fucking me. We both moaned as I felt him grow longer and wider, filling me as I have never been filled before. I knew he was close as he throbbed.

He pushed hard and deep, his balls smacking my pussy as he came inside my ass. I moaned, squeezed my clit and joined him. He held my hips and thrust a few more times as he softened and fell out of my ass. There was a trickle of come running down my leg that was a mixture of both my pussy and ass leaking. He kissed my back as I stood up.

My legs were wobbly as he held me close kissing my neck and telling me that he loved me and wanted to fuck me right now. I told him that I wanted him too, but we needed to wait for that just a little longer. We held each other and kissed for what seemed like days.

As my mind came back to reality I panicked, what time was it? I grabbed his wrist and looked at his watch, shit it was after 5. I was late getting home. I fished my phone out of my pocket and called home. I told them that we got caught up with studying and that I would be home soon. My parents bought it and we didn’t get busted.

During the drive home I talked with Simon about actual sex and he seemed fine to wait for that as long as we could keep doing other forms of sex. I asked him if he wanted to earlier when he was so close. He told me wanted to after he felt how tight I was, but he didn’t want me that way. He wanted me to be ready. I want to be with him, but our lapse in judgment almost got us caught and that scared me. I was nervous when I did get home, but all was fine and no one seemed to even question me.

Better get to bed, I am tired and sore.


Well Simon and I have met up most days after school and I’m way more comfortable with anal and oral sex. I usually can’t keep off him when he’s driving. He loves that I get him nice and hard while he drives and then play with him with my tongue. Simon is getting really good at driving with one hand. I love that he grabs my hair and makes me do what he wants. He has started to call me nasty names and I love them all.

His family is taking a vacation over Christmas and he wants me to come with him, but I’m not sure that our families will agree. He’s thinking about suggesting to his dad that they invite my family to the cabin. I hope that he can, but we would have to be so careful to not get caught. I want to be with him all the time and three weeks apart would be miserable. I really hope he can convince his dad that our families need to get acquainted before our marriage.

I know that my parents will go, if asked. They want this wedding to be flawless; the status boost is huge for them. I just want it to be right now, I’m not sure that we can wait much longer. I know I can’t, my desires are so strong.

Every time I see Simon I want nothing but his touch. I want to fulfill his and my desires to be one and express our love in the most intimate way possible. I hunger of him and we devour each other when we get the opportunity. Please let that day come soon or I may just implode.


I’m a happy girl right now. My family and I have a dinner date this weekend. Simon’s father called and asked my family over for dinner. I can’t wait to see if they ask us to their cabin. I would love to spend time with Simon and not hide from everyone; we will still have to be careful and not touch each other. I just hope that this will not be our undoing and we can manage to keep the secret.

I can’t wait to dream about some time at Simon’s cabin.


Well we leave for the cabin tomorrow, I can’t wait. Simon and I are talking everyday on the phone and have met a few times, but the cold weather keeps us apart. We haven’t seen each other in over a week and I miss his kisses.

Sarah, my best friend, and I have talked in detail about Simon. She thinks I should just follow my heart and leave my mind out of it. I’m not sure that I want to go all that far, if anyone found out we would be ousted from the community. I don’t want that to happen. Sarah is an outsider and tells me often that she doesn’t understand why we are waiting if we are so in love, I want to tell her.

Simon and I have talked about it too and he wants to, but agrees that we would risk our future. He says he can wait, but he forgets sometimes and thinks that he may slip up. We have decided that we need to cool down some, so we have been seeing little of each other. I miss him touch dearly.

I better get some sleep we are leaving early in the morning.


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