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Sensual Serenity

Love should never be forced.
Through the forest, she walks alone. With every step she takes, she is closer to where she is going and farther from where she was. She keeps her eyes locked on the narrow path in front of her where the trees lining the path, towering over her tiny frame, exposing all of her vulnerability.

To her left, she sees a mighty, winding river flowing and producing a noise that is comforting. To her right, she sees millions of trees with old, rusted cars peeking out every so often. She continues to walk – up, up, up and back down, down, down, muddy hill after muddy hill, around and through fallen trees. The twisted branches and shading leaves of the majestic trees block the dark and dreary grey skies. She pulls aside the odd creeping vine hoping to see she has made it to her destination, but only to see she has not quite reached it.

How long has she been walking? Fifteen minutes, surely no more than twenty? She must almost be there... The wind picks up for just a moment and paranoia shoots through her when she hears a snap of a branch. She whirls around as fast as the wind picked up, only to reveal nothing – no one is behind her.

She walks ahead along the beaten path – now even closer to the river than she was before.

She moves around a large marshy area and across a wooden bridge, to see where she was headed. She soaks in what she has seen only once before, but is something that is better than the last time she visited – an old, rusted tug boat covered in spray painted inspirational messages.

She slowly walks up to the boat, savouring each and every spiritual moment. She is not a religious person, but the boat radiates a divine sense that is calming and forgiving.

She begins to climb up onto the tug boat, careful not to scratch her delicate, smooth skin. Like a little kid exploring her surroundings, she climbs and takes the time to analyse, think about, and apply every single piece of graffiti artwork she passes to her own life:

‘Don’t worship a false idol.’

‘Don’t gain the world and lose your soul.’

‘Wisdom is better than silver or gold.’

‘We forget what it means to dream with hope.’

‘Love builds bridges where there are none.’

Continuing to climb to the highest point on the boat, she settles on top of the boat overlooking the suddenly still river as if someone was expecting her, protecting her like a guarding angel. The sun peaks out from behind the leaves, sprinkling her face with warmth. What she sees in front of her takes her breath away and answers all of her prayers. She has never seen anything more beautiful. The sight gives her hope for a stronger tomorrow.

She hears a sound behind her and she twists around to find him standing there with a hand stretched out. She smiles as she stands up. He pulls her close. He wraps his arms around her to give her a long embrace.

They pull away from each other knowing what comes next. She begins to lift her shirt and pulls it over her head. She reaches around her back and unclasps her bra; it falls to the ground. Her curly brunette hair dances in the wind, covering her breasts every so often. She steps close to him and takes the hem of his shirt in her hands and slowly takes it off. She runs her fingers down his chest and stomach down to the button of his pants; she unbuttons his pants and pulls down the zipper. He brings his hands up and pushes his pants down, steps out of them, and drops them to the ground. He finds the button of her pants and helps her out of them.

He glances up and there is this pure woman standing in front of him wearing nothing but a smile.

He steps to her and embraces her in his arms again. Her naked and hardening nipples press up against his sculpted chest as he pulls her in closer. He slowly runs his hands up and down her back leaving her with tingling sensations. He catches her magnificent scent as the breeze gently blows. He kisses her tender lips softly. Her body shivers from the sensual atmosphere that surrounds her. He rests his hands on the small of her back as he compassionately places kisses behind her ear and on her neck.

He leads her up against the wall of the tug boat. She slides down the wall and sits on the ground. She lowers her body down so she is lying there in front of him naked, begging for him to touch her in places that would send her in to ecstasy and back. He moves and straddles her body. He continues to kisses down her neck to her chest. His lips take her left nipple, while his hand gently massages her right breast. He bites her nipple and she pushes her chest up slightly in approval, looking for more. He pinches and twists her right nipple in his fingers and she lets out a purr of pleasure.

He moves his lips up to hers. His hands are roaming and exploring every inch of her body. From her neck down her sides and legs, then back up her sides and to her face where he grabs her chin with both hands and kisses her deeply.

As their lips meet, he traces his hand down her body between her legs. She moves her hips slightly to meet his hand. She lets a quiet moan escape her lips as they kiss compassionately and he rubs her rosebud. He begins kissing her with a savageness that she has never experienced. His and her lips are entwined and there is an explosion. His tongue invades her. She can feel her juices erupting from her. She feels his hand on her breast, caressing her nipples, making her shiver with his erotic touches as his kisses became lustier.

Her back arches trying to get every bit of his affection. He notices this and severs the kiss from her mouth and gently kisses her naval. In one smooth motion, he finds his head between her legs. Her legs part willingly. The smell of her arousal was intoxicating to him. He moves his face closer and starts to tease her sweet spot. He then swirls his tongue to her entrance and sends it in. She starts to try and get away as she is so close, but he takes hold of her hips and slides her back to him. He finds her rosebud again; he flicks it as he hears her begin to moan louder. He traces her slit with his tongue and moves to insert it into her; in no time, she is taken over.

She screams as her body squirms intensely. He brings hand down and continues to work between her legs. Before long, she squirts a few times with no aim.

When she is finished, she lays there trembling, trying to catch her breath. After several moments, she pulls him towards her and whispers in his ear to fuck her silly.

He pushes her back down so she is lying down. He grabs her legs and puts them over his shoulders. He rubs the head of his member over her southern lips. She closes her eyes, smiles, and arches her back. He slaps her with his rock a few times; she jumps as he hits her tender spot.

He smears his pre-cum and her juices around before entering her. He eases the head of his member into her entrance. She let out a loud moan. She yells out for him to fuck her hard. He slowly slides into her inch by inch, teasing her in every way possible. She is very tight. He gets a rhythm going and she starts screaming for him to fuck her harder. He begins slamming into her.

The sight of her incredible breasts bouncing in combination with how tight she is and how it felt for his balls to slap against her bottom, left him feeling his own orgasm building. With that, he slowed down the pace, never removing himself from her. He drops her legs, pulls out and asks her to get onto her knees.

Once repositioned, he grabs her hips and grinds himself into her again. He holds it there for a moment as she screams wanting more. She begins swaying back and forth to feel him move inside of her. Unexpectedly, he thrusts towards her. They both move into each other. She begins screaming her lungs out. The effect is insane and soon she finds herself in utmost pleasure when his tool hit her love zone. She starts to feel her body shake with another orgasm. She starts to scream his name with every thrust. He takes that as his cue to finish her off.

Both of their bodies clap together as her orgasm peaks. He buries his seed in her with six long strokes. Her toes curl and she begins to quiver as the massive orgasm runs through her body. They both fall to the ground, panting. He pulls her close to him, kisses her shoulder and neck, and plays with her hair as they lay tangled in each other’s limbs.
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