September's Song

By sexywordsmith

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Dawn goes to Ron's house for Chinese take-out and gets more than a fortune cookie for dessert.

September's Song

By Naughty Venus

I spent the early afternoon watching porn while I played with my hairy pussy until I fell asleep.

I was awakened by the sound of thunder as I was lying on the sofa during my late-afternoon nap. I could tell the storm was getting closer because the floors shook beneath my feet with each roll of the thunder. I was exhilarated by the electricity in the air as the lightning flashed. I wanted to see the lightning and to hear the thunder more clearly, so I ran to the window, tied back the curtains and opened the windows so I could take in the fresh ocean breeze. I didn’t live on the beach, but I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks as cool droplets of rain drops kissed my plump, tender flesh as the wind was blowing through my shoulder length blonde curly hair, and my pale skin began to tingle. I was so moved by the power of the storm that I decided to burn some incense and put on some soft, romantic music. As "The Moors" by Rhiannon played, I felt the wind rushing in. I returned to the sofa and I reached for some lubricant. I applied the lubricant to my hands and I pulled my feet towards my chest and I began to rub them . Then I began to rub one of my breasts, pinching my nipple until it was erect. I applied some more lubricant to my hands so I could rub my pussy. I started by rubbing my clit with my left hand in a circular motion as I used the other hand to play with my foot, becoming more and more aroused as I squeezed each toe. As I slid my fingers between each toe, my pussy started to throb.

While still rubbing my clit with my left hand, I placed my right middle finger at the entrance of my pussy hole and was just about to push my finger inside when the phone rang. It was Ron, a familiar voice I was very happy to hear. My pussy was wet and throbbing as I listened to his voice. I thought that he’d never suspect that I was playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit and squeezing my fingers with my pussy muscles as we spoke, imagining that I was squeezing his cock. I wanted him so badly that I thought of inviting him to have phone sex with me, but then he said " there are some things I need typed up for work and I was wondering if you could help me, so, would you like to come by and discuss it over Chinese take out?" I said, "sure, I’d love to!" After I hung up the phone, I grabbed my purse, got into my car and drove over to his house on the beach.


When I got out of the car, I could see that he was watching me. The candle lights flickered when I walked through the door, and when I saw the look in his eyes as he was lighting my favorite incense, I knew he wanted me. He said "hello Dawn, how are you this evening?" I smiled and said "I’m great, how bout’ you?" He walked closer to me, smiling, and I admired him as I looked into his dark eyes and touched his dark hair streaked with gray. He took me into an embrace as "September's Song " by Allisun played softly in the background. I looked into his eyes and said " still love me ? " He just smiled and said " oh, yeah !" We began to kiss and as we were kissing, I could feel my pussy getting hotter and more wet. Then suddenly the door bell rang! It was the delivery man bringing the Chinese food.

We sat at the table and enjoyed a scrumptious order of Moo Shoo Beef, as we fed each other playfully. After we finished off the Moo Shoo, he put a fortune cookie in my hand. I opened it up and it said "the man of your dreams will soon make love to you!" I said "what is this?" He laughed and said he had switched my fortune cookie from the restaurant with an X-Rated fortune cookie!

After we ate, I pulled 2 decks of cards from my purse. The "Decameron" and the "Casanova," and we played some naughty little card games.

After we’d become aroused by the conversation sparked by the pictures on the cards, we began to kiss each other again. My nipples began to tingle as I felt them begin to harden and swell. We kissed for a while when he began to open my long, dark coat. He seemed surprised to see that I was already wearing an exotic Chinese robe with an emerald green baby doll nightie underneath.


He walked behind me and began to rub my inner thigh, tugging at my panties , pulling them to one side, and then the other, as he moaned in my ear, sending chills through me. He pulled off my panties and then gently guided me to lay on the kitchen table.

After I was comfortably positioned on the kitchen table, he placed my feet on the table, separated my knees and gently opened my legs . I started to shiver as I heard the sound of water dripping, then suddenly, I felt hot water dripping against my pussy followed by a steaming hot wash cloth . I took in a deep breath because my pussy was on fire, so I grabbed my titties to brace myself, and said " what are you doing ?" He said "I’m shaving your hot little pussy !" as he settled into his chair.

Then I felt him rubbing shaving cream all over my ass and pussy. It felt so warm and tingly! Using a hot wash cloth, he gently covered my clit with the hot wash cloth, then pulled my clit to one side and began to shave me on one side, then the other. I could hear the sound of the water whenever he’d dip the razor in it and shake it around. I could feel that hot razor against my pussy and ass as he was shaving me. When he was finished shaving me, I felt another steamy, hot wash cloth against my pussy, as he wiped away all the shaving cream. Then he began to rub my pussy as he poured hot water over it causing my pussy to ache and throb for him.


I felt his hard cock rubbing up against my pussy as he kissed me again. My breasts were tingling, my thighs were trembling, my pussy was hot and wet, throbbing with anticipation. I wanted him so badly, I wanted to scream. I began to breathe more heavily as I rubbed my breasts. I could feel the muscles inside my pussy contracting and expanding, and with each wave of that sensation, I wanted him more. I began to push my hips forward, hoping his hard throbbing cock would just slide into my pussy. He backed away, pulled my robe apart, and gently removed my breasts from my nightie and began to squeeze and suck on them. I was quivering , still pushing my hips upward so I could take him in, whispering "please, please, please."

He looked into my pale blue-gray eyes and covered my mouth with a kiss as he began to rub my pussy again. As he pulled me to the edge of the table, I heard the sound of a vibrator! I looked down, and I could see that it was clear and had a light inside of it. I wondered " How big is it? Where is he going to put it ?"

Then I felt his hands again, as he pushed up my nightie slightly above my pubic area revealing my plump abdomen. I was shy about my plump abdomen, so I tried to push my nightie back down, but he stopped me by kissing my abdomen. Then I felt his hands delicately rubbing lubricant on my hot, wet , freshly shaved pussy and ass. He lubed my pussy and ass and placed a clear plastic barrier over it. With his thumbs, he gently pulled my pussy lips apart. I felt his tongue against my clit, and then I felt his soft, flat tongue softly kissing my pussy. I could tell he knew what he was doing because when he was kissing my clit, he didn’t point his tongue, suck, bite or nibble. I never even felt his teeth. The only time I felt him point his tongue was when he put it inside my pussy.

He said " mmm…you got a tight little pussy !" I said " thank you !" I was thinking " mmm…this is great ! "I grabbed my titties and I began to pinch my nipples as I whimpered " please, please, please, " because I wanted him inside me so badly. Still, he continued with his gentle brand of erotic torture.

As he was kissing my clit, I felt him slide a finger inside of my pussy. I contracted my muscles and squeezed his finger as he slid his finger in and out of my pussy as he lightly massaged my ass with the vibrator, which made me kind of nervous because I was not accustomed to butt play. Finally, he began to push the vibrator inside my pussy, but just the tip of it. I think it was a self-heating vibrator because it set my pussy was getting so hot!

Each time I would push my hips forward to try and take more, he would pull the vibrator out, all the while kissing my pussy. When I stopped pushing my hips forward, he slowly and gradually gave me more and more of the vibrator as he kissed my pussy. He reached for my hand, placed some lube on it, and told me to rub my clit, so I did.

I felt his hand rubbing my ass. He asked me if I liked the way he was rubbing my ass and I said yes. He said " can I slip my finger into your tight little ass ?" and I said yes. I felt him slide his gloved finger into my ass slowly and gently, then he would take it out. He kept doing this as I was rubbing myself. Then he put my hand on the vibrator, so I began to push it harder and deeper into my pussy while he played with my ass. Just a few minutes later, I felt something else vibrating against my ass. He asked me if I liked it and I told him yes. He said "may I slip this vibrating plug into your tight little ass?" I said yes. He said "bear down a little." Then he gently and carefully placed a slim lubricated vibrating plug inside my ass while I was rubbing my clit and pushing the vibrator in and out of my pussy.

There was a burning sensation inside my ass for a moment, but I got used to it and started to enjoy it. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I felt him start rubbing one of my toes.

Finally, he asked me if he could put his cock into my pussy and I said "oh, yeah !’ Then I exploded into orgasm, screaming and writhing.

As the vibrating plug pulsed inside my ass, and as my pussy was aching from a mind blowing orgasm, he began to slip the tip of his cock into my wet, hot, pussy. The head of his thick, smooth, cock was stretching my pussy, so I began to cry out, but he hushed my cries with a kiss. I tried to take him in deeper so my pussy hole would stop stretching, but he kept teasing me mercilessly. Finally , I begged him to give me all of it. He teased me some more, and then he shoved his thick cock inside my pussy as hard as he could, as far as it would go.

I started screaming out a little , so he asked me if I wanted him to stop. I didn’t say anything, I just pulled him closer again. I began to squeeze his cock with my pussy muscles as he continued to tease me. He would put the head in, and then take it out, then he would thrust me really hard and then go back to gentle thrusting while I played with my clit. All the while, he was pinching my nipples, kissing my breasts, and rubbing my feet.

We kissed as he continued to thrust himself into me and I loved the way he felt inside of me, but my pussy was getting so sore I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I asked him if he wanted to try to cum in my ass. I told him that I never had anal sex before and to please be careful. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and began to carefully and gently remove the vibrating plug from my ass.

He lubricated my ass with an anal lube shooter, put on a condom, and began to massage my ass with the head of his cock. I put my feet on his shoulders, reached down and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He allowed me to slowly grind into his cock as I bore down while he massaged my ass with his cock. Finally, I could feel the head of his cock gently pressing into the entrance of my ass hole as I felt a burning sensation. I told him it was stretching me too much , so he gently pulled the head of his cock out of my ass and I let out a little scream.

He started to massage my pussy and ass some more, and after a few minutes, I told him I was ready for him to try again. I pulled my ass cheeks apart and bore down a little exposing my hole as he massaged my ass with the head of his cock. Gradually and slowly, the head of his cock slipped into my lubricated ass. I screamed a little and I was really feeling the stretch , as my ass hole stretched to accommodate his thick, hard cock. I continued to try to relax and breathe deeply.

Finally, he gently pushed his cock a little deeper into my ass. He grabbed my titties and started sucking my nipples. The muscles in my pussy and ass were contracting and expanding and I started to moan and wiggle my ass even more.

Gently, he massaged his way deeper and deeper into my ass as I pulled my ass cheeks apart while I rotated my hips until I was ALMOST full of him. He wiggled his hips and shoved in the last little bit and I let out a little scream. While he was deep inside me , he then began to pull and push gently in and out of my ass. I was so full of his cock my ass was throbbing. I could feel the rim of his cock as he started pushing his cock in and out of my ass with big, fast strokes. He saw me tearing up so he pulled his cock out of my ass and began to massage my ass with the head of his penis. I raised my hips, bore down on my muscles and rubbed my hot, throbbing ass up against the head of his cock, but he just kept teasing my ass hole.

He smiled, lubricated my ass again with his gloved finger, and said " pull your ass cheeks apart for me and bear down a little so I can pump your tiny little ass some more?" Then he gently pushed the head of his cock back into my ass again. He said " mmmm….you got such a tight little ass!" He grabbed my breasts and started moaning, pushing himself in deeper and deeper into my throbbing ass hole again while I rubbed my clit. He stopped for a while and just teased my ass with the head of his penis. I started whimpering… " it hurts, it hurts," because my ass was getting sore so he pulled out and lubricated my ass again.

We went to lay on the bed and I looked up at the mirror. I tried to brace myself as he kept rubbing my ass hole, filling it with another anal lube shooter. He said "I wanna fuck your ass some more." I started to protest but he opened my lips with a kiss and began to rub my ass. I looked up at the mirror above the bed and I watched him, sliding his gloved fingers in and out of my ass. Finally, I was beginning to relax, so I pulled my ass cheeks apart again, and bore down . He massaged the head of his thick cock into my ass again. I whimpered a little . He asked me if I wanted him to stop, and my ass hole felt like it was on fire, but I said "fuck my ass!"

I looked up at the mirror again and began to rub my pussy. I could see his thick cock sliding in and out of my red ass hole with soft, steady thrusts. He began to thrust harder and I started screaming and he stopped, silencing my screaming with a kiss. My ass hole was throbbing, & my pussy was dripping wet. He put a vibrator in my hand and told me to push it into my pussy while he pounded my ass with his thick cock, so I did. I looked up at the mirror and watched myself. I slid the vibrator into my pussy and then took it all the way out, and began to watch his cock slowly stretching my ass hole as he was twisting, wiggling and pounding his cock into my ass. He poured some more lube on my clit and told me to rub it so I did. Some of the lube slid down around my ass hole and filled it with a stronger burning sensation.

I was filled with sensations of pleasure and discomfort. I wanted him to stop, and at the same time, I wanted him to go deeper and deeper inside my ass. My ass began to ache so I began to writhe, as I thought to myself, "how can so much pain give me so much pleasure at the same time?" I began to feel a rush and my vision began to blur, and I started screaming…." I’m cumming, I‘m cumming !" He moaned loudly with a look of discomfort on his face and stopped moving as my hole gripped his thick cock in pulsing waves.

He reached down and started playing with my pussy. It was throbbing from the anal orgasm I’d just had. I begged him saying, "no, my pussy is so sore." He kissed me and got out of bed.

He washed, changed condoms, and slipped the head of his cock inside my pussy. He said "mmm…," your pussy is tighter than ever." He put my hand on my pussy and said " put your fingers inside your pussy ." So I did. It felt hotter and tighter and more swollen than it was earlier. Then he said "mmm...your sweet little cunt is tighter than ever, so now I’m gonna fuck your little pussy now! " I said "fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

He took my hand away and teased my pussy with the head of his cock and I was feeling a little dread as I imagined my swollen pussy being fucked again. He pushed my legs apart and put my knees over his shoulders. Then he raised his hips and furiously slammed his cock into my pussy all the way to the hilt. I watched in the mirror as he slammed my pussy and when I began to cry out, he’d ask me if I wanted him to stop, but I would just pull him closer. This was the most vicious pussy pumping I had ever felt in my whole life, it was uncomfortable, but I loved it. I thought to myself "should I ask him to put his cock inside my throbbing ass, or should I just endure this vicious pumping ?"

After a while, my pussy started burning and stretching so badly that I thought I’d better ask him to stretch my red hot ass with his thick cock again while standing behind me. Maybe that would make him cum, maybe then he would stop pounding me so hard! I still wanted him inside of me, so I said " darlin’, you want some more hiney? "

I thought he was gonna go right for my ass, but he teased me again by inserting the vibrating butt plug inside my ass , then he shoved his cock inside my pussy as hard as he could and began to thrust my pussy harder and harder. He’d ram his cock into me so hard I’d scream my head off. My eyes watered a little, then when his cock was inside me as far as it would go, he wiggled his hips from side to side, scratching my pussy with his coarse , dark, curly pubic hair.

Finally, he took mercy on my poor throbbing swollen pussy and pulled his cock out. I got off the bed , bent over , and pulled my ass cheeks apart. He slipped the vibrating plug out and I started rubbing my pussy as I bore down a little. He drizzled some more lubricant on my tiny swollen ass hole and I could feel the liquid entering the little tears around my ass hole, burning and stinging.

He began to push the tip of his finger into my swollen ass , and started rotating it as he slid a finger in and out of my pussy. Then he took his finger out of my pussy and kept rotating the tip of his finger in my swollen ass, teasing me, taunting me, telling me he was gonna pump my ass again. I started to whimper cause I was starting to get turned on. He said "tell me where you want it." The burning and stinging caused from his finger tip rotating in my ass hole was intense, so I wanted him to stop teasing me and just slip his cock into my swollen ass again, pushing it gently , deep inside of me, so finally I said "fuck my ass!"

He slapped my ass and said " say please !" as he twisted his finger tip inside my tiny red hot ass hole, so I said "please fuck my ass!" ( And then I giggled a little!) At that moment, he pulled his finger tip out of my swollen , red hot ass hole. I knew what was coming, and I knew it was going to be more intense than before. I had mixed feelings of anticipation and dread as he began to massage his thick, hard cock into my hot, throbbing, swollen ass again!

He pushed my ass cheeks apart and gently slipped his thick head into my throbbing ass , so I started screaming, "that’s…mmm…. intense!!!" My ass was burning as the lubricant was stinging the tiny tears in my ass as he started gently pumping my ass. The searing sensation of the lube seeping into the tiny tears of my ass hole while it stretched around his thick hard cock was really getting too intense for me.

He stopped and asked me if I wanted him to stop, but….. I said no. I felt so many sensations. Intense stretching, pleasure , and everything in between. I wanted him to stop, but I wanted him to go deeper into me all at the same time. He reached forward and grabbed one of my breasts as he began to massage his cock deeper into my ass slowly and gently, softly growling in my ear. After a while, he began to thrust me harder and faster. My legs began to shake as I felt him getting harder and hotter inside my ass. I rubbed my pussy, and I exploded into orgasm again as he moaned loudly and came inside my ass. My stretched ass was throbbing so hard he let out a loud painful moan. He didn’t move an inch for a while.

He gently pulled his cock out of my ass hole making a popping sound. I felt the liquid burning the little tears inside of me. I then felt a white, hot rush and thought I was gonna pass out. He gently pushed me onto the bed, pushed my hair to the side kissed the back of the neck.


Then I felt something warm against my asshole, but it was not his cock. I hoped it was not the vibrator that had been in my pussy, because it was thicker than the cock that had just stretched my ass hole apart. He said " pull your ass cheeks apart and bear down." I whimpered and said ," please, no, not the vibrator," as he injected another anal lube shooter. But I did as he said, pulling my ass cheeks apart as far as I could, bearing down.

I whimpered as I felt something rubbing against my pussy hole. He said "open up your pussy." I was thinking " what?" Then I said "hon, I think it’s swollen shut", and then I giggled. He lubed it and slid something it in, but it was not the vibrator we used earlier, it felt different. Shortly after that, I felt something rubbing against my ass hole again…turned out, it was a double-dong! Then he gently slid the double dong into my swollen ass and vagina as far as it would go. He turned me onto my back, then he laid on his back so that we were in "face up" 69 position. He began to push it in and out in gentle strokes and I stroked him with one hand while I played with my clit using the other hand. He began thrusting harder and harder. I could feel my ass stretching and burning as my clit started to throb. I felt another surge of orgasm and I screamed out as I came. I began to whimper because I was throbbing from the orgasm, so he slowly and gently removed the double dong. As the vibrator popped out of my juicy ass , I was blinded by an intense, searing sensation, yet I strangely aroused at the same time as the juices oozed from my throbbing crotch.

He kissed me passionately. Then he helped me to steady myself. We went to wash ourselves, and then he took me by the hand and led me back to bed. We talked, kissed, cuddled and curled up to take a short nap. I awakened to the sensation of his hand rubbing my wet, hot pussy. I said " oh, no, I can’t , I’m so sore!"


To keep him from pumping my throbbing pussy and ass, I told him I wanted to suck his cock. He laid down on his back as I knelt between his legs. I reached down and held his cock with one hand and playfully stroked it until it was hard enough for a condom. After I put the condom on, I licked the head of it, while I used the other hand to play with his balls. He started moving his hips and so I cupped my lips over my teeth and took his cock deeper into my mouth ever so gently. He started to moan. Then he spread his legs wider and asked me to play with his ass. I inserted a lubricated, gloved finger into his ass and gently pushed my finger upwards in a circular motion. I could feel his ass squeezing my finger so I gently massaged a lubricated vibrator plug into his ass. He started moving his hips faster and faster.

I repositioned myself into 69 position, took his cock into my mouth and rotated my tongue around the head of his cock while sliding my mouth up and down simultaneously as the vibrating plug was pulsing inside his ass. He slipped a gloved, lubricated finger into hot, throbbing pussy. I started to moan. Then he slipped a gloved, lubricated finger into my throbbing ass. My pussy and ass were pounding and throbbing, yet I did not want him to stop.

I started moaning louder as I was sucking his cock because of the intense pressure. He kept getting harder and harder and moving his hips faster and faster. I felt the veins of his thick cock against my lips and tongue. I began to feel his cum inside the condom, so warm against my tongue. Finally, he screamed "I’m cumming! Aghhhh!" so when he stopped moving, I stopped moving my head and he exploded into the condom. We took off our gloves and collapsed into another long nap.

I awakened to the sensation of his hand rubbing my swollen, red hot pussy. I looked up at him and said "oh , please, no, I’m so sore ! He just smiled and kissed me as he slipped a lubricated finger into my hot, wet, swollen……….


Naughty Venus