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Seven Days of Lust Part 8

Kay and Dan finally celebrate their anniversary.

As they showered and caressed one another in amongst the soap suds, Dan and Kay knew that this would be another wonderful anniversary yet again. They had shared many of their fantasies throughout the week and tonight would be the last one of their week-long shared presents to each other.

Dan had arranged everything prior to this evening and now he was about to surprise his wife with more than just dinner and a night out. He had a surprise that would surpass everything else she had expected. Their dinner was arranged for five hours from now and he knew that he had two hours to get their shopping out of the way and then present her with her surprise for the day and then dinner and hotel. And once they had arrived at the hotel it would be a night full of the best lovemaking they had ever shared.

Stepping out of the shower and drying off Dan told Kay, “Look dear, we have to go shopping now, so just pretty up your hair and let’s get going.”

Kay smirked as she inquired, “Do I need to get dressed also or just fix my hair honey?”

Dan patted her bottom as he teased her, “Well, naked would be fine but I don’t think that everyone would be too pleased when we are shopping.”

Kay got out the blow dryer and started fixing her hair and make-up. She wanted to look her best no matter where Dan was taking her. She threw on a pretty little dress she had been saving for just such an occasion. A red strapless gown that brought out the colour in her eyes. She knew she looked hot and Dan confirmed it by kissing her and whispering in her ear how beautiful she always looked.

Kay and Dan headed downstairs and went out to get into the car where instead they were greeted by the limo that Dan had ordered. The grin on Kay’s face told him how much she loved the little surprises.

The driver got out and opened the door for them. “Where to, sir,” the driver inquired as he resumed his seat behind the wheel.

Dan looked at him and winked, “To the mall, good driver sir,” they had arranged all this prior, so it was just playing their parts now that was important.

The driver took them to the mall and dropped them off allowing them to get out at the entrance. He then went and parked and waited for them as they shopped. First, Dan led Kay to a bridal dress shop.

“Why don’t we look around here for a while dear. I know you said you wanted to renew our vows sometime, maybe next week or sometime soon, we could do just that.”

“Ok, sounds like fun. What kind of dress should I look at this time, Dan? Obviously, I am not deserving of a virginal white dress at this point,” she giggled.

“Honey, right now we are just browsing so look at anything you want.”

Dan had already picked out a dress and had it tailored with one of Kay’s other dresses that fit her to a T. The driver would come in and pick it up in a few moments when Dan called the phone in the car and let him know it was safe to do so. Dan would be taking her elsewhere to pick out a few other items before heading out to their real engagement for the day.

Half an hour later Dan placed that call as he dragged Kay from the dress shop. He whisked her down the long halls of the mall towards a little jewellery shop. Down one of the wings was a semi-private shop that catered to the wealthier clientele in the area. They were right on time for the fitting he had prepared and the owner himself greeted them at the doorway.

“Come in sir,” he said stepping aside to let them gain entrance. He was aware of the little ruse that must be accommodated here.

Dan had already purchased a new larger engagement ring to replace the one he had bought for Kay years ago. Now he had also bought them new wedding bands as well with their names engraved on the inside of each entwined together. It would be a truly special gift but as for now he only wanted Kay to browse around and see if she could find a necklace she liked.

As Kay was shopping the owner showed Dan the rings and upon his approval placed them in a tiny velvet bag and slipped it into his hand. Kay had been so busy looking at the necklaces that she had not noticed the exchange.

“Ok, did you find something you liked honey?”

Kay pointed out one and Dan immediately purchased the necklace as a gift for his wife, letting her think this was the only surprise he may have for her besides dinner and whatever else. Dan opened the clasp and secured it around her neck as he gave her a little peck on her exposed nape now. The owner watched and smiled as Dan paid for the necklace and then led them out.

“It was a pleasure doing business with you sir, feel free to return anytime.”

Dan knew that they had to be on their way now if they were going to be on time for the next surprise. He walked out of the mall and immediately the limo headed their way. After stowing the passengers inside, the driver headed off to the next destination.

“Where to now, sir?” he asked coyly.

“I think the next place on the agenda was the diner, Tony,” Dan said.

The limo sped off down the streets and they finally parked right outside a church twenty minutes later. “I think you took us to the wrong place,” Dan told him.

“No sir, this is a special diner I am sure you will enjoy. It’s made up like a church and the waiters are dressed as groomsmen and the cocktail waitresses dressed as bridesmaids. Also, the host is dressed as a minister,” the driver told them.

“Well I am up for a little new dining experience then,” Dan chuckled.

Kay sat there slightly confused but liked the concept if it were true of this new theme restaurant. She wondered if there was a dress code and asked about it. “So, what’s the attire inside Tony?”

“Oh well, it’s fairly formal but they should accept you as you are,” he said.

Tony got out and came around opened the door for them and then escorted them inside after retrieving a garment bag from the trunk of the car. Once inside the great open hallway, Kay saw all her friends and family sitting in pews around the room. Her sister came up to greet her and whisked her away to get her dressed and ready.

Kay never had a chance to ask anything until ten minutes later as she was pulling on her dress that Dan had purchased. She was having trouble seeing through the tears of joy that were streaming down her face as her mother and sister helped her dress. Her hairdresser was there as well and as soon as she was in the gown the stylist started fixing her hair as rapidly as possible.

They placed her hair in curlers and rushed to fix her make-up and get her prepared. The women soon had her ready, all except for removing the curlers and fixing her bangs. Her mother brought out a little emerald encrusted bracelet.

“This, my darling, is for the something old, it was your grandmother’s. It appears Dan covered the something new,” she said pointing to the necklace Dan had just bought for Kay earlier.

Jen her sister walked towards her and told her to sit down. Lifting Kay’s leg onto her lap she rolled a baby blue garter up Kay’s thigh.

“Here’s something blue, sweetie,” she said.

Now it was her hairdresser and friends' turn. The woman slipped the veil over her head and then secured it with an antique cameo.

“Now here’s your something borrowed you lucky wench,” she teased.

Another ten minutes and the wedding procession started. In a unique twist, Dan had the instrumental version of “Crazy” by KC & JoJo fame was played. Kay had fallen in love with that song a few years ago when a movie came out and it was on the soundtrack. She had always said that this song reminded her of their relationship and that it meant so much to her.

As his wife and soon-to-be-bride again walked down the aisle towards him her face was a mixture of beaming smiles and tears. She was overjoyed beyond belief and yet at the same time she was so touched by all the thought and preparation that she couldn’t possibly take all of this in right now. Luckily for her, there was a photographer and video team shooting the whole thing. Dan had indeed planned this way ahead and given her no hints to the event that was now taking place.

As she came to stand before Dan and the preacher the music was brought to a halt, the preacher started the speech and came to the vows, when he turned to Dan. “Now is the time to speak the vows, my son.”

Dan turned towards Kay and opened his mouth to speak. Kay watched him as he stood there in his tuxedo and looking so debonair.

“Kay, I have loved you from the first time we met,” he started, “These past years have been the greatest of my life and I would be honoured to take you as my wife once more. I promise to love you and cherish you through thick and thin, until death do us part. Through sickness and in health, through poverty and wealth, preferably the latter,” he chuckled. “In all seriousness though, I love you Kay and you have made the past years together incredible and I want to spend the rest of my life waking up next to you in the morning.”

Kay stood there, her tears still flowing slowly now as Dan ended. The preacher turned to her and nodded signalling that it was her turn to speak if she wished.

“Daniel, I didn’t have the proper allotted time to prepare a speech for this but here it goes, I have been swept off my feet since our first date as well. You have showered me with love and attention and made all of my dreams come true. I promise to be the best wife I can be to you until the last breath leaves my body and also the best mother to your future children. We have endured the good, the bad, and the ugly times together, although blessedly not too much ugly, and been made stronger through it all. I wake up every morning to the love of my life and thank the Lord above for blessing me with your company. Thank you for today and every day we have shared and will share together. I love you,” Kay said in finishing.

Sniffles could be heard amongst the crowd as they finished their speeches to one another. The preacher then resumed his part by issuing the standard vows to them. As he came to the ending about the rings, Dan reached into his pocket and withdrew the little velvet bag, He dumped the contents into his hand and then clasped his hand over hers. He removed her wedding band and engagement ring slowly and then pocketed them.

After doing this, he slipped the other two new rings over her ring finger as she smiled at him. Looking down as his hand pulled away, she saw the two new rings and felt that overwhelming urge to cry again. The once small diamond engagement ring had been replaced by a full one-carat diamond and her wedding band was encrusted with small diamonds now as well.

Dan handed her the new ring for him and removed his old one. This one matched hers exactly down to the diamonds and words inside. She would see those later though. She slipped the ring on his finger and then the preacher pronounced them man and wife for the second time.

The ending wedding procession started, and Dan and Kay walked down the aisle hand in hand towards the open doors to the church. Tony was standing by the limo waiting to take them to the pub where there would be a private reception party for the group.

Once inside the limo, the partition separating the driver and the passengers went up and then suddenly Kay was reaching for Dan’s cock. They didn’t pay attention to anything else around them, just the two of them in the back was all that they needed right now.

"Oh Dan," Kay whispered, "I love you, thank you so much for this gift. I fear I will never."

Dan cut her off with a passionate kiss and his hands were sliding up the bottom of her dress slipping between her legs to touch her soaked pussy. Kay pushed away from Dan and opened his trousers and pulled them away. As he lifted from the seat, she worked her hand into his boxers and fished out his cock. His cock was rising rapidly, and she plunged the full length it had attained this far into her mouth.

As soon as he was rock hard, she pulled her mouth from him and straddled his lap. Kay ground her pussy against him before reaching under her gown and pulling the panties to the side. Taking his erection in her hand she rubbed it up and down her clit and wet opening as they rode towards the pub for the reception. Kay finally stopped teasing Dan and dropped down impaling herself on his large cock. They kissed deeply, their tongues twirling and twisting against each other as their hands roamed each other’s bodies.

"I love you Kay, my gorgeous bride." Dan moaned.

Kay couldn’t find words only pants as her husband’s cock swelled deep inside her pussy. She could feel him touching each of the walls inside her pussy and she loved the full feeling he always gave her when she was riding his cock.

The limo came to a halt and then the partition slowly came down inches at a time. Dan winked at Tony in the rear-view mirror as they continued their lovemaking, he didn’t mind if the man watched. Kay wriggled on Dan’s lap and started to cum as she slipped into orgasmic bliss.

As soon as her pussy contracted around Dan’s cock he started to cum as well. He didn’t feel the shooting blasts like normal, this was a more euphoric orgasm, bringing them closer than before and it brought the same feeling as an orgasm where he usually blasted cum inside or onto Kay. Yet, it was strangely different in the way that it just heightened every sensation.

Kay finally slipped off Dan’s lap and kissed him again. "I love you, my prince," she whispered.

Tony once again gave them a few moments to compose themselves and then opened the door to the limo and let them exit the vehicle. They slowly exited and then walked towards the pub’s entrance. The reception was to be an open bar event with all the relatives and friends that had been at the wedding. Some of the guests were starting to arrive even as they entered and now the party would begin.

Hours later amongst all the family and friends there was a few drunken outbursts and laughter, but good times were had by everyone.

Finally, Dan’s brother and best man stood up and proposed a toast. "To the two most wonderful people I know, I love you both and hope that your lives together are always filled with love and bliss. Also, I hope that everyone here can find or share the happiness you to have found together."

Dan stood up and faced the crowd as he lifted his glass offering a toast of his own, "I would like to thank everyone for showing up here and keeping it a secret from Kay for the past few months. Also, thank you for participating and just sharing this day with us. Now if you’ll excuse us I have to go break in the bride," he grinned.

Kay’s father stood up slowly and raised an accusing finger towards Dan, "Hey, you silly bloke, you better not have had sex with her before today."

Everyone laughed at this and the party continued going as Dan and Kay slipped out the side entrance and entered the hotel next door. The clerk at the desk tossed Dan a key as they came to the desk and they immediately headed to the elevator off to the side of the lobby.

Once they had reached the penthouse, Dan hoisted Kay up and carried her over the threshold to the suite and then into the bedroom. As he lay her down on the bed their clothes were immediately being shed. Once naked, Dan picked Kay up again and carried her to the bathroom where a huge Jacuzzi was already on and waiting for them. He put her in the water and then climbed in himself.

No words were needed as he slipped behind her and positioned her in front of one of the jets of water that shot out water. Kay could feel the stream pulsing against her clit as Dan kissed the back of her neck and ran his hands up her legs and cupped her ass.

"We don’t need foreplay honey, just fuck me," she teased as she wiggled her ass back at him.

Dan took this as a hint, not so subtle one at that and then slid his hard cock into her open pussy. He rammed his cock deep inside her and reached around to tease her nipples as they worked their bodies against one another. Their joining was intense and fulfilling as they each thrust in unison against their partner.

Kay moaned, "Oh god yes, fuck me, Dan. God, I love the way you fill me up and fuck me, you stud."

Dan couldn’t find words as he pounded her relentlessly, his cock throbbing so hard that it ached. He pulled out of her and carried her to the bed. Laying her down he slid between her wet thighs and pushed his cock back inside her. He leaned down and kissed her with all the passion he felt and, in a few moments, he was erupting inside her. Kay cried out in her passion and came with Dan as she felt his loins pulsing and shooting inside her.

As they lay there catching their breath before going for another inevitable bout of lovemaking Dan removed both of their new wedding bands and showed Kay the words engraved inside. She felt the tears rising again and kissed him and then lay her head on his chest. They talked about the day and all of its events. Kay did tell him that she knew now that next year there would be no way to top today in her mind.

"Well don’t count on it, baby. I already have some ideas and plans in the works."

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