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Seven Years Wasn't Enough

He waited for years...
Larry never went a day since he met Sunny without thinking about her. He understood why people didn't believe in love at first sight, but he wasn't one of them. At 5'6" 190lbs with Green eyes and shoulder length brunette hair, she was his image of perfection and nobody could ever tell him different. Her perfect smile with the dimples that made his heart melt. Her ample 38DD breasts always seemed to get his heart racing. At 6'3" 160 with green eyes and medium length brown hair he had been told he was good looking but never agreed.

They met in high school. She was in her freshman year and had just moved to his school half way through the year. He was in his sophomore year, but they shared band class. They became fast friends in the small study hall period they had while the jazz band rehearsed. They eventually went to a movie with some friends. There they shared their first kiss and his first ever. It was the kiss from which all others in his life have been judged... and found wanting. Unfortunately since she was an army brat that was the farthest it went as she moved away, along with his heart, at the end of that year.

That didn't stop them from keeping in touch however and they remained great friends. until today 7 years later when he finally got his chance to continue where they had left off. He had the whole night planned to the very last detail and couldn't wait to surprise her with all of it. As he was standing in the airport waiting for her he still couldn't believe that she was coming. His Sunny finally face to face again it all seemed so surreal to him. He kept checking his watch until there she was coming down the stairs to the baggage claim.

His heart stopped when he saw her. She was just as beautiful as he remembered if not more. She waved as she saw him and rushed into his waiting arms. They embraced in the best hug he ever experienced and when she leaned up for a kiss he willingly if not exuberantly kissed her. it was only second best to that first they had shared.

"It's so good to finally see you and touch you again," Larry said laughing once their lips parted.

"I know it's been way too long," Sunny replied as she searched for her bag.

She spotted it and grabbed it and asked, "so what are we doing tonight?"

"That's a surprise and you know it," Larry said with grin as they headed for his car.

They pulled into his driveway and went inside to get her settled in. He showed her the bedroom and asked if she needed anything.

"Well a shower would be nice. Do we have time though?"

"Of course I'll get you a towel."

When he returned to her she was laying on his bed with a seductive look on her face.

"Come here I've been waiting to do this all day"

He laughed and replied, "All day huh? Well I've been waiting 7 years so you don't have to tell me twice!"

Larry dropped the towel and walked toward the bed. They began to kiss with all the passion they could muster as they removed each others clothes. When he removed her shirt he moved into her neck and began kissing and lightly sucking all over. She moaned her approval as she ran her fingers through his hair. Unhooking her bra he moved to her chest and began flicking her nipples with his tongue while he massaged them.

She then reached for his belt and slowly undid his pants. As Sunny slid his pants down she was surprised at what she found. At 6.5in his cock wasn't very long but it was pretty thick. Grabbing the base she swirled her tongue around the tip then licked the entire length of the shaft. She began sucking on his hard dick while slowly bobbing up and down. Every once in a while she would take him all the way in and hold him there while working her tongue. This was too much for Larry and he almost came before he topped her.

Tearing off her pants he moved up to kiss her. He then moved down her body kissing every inch of exposed flesh before reaching the enticing folds between her legs. He licked her slit with long smooth strokes while massaging her clit. She moaned and grabbed a fist full of his hair pulling him into her. Sunny couldn't take it anymore and she screamed as a powerful orgasm rocked her body.

"I need you inside me baby," Sunny said panting as the last waves of pleasure subsided.

More than willing to oblige Larry entered her. Starting out with slow strokes he began making love to her. As he continued he alternating between kissing her amazing mouth and sucking on her glorious mounds of flesh. Building up speed he started lightly choking her. This was too much for Sunny and as her second orgasm began she dug her nails into Larry's back.

When Sunny was able to speak again they switched so she was on top. As she slowly rode him she started sucking and lightly biting his neck and shoulders. Larry gasped with pleasure as she picked up speed. Soon she was bucking wildly on top of him and he couldn't take anymore. He moaned as he buried rope after rope of his seed in her.

Lying spent he said," Dinner is in an hour better take that shower babe."

"I love you baby," Sunny replied.

I need to credit Stephen King for writing the first kiss line In Hearts in Atlantis. If you haven't read it I suggest it very strongly. Thanks for reading and any constructive criticism is always appreciated. -Andy

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © While I do not pretend to own any part of the internet or anything on the internet. I do pretend and maintain to own my original ideas. I use these to write my stories therefore I own my stories. I have no problem letting someone use my stories as a whole on another site as long as I am credited as the original author. Please if you would like to use one of my stories message me with the details and I would be happy to allow you to do so. Thanks Andy

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