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She's in love with me part 1

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im in love with my best friend tylers pov
((this is I'm in love with my best friend Part 1 in Tyler's point of view-Enjoy))

Thursday night was boring as usual, I was playing Madden 08 "Come on fucking run!" I yelled at my T. v. when my phone beeped. I flipped open my phone to see 'new email' It was from Natascha.
"what are you doing---at like 6? cause...i want to come over...or have you come here, if you can--so we can talk. because i need to---before tomorrow. please?"
I texted back "K but u gotz ta b gone by lik 10. . . Kk" and went back to playing my game.
The phone beeped again
"uhmm okay--ill probably leave before then cause i don't want it to be extremely late walking back.
its already gonna be dark by the time i get there. Ugh i hate the dark...i hate walking alone...
your lucky i have the need to see you---well maybe your lucky. uhmm yeah i have to wait for my parents to leave. which will be around 6. then ill leave so ill get there around uhmm 7:30? Ill have to leave by like 8:30. so its only an hour..but...i need to see you." She sent.
"call me so i can tell you what trailer is mine" i replied.
"okay" she ended it.  I unpaused my game and ran down the field after the receiver. "Fuck!" I yelled as he got a touch down.
My phone rang, "Hello?" I answered
"Hey" Her voice beamed over the phone.
"hey, alright well my house is behind two white houses-you cant see it from the street." I explained still playing my game.
""okay-well ill be there in about an hour and a half. If I get lost and come back I'll call you. If I'm not there in two hours and I haven't called. Call the Cops." She said with a small laugh
"oh god" i replied with a chuckle.
"okay. Ill see you in about an hour and a half. I love you" she said, I could hear the excitement in her voice.
I smiled "okay I love you too" I said hanging up.


I looked at the clock it was 7:35 I didn't bother putting on a shirt or pants on over my basketball shorts. I tossed on my gray and blue Letterman jacket and stepped out on the porch. A few minutes later I saw a light beam walking my way, highlighting the figure of a small girl. I smiled lightly as she stepped into the light of my porch. She was wearing the hoody I gave her, which came down to her knees, I watched her walk up the steps. Poor girl, she looked exhausted.
"Hey" She exhaled
"Hey" i replied wrapping my arms around her slim frame. 
"You like my jacket?" I asked smiling
She nodded "I had to disguise myself the best I could"
We walked inside, and I led her to my room.
"oh I brought this for you--but I don't know if I want to give it to you" She said looking up at me motioning a notebook in her hand.
I laughed "What if I steal it?" Taking it from her.
She shrugged and squeezed into my room I followed after her tossing the notebook at the end of my bed and looked at her staring down at her knees.  I sat beside her wrapping my arm around her shoulder pulling her towards me. "Now what was so important you had to walk two hours to tell me?" I asked pressing my forehead against her temple. She smelt sweet, I closed my eyes and breathed her in. She was quiet for a moment
"hmm?" I asked her waiting for an answer.
She threw her hands over her face "No--I feel stupid" She mumbled through her sleeves.
I smiled and leaned back a little, she looked up at me quickly her brown bangs falling over her amazing blue eyes, She smiled weakly I tilted my head "Don't feel stupid" I leaned towards her again.
She looked back towards her knees as I nuzzled her cheek lightly, She gave a small sigh and stayed quiet for another long moment. Then started to look up I backed away and looked at her curiously "come on-tell me" I said
She lightly laughed looking down "I'm going to be so mad if I came all this way and cant tell you" She slowly looked back up at me then down at her knees again "So tell me" I whispered biting the top of her ear, I felt her cringe as she tried pulling away from me
She closed her eyes and sighed "What are you doing tomorrow?" She asked
"Amber" I replied not thinking about it, and slowly took my arm from around her.
She stayed silent for a moment taking deep breaths then looked up at me.
Her blue eyes were filled with pain "I know" She said softly.
I studied her face for a moment, She stared at me with those eyes, the deep blue color swallowing me whole like drowning in an ocean.
"you came here to tell me not to see Amber?" I asked
She barely nodded and looked back towards her knees "I just-" She paused saying the next words carefully "dont want you to fuck her" She said hitting the last two words like Ice.
I laughed lightly "I wasn't planning on it.-at least not yet-Im going over there to meet her parents" I told her. She looked up at me in awe.
"and even if I wanted to. We wouldn't have time." I explained grabbing the notebook and flipping through it. Natascha flung herself over me "no no no no no please dont read it in front of me" She begged.
I smiled and closed the book "okay" I said tossing it towards the end of the bed. I stared at her, Her face was pale like snow, her brown bangs swept over her eyes, her small lips full and pink, like an angel. Why hadn't I noticed how beautiful she was before? I knew she was cute but I never really saw her like this until now. "Do you see how much I love you?" She asked, her question threw off my thoughts as I nodded "Obviously, just to walk all the way over here to tell me not to see someone- When it would have been much easier to tell me at school." I said almost teasingly.
She shrugged and stared up at me. God those eyes, so full of emotion, telling me everything she couldn't say. She was an open book to me, we've known for a while. But her soul was much more passionate than the last time I actually studied her. "Is that the ONLY reason you came here?" I asked. There had to be another reason, there had to be. She wouldnt just come to tell me not to see someone, would she? Natascha stared at me for a second then nodded
"well. I wanted to see you too-but- that was my main reason" she paused "its because i love you"
I smiled lightly "I don't know if its more love or stupidity" I wrapped my arm around her, she stayed silent for a moment thinking about my statement then smiled weakly at me. I pulled her towards me but she turned lightly missing my lips and brushing our cheeks together. I felt her inhaling on my neck. The urge to kiss her was too much for me to control anymore I pulled back brushing my cheek back against hers. She stayed completely still as I turned my lips towards hers.
Her eyes half closed watching my lips as they hovered inches from hers. I looked at her lips, they were perfect, soft and pink slightly opened. I leaned in pressing my lips against hers.
Natascha's small hand clasped the side of my face deepening our kiss. I couldn't believe how much I missed her kisses. I pulled back slowly and smiled. She smiled a little but looked sad. I stared at her 'why is she so sad?' I thought. I wrapped my arm around her back and pushed her into my lips again. She kissed me hard as I leaned her back on the mattress slowly. I felt her body begin to tense up as I ran my hand over her inner thigh and stomach, I pulled up "what are you thinking about?" I asked looking down at her
she smiled "nothing" her eyes got big
"your a liar and a horrible one at that" I teased
She laughed and leaned up kissing me again, placing her leg over mine. I tugged lightly on her leg wanting her on top of me. She continued to kiss me before lifting her self lightly, I pulled her ontop of me.
She pulled up slowly and smiled "why do we always end up like this?" I asked her
She shrugged and tilted her head lightly "I dont know but you like it"
"shhh" I laughed wrinkling my nose
She leaned down and kissed me, running her soft hands over my chest. Her hands were cold, but the skin felt thin and smooth. Our hips began to grind lightly as we continued to kiss. My hands traveled lightly up her shirt and over her back, her entire body was so smooth.
She sat up staring down at me and made a face "I hate you" she laughed as I rounded my hands around her back grabbing her boobs lightly
I smiled "why whatchya thinking about?"
She looked up then back at me "you" she replied simply.
My smile got bigger as my imagination tried to conjure up what she was thinking.
"wanna be more specific?" I asked resting my hands on her hips
"nope" she smiled shaking her head.
I rubbed her sides lightly putting my fingers in the waist of her jeans pushing her back and forth on me. "well I have basketball shorts on so I'm sure you can feel" I laughed
She looked at me and nodded as pink filled her pale cheeks.

To be continued

(tell me if you want parts 2 and 3 in Tyler's point of view) :D
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