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Short and to the point

Mike was coming over

As Carol got dressed, I noticed she was wearing no panties. I questioned her and she said "I thought you liked my hairy pussy." "Of course I do, and I bet Mike will too." I replied.  She smiled and kissed me on my cheek. Carol put on a red blouse and a short yellow skirt. She asked me how she looked.  I said you look fantastic and I'm sure Mike will like the outfit.

She began to brush her long blonde hair and during her strokes she asked if seeing a woman's naked pussy really turned guy's on. "It certainly does." was my response. For the first time, I asked her if seeing a cock turned her on.

Carol blushed and said, "Well, yes and no, I'm not excited to see a cock but when it starts getting hard, well that makes me so horny's difficult for me to control myself. Seeing your cock hard is lovely and if you don't mind, I like seeing Mikes cock too." At that point she stopped brushing her hair and reached between my legs. She felt my cock and I started to harden. I pulled away from her touch, and said, "are you going to show us your hairy pussy?" "We'll see" was her reply.

Mike arrived about 10 minutes later. Carol answered the door and invited him in. He brought a bouquet of flowers and Carol kissed him on the cheek and said "Oh you are such a sweetheart. Come in and have a seat." Mike and I sat and talked while Carol found a vase for the flowers. Carol returned to the living room and it was evident she was getting horny.

"Do you guys know what makes a girl hot?" Mike and I looked at each other and Mike spoke up. " A video of hot sex." "No Mike, it's not the video, it's feeling a warm hand on my breast or a warm hand on my thighs. Furthermore, I get really turned on if I see a cock get hard. What turns you guys on?"

I spoke up and said, "I like to see a woman partially dressed showing her womanhood" Mike chimed in and said, I like to see a woman's pussy, too. Carol stood in front of us and said "Get undressed guys and I'm going to give you a view. Both Mike and I undressed quickly. As our pants came off, Carol licked her lips and began removing her red blouse. As she let the blouse drop to the floor she asked if someone could help with her bra. She turned her back to us and slowly backed up. Mike, obediently unsnapped the clasps on her bra and her breasts were free. She turned around to face us. Mike touched one of her breasts and I touched the other. After a moment she pulled away, she backed away from us and said, "Guys, I want to see some cock. Take off your underwear and I will let you see my pussy."    

We removed our underwear. "Oh you poor guys, you are so soft. I bet I can make you hard." Carol stood in front of us and raised her yellow skirt to expose her hairy pussy. She moved her hips from side to side, while we watched. Her finger began playing with her hairy pussy. She approached me and asked if I would take off her skirt. She stood between Mike and me so I could unbutton her skirt. As she stood close to Mike, she slowly moaned. When her skirt was removed, she backed away and starred at our  limp cocks. She began playing with her hairy pussy while we watched.

"I want you guys to jack off for me, I want to see those cocks get hard and I'm going to tell you a little story." We began to masturbate and Carol began a story.

"Everyday when I'm out, I look at guys young and old. I wonder if they have a big cock. Once, when I was in a department store looking at lingerie, I noticed a man who was probably 6" tall and had the biggest feet I had ever seen. Quickly, I went to the dressing room with a the panties I had been looking at. I removed my skirt and panties and the vision of the man entered my mind. I wondered what it would be like to watch him get hard. I masturbated in the dressing room."

Our cocks began to stiffen, but she continued.

"One day, I drove past the college as class was letting out. I had to stop at a red light and 2 male students crossed in front of the car. My short skirt was raised and they looked inside the car. I don't think they saw my panties but my legs were spread. As they crossed in front of the car, my only vision was only on what was beneath the jeans and my mind wandered to days gone by. They smiled and I smiled back. I thought how wonderful it would be to watch these cocks get hard.  I felt my juices begin to moisten my panties. They walked past the car and I looked at their butts....HONK...HONK..HONK... The car behind me telling me the light was green. Somewhat shaken, I pulled into a student parking lot and began to masturbate. I didn't give a damn who saw me. The thought of making 2 guys hard was more than I could take."

We listened intently to her stories and saw the passion in her eyes as she remembered. We masturbated and Carol licked her lips. She got between us and said, "I want you guys to jack off and cum in my mouth."

First it was Mike and quickly I followed with my cum 

Carol took both loads in her mouth, her eyes were closed and she moaned as if to say "It's my dream fulfilled."

After Mike left, Carol and I talked. She said she loved me but the memories of the past would live on forever. I told her not to worry, the stories she recounted were a turn on for me. 



















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