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Sienna's Seduction - Part IV

Minidevilette© 2012

His blood thundered through his veins as he let the sound of her voice wash over him, the sweetest three syllables he thought he ever heard in his life. Certainly the most anticipated.


And he wasn’t going to give her any time to wonder if she’d made the right decision. He rolled his thumb over her pliant lower lip again, pulling it down from her teeth before running the tip of his tongue along the velvety inside edge. He felt the passing of the air she sucked in at the tickling sensation he created and the warmth of her whimper as it escaped past his lapping tongue. Her hands crept down his forearms to grip his sleeves as she pushed her breasts flat against the solid wall of his torso and tried to catch his questing tongue with her lips but he deftly avoided her attempts to fuse them together.

He just held her face still and kept licking at her mouth; small flicks at the corners, long sweeps along the edge of her lips, plunging thrusts behind her teeth before nipping at her lower lip and sucking gently, all while deflecting her increasingly frantic lips.

Sienna squirmed to get closer to him, as if insinuating herself beneath his skin would bring about the fusion of their mouths. Although her movements managed to elicit a hiss from him he still continued to leisurely play with her, teasing her parted lips with the promise of devouring her but never completing the final step to bring the eventuality about.

He felt the sharp graze of her teeth on the edge of his tongue as she tried to bite him. “Play nice,” he mocked gently.

Her fingers dug into his biceps and he was pleasantly surprised by the strength in her small hands. “Jesus, just kiss me,” she implored.

She felt him smile. “I am,” he pointed out.

“No you’re not,” she breathed. “I’ve been kissed before – this isn’t it.”

Her admission sent a shaft of jealousy through him and he briefly damned her previous lovers to a very exclusive place in Hell before he stored the thought away for later analysis. “You’re right. Kissing is for kids,” he said, sucking her lip between his before releasing it. “I’m going to fuck your mouth with my own.”

Images of him fucking her mouth with something besides his own crashed through the front of her mind but spun away endlessly as he thrust his thumb into the corner of her mouth and swept his tongue into the dark recess. Moaning, she tried to catch him, briefly engaging the agile muscle invading her mouth, registering the sweet taste of bourbon lingering on the miniscule bumps that were his tastebuds, before he swiftly withdrew to nip at her lips again.

Although the plunges into her mouth became deeper, his occupancy longer, to her intense dissatisfaction he continued in this vein; advance, tease, retreat and loiter frustratingly before repeating the sequence again and again, always there but never fully engaging until Sienna thought she would scream at him. Whenever she tried to end the game herself he would start the bittersweet torture again, not from the point of her interference but from the start, with those miserly, short excursions and butterfly nibbles, until on a demoralised sigh she finally stopped trying to kiss him and let him do as he would.

He felt the precise moment she gave herself over to him and triumph flooded through him like a gift of elixir from Heaven. Her jaw relaxed in his palms and her mouth softened beneath his questing onslaught as he finally melded their lips together and proceeded to obliterate every preconceived idea she’d ever harboured about kissing as he laid waste to her acquiescent entrance.

Like a free flowing river that had broken its banks he swept into her, his tongue swirling fluidly around the cavern of her mouth to engage her own in a skilful advance-and-retreat duel of muscles. The taste and smell of him slammed through her sinuses and flooded her brain and she tried to anchor herself against the rush of sensation that was threatening to overwhelm her, making her lips tingle and triggering an intense buzzing sound somewhere in the top of her skull. Her heart skipped along at its own terrifying pace beneath her breast as her lips clung to his and she registered that her fingertips had speared into his hair at some point, insinuating themselves into the inky silk and loosening the braid at the base of his skull.

As she responded to him with increasing abandon he curled his hands around her waist and dragged them up her near naked back, his fingers pulling at the bows holding her top secure beneath her shoulder blades. Hidden by the waist length hair flowing around them, he ran his palms under her now loose top and up her ribs as she rapaciously thrust the sinuous length of her tongue into his mouth. His long fingers pressed briefly into the cage of her ribs before he slid his thumbs into the deep, heated crease created by the weight of her breasts.

Her short fingernails elicited a series of shivers from him as they scraped along his skull and she squirmed rhythmically on his lap as he broke their kiss to chafe her chin with his teeth. He inhaled the scent drifting from her as her body heated with arousal, a combination of lusting woman and something flowery and he wanted to push his tongue into the source of that scent so badly he was nearly shaking.

Keeping his thumbs wedged firmly beneath her breasts he stretched out his fingers and caught her hair in them, slowly winding her head back until the soft column of her throat was exposed to him. Through hooded eyes he watched hers drift shut, lips parted slightly as she panted softly, the flush of desire on her porcelain skin giving her a soft rosy glow that filled him with possessive satisfaction. His eyes skimmed lower to the throat that he had bared and he experienced the insane urge to bite the thin membrane covering the erratically jumping proof of her elevated heart rate. He dragged his teeth over the pulse point beneath her jaw then licked over the front of her neck as she swallowed and was rewarded with a ragged whimper from her.

He nuzzled her neck with his lips and circled his thumbs up and over the swells of her breasts to rub over the aching peaks of her nipples. She leaned back slightly, supported solely by the strength of his hands and her hold in his hair and put enough distance between their upper bodies to encourage the continuation of his caress. It meant losing the sensation of his warm breath on her throat but she felt amply compensated by the freedom it gave his thumbs to linger at their current pastime.

He marvelled at how sensitive the pad of a thumb could be. That previously unthought-of part of his body suddenly seemed like the most sublime sense he possessed as he used it to circle her nipples. He had nothing but praise for Mother Nature as he investigated every nuance of the pebbled points beneath her top, amazed at how distinctly he could detect every bump, ripple and flat plane of her puckered aureoles. He released her hair to free his fingers to explore her bounteous globes more thoroughly and she immediately recaptured his mouth, delving inside with her tongue, moaning with quiet abandon as he massaged her breasts. They were soft and heavy and filled his considerable palms to overflowing and as much as he would like nothing better than to strip off the offending material hiding them and lift her to his mouth, he was also becoming aware of a change in the ambience they had cocooned themselves in.

Sienna’s hands had slipped under his shirt and she rucked up the material with alarming efficiency to expose his sculpted abs and pectoral muscles, purring deep in her throat as she smoothed her palms over him. Outside of the periphery of his direct focus he could detect the movement of bodies to their right, not ten feet away on the landing outside the club’s doors and his aural perception kicked in to clue him to the unique change in atmosphere particular to a club winding down for the night. On the heels of this awareness was the crushing precariousness of their surroundings.

He broke away from the lip lock Sienna had him in the throes of and tried to look at their position objectively. He, the manager, was sitting in the semi-darkness outside the club he’d been given carte blanche to manage, straddled by the delectably aroused body of a ‘client’ upon who’s breasts he had his hands as she tried to crawl down this throat. Add to these facts the further fact that he’d admittedly accosted her and then gleefully seduced her into this position and there was no way on God’s green earth that anyone would mistake them as being involved in just a casual embrace. But, fuck, her breasts fit his hands so completely and her sighs were like high fives to his ego that he just wanted the world to go away so he could eat her alive in peace.

Right. Damage control, he reminded himself and he tried to clear his way through the lust induced fog clouding his usual razor sharp acumen. While he tried to think with his brain instead of his raging dick, she clasped his face and fused her mouth to his again and he was immediately swept back into the flow he’d so briefly pulled himself out of.

He could hear people talking, a few girls giggling while loud mouthed men, brimming with the bravado that only alcohol can provide, made lewd suggestions and catcalls at the simpering women. Like a drowning man clamouring for air he struggled to resurface from the erotic aura he’d encouraged her to create with him. “Sienna, we need to stop,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Uh-ugh,” she denied as she scattered biting kisses along his clenched jaw. “Don’t stop.” She reached down to the hem of her top and started to drag it up so she could press her naked breasts flush against the heated skin of his chest that she’d previously exposed.

Her intent became apparent to him with alarming exactitude. “Jesus Christ, Irish, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he hissed as he jerked the raised hem back down.

“I need to feel you,” she answered blindly, trying to pry his fingers off the satin.

He captured her wrists to still them and spoke in a low rush into her ear, “Heads up, gorgeous. I want you plastered all over me like paint too but we’re in a public place here and I don’t know what your views on voyeurism are but when I finally take you, I don’t particularly want to turn it into a Cecil B DeMille production, true?”

As if to reiterate his point, background sounds began to filter through to her, foremost being the grating nasal tones of a woman as she exclaimed with equal parts surprise and excess volume, “Fuck me! Is that your boss?”

“What?” another woman said distractedly.

“There. I’m sure that’s tall, dark and dangerous.”

“Christ on a crutch,” she heard him mutter as he pushed her face into the crook of his neck, whether to protect her reputation or his she didn’t know but she was content to hide there until the women absented themselves. Especially as Sienna remembered the peep show she had just been about to put on, oblivious or not.

“Well, well, well. It would seem it is,” drawled the uppity barmaid Sienna had annoyed earlier with her drink order. “Although why he’d want to dip his wick in that thing is beyond me,” she added scathingly.

Sienna’s head shot up from the warm hollow of his throat and she bent a look from hard green eyes at the skinny shot shooter who was standing amongst a small group of similarly emaciated women.

“Merrill,” he growled warningly. “If you like having a job I suggest you move it.”

“Oh please,” she scoffed. “Her? Elyse has been chasing you for months,” she indicated to the pouting brunette beside her, “and you won’t give her the time of day. Elyse is hot,” Merrill informed him knowledgably. She pointed at Sienna offhandedly, “She’d probably snap freeze your cock, she’s such a frigid bitch.”

Sienna heard him grind his teeth but she simply stared at the assembled women before leaning towards his throat and, never breaking eye contact with the bitchy barmaid, dragged her tongue up the length of his neck, clamped her teeth gently over his chin and closed her eyes, rocking her straddled hips rhythmically on his hidden erection as she moaned in theatrical ecstasy.

“Holy fuck,” someone whispered, “that’s totally hot.”

Sienna heard his strangled groan as his hand dove into her hair to drag her away from his chin and enfold her tightly against his chest, her ear pressed over his hammering heart. As she tucked her head snugly beneath his chin she bestowed a triumphant Cheshire Cat smile upon the steaming Merrill and her dejected sidekick, who stormed off with their gaping entourage in hot pursuit.

It was several quiet moments before he spoke, in which time Sienna bathed in the satisfactory glow his physical reaction had imbued in her over her little display. “I’m not even going to ask what inspired that blatant display of claws,” he murmured with amusement.

Sienna shrugged in the circle of his arms. “She’s sulking because I wanted her to pour me a Guinness before and then I only drank half of it.”

“Takes time to do it properly. The girls get paid by how fast they serve so it’s understandable,” he reasoned.

“She acted like I’d asked her to fetch me a pint from the Liffey itself.” She snuggled closer as he stroked her hair. “I don’t like her,” she finished.

“I’d say the feeling’s mutual,” he observed with candour.

“She’s a jumped up little cow,” she added belligerently.

“Well,” he conceded, laughing softly, “I suppose I should think myself lucky you didn’t try to head butt her. Despite your woeful aim, as head of security I’d be forced to take a very dim view of you assaulting my staff.”

The light on the landing abruptly flicked off, enfolding them in an artificial twilight created by the diffused illumination of the main lights inside the club shining through the partially closed door. She could hear soft clinking from beyond and imagined the few remaining staff collecting the scattered detritus of a night of focused drinking.

The sudden quiet unsettled her and she began to wonder where they were going to go from here. The spell they had woven and fed between each other earlier had been completely shattered and nervousness began to creep in under her skin. Unsure of how to proceed from here, she made moves to separate herself from his lap but he slid his hands down her back and over her denim clad arse and moulded the juncture of her thighs against his belly. She lifted her face to look at him and he brushed his lips lightly over hers.

“Where did you think you were about to go?” he asked as he gifted her with another drugging kiss.

“Um, home. Maybe?” she answered optimistically against his mouth.

He wedged his hands under her thighs and slid them down her legs, dragging her calves behind him, encouraging her to wrap herself around his waist. “Uh-ugh,” he contradicted. “You surrendered, remember,” he reminded as he stood with her in his arms. She gasped in alarm at her sudden elevation and hooked her hands behind his neck and her ankles together as his broad palms supported the underside of her thighs.

He kissed her hungrily as he manoeuvred them towards a door labelled ‘Management’, pressing her back against the wall as he sucked on her neck while he entered a code into the small key pad nestled between her head and the door jam. When the internal lock emitted an audible click he stared down into her eyes as he grinned at her with that Big Bad Wolf smile of his.

“That means I get to keep you.” And he carried her through the door before kicking it shut behind him. Sienna barely had time to register the masculine setting of the room, obviously his office, before he’d rested her on the corner of a desk the size of an independent European nation and blithely thrust aside a dozen manila folders to make room for her as he stretched her out on the veneered surface.

The lacquered finish was an icy shock against her naked back but was quickly forgotten as he parted her trembling thighs and crawled onto the desk between them. His hands encased her wrists beside her head but at no other point did he bring his body into contact with hers but held himself, suspended above her, a gap of two inches separating them from forehead to thigh, electricity snapping wildly along the air currents between them. She watched in mute fascination as his braid, the only thing in the room actively moving, slowly slid over the curve of his shoulder as his lips hovered over hers until finally the long plait followed the law of gravity and landed beside her cheek as his mouth descended on hers.

Whereas his previous kisses had been of coercion, this was one of dominance and Sienna responded to it with the licentiousness of a born wanton. Her upper body surged up to press into his and she wrapped her legs around his waist to drag his hardness closer. She answered the thrusts of his tongue with the rolling of her hips and strained against the hold he kept firmly on her wrists. She moaned as she undulated sinuously beneath him to rub her swollen breasts against his chest and bit at his lip when he tried to lift his head, laughing deep within her throat when he cursed her.

“Bloodthirsty bitch,” he accused as she licked the spot of red from his lip.

“Stop teasing me,” she countered.

His smile was raffish. “I haven’t even begun.”

He half slid off her and cradled his right arm under her head, transferring both of her wrists to that one hand before staring into her eyes and abruptly yanking the front of her top up and over her head to expose her entire torso to his view. He watched her ribs stand out in stark relief as she dragged in a shocked breath, noting with carnal satisfaction how her pelvis curled up as his eyes roamed over her.

Her skin was smooth and lily white, a testament to the Gaelic blood that coursed wildly through her veins and he was pleased to note that her stomach didn’t cleave to her hips and backbone. Instead it was slightly rounded and her hips lushly spaced to accommodate his weight and size without him fearing he’d crush her despite her diminutive size. Her waist was narrow and belled into slightly flaring hips that were snugly encased in worn designer denim and he briefly toyed with the idea of popping that button fly and shoving his hand past the barrier they presented but instead tracked his eyes in the opposite direction until they feasted upon the twin treasures of her abundant breasts.

He gauged their perfection as they quivered upon her delicately heaving chest and mused that, as a tit man, he really should be on his knees now and thanking the Powers That Be for delivering this woman, and her succulent assets, into his hands. But he was a selfish bastard first and foremost so until he got his mouth on his prize the PTB could take a flying fuck for all he cared at the moment.

He skimmed his hand up her ribs and although he’d done the same thing outside, without the protective illusion of clothing she felt desperately exposed and vulnerable although the yearning light in his eyes warmed her considerably. He palmed the side of one breast and supported its weight in his broad hand as he leaned over to softly blow across the hardened peak and she mewled as pleasurable anticipation spiralled through her to coil in the pit of her stomach.

He flicked the point of his tongue over the tiny flat circle that tipped the very end of her nipple and watched as she caught her bottom lip between her teeth. Under her intent gaze he continued to probe at her, languidly running his tongue over the bumps and wrinkles that puckered beneath his touch before finally grazing his teeth over the sensitive tip.

Sienna lurched beneath him and threw her head back as her pelvis rubbed against him, a guttural moan escaping her lips. He then embarked on a sustained assault of her breasts, first one and then the other, lapping, nibbling and pinching gently before sucking her deep within his scalding mouth. She thrashed on the desk beneath him, urging him on with whispered assurances of how exquisite his attentions were interspersed with entreaties for the freedom of her hands to raining sobbing curses upon his head when her pleas were ignored.

Her jean clad legs sawed restlessly against his, her thigh insinuating itself between his to rub enticingly against the thick bulge of his desire until he’d forcibly restrained both her legs between his, locking her down so she could only buck against him uselessly. He continued to pluck at one nipple as he tormented the other orally and gauged how far he could push her before she came from sheer force of denial alone.

The comfortable room was redolent with the heavy perfume of unsated lust and he knew he’d never enter this room again without conjuring the image of her sprawled on his desk with that scent deep in his nostrils. His groin ached as the result of his sustained hard on and he knew he’d pushed Sienna to point of orgasm several times. To delay much longer would be cruel and a supreme waste of the time he could be using to build her up all over again.

Shifting his weight he licked at her lips but thought better of it as he remembered the sting of her bite. Positioning his lips next to her ear he ran the tip along the outer shell before catching the lobe and sucking on it lightly until her breathing calmed and he felt her settle in tense silence beside him.

“Do you like my desk?” he asked innocuously. “It’s walnut,” he continued. “Very beautiful and expensive and a pleasure to own, especially now you’ve been plastered all over it.” She turned her head to look at him with confusion. “It’s also extremely hard,” he explained shifting a numbing hip to a more comfortable position.

“What are you saying?” she questioned quietly.

“See that door over there?” he asked, releasing her hands. She rolled her head over while flexing her wrists and noted a simple wooden panel with a small plaque reading ‘Private’ in plain script. “That’s the entrance to my private domain and in there is all the luxuries that you won’t find in here, like food and music and heating,” he said as he noticed goose bumps rising over her flesh. He pulled her into the heat of his body and continued. “There’s also a fantastic bed that I guarantee you’d sell your grandmother just to be able to lay on and a shower with a bench seat perfect for me to be able to perform debauched acts on you.”

Sienna studied him intently as she weighed his offer. Showers and soft beds and food and music sounded a lot like something less fleeting than a transient, if heated, exchange of body fluids between two consenting adults but she’d come this far to have him and didn’t see the point of backing out now.

She tipped her face at him enquiringly. “How big is this bed I’d hock my sainted granny for then? And how many other old ladies have been sacrificed for the chance to roll around on it?”

His smile was dazzling in his tanned face as he laughed and swooped down to kiss her soundly, catching her hands as she batted at him and demanded he answer. He rested his lips on hers and swore, “Yours is the only granny at risk, Irish.”

To be continued…

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