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Silver, Blue and Gold Ch 04

Molly and Jake get closer but ....
Now this is the way to watch a movie, Jake thought. He sat on Molly's couch and she was curled up next to him. His arm was around her shoulders, and if he leaned his head down just a little, he could smell the light, airy scent of her shampoo. The lights were dimmed to make it easier to see the screen.

He hadn't cared about the movie, he realized. He just didn’t want to stop being with Molly. Everything about the day had just been so much better than he'd expected, he couldn't bear to see it end. It would have to, but he delayed it as much as he could.

Molly's apartment was much nicer than his, he had decided instantly. The furniture wasn't a matched set, but it went together nicely. It was comfortable, like Molly herself. Not like my apartment, he noted. Mine's like stepping into the model house in a new development. His apartment was cold, and he loved the warmth in Molly's.

The difference again between Molly and Chelsea, he observed to himself wryly. Molly had pictures of friends and family scattered throughout the living room in colorful, decorative frames. Chelsea had swept all of Jake's pictures away and into his extra bedroom, saying they cluttered up the space and collected dust.

There's just so much color here, he thought. Little throw pillows and blankets and knick-knacks made it almost festive. There was no beige, no neutral browns or grays. Just lots of little spots of color that lifted a person's spirits. He vowed right then to clean up and fix up his own place as soon as he could. Maybe Molly would even help…

She stirred and stretched. "Sorry." She looked up with sleepy eyes. "I guess I was a little more tired than I thought."

"That's okay." Jake stared down at her. Light from the TV shimmered over her, putting silver specks in her blue eyes. He ran one hand through her hair, watching the gold strands drift through his fingers. He kissed her.

He couldn't help it. Her lips looked so soft he had to feel them for himself. He slid his lips against hers gently, taking advantage of her small sigh to slip his tongue between her lips. She still tasted like champagne. Shifting on the couch, he pulled her up against him, moaning softly as her body pressed against his. Suddenly it was urgent that he discover exactly what her body felt like, to find out if it was as warm and responsive as he hoped it would be.

Molly was surprised by the kiss, but wasn't going to let the opportunity go. She hadn't realized just how much those little touches at the game had gotten to her until now. She let Jake pull her to him, anxious for the feel of his body against hers. One of her arms rested against Jake's chest, but the other was free and she laid it against his cheek, feeling the light stubble.

She stiffened in surprise as Jake pulled her shirt out of her waistband and slid his hand under her shirt. He felt her tense and stopped, keeping his hand low on her back and gently stroking. His lips left hers, tracing a line of kisses to her ear.

"Is this all right?" he whispered, gently rubbing his cheek against hers.

Molly shivered as the light stubble tickled her skin.

"It's wonderful," she said when she had her voice again. She moved so she could meet his eyes. "Please, touch me, Jake. Please."

He found her lips again and kissed her deeply, more insistently, and she responded in kind. Jake let the hand on her back move up slowly but was frustrated when he tried to move his other hand down from her hair. The couch was too restrictive, unless he wanted to tumble them both onto the floor. Although that had its own appeal, he wanted more than that for Molly.

"Can we take this elsewhere?"

Molly nodded as his green eyes blazed down at her. She didn't trust herself to talk, afraid she would spoil the mood if she did. This was one time she thought non-verbal communication might be her best option. She took Jake's hand to lead him to the bedroom.

Before they'd gone more than a few steps down the short hallway, Jake spun her back to him and took her lips once more, pressing her against the wall. Molly made no protest, only wrapped her arms more tightly around him as her tongue and body danced with his.

"You," said Jake as he nibbled at her neck, "are a siren. You're going to drive me crazy."

"You started it," Molly said weakly, and Jake gave a sly grin at the challenge.

"Guess I'd better finish it, then." He pulled her into the bedroom.

Molly had never felt quite this way. All she wanted was for Jake to kiss her, to touch her. She wasn’t sure she liked being so in thrall to the demands of her body, but neither did she want to fight it. When Jake's hands went under her shirt again, this time with the intention of removing it, she knew she couldn't resist anyway.

As soon as Jake had Molly's shirt off, he stripped off his own and crushed her to him, dying to feel her skin against his. She felt cool and sleek and he loved the contrast with his body, which felt like it was on fire. He ran his lips over her skin hungrily, nipping at her neck and shoulder, and smiling to himself at the sounds she made.

Molly felt almost drunk, light-headed with the sensations Jake caused. She didn't think she'd ever been wanted or desired this much. She ran her hands over his shoulders and back, exploring his body and wanting to touch more of it.

"You still have too many clothes on," Jake murmured. Before Molly could react, he unhooked her bra and slid it off, drinking in the sight of her body as he revealed it. He ran his hands over her pale skin, savoring the silky feeling. He raised his eyes to her face and found her biting her bottom lip again and blushing slightly. Smiling, he cupped her face. "You're beautiful," he said before kissing her again.

The compliment gave Molly new confidence, and she lowered her own hands down his back and sides, running her fingers just inside the waist band of his jeans, teasing him. He growled slightly and Molly smiled against his lips. She gasped when he repeated the action on her, making her jump slightly. Jake pulled back slightly and gazed at her, green eyes dark with desire.

"That's enough teasing," he said in a rough voice.

In what seemed like a blink, Molly found herself on the bed next to him and the rest of their clothes had disappeared. She stretched out next to him, trying to touch as much of him as she could. Jake wrapped one arm around her waist and tangled his other hand in her hair, pulling her as close as he could while his tongue explored her mouth. He couldn't get enough of that slightly sweet taste.

He rolled to his back and Molly took advantage to begin a more thorough exploration of his body. He groaned as she teased him with her fingers and lips; it felt like she left streaks of ice along his burning skin. When she rubbed her body against his, he dug his fingers into her hips to keep her close. She wriggled out of his grasp and kissed lower and lower until she had him, hard and hot, in her mouth.

Molly couldn’t help smiling to herself as she felt him losing control too. His hands moved from her shoulders to her hair and back as though he couldn’t decide where to put them. He surprised her by grabbing her arms and pulling her back up where he could kiss her. "Too much," was all he said before rolling so that she was underneath him.

"My turn." Jake felt like a starving man who had come upon a feast. He brushed his lips along her neck, down her chest, then teasing a nipple with his tongue. Molly arched up against him as though offering more. He took it. His hand moved to her other breast, gently massaging until she was breathless. Before she could regain her breath, his hand traced a path down her body, teasing her. He found the warmth and wetness between her legs and it was such a contrast to the coolness of her body that he couldn’t resist tasting her.

This time when Molly arched off the bed, she shook and let out a soft cry that might have been his name. He thought it was, and wanting to hear it again, he continued to use his tongue and drove her to another climax until he heard her soft whispers asking him to stop. Resting his head on her stomach, he stroked her sides gently while she came back to herself.

"Do you want this?" He moved over her, resting on his arms. "Tell me now and I'll stop. I won't do anything you don't want, Molly."

She reached up and ran her fingers through his dark hair. He closed his eyes and bent his head closer so she could continue. She put a hand under his chin to make him look at her. "I want this, Jake," she said softly. "I want you." She rubbed her leg against his.

"God, I want you, too." He slid inside and kissed her hard, his tongue mimicking the rhythm of his hips.

Molly let her head fall back and her eyes closed, floating on the sensations running through her body. Their bodies were perfectly matched, she thought distantly as she met each thrust. She hadn't had many lovers, but she knew it couldn’t be better than this.

Jake whispered to her, not even sure what he was saying. He wanted to tell her how lovely she was, how amazing she felt, and hoped some of that came through. Not long enough, he thought as he fought back his climax. It was no use. Molly trembled around him, her body gripping his tightly as she came again in his arms. Jake lowered his head to her shoulder and gave in, groaning softly as the orgasm washed through him.

They said nothing, comfortable in the dark, in the silence. Jake pressed his lips gently to her forehead, stroking her arm. Molly drifted and drifted until she fell asleep.

Jake didn't think he'd ever had a night quite like this one. They would sleep, or at least doze, and then one of them would touch the other, softly at first. The desire would build and they'd make love again. It wasn't until a bit before dawn that they fell asleep and didn't wake until mid-morning.


"So, are you and Jake official yet?" Maddy asked. She and Molly were once again cleaning the debris from another jewelry night.

"I guess," said Molly, setting down a glass. "I haven't asked. It seems kind of…needy."

"Just because you want to know something, doesn't mean it's needy." Maddy ran a hand through her curly red hair as she surveyed the mess. It was amazing, she thought, the chaos four women could create with a little wine and some colored beads.

"I don't want to mess anything up," Molly confessed with a sigh. "It's all going so well. We're having fun. He's so understanding about my schedule and shifts. I feel like if I say something wrong it'll…it'll break."

"You're not asking him to marry you," Maddy pointed out. She tilted her head. "Are you?"

They both laughed. "No, no, I don't think either of us is ready for that yet," Molly said.

"So just ask him," Maddy said. "It's no crime to want to know where you stand."

"The problem," Molly began, and then stopped. Maddy waited expectantly. "Never mind," said Molly, picking up another glass.

Maddy placed a hand on her arm. "Oh, no, you don't. You don't say something like that and think I'll let you off that easy. What's the problem?"

Molly put the glass down and paced the living room. "I love him, Maddy. I know it hasn't been long, but I do. I'm afraid if I say something, he'll get scared and run in the other direction. It hasn't been that long since his break-up."

"That was two months ago or better," Maddy said. "He wouldn’t be with you if he wasn't over that, Molly. Jake isn't the type to take anyone on the rebound."

"I know." Molly sighed. "I know. I still…I just…I don't feel like he's ready to hear it. Maybe I'm not ready to say it, either."

"Well, then," said Maddy, "you'll find a time. Just don’t look for the right time so hard that you miss it."


"Things going well with Molly, then?" Cam asked while he and Jake had lunch.

"Yeah," said Jake. "Yeah, they are." Just thinking about her made him smile.

"So are you going steady?" Cam teased. "Going to give her your ring? Your letter jacket?"

Jake threw a rolled up napkin at him. "No, sorry. I got past high school. Unlike you, apparently."

"But you are dating, right?" Cam munched a french fry. "You're an item, aren't you? A couple?"

"I guess so," Jake poked at his cole slaw. "We've never talked about it. I mean, I certainly don't want to date anyone else or anything."

"You aren't still letting the whole Chelsea thing hold you back, are you?" Cam's voice was laced with suspicion. "That was ages ago."

"I don't know if two or three months qualifies as 'ages,' but no, I don't think so."

"Figure it out," directed Cam. "Molly deserves better than 'I don't think so.' So do you."


Exhausted, Molly opened the outer door to Jake's apartment building. She called up on the intercom.

"Hi, Jake, it's me."

"Hey, Molly."

She frowned at the black box. There was something odd in his voice.

"Can I come up?" she asked. "I brought a few things for you."

"Oh, sure, sure. Sorry." There was a buzz and click, and she opened the inner door and went to the elevator.

As it climbed to his floor, Molly tried to organize her thoughts. She'd worked a double shift at the hospital and her brain was toast. It seemed like every possible thing had gone wrong and at the worst time; Murphy's law had been operating with a vengeance. On the plus side, being so busy had kept her from worrying about talking to Jake tonight. She had decided to tell him she loved him and let the chips fall where they may. It was harder and harder not to tell him. It would be better, she felt, to tell him and see what he said, than to keep holding it in out of fear.

Of course, she thought dryly, she'd be more confident if she didn't feel like she'd been through the proverbial wringer. If she wasn't wearing scrubs and tennis shoes. She sighed. There hadn't been time to change, but at least she'd managed to run a brush through her hair. Well, Jake had seen her in worse shape than this.

She knocked on his door, shifting her purse a bit and moving the extra bag she carried to the other hand. Jake had been talking about brightening his place up, and she'd found a few colorful—but in a masculine way—throw pillows for him.

"Hi," he said when he opened the door. When he didn't open it to let her in, she got nervous.

"Sorry," she said. "Is this a bad time? I'm sorry if I should have called first, but work was so crazy and…"

"It's okay," he said, and she felt a little better when he smiled at her.

"I brought you these," Molly began, holding out the bag. She was about to continue when someone behind Jake spoke up.

"Jacob, who is it?"

The door swung open further and a woman appeared next to Jake.

"Come on in, Molly," Jake said.

She did, although her feet felt like blocks of wood.

"Molly, this is Chelsea Lucas. Chelsea, this is Molly Sugden." Jake looked from one woman to the other, completely lost. He hadn't expected to even see Chelsea again, and then she'd appeared at his office around six and asked to talk. He decided to bring her to his place so they'd have privacy. He'd been so surprised that he'd forgotten that Molly was coming over.

"Nice to meet you," Chelsea said, holding out her hand.

Molly took it automatically. She noticed the delicate, manicured fingers that contrasted against her own, dry from constant washing and wearing latex gloves. Molly felt like a servant meeting the lady of the house.

"And you," she said. Her heart was cracking and she wondered if the others could hear it. So this is Chelsea, she thought with a sinking feeling. Chelsea who'd been with Jake for two years, then left, and now was back.

"I'm sorry I didn't call, Molly." Jake was torn at the look on her face. She was hurt and trying to hide it but as usual, her face was too expressive. "Chelsea showed up this afternoon kind of out of the blue."

"It's, um, it's all right. I have to go anyway. It was a long day." Molly turned to leave. For once, instead of battling back words, she didn't have any to let out.

"I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?" Jake caught her arm as she reached for the doorknob.

"Sure," said Molly softly.

She managed not to cry until she got home, then berated herself for doing so. She and Jake had never promised each other anything, she reminded herself. He had spent two years with Chelsea, after all. She couldn’t expect that they would never talk or see each other.

Molly tried to be optimistic, but knew she could never compete with a woman like that. Chelsea had been sleek and stylish. Her clothes had been tailored and fit like they'd been made just for her. Auburn hair had been caught up in a twist, and small emeralds had sparkled in her ears. Real emeralds, Molly was sure, not the rhinestones she sometimes bought for her jewelry. She was the type of woman a lawyer would want.

She wiped away a stray tear when she realized Chelsea was precisely what her mother thought Molly should be like. I'll never be like that, Molly thought. I'll never be the right kind of woman for a man like Jake.

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