Simply love

By Paix69

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I had a much longer, more detailed version of this story but unfortunately it got deleted.

You text me once you get off work. You've been up since 4:00 a.m. It's almost 6:00 p.m.

I know you've had a long day so I decide to pick up some food before meeting up with you. You greet me with a long kiss, and I ask if you'd like to go sit at the the beach for a while. You say sure, so we do.

We spend almost an hour talking about how our days went, what's new, our plans for the weekend, etc. I mention I'm getting cold and you suggest we go back to your place. Once we get there we sit on the porch and smoke. We continue making small talk and after ten minutes or so pass, we head to your room.

We cuddle and start watching TV to pass the time. You've been up for so long and I know you would love to sleep. I soon notice your eyes starting to close so I place a hand on your cheek and kiss you. You kiss me back sleepily, then pull away and look deeply into my eyes. After a minute or so, you grab me by the hair and begin kissing me hard, more passionately. I feel your tongue in my mouth and I instantly melt in your arms.

I can feel the bulge in your shorts pressing against me. You get so hard so quickly. Our passionate kissing soon leads to your hand between my legs. You rub me through my pants and I let out a small moan. I try to move your hand but you stop me and say, "Tonight's about you."

I roll my eyes and whisper, "No, tonight's about you."

You smirk as I bite my lip and start rubbing your bulge. You take your hand from under the blanket and place your arms behind your head. I reach under the blanket and pull your cock out. I wrap my hand around the shaft and begin sucking the tip. After two or three minutes of this you thrust upwards and begin fucking my mouth. I stop you and start stroking your cock. It's so big, I love it. You lean back, smiling.

Suddenly you reach forward and begin playing with my breasts, rolling my nipples between your thumbs and index fingers. I moan and lean in to kiss you. It takes about twenty minutes of stroking, sucking, and deep-throating to finally make you cum. When you do, I lick up every bit of it.

After I clean up the mess, your hand makes its way back to my pussy. This time inside my pants. You rub my clit in a circular motion and I moan your name. You begin sucking and biting my nipples while fingering my wet pussy. I lay there in ecstasy. While moving from my breasts to my neck and I whisper in your ear, "I'm so wet, I need you." The next thing I know, you're flipping me onto my stomach and pinning my arms down above my head with one hand, while positioning your cock towards my pussy with the other. You then thrust deep inside me. I gasp. My breathing deepens. I hear you comment on how tight I am. I beg to be fucked harder. I cum quickly.

After I cum you flip me back over and begin fucking me slowly, never breaking eye contact. You kiss me passionately like it was the first time all over again. You make love to me for what feels like forever. You tell me you love me, and we both cum,hot and breathless. You lean down and kiss my forehead, pulling out while you do. You roll over, and pull me onto your chest in the process. I lay there catching my breath. A few minutes later I look at the clock, realizing we've lost track of time.

"You need to get to sleep baby."

You respond with a grumbly, "I know.."

I lay next to you and rub your cheek, which leads to me running my fingers through your hair. I know you're finally asleep when I whisper "I love you," and get no response. I kiss your forehead and lips one more time before collecting my things and leaving. Right before I close your door I take a quick glance back into the room and think to myself, "I love this man."