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Sin, Baby, Sin

Papi and I decided to go to our favorite place......
Standing on the balcony over looking the beach, wearing my light pink sundress feeling the early morning breeze caress my soft skin. I feel my papi come up behind me. He gently strokes my straight black hair before pushing it to the side, lowering his full lips on to my neck and kissing me softly.

“Good morning mami,” he whispers against my neck.

I reach back and run my fingers through his short black hair, “Good morning baby.”

I turn around and look up, staring deep into his brown eyes before kissing his lips. He lifts me up wrapping my legs around his body, his hands gripping my ass carrying me to the bathroom. The shower was already running, I reached behind me and opened the sliding door.

He gently set me down under the hot water, the thin fabric of my sundress became transparent and my nipples hardened at the sensation. He lowered his head on to my left breast, taking the wet material and my nipple into his mouth. As he is sucking and lightly biting my nipples, I run my French manicured nails down his back.

He slowly starts kissing down my stomach and rubbing his hands down to my ass with just his finger tips. Sending a sensation of pleasure through my entire body, making me shiver under the warm water.

He kissed my inner thighs lightly and letting his tongue tease my skin, making me moan softly. He turns me around so that my ass is in his face, my hands push against the wall. He starts pulling down my white lace thong with his teeth....I feel the warm water touch my clit.

My panties drop to the shower floor and I feel his hand spread my ass cheeks apart, his warm tongue starts to lick my tight asshole. He works his tongue down to my pussy as I arch my back to allow him better access to my wet cunt.

He starts to finger my fuck hole with one finger while tickling my asshole with his tongue. I then feel another finger inserted into my aching pussy, then one slides in my ass. I jump a little and relax to let him in. He builds me up to a climax but stops before I cum. I feel him kissing up my back and my neck, ending at my ears lobes.

He slowly pulls down the straps of my sun dress as his hands brush against my already erect nipples. My dress joined my thong on the shower floor, as I reach back to feel his hard Mexican cock through his soaked boxers.

I turn around and kiss his full sexy lips, flicking my tongue over his lip ring. I run my nails down his chest and stomach, as I kiss my way down to his dick. Teasing him, I kiss the tip of his cock head before pulling his boxers off.

I run the tip of my tongue down his hard shaft, before taking his length into my mouth. Pushing his cock deep into my throat, I look up at him to watch his reaction. He looks into my green eyes, as he bites his lower lip.

I slowly suck his dick while my right hand lightly squeezes his balls. I lower my head and kiss his balls, before taking them in my mouth, one at a time. Sucking on them gently, listening to his moans.

I start sucking his cock once again, as he puts his hands on the back of my head. He grabs my hair and pushes my head down his shaft, making the tip of his dick hit the back of my throat. The running water runs over his shoulders, sliding down his stomach ending at the base of his dick.

He picked me up and held me against the wall, I whisper against his ear, “Fuck me papi, please.”

My hand runs over his shoulder and down his back as he kisses me passionately, I feel his dick enter my wet cunt.

He starts slowly, building me up to a climax. We break the kiss and he looks into my eyes, I can see the lust he has for me. I don't want this moment to end, I tell him to put me down so I can bend over.

He sets me down and I bend over, I feel the tip of his dick slip into my waiting pussy. I grab the towel bar above me for support as he fucks my cunt fiercely, hitting my cervix with every thrust.

I feel my orgasm slowly building up, I know its going to be a strong one. The sensation of squirting becomes apparent as he picks up the speed, slamming his cock deep into my pussy. My muscles tightening and relaxing with every thrust.

“Aye papi!!” I scream, not able to control it anymore. “I’m cumming baby.”

He grabs my neck and pulls me back towards him, “Cum for me mami,” he said against my ear.

“Fuck yes, don’t stop, I’m there baby!” I moaned.

My walls tightened around his seven inch cock, making him grunt in pleasure. He pushed once more, deep into my cunt sending me into a strong climax. I pushed against his shaft as I squirted on the shower floor, the running water washing it away.

“Ah, fuck papi, I love that Mexican cock,” I said as he pulled out.

“Suck this dick baby, make me cum for you.”

I turned around and dropped to my knees, eagerly taking his dick into my mouth. Sucking and licking my cunt juice off of it. Loving the taste of my cum on his cock, I moan deep in my throat.

“Mmmmm, baby I’m going to cum,” he said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. “Open your mouth baby, I’m going to cum on your face.”

I happily did as I was told, and opened my mouth while I looked up at my Mexican lover. I heard him let out a loud grunt as he shot his hot creamy cum on my face, some landing right on my awaiting tongue..

“Ahhhh…mami,” he said as he came.

I ran my finger over my right cheek, gathering his cum and putting it in my mouth. I looked up and gave him that sexy smile he loves, as I sucked his cum off of my finger.

“Your so naughty mami,” he said as he looked down.

“And you love it papi.”

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