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Sister Celeste: Angel of Mercy -- Chapters 4 - End

Celeste and Mr. B find happiness in Camp Paradise.
Chapter 4

When I returned on Thursday evening, I found a troubled man. He had stayed motivated through Wednesday morning, but had spent the past day in a funk.

"This isn't bad," I said as we ate another excellent dinner of venison tenderloins marinated in Teriyaki sauce and served over a bed of noodles with asparagus on the side. This time dinner was accompanied by a Cabernet Sauvignon. "Injections every three days is not a horrible thing. If we had to, we could resort to weaker daily injections, but as I said, a happy medium is the goal."

"Celeste, be realistic. This has not been awful for me, but it becomes awful if you take yourself out of the picture. I am a problem solving man and I can only think of one workable solution. That is for you to be the woman I need every three days. I can't imagine finding any women who could tolerate what I become before and after my treatments. You know what I'm faced with. How easy is it to find another you in this world."

I felt helpless before his sense of despair. He was right. Now that we had found what his happy medium would be, he would be looking for a medically train ed prostitute who would work on a 3-day rotation. I was becoming quite fond of him and I didn't want to see him suffer the agony of all the trial and error that could come with hiring a solution to his dilemma.

"Celeste, I have an offer that I want you to think about very carefully and if you decide to refuse, think again about what it would take to turn that refusal into acceptance. I know that this isn't exactly romantic, but I need an alliance with you. If you would marry me and live here, it would solve my problems. Your children's father is gone, so I could adopt them. You and they would inherit this place in not too many years. Until then, I would require little of you except what you already do."

"Mr. B, this is too much. I will need to think long and hard about this. I have a career..."

"Celeste, you are an angel of mercy. I wouldn't dream of depriving the men who need what you offer."

"Your mother-in-law would actually be younger than you!"

"That doesn't matter. I assume you'll need her to continue living with you. I only ask that it be here. Bring them all here Sunday and if they don't fall in love with this place or if you can't make living here work, then I can only ask that you visit me every three days. You told me that you do what prostitutes, wives and girlfriends do. I want you to be whichever of those is the most appealing to you. If you've got other options, I'm open to them."

The more I listened, the more I felt both entrapped by the circumstance and intrigued by the possibilities. My mother had married a much older man and she knew what my career entailed. If I could sell her on the idea of moving to this beautiful place, I could see this working. It wasn't exactly love for Mr. B, but my career made a traditional marriage pretty unlikely. This 'alliance' reminded me of arranged marriages, which are common in some societies, but in this case, the bride got to be a party to the arranging.

"I'll make no promises, Mr. B, but I'll try to bring them all here on Sunday. I'll explain it to my mother. I'm sure she'll take care of the children while we do the third treatment. In the meantime we have to do the second. Roll up your sleeve."

Once again, we had a very good mixture of hot sex and cold compromise. The next day, I consulted a lawyer who also happened to be the girl who named me Sister Celeste and first called me a snake charmer. Her professional advice was "Go for it".

Chapter 5 

The conversation with my mother did not go well at first. She wanted to protect me from being hurt by him when he lived or when he died.

"You don't even call him by his first name! Do you even know it?"

"Yes, Mom. It's Evan," I said with as much exasperation as I could muster. I had many misgivings and she seemed to have a gift for voicing all of them, but she hadn't met this amazing man. So I countered with all of the pluses, leaving out the secret hopes. Finally she relented and agreed to come with me. I told her that I would accept his offer if she didn't run away screaming in terror after she met him.

The day dawned dreary with an inch of snow, so we bundled my "almost 5" year old daughter Abby and "almost 4" year old son Nate into the car and told them we were going to see a man who had ponies and a playground and a Jeep. I'm not sure which they were more excited about. The sky cleared as we arrived and as we pulled into the long driveway, the place seemed to have a magical effect on my Mother. "It reminds me of my grandfather's place. We had such fun there."

Mr. B came out to greet us as we arrived. I introduced my mother and children to him and I could tell that he liked Jeanine right away. She greeted him somewhat coldly, but I could tell that she was warming to him. The children ran over to look at the ponies and after talking briefly with Mom and Mr. B, I let them talk together and went to share the children's enthusiasm. Before I knew what was going on, they were driving off in the UTV together and heading up the trail to the hilltop. I took the children into the cabin so they could use the bathroom and I showed them the deer heads and the old style kitchen with the hand pump at the sink. Soon I heard the UTV returning and I was surprised to see my Mom smiling.

"Evan said he would teach me to deer hunt!" I had forgotten that she had grown up in a family where all the men hunted and it had never occurred to me that maybe she had wanted to but encountered the old "girls don't hunt" mentality. I looked at her with a kind of querying look and she actually had a sparkle in her eye. She winked at me and told me that Evan (I'll always think of him as Mr. B) had taught her how to drive the UTV and she would take the kids out for an hour or so. The kids both cheered at this news. So we dressed them warmly and threw some lap blankets on them.

"It's got a radio in it, so we'll call you if there's an emergency." With that, I knew that Mom was sold. She drove off spinning the wheels like a teenager to squeals of delight from the kids.

I gave Mr. B his third injection and told him I would give him my decision before we left that day. When he crawled naked into the bed, I started breaking my rules. I removed the exam gloves for the first time and instead of simply stroking his cock with my hand, I leaned over and licked the head of it. He asked what I was doing.

"If I'm going to be your wife, I'm going to do what wives do, not what medical prostitutes do. Just take it slow while the injection hits your system."

I told him that he could touch me with his hands and they went immediately to my breasts where my nipples stiffened instantly. His cock quickly grew too big for oral sex, but I didn't put a condom on it before I crawled over him and slid his meat into my hot wet pussy. It felt so good to go skin-to-skin with him. I came quickly and then settled into a pace that I knew would bring him to the point where he would want to be on top. When he got there I said, "How about you do me doggy?" I could see the delight in his eyes.

He eased his hard cock into me and soon was slamming balls deep. I came again and then a third time as he sprayed his cum into me for the first time. As we lay together while our breathing returned to normal, I said, "no more rubber raincoat".

After we dressed, we called out on the radio and Mom said that they were lost somewhere on the other side of the lake but they were still having great fun. Mr. B directed her back to the house and before we left, he asked if I had a lawyer.

"I have a dear friend who is a lawyer. She's agreed to represent me whenever I need."

"Good. If you give me her phone number, I'll begin to set up the trusts and then we can be married whenever you are ready."

I wasn't sure what he meant by trusts, but when Marlene called me later in the week, she was excited.

"It's basically a pre-nup, but you've got one hell of a catch there, girl. Snake charming was an awesome career choice."

She explained that there would be trust funds for the kids and a land trust and a lot of stuff I really didn't understand, but it became pretty clear that this marriage of convenience would be financially liberating.

Chapter 6 

After the wedding, we settled into the rural life. Mr. B and the kids and I moved into the house and Mom moved into the cabin. She didn't have to, but she loved it there. On injection nights, she would usually come over to take care of the kids while Mr. B and I got busy in her bed. On the post injection nights, I would sometimes have client appointments and the new AWD car that Mr. B had given me as a wedding present was a much more reliable way to get around. If a client appointment and an injection night coincided, I would always make sure I showered before coming to bed after returning home. My extra-marital sex never seemed to bother Mr. B, but sometimes on "third night", the night before an injection, I would return home to find him visiting the cabin while the children slept in the house. I came home one night to discover Mom and him dancing somewhat comically to old rock and roll albums and I could tell they were smoking green cigarettes. It didn't take me long to realize that my mother and my husband were falling in love. Yes! My secret plan was working!

I confronted my Mom about it and she admitted that he was bringing out the naughty teen-ager in her. "He's just so coool."

When my mom resorted to old hippie slang, that was a sure sign that a man had gotten under her skin. She's had few lovers since my father's death and she had never been this enthusiastic about any of them.

"Have you had sex with him yet?"

"No, but I want to."

"Do it. You know that what we have is not a traditional marriage. There's no reason you can't get some lovin' on the nights when he's Dr. Jekyl and not Mr. Hyde."

"Is it really that bad?"

"No Mom, it's really that good, but I'm not sure you can handle it. He's hung like a porn star and drives like a freight train."

I'd never talked quite so explicitly with Mom about Mr. B, but I figured she should know what she was getting involved with. So I told her to have fun with him and to let him know I was "cool with it". She asked me then if I could get her some estrogen cream and some lube because she wasn't as young as she wished she was. I had both of those in my kit, so I fixed her up.

On the next 3rd night I asked Mr. B if he was in the mood to give me some quiet time with the kids. He got a gleam in his eye and I kissed him and said, "I'm sure she's waiting for you. Be gentle. Have fun."

When he returned later that night, he kissed me and thanked me. I smirked and said, "Teen-agers."

Chapter 7

I was happy to share my husband with my mom. They were in love and the result was that Mr. B pretty much moved back into the cabin. On 1st nights, the nights when I gave him his injections, I would spend a couple of hours with him and Jeanine would watch the kids. On second and third nights they would sleep in the cabin, but one of them at least would always watch the kids until I came home from work, even if work was an evening visit to a client's home. I always tried to be home by 9 PM, but my shifts as a temp pharmacist sometimes ran until 10.

I guess something gnawed at Jeanine about our assumption that she couldn't handle Mr. B on 1st nights. She wanted to try it and the opportunity came up when the kids were visiting their other grandparents. I insisted that I be within hearing range and that meant that we would be in the house. Mom was to call my name if she decided she couldn't handle what was happening. It was a little weird, but I told her how I ride Mr. B and then he takes over.

I suppose I should have injected a slightly smaller than normal dose, but she told me not to. I left the room and listened for trouble from a nearby room. Mom had at least one good orgasm while she was on top, but then I heard the bed squeak and I knew he was now on top of her. I was getting hot listening to them, so I slipped my hand into my sweats and massaged my clit while my other hand carressed one of my nipples. When she came the second time, I came too and I thought that Mr. B would soon finish with her, but it seemed she was building to a third orgasm when suddenly it was clear there was trouble.

"No Evan, stop! Stop! Stop! You're hurting me. Owwwwww. Celeste!"

I rushed into the room to find Evan taking her doggy style. I shouted "Stop!" and he pulled out of her, angry as a bear. Jeanine fell to the bed and started whimpering. "I dried up and it hurt and I wanted to add some lube, but he wouldn't stop."

"Mom, don't worry. Are you okay?"

"Yes I am now, but..."

"No buts, Mom. This is a reaction. He's like a rutting animal. He needs treatment." I started to strip off my clothes. "You may not want to watch this." By now, Mr. B was pacing in the corner and swearing under his breath. I crawled onto the bed in the doggy position and shouted. "Evan! Come fuck me. I'm already wet." It didn't matter that his cock had just come from my mother's sore dry pussy. He needed to channel his rage and he plunged into me so hard I thought I could feel it in my throat. He pumped away at me while my mother watched me basically flop around limply on the end of his cock.

"Is he hurting you?"

"No Mom. S'okay. Don't worry. Feels good. Ahhh. Good fuck. Unhh. Unhh. Oh, I'm cumming. Ohh. Ohh. Ohhhhhhh."

Mr. B shot his cum into me with a roar and then for the second time since I met him, he collapsed onto me, crushing me to the bed. Mom freaked out, but I ordered her to help me roll him off. I quickly checked his pulse and respiration and determined that he was only passed out.

"What's wrong? Is he dead?"

"No mom, this has happened before. Please calm down and listen. What happened wasn't his fault. He's hypersensitive to the hormone. The rage that causes has to be channeled. Can you forgive him?"

"Yes, yes. But what do we do now?"

"Well, the rage will be gone, but he'll feel a lot less guilty if he's between two naked women who aren't afraid to touch him when he wakes up. Can you handle that?"

"I'll try. When will he wake up?"

"Soon. Start kissing him," I said as I dropped to take his cock into my mouth.

When he awoke, he started to apologize, but Mom shushed him and kissed him. His cock soon responded to our attentions. To my surprise, Mom climbed up over his face so he could lick her dry pussy. When he came again, Jeanine was cumming on his face.


We worked hard finding better treatments and eventually found a time-released subcutaneous capsule that I could inject once per week and didn't cause a rage. Mr. B became more father than husband to me then. His love for the land infected all of us. He taught Mom, Abby and Nate about deer hunting and all of us about caring for the land.

He didn't come in at lunchtime one beautiful October afternoon almost 8 years after I met him, so I went looking for him. I found him clutching a bloody arrow and lying sprawled on the ground a few feet away from a dead buck. I'm told it was the biggest buck he ever killed and it was what he had been trying to manage the local woods to produce. He died doing what he wanted to do. We consoled ourselves by recognizing that we had loved him and brought pleasure to his final years.

Mom had the sense to call a neighbor to get the deer so it wouldn't just go to waste. A few months later, its mounted head was returned to us and now resides in a place of honor in the cabin. The taxidermy was paid for by the daughter who once had a crush on him. I knew that she could not afford it on the pay from her part-time job, so I hired her to come over and help us manage the land and I gave her the old Jeep and found other ways to repay her. Mr. B would have wanted that.

Per his wishes, we had him cremated and scattered his ashes into a west wind from the hilltop. He mostly settled onto the slope and into the pond.

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