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Souls are not made to suffer. Souls are made to be happy.
I open my eyes, waking myself from the slumber of my sleep and I stare at the white ceiling. I woke up nicely, as if a kind soul led the way from the world of dreams to the world of reality, dismissing me like an old friend looking forward to meet again the following sleep.

Content and still disoriented from the sleep I close my eyes again and try to feel my body waking up. Spread out on the bed like a snow angel I feel my limbs coming back to life as my heart beats faster to pump the cold blood around my body.

As I feel my body cold I start shivering and I turn my head side to side, contemplating my empty bed and then staring towards the window on the left of my bed, I squint my eyes at the bright light that is shining towards me like a morning kiss from a long lost lover.

When I get out of the warmth of my covers I feel my whole body shivering, the hair on my arms stands up at the chilling atmosphere and my naked body shivers as I wrap my arms around myself to try and keep the heat from escaping from my chest. I stand up, wide awake and almost frozen stiff. I walk slowly yet with purpose towards the window, shining it's light on me and bathing me in the only source of warmth that charms me to get closer.

I stop in front of the window and I look outside, the white warm sun shines it's burning life on the snowy fields outside, the hills and the trees covered in white fluffy snow. Blessing snow that makes everything look the same, snow that makes the world look so terrifying beautiful, snow that hides everything corrupted and ugly in it's alluring promise of deadly comfort.

Kids and parents are outside playing together. It's too high for them to see more then my shoulders so I just look outside as their happiness spreads along the fields as if the snow could reflect their laugher and joy all around. Animals are moving around too; attracted by the ringing laugher and by the hope of some food left unguarded, but the parents intervene to keep their children safe and send back the wild animals back where they belong.

I can feel my being getting colder and lost in the scenery. My mind floats away on the snowy fields carried by my soul. My freezing soul flies around the fields desperately looking for something but everything is covered in snow and the only thing it sees are other happy souls in their own happy worlds, worlds that are so close that they can be touched and yet so far away. A tear escapes from my eyes for the joy of others and my lonely self.

Arms are getting wrapped around me and pull me back to life, I turn around in her embrace to see her smiling at me. Her eyes are staring at me with curiosity and life, drawing me in and confusing me with the storm of emotions that always seem to be twisting in her soul like a hurricane in the ocean of her crystal blue eyes.

She leans forward and kisses my tear away before tilting her head and kissing me on the lips, a kiss that turns into passion that runs through our bodies, from one to the other and back, like a jolt of electricity and life that can't escape the bond and grows with the intensity of the dance of passion that consumes our bodies.

And suddenly the room is burning hot, the snowy fields sparkle and glare with life and beauty more then ever, the clouds dance in the windy sky as our souls rejoice in the reunion.

She came back for me.
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