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The lights are off as I walk into the room and I edge my way to the bed, trying hard not to bang into anything. I remove my clothes quietly, as I hear your soft breathing I presume you have fallen asleep.

I lift the cover and crawl into bed with you and notice you are on your side, so I edge gently to snuggle into your back. As I cuddle into you, I feel the shirt you have borrowed from me and your bare legs.

I place my right arm over you and I feel your hand being placed on mine. We are spooned together and the light smell of your perfume is starting to drive me wild, remembering the kiss we had shared earlier and that smell as I held you in my arms.

Just the thought of the kiss is arousing my cock which is tightly pressed against your sexy bum and you must feel it too as you push slightly back into me.

My fingers find the opening in the shirt between the buttons and I lightly caress the bare skin of your stomach. Your hand releases its hold on mine and you let out a slight moan. I take that as a sign that maybe I can explore further so I undo the bottom 3 buttons of the shirt and slowly stroke with my hand, from the bottom of your full breasts to the top of your lacy panties.

As I am stroking, I notice your shirt has fallen open, you must have been undoing those buttons while I was stroking.

My hand ventures further up and cups your breast and I feel the hard nipple. You gasp as I gently take it between my fingers and feel how hard and erect it is.

Your breathing has increased slightly and I notice you are lightly grinding you bum against my now fully erect and throbbing penis.

Slowly stroking you breasts as I kiss your back and neck, we are both getting worked up and when my fingers slide into the top of your lace panties, there is no resistance. In fact you part you legs slightly to allow my fingers more access.

As my fingers stroke down your smooth pussy, they find your swollen clit and then down to find you are already very wet. I just dip one finger inside you, feeling your juices dripping and your muscles clench around this invasion but in a good way.

I remove my finger and trail back up to find that swollen clit and you let out a big moan just as my finger finds it and slowly starts to tease. Slowly teasing you, your breathe gets shorter and you grind your bum more into my erection.

You let out a small cry as you orgasm and I hear you say that you want my swollen cock inside you. You ease down your panties and guide me into your wetness from behind.

As I enter you slowly, you push back so you take me all in and I feel your muscles clench against my swelling. With my arm now back over you stroking your breast and stomach we slowly grind into each other.

This slow sensual love making is amazing and we are both beginning to reach to point of no return. As I feel your pussy muscles clench me again, I can hold back no longer and explode deep inside you just as your orgasm peeks.

Slowly we still move together, my arm on your stomach with your arm on top and as we had started, we soon just end up in a nice snuggle, both satisfied and falling to sleep for a night of dreams and togetherness.
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